By Clyde Lewis

The Chemtrail controversy spread a lot of fear and uncertainty during the winter months. While standing around in the cold looking at Contrails may have triggered a lot of Winter ailments and perhaps a lot of what went on was paranoid hysteria there still needs to be a follow-up on just what was fact and what was fiction.

Just after Christmas 1998 there was a fascination with the sky. Not because of any natural phenomena, Not because of a UFO or anomaly but people were casting their eyes to something as natural as contrails left behind by Airplanes. It was as if they had never seen them before, as if it was something new in the sky.

Reports were surfacing from the underground that planes were making grid markings in the sky and spraying an unsuspecting populace with some sort of Chemical which was causing Congestion, Increased mucus flow in the lungs and in the most severe cases the vomiting of blood, nose bleeds, the swelling of limbs and gastrointestinal problems.

While skeptics will point out that all of these symptoms are similar to viral flu, one needs to experience first hand to know that what was happening was not at all natural.

I can confess and those who know me can concur that some very strange things were happening to me between December of 1998 to present.

From the time that I fell ill at Christmas to the Bronchial attack that left me virtually without a voice for six weeks I feel lucky to only be suffering from occasional bouts with Cellulites brought on by Lymph edema. Lymph edema is where limbs and joints swell up without warning causing discomfort and in some cases infection. Between Christmas 1998 until now I have been to the Doctors at least 20 times being treated for this affliction. I always have to think that all of these symptoms are the same as the Chemtrail afflictions but I really don't want to have to dwell on it.

The truth is I believe that I was a "victim" of what is to this day the Mystery Miasma, or odor that was released in Salt Lake City.

You may recall that on March 18 1999 a mystery smell was detected in the Downtown Salt Lake City area. , When fumes that smelled of sulfur made dozens of people sick in the Avenues and in downtown businesses. People began to wonder if they were under attack. The strange miasma was back again on March 19 It was on that day the fumes were apparently considered harmless.

Even though the Delta Center and the University of Utah were evacuated. I was one of the fortunate to go into an asthmatic coughing fit and eventually was admitted into the Cottonwood hospital in Murray Utah. The hospital was convinced that I had inhaled something foreign into my system. They gave me 6 hours of Oxygen and used Isotopes to get a look at my lungs. I lost my voice and worried if I would ever get it back. The problems continued. I saw three doctors. I was on Bronchialators and inhalers. I would cough so hard I would pull muscles in my chest. My Right leg swelled up and so I had to receive a sonogram to look for possible blood clots in my legs.

There weren't any. What I had developed was Lymph edema a condition caused by an infection. It has to be treated with anti biotics and even then it can cause Lymphatic Problems. It was after these events I became worried about my health and decided I needed rest. I resigned my Position with Citadel and Earth Broadcasting. I realized that my show Ground Zero would have to be put on hold temporarily. I received an opportunity to rest and then move operations to the Pacific Northwest. I had thought that moving to the Pacific Northwest would be a way to reinvent what it was that I was involved in, however you don't have to look for strange stories they seem to find you.

The Contrail-Chemtrail stories are not fictional paranoia in the northwest. They are very real and people are more open to discussion about germ warfare tests and they even say that it is not the chemtrails alone that are causing the sickness.

A colleague of mine who wishes to remain nameless was telling me about the chemtrail biological testing that has been going on as far back as the early 90's. That all of the hysteria was created to sell worthless vitamins to guard you against sickness. He went on to say that he feels that the chemtrails are a Binary component to something else. That the trails alone are not making people sick, but something that combines with them causes these afflictions.

This seems probable when you consider that the phenomenon itself was reported at the same time as reports of what appeared to be blobs of human fecal material and cobweb like substances were ending up on homes all over the United States.

The stories of Chemtrails, gelatinous blobs and cobweb like material all have a history together. As of late these stories have been reported and set aside as baffling stories whose files are wide open for speculation. It all comes from the skies and obviously there are components that when combined create various afflictions that can only be classified as typical viral infections that appear to be normal, but don't feel normal to the average person.

In August of 1994, bizarre events occurred in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to rain down over an area of over 20 square miles during a storm. It happened six times in 1994. It happened again during the third week of June 1997.

The substance that fell had a mushy consistency and smelled like human waste. Members of the town became ill with Flu like symptoms when they came in contact with it. The substance was then sent to a lab for testing. The substance contained human white blood cells. Lab technicians said that the sample had two types of bacteria, one of which could be found in the human digestive tract. The answer was clear; at least it seemed clear enough. It had to be human waste from an airliner, however FAA regulations require that waste matter dropped from aircraft be dyed blue. People of the area claim that before their town was hit with the substance there were strange aircraft and Contrail activity over both Oakville and Everett Washington. THIS WAS RECORDED BEFORE ANY OF THE CONTRAIL HYSTERIA HIT THE INTERNET!

I can only compare these reports with the strange reports that were reported during and after the so called Chemtrail hysteria that apparently brought the fringe out of the woodwork pointing at every contrail as a possible "mark" for death.

The St. Louis Dispatch reported that all across the United States people were complaining about similar splatters of what appeared to be human fecal blobs falling from the skies. Once again the FAA had ruled out commercial jet waste saying that their toilet tanks can be flushed only from an exterior valve. The FAA said that none of the splattering had a trace of blue.

After Ground Zero reported Contrail activity over the Great Salt Lake coincidentally the gaseous odors surfaced. There were some GZ listeners who speculated that the earth was burping sulfur into the air and perhaps Utah was heading for the big one. The Salt Lake Tribune seized the story and discredited it as "bull." So the question was raised as to what was going on? Were the Contrails causing sickness in the Valley? Was there a connection to the Mystery Miasma? If the story of the Chemtrails are true then where was the cobweb or blob like substances falling from the sky to confirm that all of this wasn't some made up story to get ratings and to cause a panic?

The answer plopped right in the laps of Utah residents. Or at least on their homes.

The goo turned up on Taylorsville Utah homes and local residents were getting sick. Hazmat units were dispatched to remove and analyze the material and sure enough it was concluded that this was fecal like material. It wasn't blue and so authorities were thinking it was intentional Vandalism. Another target for the drop of the blobs was Lagoon Amusement park in Farmington Utah. The Park is located not far from the Great Salt Lake and Hill Air Force Base. Some witnesses claimed that an airplane was responsible for the Gray stringy fluid that spread over a 5-foot-by-24-foot area, while others think a group of Pelicans were responsible.

The Coincidences to the Oakville Washington reports were uncanny.

Once again we bring the high weirdness level up one more notch.

New reports out of Yugoslavia are revealing that this is nothing new. In November of 1991 it was reported on Radio Croatia that people there were coming down with flu like symptoms after witnessing Contrail grids and the release of a Cobweb like substance.

The substance in some cases had a gelatinous appearance spherical in some cases, sausage shaped in others. Croat Scientists claimed that the substance was causing flu like symptoms, Dizziness, Hallucinations, hearing of voices, headaches, Vomiting, swollen limbs and in some rare cases Chromosomal aberrations.

American Scientists paid attention to this Phenomenon and analyzed the web like material for anything that may cause these problems. Scientists found no traces of viruses, fungus, or chemical warfare agents.

The Serbs and the Kosovars were shooting each other and committing barbaric acts against each other. While this was considered isolated it escalated to an all out war.

The activities that insued over the area are a matter of record. The bloody Serbian, Kosovar conflict which plunged the US into a war brings up yet another coincidence.

Let us now turn the weirdness level up again. This time let us focus on a number of strange occurrences that happened directly after the Contrail Hysteria.

De-Kieu Duy walked off the street into the Triad Center in Salt Lake City wearing a Parka and carrying a bag of bullets. She had a 9 mm handgun and began shooting up a local television Station. She randomly fired at anything that moved. She kept hearing voices in her head it was reported. The woman was mentally ill and was sold a handgun.

Something triggered the rage. After it was over she was calm and was escorted to a police car. She left several shaken, two injured and another dead. She complained that Hollywood film crews stalked her. So did a conspiracy of local television and radio stations. The government was involved, too.

A few months later Sergei Babarin walked into the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake and opened fire killing two people and wounding four others before police gunned him down.

Four days later Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado and gunned down students and teachers before turning the guns on themselves.

In Wimberley Texas it was found that 5 students were plotting the same shooting rampage in their junior High school.

While you may think it is a reach to site these shootings with Contrail activity consider that all of the ailments involved with the contrails could cause mental instability or irritability. The symptoms showed up in animals as well.

Fortean Times reported recently that about 300 starlings dropped out of the skies over Tacoma, Washington, suffering blood clots in the heart and lungs. Another bird fall occurred on 23 January 1999, when thousands of blackbirds just fell out of the sky and died. The Incident occurred near Bastrop, Louisiana, about 323 miles north of New Orleans. The falls continued until the 28th of January, leaving residents baffled and disturbed as the hapless birds died slow, painful looking deaths, appearing to have difficulty breathing like many sufferers of "chemtrail" poisoning.

In the Midwest whole litters of pigs are turning purple and dying young, then decomposing at double speed, their fat deposits breaking down into "soup."

In the Ground Zero Article "Pushing The Panic button at Area 51" I wrote that Area 51 could have been developing a Biological Toxin capable of causing flu like symptoms and mind-altering substances. It was reported in 1997 that Area 51 worker Wally Kasza Died as a result of exposure to these materials. His wife Stella said that Wally literally turned into bloody soup in their bed:

"For years, doctors couldn't figure out why Wally Kasza was coughing all the time. Why the coughs were harsh and pain shattering. His wife Stella witnessed his skin cracking and bleeding, turning their bed sheets red. Doctors turned Wally into a virtual medicine chest giving him all kinds of Antibiotics, decongestants and pills for his pain. His stomach writhed with pain for years. Doctors then found cancer. In his kidneys. Wally died in 1995 at the age of 73. His death is classified. Because he worked at Groom Lake, a facility more notoriously known as AREA-51. Robert Frost, died at 57, A Biopsy showed that his tissues were filled with industrial toxins rarely seen in humans."

We have already pointed out that Contrail activity may have an affect on the weather. Scientists have long been concerned that, with an expected six-fold increase in plane flights, such Contrail cirrus smears might trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, so contributing to global warning.

The Mild winters and hot summers that are killing people may all be related to the Contrails, Chemtrails, or Bio Trails. Either that or it is one big sick coincidence.

When Ground Zero first Interviewed Contrail bugle boy William Thomas we had no Idea that his research would devolve into a ploy for Vitamin sales. I guess all of that research took time and everyone needs to pay the bills. The unfortunate result in all of it is that while Thomas was trying to warn us, everyone was becoming a Contrail sighting expert.

There were people taking photos of planes and even suggesting the shooting down of a plane to prove that it was happening. Web sites popped up everywhere including a site called "Ground Zero" which has no affiliation with us.

There are still die hards that are taking pictures of "normal" Contrails but the overall hysteria has calmed somewhat. The data is in and while Air Force people in the know claim that there is no way KC135's could do this type of activity, realize that no one has even pointed to the Military as responsible for the activity. There is no evidence to suggest this. The planes and helicopters that are doing the spraying are unmarked. We wouldn't want our Military to break the law. There are severe international restrictions regarding experiments with biological weapons over populated areas. However we can leave it to the government to skirt the law.

Obviously there is a loophole here.

Instead of dropping potentially dangerous Chemicals on the populace. Why Not drop something that is harmless by itself, and then when it combines with something as simple as water we have a full-scale contamination. This proposal isn't all that far fetched when you consider the cirrus clouds Contrails have been known to create.

Remember, all of the contaminants in that Contrail get into the rainwater.

You see the Contrail threat is not entirely hysteria. With the data in and all of the evidence surrounding the Chemtrail scare earlier in the year there is no doubt that while a lot of what was happening was pure hysteria, there was a lot of evidence to show that the so called Bio test fear was already being forged long before William Thomas even cried Wolf.


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