By Clyde Lewis

Columbine can and probably will be the story that will never go away. It was the wake up call for the 1990ís even though the decade was almost coming to a close. The burning question now is whether or not the conspiracy theorists were right about the school shooting. Students that didnít die are dying. Police are being sued and stories that spun the myth are slowly losing their credibility.

With every story there is always a darker side. The paranoid will often tell you to wake up and see the darker angle and those who claim to be "right thinking" people will say that it is unwarranted and silly.

Using a stance of cautious thinking in most of what we hear today may be vital, due to the fact that so many people want to bend the story to fit in their specially crafted box.

There has been a tremendous amount of ambiguity in the "information age" that smacks of an Orwellian nightmare. It seems to be playing "catch up" with reality and the well being of the common people, who are subjected to a barrage of information that is carefully controlled and filtered to fit agendas and ideologies.

There are many people who are satisfied with the information they receive from mainstream sources. They decide that if it is being broadcast in a lavish studio it must be true and that the margin for error is minimal because after all, they have a camera, they have the looks, the pretty people to tell you the truth. Itís the ugly paranoid people, and the lunatics that have the Internet. Which has been determined by the mainstream press as being a medium that seems to have a slant that dehumanizes, and defeats us.

The pot may be calling the kettle black, to use an oft abused colloquialism.

In the year 2000 it is becoming politically incorrect to question, to be afraid, or to be suspicious. The media takes care of the paranoid by belittling them and making them look foolish.

The investigative branch of journalism is frowned upon today unless it is headed by one of the networks. Even so, reporters online such as Matt Drudge and John Quinn get their whacks when they question what the "old boy " network wants you to suck down and absorb without questioning. The Internet gives a choice of what to believe while Koppell and Dan Rather tells you what to believe.

History has to always be reviewed and retold otherwise it gets twisted and changed so that the present can be controlled and the future be predetermined by the same old ideas that seem to keep us in this "snake eating itís tail" mentality.

Conspiracy is as American as mom and apple pie. The revolution was a conspiracy and you should thank your 50 stars for those who grouped together in secret meetings to bring about the Constitution and other wonderful things that are collecting dust in the Smithsonian somewhere.

So if someone tells you that there may be a conspiracy, whether it be of ignorance or greed it shouldnít be so surprising. If there was conspiracy to change your thinking or to get you into forming an erroneous opinion it canít possibly be a shock to the system anymore can it?

If I were to tell you that there were all kinds of conspiracy theory and erroneous information making the rounds about the Columbine High School shootings would it anger you? Or would it make you stop and realize that perhaps we were lied to by those that have the public trust in reporting the truth about stories that shape our history.

We were lied to about Columbine.

But who cares?

Those dirty bastards Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got theirs and so all is well now. Or is it?

There will be no apologies, only lawsuits and disenchantment.

Blood will boil and it will scream from the graves of the dead. The kooks who demonstrated that we didnít get the full account of the killings will be written off as crackpots. Yet the more we see the story unravel, the kooks are beginning to look more and more sane.

It was said by Carl Bernstein (Yes the once partner of Woodward) that an indefinite number of journalists have unwittingly spread CIA disinformation or "black" propaganda at Americans, in order to shape American opinion. That doesnít even begin to point the finger at journalists who have been paid off to push an agenda or a sponsorís wishes.

We may never know just who is among the "whoís who" of trench coated journalists that get a fat paycheck for spreading lies, rest assured it happens more than we care to admit.

Two years ago, the U.S. Congress inadvertently created an enormous financial incentive for TV programmers to push anti-drug messages in their show plots. It is believed that as much as $25 million was doled out with the promise of even more to come in the future. Some of America's most popular shows -- including "ER," "Home Improvement" "Beverly Hills 90210," "Chicago Hope," "The Drew Carey Show" and "7th Heaven" have filled their episodes with anti-drug pitches to cash in on a complex government advertising subsidy. This is in violation of FCC laws. No one has complained and so it will probably be overlooked.

Subverting the law in order to bring about a programmed response is wrong. So now it is evident that networks take money all the time to plant messages in their television shows why not in the newsroom?

The news that was coming out during the Columbine shootings seemed to be so contrived that reporters were never on the same page about anything. One thing that eventually surfaced was the homogenized and filtered news that contradicted the police reports and the studentís testimonies.

The American people were treated to gun control propaganda, ideas that encouraged surrenders of civil liberties, and other propaganda that was anti-homosexual, anti-drug, pro-censorship, and pro government control.

We were told that school shootings were an epidemic when the lies didnít back up the facts. We were also told that Columbine was the worst school massacre in the history of the United States when fact checking showed a very different picture.

It was overlooked by the media that the worst school disaster happened on May 18, 1927, when 45 people were killed, including 38 elementary students, by a series of dynamite explosions at the Bath Michigan School. After detonating explosives he planted under the school, "maniac bomber" Andrew Kehoe, a school board member and treasurer, blew up his pickup truck, killing himself and the Bath School superintendent.

We were treated to a pro-police tableau showing the "might makes right " attitude that exists and the abuse people go through when all are guilty until they can scream "Donít shoot me Iím the victim."

We were shown images of movies on network newscasts that were allegedly "responsible" for the programming of our children. Movies like the Basketball Diaries and the Matrix had dark figures in trench coats glorifying rebellion and the use of guns. Marylin Manson became the new antichrist that needed to be rubbed out because he represented what was wrong with America.

He was the "Satan of the week" who allegedly beguiled young people to shoot and kill to settle differences, while the media overlooked the fact that simultaneously we were carpet-bombing a country the size of Kentucky and killing innocent people. That was apparently okay because the "good guys" were doing the killing.

The mixed signals were enough to cause a tune out factor, unfortunately it was at that moment that we should have paid attention.

The Jefferson County Sheriffís department released a timeline account of what happened at Columbine on April 20th 1999 and many parents are now claiming that many things are missing from the report. It has raised many questions about what really happened at Columbine and once again enforces the probability of a cover up.

The questions raised in the Rocky Mountain News gives us a chilling reminder that Columbine has a dark secret that apparently needs to be kept under wraps until the nasty little details are forgotten with time.

The report leaves many things about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold up for speculation. What did the officers confiscate from their house? What about the parents Wayne and Kathy Harris and Tom and Susan Klebold, were they aware of what was going on? What did they tell the investigators when they were questioned? Why is it that there is no report about the website that allegedly had racial and nazi symbolism peppered through it?

It was allegedly known for 13 months that Eric Harris was making pipe bombs, why did the police do nothing? Were the suspects really planning a mass murder? How was it that a virtual arsenal was being set up and no one noticed?

Why did the SWAT team wait until the murderers gunned down their victims? It is believed that SWAT teams waited four hours before attempting to secure the school.

Why did we hear conflicting stories about the gunmen? Why were there eight gunmen mentioned at first and then it was reduced to two.

Did a police officer actually gun down Daniel Rohrbough. It is speculated that out of all the deaths in the report that his was the most elaborated upon. It was said that he was gunned down by Klebold. That it was on Video. That Video tape was not accounted for.

The others who perished in the library were washed over. Parents speculate that they probably would have survived if police had entered in immediately. Many speculate that the kids were left to die and not all of them died instantly.

Dave Sanders, the teacher who died in the shootings while helping students to safety was apparently left in a chair to bleed to death. SWAT team members allegedly waited a half-hour before calling the paramedics in to help him.

What was on the 911 tapes that turned up missing in the report? The calls came from the science room where Sanders and other teachers and students holed up for hours after the shootings. It was believed that two calls were made from there the tapes disappeared.

Other discrepancies include timeline screw-ups that leave questions as to the exact times the shootings took place. Was it 11:19, 11:21, 11:23, or 11:25 am?

The chief suspects were killed and the majority of the face to face witnesses were killed or were left to die. Does that seem creepy to you? Fortunately , Not all of the students died that day, but it was alleged that the police were brutal to them especially the young man named Pat Ireland who was known as the "kid in the window." There are many who feel that he was pulled out of the window by police officers and almost broke his neck in the process. He ended up partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

Thatís not all. The death toll continues even after the initial tragedy.

It was reported on February 14th, 2000 that two Columbine students were murdered without an apparent motive in a sandwich shop not far from the pizza parlor where the chief suspects in the Columbine tragedy worked.

It was reported that the surveillance cameras were turned off - just as in the library where Klebold and Harris allegedly committed suicide after their bloody rampage.

The two students 15-year-old Nicholas Kunselman, and 16 year old Stephanie Hart, were found dead inside a Subway sandwich store located less than a mile from the school. Both suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

Hart, at the time, was believed to have been visiting Kunselman, a Subway employee. The suspect is described as being "a white male in his teens or early 20s who was wearing a red jacket and flared pants." He was seen near the shopping center about the time the bodies were discovered. The money was left in the till, so apparently robbery was not the motive and police have ruled out a murder suicide.

Rachel Scott, was a victim of the Columbine shooting and coincidentally she worked at the same Subway sandwich shop. Two weeks earlier the body of Antonio Davalos was found stuffed in a trash bin within a mile of Columbine High School.

Seventeen-year-old junior Greg Barnes died after he apparently hanged himself. Barnes died two weeks after the one year anniversary, His connection to the Columbine tragedy is that he was best friends with one of the victims, Matt Kechter.

Barnes was also at school the day of the massacre. No word as to what he may have witnessed or what might have been silenced. To say that this is all too coincidental would be all too easy. After all, how does one cope with the loss of a friend that perhaps you saw shot down.

What if these kids know something that they canít talk about? Perhaps they fear what might happen to them if they talk. There is no proof that any foul play is happening but one can only speculate. Where the vague details begin the eerie connect dots logic takes over.

But who can be sure? Carla Hochhalter the mother of one of the victims who wound up paralyzed took her life in a pawnshop. She had asked to see a gun, loaded it with her own bullets and shot herself.

The cloud of death lingers over Columbine and while the Police show their failure in courage, the stories that spin contribute to a failure in truth. The running joke in Littleton is that a fire truck is a good hiding place for police officers when guns start firing. The joke is a dark one but some obviously have resorted to cynicism about it all. People are speaking but no one is listening. There have been many stories that have fallen on deaf ears.

Witnesses have been persistent in telling police that there were other gunmen. Seven eyewitnesses to the Columbine shootings remain convinced there was a third gunman. Police insist however that Klebold and Harris acted alone. There were also reports of gunmen dressed in black trench coats.

Coincidentally Police caught three young boys in nearby Clement Park because they were dressed in black. They were not Columbine students, and said they were there because they were curious.

Video tape released of the suspects in the cafeteria show only two of the gunmen Klebold and Harris they are not wearing black. So who were the gunmen (if any) that wore black trench coats? Witnesses had reported seeing two shooters in black trench coats and another in a white T-shirt.

Some recanted after seeing the cafeteria Video. Saying that maybe one wore a T-shirt and that would conflict with previous testimony.

Videotape it is often argued as the evidence needed to show what really happened. However it is hotly contested and is met with "the code of silence" when police show their incompetence. Policemen will defend the actions of fellow Police officers no matter how violent they are, or in the case of Columbine how passive.

The creed of an officer has been "To Serve and to Protect" however it has become the new attitude amongst most officers who work in the public trust that the human factor is not at issue. That their job is a "Civil Servant" position that is available to enforce the law.

The issues raised with Columbine and the idea of a police cover-up if not a larger one can be summed up with a letter that was received by talk show host Rick Emerson, who has been the target of police harassment since he spoke out against a Florida police officer that roughed up a young black boy who did not wear a helmet.

The officer proceeded to search his bags and ended up cuffing the boy after he refused to stay and watch it happen.

After Rick spoke about the subject he was the focus of an editorial in the Police newspaper called the "Rap Sheet." The officer who wrote the scathing article against Emerson urged other officers to send him their junk e-mails.

Emerson spoke about the Columbine tragedy on his nationally syndicated talk show and spoke openly about how Police officers in the past would lay down their lives for citizens. Now they wait four hours to assess the situation. The question was whether or not officers are paid to know the risks of losing their lives in order to serve and protect.

He received a letter from an officer that stated the following:

"As a former officer let me tell you a little secret. I was not required in any way, shape or form to risk my life. I was not required to protect the individual citizen. The simple fact is, that police are not required to protect an individual citizens life."

Lately it has been the norm for Police officers to be the focus of internal affairs probes that show corruption within the ranks. This is not one or two officers but a larger conspiracy of false arrests, drug use, and brutality that is especially geared towards race and the act of racial profiling.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Police actions during protests. In Seattle during the WTO conference video and pictures clearly showed officers pointing guns at peaceful protestors with the intent to threaten, which is clearly in violation of the rules of engagement. Investigations are pending into the Washington D.C. protests, the events of Elian Gonzales and the protests in Little Havannah, and the May Day protests in Portland Oregon.

It is safe to say that the police state exists in the United States and that with it comes the cover-ups and justifications for the serious lack of respect for human life no matter how criminal it may be. The idea of a fair trial is eliminated when police officers become judge and jury in order to protect themselves and not the victim.

What about Justice for the victims of Columbine?

The police have given their report and have shaded out certain areas and covered up certain aspects of the case and parents who have lost children in the shootings are angry and itís justified. Police tend to justify their actions as going "by the book." The human element seems to be missing.

The Police system has developed into a well oiled and padded machine that has convinced us that they are justified in their heavy handed militaristic ways and that we must comply. They have brainwashed us into reporting anything suspicious and the sheep have decided to police each other and for what outcome? To be told that when someone claims wrong doing in the system that is supposed to protect its citizens, that it is a nonsensical invention of the paranoid fringe?

The Columbine high school tragedy wreaks of gaping holes that will be filled by conspiracy theory and speculative arguments for a long time to come. It is nice to kiss your children at night and think that America in the 21st Century is not like Nazi Germany, or countries with corrupt police forces that seem backward and fascist yet the evidence continues to mount against that idea.

While many will say that Bill Clintonís interest in the Columbine shooting was pure politics it makes you stop and wonder why he chose Columbine as the school to have an affection for. There were other school tragedies before this, there were other victims and yet the President held press conferences and even called kids in the hospitals.

He also met with parents of the victims. He also ordered Hollywood to take a look at the violent images in movies and on television. Sure itís all politics and yet one can only surmise that Clinton was briefed about Columbine and perhaps its ties to other more esoteric theories.

According To David Icke, the author of "The Biggest Secret" the name Columbine alone may have some significance. Icke claims that a "dark brotherhood" exists in the world that creates chaos in order to invoke changes leading to control. The word Columba is a goddess tied to ancient mysticism that can be linked to secret blood brotherhoods that he believes control the world. Columba is a trigger word of the brotherhood symbolizing negativity, death, and destruction.

That is why there are places and companies that use the word Columba in order to symbolize their associations with intelligence cabals and blood oath secret societies. For example; British Columbia, Columbia Pictures, Space Shuttle Columbia, and the District of Columbia. CBS is Columbia Broadcasting who ironically enough uses the all seeing eye as their ID moniker. All of these things are allegedly creations of secret societies and men with big money.

The word has been associated in different ways anciently and according to Icke has Nazi ties as well. So go figure. If all of his Masonic spook stuff doesnít send your mind reeling then you may want to consider other unknown areas that have been explored about Columbine, namely the backgrounds of the chief suspects.

The speculation grows that Eric Harris was in fact mind controlled. Once again we are told that Harris was on antidepressants but the autopsy of his body found a therapeutic level of the drug in his body.

There was also the revelation that both gunmen believed they were going to a better place after the massacre. How would they believe such a thing unless they were brainwashed into thinking that this was for the good of all that participated?

Maybe they were promised a reward for their efforts? The question is who would have offered it? Who would have controlled them and how long did the operation take?

There is also speculation about Wayne Harris the father of Eric. There have been references to his ties to military intelligence. Wayne detonated a pipe bomb with his son according to reports on ABCís Nightline and also helped Eric develop his website, which may or may not be true.

The Videos that were released to the media of trench coat clad kids depicting violent acts were of course taped by Brooks Brown and the son of lead FBI investigator Dwayne Fuselier. Conflicting stories emerge regarding Brownís involvement in the massacre one tells of him being told to leave before the murders another claims that he was in the parking lot of the school when Klebold and Harris pulled up, got out of the car and starting unloading bags.

One of the reports that caught my eye was the report given about Eric Harris and how he died. Harris put a sawed-off shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

When he died, Harris was wearing a white T-shirt. The blood soaked shirt had the words "Natural Selection" printed on its front. He also wore black combat boots and a black glove on his right hand with the fingers cut out.

The witnesses described that the gunmen wore military pants, ammunition vests and trench coats. Harris was not wearing those things. Investigators have never produced them nor have they explained what happened to them.

The question that still remains was it Klebold who killed himself or was he shot by Harris? Or did the guy who wore the military pants, ammunition vest and trench coat shoot him? The answers are hidden somewhere between the truth and Ground Zero.


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