By Clyde Lewis

There almost certainly was no Tracy UFO crash ("almost" because it's a little too hot to search the tall grass)- Taken from the Stockton Record August 7th 1998.

It was a hot August night in Manteca California and Louis Zamorah was on the Phone with his good Friend Jennifer Lipshin. While he was looking outside he held his breath as he saw something brilliant lighting up the night sky. It was a bluish green fireball. The Fireball creeped across the sky and then sped up. It made no sound that he could hear. At first he thought he was seeing a firework darting across the sky until he noticed another fireball separating from the first looking as if it were playing tag with it. He thought he saw something come up from the ground like a bolt of lightning and the ball disappeared near the area of a school. He braced himself for the sound of an explosion or a crash, but he heard nothing. Only the deafening silence of the night. He told his friend Jennifer that he saw something strange. He told her of its odd movement. Jennifer wondered if maybe Louis was witness to a UFO.

I was working late on my computer and saw that I had received and e-mail. The e-mail was from some broadcast buddies who worked at another Citadel communications radio station in Reno. Since Ground Zero is broadcast on KBER another Citadel station they thought that maybe I would be interested in a UFO story. I thought they were kidding me, and usually I don't jump on UFO stories unless other people more qualified like Peter Davenport investigate them or if I receive more than one report.

Well this was one of the exceptions to the rule. I received 3 reports. I had said to the guys at Earthbroadcasting that we might have a UFO down near San Francisco and this time it is a clear case. It has made the mainstream press. I took for granted that the press could give us the real story. I was wrong. After reporting the possible downing of a UFO on EarthMail.

I contacted Olav Phillips from the S4 Database at 2A.M. This was the first time I actually had called him. We had been in contact over the net, but this time I felt it was my duty to personally inform him of the situation.

He told me that he had searched the News organizations for the story and couldn't find a thing. I told him that there must be something because people are calling KCBS asking about UFO's over San Francisco. He told me that there was nothing on the wire.

I clicked to the Art Bell web site and looked to see if Art had been notified. Art was having one of his "Call me if you are an alien" shows and so he didn't mention anything. I was stumped. If 3 reports came to me, and KCBS reported it, and if KOH in Reno saw the UFO, then why is there no more news?

I called Olav and told him to call Peter Davenport of the National UFO reporting Center in Washington State. Peter said that there was no report of any UFO activity over San Francisco.

I felt like I had been hoaxed. I was ready to recant the report and say that I had egg on my face. It had to have been a huge meteor. I then received a report from Claude DiDomenica from the UFO Network that a UFO had been shot down over Tracy California. The UFO was brought down by some sort of Laser Technology near Lawrence Livermore Labs. I then was thinking that maybe a foreign plane tried to fly over or attack San Francisco and ended up 300 miles away from its destination and was shot down by a tracer bullet. There were so many possibilities that I thought of every single one. Each idea I posted on my website including the chance that an SR-71 was testing a LASRE cone engine. Another e-mail came from Claude. Some one had suggested that we pray for the entities that may have died in the Crash over Tracy and I then realized that the story had been tainted. The word UFO has been prematurely characterized as a flying saucer with little green men inside. The minute you talk of Alien grays dying, the media will want to focus on the weirdness of the event. They will discredit it and become cynical. This wasn't going to be easy to report , and the investigation will stop with the paper boy throwing the morning paper in the bushes. But if there were "close encounters" to report, it should be handled with the same respect as "sexual encounters" in the Whitehouse which can equally be described as "tabloid."

The Next day Olav sent me a report that he got out of a San Francisco paper that talks about the strange lights seen over the bay. It was probably the only printed piece that actually addressed the lights in the sky. The paper reported a meteor, however the words "most likely" were used. Meaning in my opinion that they did not even attempt to check. It felt as though that there was an inconsistency in reports from eyewitnesses and the press. The hysteria in some areas did not match the press reports. It was also inconsistent that most UFO oriented shows knew nothing about the case. This is how I think. When something reeks of inconsistency I jump on it to learn more. Even if the press says "case closed." My hunches have been right in the past, but this was a huge gamble. It just seemed strange. Why was there a news blackout? I just didn't buy the "Everyone wants to see a UFO argument." None of the reports I received at first said anything about a flying saucer. We even posted a logical explanation of what might have happened and yet it was still concluded that what people saw was a meteor. Then the alien reports came in and then I realized we didn't have a prayer. But I did not give up.

On August 7th a report was filed in the Stockton Record reporting the Internet interest in the possible UFO crash over Tracy California. I was even quoted, because I had commented on the possibility of an experimental aircraft being tested near Lawrence Livermore labs. I also was not discounting the possibility of something extra-terrestrial but the reality is that it is highly improbable in most cases. The report in the Stockton Record made light of any possibility other than a meteor. This angered me because there was no objectivity. I knew then that no one bothered to do any listening or any homework.

I received E-mail from a Tracy resident. He told me that he was very curious at the fact that security had been beefed up near Lawrence Livermore labs and that some black vehicles were seen in the area with a Flat bed Truck. This reminded me of another case that happened in Kecksburg , Pennsylvania in December of 1965. A fireball streaked across Lake Erie and crash-landed in Kecksburg. The fireball was first reported as a meteor. But the real story went virtually unreported. What wasn't reported was the thousands of UFO reports that clearly stated that what streaked across the sky left a smoke trail that was visible for 20 minutes, yet the press still reported it as a meteor. Townspeople however were terrified about the incident. Many claimed that an acorn shaped object with strange writing on it was in a small crater. The military took over the town and put the object on a flatbed truck and covered it. The Truck was escorted through town and many believe it was some sort of extra-terrestrial craft.

I decided to contact Jennifer Lipshin. Her Friend Louis Zamorah was a witness to the lights. I wanted to see what exactly happened. Jennifer was surprised that I still was interested in the case because of the news reports. I told her that there were some inconsistencies that needed to be investigated. I asked about all that was reported and she said that she wasn't sure because Louis was very excited. He was spooked about what he saw and kept quiet about the incident. She gave me his number and I called him. Louis told me that it was the strangest thing he ever saw. That he didn't believe the papers. The Manteca resident believes that he saw something that was being intelligently flown. He estimated that whatever it was it was about 2000 feet in the air and about the size of two Volkswagen automobiles. He claims that it zoomed and then slowed down and then something shot at it. The bluish green ball turned and then separated. One other light moved to the side of it. Fell behind and followed it behind a school. He said that the strange thing was that there wasn't an explosion. He did comment that after all of the commotion that there were a few Jets flying over that ripped a hole in the silence. He then commented that there was a helicopter that flew overhead.

After the witnesses gave me their stories, I started believing the conclusion that perhaps there may have been a meteor over the skies in Tracy. The whole story seemed so perfect so classic that I was sensing a too good to be true attitude. I estimated something that big would have put a crater in the ground. Something that bright had to have caused a fire. I also concluded that if there was a crash of anything, there had to be some kind of crew trying to recover the plane or the saucer if there was one. We had reports of a recovery crew, but it was your classic X-files type of scenario. I thought that is story is so good , why am I the only one reporting it? I received a newspaper report that said that a tire fire had broken out in Tracy. 7 million tires were ablaze . Tire fires are the worst fires of all. They cause black smoke and they are seldom put out. Some burn for months. That is when I decided that this smoke screen was a convenient smoke screen. Whenever there is something out of the ordinary there is always something to screw up the investigation. This Tire fire was it. No one could see the ground from the air. No one could get near the area, and people were warned to stay indoors. If hazardous material personelle were on the scene to take soil samples of an ET crash site so one know. If they pulled bodies out of an alien spacecraft no one would see. If they recovered an exotic craft who would want to get near a tire fire?

The circumstantial evidence was so overwhelming that I changed my mind about the Tracy "meteor". Something crashed there. Something was retrieved, and it had something to do with Lawrence Livermore Labs.

A fax was sent to me from someone who claimed to have some information about the Tracy crash. The fax claimed that it was derived from naval information. It said there was no crash. There was however a TAV. I did not know what a TAV was, so I poked around and asked my military consultants. They told me that TAV stood for Trans Atmospheric vehicle. The Vehicle was heading for Los Angeles. According to the Fax it moved Mach 60. It was at 160,000 feet and descended. It was engaged by F-18's over the Bay area. They allegedly fired KKV's (Kinetic Kill Vehicles) at the "unknown" The craft then headed towards Lawrence Livermore Labs and was engaged again. It was hit and a piece of it had blown off. This would be congruent with the eyewitness testimony. I later learned the KKV's were laser weapons which would explain Lawrence Livermore, a facility that specializes in Laser and Super collider technology. However there was no proof that this had a connection. It was just a coincidence.

So there it was, a classic UFO story, with strange lights, eyewitness testimony, secret reports, and something to cover the tracks of covert activities.

After we reported the information on The Ground Zero show, people all over the world heard the story about the Tracy crash. I received letters from so many people saying that I was chasing a falsehood. That the media said it was meteor. Well I guess they have the final word on everything. They have more money than I do and they have a newspaper. That makes them right. But would a reporter go all the way out to Tracy in 112-degree heat to chase after alien grays? If they were believers, yes but most reporters don't believe in alien mythology. Some won't even bother to file a report. I was lucky I knew people from Modesto. I knew someone, who was heading out there for the weekend, I told him to snoop around for me. He did. He brought back another strange coincidence.

Silas Royster the owner of the Tire Dump in Tracy died of cancer. After I had heard the news, I felt that this story was getting weirder by the day. I felt that the Ground Zero show would be the last word on the subject. We had all the information on the table. I was wrong.

I received a letter from someone who told me that there would be more information coming out of Tracy regarding the UFO crash and that my investigation did not include the possibility of reverse engineering of Extra terrestrial craft. I guess because there was no proof of an Alien space craft only circumstantial evidence. Now the evidence suggests that yes there was something that was seen over Tracy. It may have been extra-terrestrial. It's an outrageous leap of faith but there is a pattern. A classic pattern that has been spoken of before. This story sounds so familiar. After a month passed the classic ending was announced to the press.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently announced that they had the plans for a new aircraft design, dubbed ``Hyper Soar'', that could fly at about 6,700 mph, or Mach 10,and would experience far less heat build-up on its airframe than previous aircraft designs of it's type. Preston Carter, the Livermore aerospace engineer who developed the Hyper Soar concept says that the craft will be able to travel at 130, 000 feet at Mach 10.

Carter said to the press that the key to Hyper Soar would be its ``skipping'' motion along the edge of Earth's atmosphere, much as a rock is skipped across water. It would make it possible to travel to Japan from the Midwest in about an hour and a half.

This new information is explained it all. While most of the area news ignored witnesses and developed a story of their own, Ground Zero stuck by its story. This does not rule out the Alien spacecraft theory. Not by a long shot.

Did Lawrence Livermore recover pieces from an exotic Craft near Tracy California, and did they reverse engineer this craft in order to come up with the new plans for Hyper Soar?

This fits all of the classic stories. Kenneth Arnold who saw a strange formation of craft "skipping" across the skies in 1947. A little over a week later the Roswell incident took place.

It was reported that the Army-airforce had a flying saucer. There were also reports that crews were sent in to retrieve alien bodies, and that the wreckage of the saucer was sent to Dayton Ohio to be analyzed. The story was then removed and it was reported that a Weather Balloon had crashed. Totally discrediting eyewitnesses. It was soon after that, the Army and the airforce separated. Supersonic jets came on the scene and man was finding himself moving faster through the skies.

The Late Lieutenant Phillip Corso claims that the Roswell crash yielded remarkable technology from alien sources, that it was reverse engineered and we see the results of the reverse technology today.

Another man who made claims of reverse Alien technology is Physicist Bob Lazar, who you may remember claims he was called in to reverse engineer exotic craft at the S4 base near Area 51.

He Claimed that the craft he saw would rise up and then the craft would go into a roll. Then the engines were focused on a small area. They were fired and the ship would move in a skipping motion through space. Hyper soar is said to be able to soar 130,000 feet just outside the atmosphere, then it would turn off its air breathing engine and coast back to the edge of the atmosphere and then skip back into space.

Once again another coincidence. Too many coincidences in this story. I cannot go completely on the record and state a perfect knowledge of what happened over Tracy. Only you can make up your own mind.

Here is what it looks like. An Alien or foreign spacecraft was near Tracy. It was shot at. Pieces of it fell off. A government Lab recovered them. A fire may have been set to keep people from the area. A man who owned the property that was burning died. The fire was not put out for a month. Enough time to clear the area and analyze what may have fallen out of the sky. Technicians may or may not have reverse engineered the pieces. They now have the plans for a new plane. Lawrence Livermore is now in the Trans Atmospheric Vehicle business.

The authorities say it was a meteor. Therefore the consensus reality has concluded it was a meteor. Officially. We stuck with the possibility of an experimental craft. Something tells me it was more than that.

Was it? You have the evidence. Keep your mind at GROUND ZERO and then you decide.


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