By Clyde Lewis

Getting older doesn’t get any easier; growing up is even harder. My parents always told me that I would understand when I got older. Well I am older now and I am still trying to understand. Growth is also something that is often stunted by procrastinating. However I am learning that we are about to mature cosmically. There is no need to procrastinate anymore. A major change is about to take place.

Jonathan Swift once said that "Everyone wishes to live long, but no one wants to become old." After my 39th birthday I came to a very stark realization. I realized that I had more years behind me than what I have ahead of me. That is if everything goes well in my life and I don’t meet up with any unforeseen accidents.

I really love life. To die is to arrive.

I live for the journey.

I live for those who journey with me. It is the journey that brings about change. It is the change that transforms the traveler.

In times such as these where it seems that we are teetering on a precipice, I am paying more attention to my health, I am getting to know more people and I am learning to be more tolerant of others beliefs and I am hoping to sustain the years to come in a positive way.

There are so many things that we take for granted and when you are constantly projecting what are called the great an terrible times, part of you wants to throw your hands in the air and give up, the other part wants to stop and love what you have.

The old axiom of counting your blessings seems to apply right now. If you aren’t doing it yet, then I suggest you do.

I asked my audience last week if they sensed something. I wondered if anyone had the time to tap into the collective consciousness and feel just what the consensus is feeling. I know that many people may think that it is silly to do such things, but the truth is that it works if you just give it a try.

There have been so many things going on around us and the arrogance that seems to be flaunted by our elect has me wondering if perhaps there will be an event that will humble everyone.

I know that it seems that everything I say is apocalyptic, and some people tell me that a person can only cry wolf so much. However I would like to think that each individual thing that I have written or speculated upon is not being interpreted as the arrival, but the obstacles that we face in our journey of a thousand years.

Some obstacles though are more trying than others. Some obstacles are placed before us as a point of growth and opportunity.

The time for real growth has arrived.

I hate to say this but it will be forced growth for some and others may not make it. Some might lose their minds, and others may find strength in religion, and there are many that will take the misguided directions of the bewildered herd and everyone will want you to follow them to their unsavory ends.

Guard your choices. Guard your ability to choose.

Remember your history, cherish it and make sure you record the stories told by the old ones. Keep them in a safe place.

We are about to arrive at a place that I am calling Transformation Zero.

It is a transformation that will lead us to a time where we will practice a sort of military doctrine. Many will say that it is already here, but I conclude that the worst of it is yet to come. It will be far more encompassing than a simple police state and many people will beg for it because they will see no other alternative but to turn over the reigns of power to a new government that implements doctrines of military control for illusory protection.

Planet Earth is in the crosshairs.

There is going to be an attack on its central nervous system. The earth is going to tremble. It is going to feel real fear again.

There will soon be an attack on the very network that keeps us alive on this planet. This means that food supplies could be hit, and our medicines can be rendered toxic.

A famine.

There will also be a famine of knowledge.

The other night I was looking up at the stars and I noticed a large orange ball in the sky and it looked out of place. I thought at first that perhaps it was a flare or a plane that was hovering above. I came to my senses quickly and realized that it had to be the planet Mars.

It had a brilliant orange glow and I stood there transfixed for a moment as I beheld its beauty.

I felt as though I was having some Deja Vu.

I remember two years ago this summer I was walking with my girlfriend at the waterfront near my home and saw the bright reddish orange ball in the sky. It’s glow rippled in the waters of the Willamette River.

As my girlfriend and I stared at the sky I broke into some silly romantic train wreck. I speculated out loud that if there was life on Mars, that perhaps two Martian lovers could be staring back at us wondering about how life on earth could be.

Realizing it was some lame attempt at boyish charm she giggled and said that if she were given the opportunity to go to Mars she would pass it up. I asked her why and she replied that she believed that the air on Mars would smell like blood.

I thought it was a profound statement. I told her that after all that I had read about Mars the idea of it smelling like blood is appropriate since it is always regarded of a harbinger of war, and natural disasters. It has been called the bloody planet of war. Ancient civilizations feared it because when it passed overhead it meant certain death and destruction.

After our little walk I rushed home, put on a pot of coffee, and popped in my CD of "The Planets" by Holst and burned the candle late to write an article called "Mars Smells Like Blood."

"Perhaps the truth about Mars is that the landscape of the Planet Mars is in ruin, the result of a Great War. The sounds that come from the planet are a great wailing of desolation, the ghosts of a great civilization that once thrived and then suddenly screamed out in terror for one split second before their breath was suffocated and the thriving Martian civilization was muted.

If man could set foot on Mars and breathe in the air that made up the Martian atmosphere, a pungent odor would reach his nostrils. It would be the smell of blood. Not just any blood, his blood. Not his own blood, but the blood of his kind."— Mars Smells Like Blood ©2001by Clyde Lewis

At about 4 A.M I walked outside and fired up a smoke and took in a long drag. I noticed another bright star in the sky. It frightened me. It was a vibrant white light and I thought I was seeing a UFO. I then realized it was the new Space Station. I was never up so late or so early to see it. It was as if Mars and the Space station were in line with each other.

It looked like some sort of symbolism.

My mind was reeling.

After I wrapped up my first article on Mars. I couldn’t stop writing about it. I found myself writing well into Sunday. I blew my entire weekend researching and writing about Mars and the new "star" that I saw in the sky that aligned itself with the red planet. I called the article "On the Seventh Day."

The "On the Seventh Day " article was a piece that was full of ramblings that I seemed to channel on to the keyboard and on to the screen. I needed to write and so I wrote what came to my mind. It was if I was out of control. I wasn’t sleeping or eating right. My obsession with Mars was out of control.

I needed to get out a warning.

A warning that some disaster was waiting for us on the horizon, but I wanted to somehow avoid a panic.

I knew that I was just a small voice in a loud ocean of other voices demanding attention but somehow I knew that the appearance of Mars and the space station facing each other was symbolic of perhaps a new sun and the red planet getting ready to duel. It was if man was ready to fight a war with the red planet. I was sensing that if there were ever a war between man and the universe the universe would win.

As I said before I did not put much stock in planets affecting the earth in any way. Planet alignment fears were silly, and they would come and go with not much fanfare or even disaster.

However I knew, I knew with every fiber of my being that Mars appearance meant that war was on the horizon. But this wouldn’t be a typical war, but a war where we would tremble in fear. A war where we would be witnesses to mass murder, mass pestilence and famine.

"We must look closely at what the ancients have written. Because it is proposed that evil forces are at work making sure that Mars will rule again and when she does, the Earth will see it’s most turbulent times. The old warlords will die and the new ones will rise. The earth will be shaken to its spiritual core and man will fear that the Armageddon spoken of in antiquity is being fulfilled. Governments will be in turmoil and if we are living in a cosmic repeating circle a parable will be fulfilled."— "On the Seventh day" ©2001 by Clyde Lewis

Five weeks later, a calculated terrorist attack had leveled the World Trade Center, and destroyed the Pentagon building in Washington. The buildings were destroyed by commercial jetliners that were hijacked and taken off course. Another commercial jet crashed in Pennsylvania.

I know many skeptic will say that what I wrote is just speculative coincidence. I have been writing my thoughts down every week. I post them on my website. They convey my struggles, my cynicism and some of my premonitions. There are some people who will say that what I write about means nothing.

If that’s the case then I’m okay with that. I have to write what I feel, and if some can read between the lines and see what I cryptically put in running sentences then I hope you can see that I am learning about my abilities.

Sadly when the disaster happened, the romantic night at the river was tarnished by the phrase "Mars smells like blood."

I remember the phone call I got after the 9/11 tragedy happened. It was my girlfriend crying. She asked me if this is what I was talking about? I told her yes. I lost her to my ability to scare people with my ability.

Needless to say I grew up that day.

I miss her.

On August 27th, 2003 Mars will be closer to the Earth than it has been in 60,000 years.

Now I walk into some very frightening territory. This is where the amusement park ride goes dark, the funhouse becomes the house of pain and planet earth becomes a tempest.

In 1938, a very talented Radio Actor named Orson Welles gathered together a group of talented broadcasters and created a panic in the United States. The panic was brought on by a radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds."

The program realistically depicted an invasion of planet Earth by malevolent Martians in Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

Welles radio play interrupted regularly staged music.

Keeping true to the material originally written by H.G. Wells an astronomer reports that he sees brilliant flashes on the planet Mars. These flashes at first were written off as natural anomalies. Later it was discovered that a Vanguard from Mars was being launched and that they were coming towards earth to take it over.

The strange coincidence in all of this is that in the story the flashes could be seen because at the time Mars was particularly close to the Earth.

Welles act was no laughing matter. People believed that the program was a real invasion and many were scrambling for food and firearms.

After the officials took over the broadcast and told the audience it was just a play, Welles was reprimanded. In his defense many of the broadcasting officials learned that it may be wise at times to downplay bad news. They also learned that the broadcast medium has power over an excitable herd.

Another thing that was learned is that deep down many people believe that somewhere out in the cosmos there is something watching and waiting to pounce on the planet and make it tremble to its very core. Even if you don’t believe that Martians are hidden below the Martian soil you have to admit that Mars has a mystical power about it.

It is also obvious that as it approaches our planet we are witnessing a psychological breakdown on the earth.

It can be said that the horrors and the tragedies that we hear about on the news are simply a part of our life. There are skeptics that will point out that I am pointing out tragedies as a way to manipulate you.

However meaningful coincidence and meaningful tragedies that effect the planet as a whole open up a virtual Pandora’s box and the effects are felt for many years after their initial sting.

History is on my side once again and Mars has notoriety all it’s own.

You just don’t nickname a planet "The bringer of war " for nothing.

Astronomers are telling us that the approach of Mars will be a wonder to behold and that we should get out our telescopes and marvel out this wonderful planet.

However, I have read texts that speculate that fire from the sky has been recorded in ancient scrolls and on the walls of tombs that coincide with a prominent passing of Mars and planet Mercury.

The Egyptians called Mars Har décher, or the Red One. The Babylonians named it Nergal, or "the Death Star", and the Greeks also gave it a warlike reputation and so it was called the Fiery One, or Ares the God of war which of course has the same attributes as the Roman god Mars.

The Babylonians noticed that Mars had a strange movement and many were afraid that the planet would crash into Earth. Superstition and fear took over the bewildered herd, and when Mercury or Venus would rise with Mars it was looked upon as being an omen for bloodshed and government upheaval.

Historians have pointed out that civilizations have died off many times over the many millennia and there have been several apocalyptic ends for civilizations, and just like the Phoenix, a new one rises from the ashes.

It is also coincidental that Mars seems to appear and somehow sets heaven on fire and sends it hurling towards the earth.

Approximately four thousand two hundred years ago, the first great civilization in Egypt collapsed. A severe drought and famine had hit the once stable and beautiful area. An Egyptian tomb, discovered in southern Egypt revealed a horrifying clue as to what happened to the thriving civilization. The Tomb of a regional governor, named Ankhtifi had recorded in hieroglyphs that all of the uppermost regions of Egypt were dying of hunger. It was so severe that the people were forced to eat their children.

Around the same time Troy II was destroyed by fire as was Sodom and Gomorrah. Carl Blegen one of the early excavators of Troy wrote in his diary that the destruction was sudden;

"The stratum of Troy II had an average thickness of more than one meter; it consisted mainly of ashes, charred matter and burned debris. This deposit apparently extended uniformly over the great megaron and across the entire site, eloquent evidence that the settlement perished in a vast conflagration from which no buildings escaped ruin. In all areas examined by the Cincinnati expedition, it was obvious that the catastrophe struck suddenly, without warning, giving the inhabitants little or no time to collect and save their most treasured belongings before they fled. All the houses exposed were still found to contain the fire-scarred wreckage of their furnishings, equipment, and stores of supplies. Almost every building yielded scattered bits of gold ornaments and jewelry, no doubt hastily abandoned in panic flight."

In the Old Babylonian version of the great flood story the Planet Mars and Mercury play a role. If you read a passage from the epic of Gilgamesh it is recorded that the passing of two planets created a shift allowing for a great flood to take place.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh OBV, tablet XI: 96-114 it reads:

"With the first glow of dawn, a black cloud rose up from the horizon. Inside it, Adad thunders. While Shullat and Hanish go in front of Nergal like heralds,"

We can only determine that Adad is either Thoth, or Mercury. Shullat and Hanish obviously are Phobos and Deimos the two moons that pull the chariot of Mars or Nergal.

Moving over the hills and valleys while he tears out the pillars of the Earth, setting the Earth ablaze with their glare. Adad turned to blackness all that had been light. The land shattered like a piece of pottery No one can see his fellow, nor can the peoples be recognized from heaven. Even the gods were terrified by the Deluge, and shrinking back in fear, they ascended to the heaven of Anu."

At that time they were obviously close enough to light up the sky. There are also tales of Atlantis and its fiery end and eventual sinking into the ocean.

It is also interesting to note that the Planet Mercury was called by the Babylonians "Nebu Uru"

Anyone want to say those two words quickly?


There have been many authors who have mentioned the passing planets and their affects on the inhabitants of earth. If you throw conventional science out the window, and look at history you can see that when Mars is a prominent fixture in the sky, the Earth and those who live there react accordingly.

It is like the affect Kryptonite has on Superman.

Which makes one think that perhaps mankind had his beginnings out there. The work of Richard Hoagland, Tom Van Flandern and others show that perhaps ancient artificial structures exist there.

I have pointed out in previous articles that while the prospect of landing on Mars is enticing. I believe that we should not go. In the past, many probes have been destroyed as they attempted to visit the red planet and those that have succeeded in sending back data have shown some very interesting images.

The face on mars of course is the big one on the list.

There have been many attempts to shut down the idea that an artificially constructed face is there. Many believe it is because it thwarts all kinds of scientific theory, and religions are offended that anyone would think that there was a creation before this one.

I say that if all of the data taken from Cydonia is real and the face on Mars is a reality, then we must understand that the face that has been placed there is symbol to warn us that Mars is no place to be. It is an ancient guardian called a Cherubim.

"Cherubim were second order sentinels that were to watch over sacred areas. They were depicted in ancient texts as having the face of a human on one side and the face of a lion on another.

The sword is metaphoric of a defense system that will activate if anything comes close to penetrating it. Perhaps a place that was once full of life and then was destroyed is being protected and the symbols are evident.

One such symbol may be the alleged face on Mars. The symbolism of the face has ties to ancient Zodiac and even biblical passages such as the accounts In Ezekiel which many consider to be one of the books which records evidence of Extra terrestrial encounters and interplanetary travel by prophets.

Even in Psalms it is recorded that the Glory of God is evident in the symbols in the Heaven's. What symbols? Why would the bible say this if there weren't any symbols to be found?

Christians will say that Astrological symbols are not of God and so therefore do not apply. Well Christians didn't exist in the Old Testament and so you can judge for yourself if a face on a planet that may have been the base of creation isn't a symbol of warning.

A warning to stay away!"—"On Beyond Zero" ©2000 by Clyde Lewis

At a speaking engagement that featured Richard Hoagland, I mentioned that Ezekiel, an old testament prophet writes of a temple that he observed that had the tell tale signs of being guarded by a cherubim.

"And it was made with cherubims and palm trees, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub; and every cherub had two faces; So that the face of a man was toward the palm tree on the one side, and the face of a young lion toward the palm tree on the other side: it was made through all the house round about. From the ground unto above the door were cherubims and palm trees made, and on the wall of the temple."--Ezekiel 41:18

There are many people who believe that Ezekiel may have been one of the first recorded abduction cases. He was taken up into a wheel within a wheel. It was fiery and blew in with a roar. Its description was similar to the modern UFO. The creatures that piloted the craft were also described as Cherubim.

"And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle."

For sometime the face on Mars was only showing us half of the story. I had put forth my theories about the face of Cherubim and the Martian face, and no one would listen. Later Richard Hoagland took the pictures and claimed that he came up with this miraculous idea. He claimed that when the East Side of the face was paired together an interesting image would appear.

This could very well explain why the Hindus called the Planet Mars "Narasimha" or the Lion Man. Narasimha would make widows out of women.

Once again meaning that its influence meant bloodshed.

I had mentioned this at another speaking engagement recently. I was speaking about Mars and its influence on earth. I had mentioned Cydonia briefly and my conversation with Hoagland about the lion back in 1996. Well known Astrologer Dena De Castro happened to be in the audience and told me something that was very important.

She mentioned to me that at this time as Mars moves closest to earth. It moves into a straight trajectory of Leo.

A frightfully interesting coincidence.

The door to the future has been cracked open and hanging in the doorway is a sign and upon it is a warning. We all bow before a creator that commands the elements. There are warnings that have been issued and now we await the judgement of Mars.

Mars may show us justice, or it may show its wrath. However it is frightfully obvious to those who are awake that Mars is somehow influencing the weak and that the consensus is beginning to lose its mental fitness.

The atmosphere is ripe for transformational events. If we look at probabilities the probability is high for an event comparable to a September 11th, or a shuttle disaster, even a Shock and awe invasion. When Mars is prominent, we start to see the same activities that are associated with the time of Aries.

"The stars in the head of Aries possess an influence similar in its effect to that of Mars and Saturn; those in the mouth act similarly to Mercury and to some degree Saturn; those in the hind foot, to Mars and those in the tail to Venus". -Ptolemy, Quoted from "The Aries Rubicon"©2003 by Clyde Lewis

It may be a long shot, and a transformational event is in the eyes of the beholder. It may not even be an event that affects the United States.

Predicting a significant event is always a crapshoot. It’s similar to buying a lottery ticket. If you scratch a number and win a dollar, you may not have won a lot of money but you win anyway.

If I were to tell you that the passing of mars would yield a significant event in the world, you would demand that I tell you what it is. Even if I pointed to a significant event you would have to decide if it is a jackpot, or a consolation prize.

So I will have to say to you that my instincts are telling me that with Mars passing, we are wide open to a Transformation event when Mars gets it’s closest to earth.

I say this being fully aware that to most of the observers Mars is just a blood red dot in the night sky right now. But to some people it is much more. To the ancients it was far more.

To astrologers it is a sign that change is about to take place.

After reading this article I am sure you are probably wondering what now?

If all of this change is going to happen what is one to do?

I guess it is important to use wisdom and understand that all of these obstacles are here to help us grow. They are meant to strengthen us. There may be loss, but there are many things we lose, and the pain eventually goes away.

All things frightening become well again and restoration and rebirth has always been promise in the universe.

It may be that the aggressive influence of Mars will transform things for the better and not for the worst. It may mean that things that have become mundane and routine will be tore up and a necessity for a new way will be the mother of invention and improvement.

Imagine everything being brought back to zero.

A point where all things are equal.

It can give you the opportunity to be the shining beacon and example in a time where some people might be disappointed in what the world has given them.

It is always better to be the agent of transformation, than a victim of it.

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