By Clyde Lewis

Unidentified Flying Objects are just that-- unidentified. But when you combine their numerous reported appearances with information on development of innovative military aircraft and the need to mask environmental crimes, the mystery becomes a little clearer and a little less bizarre, and considerably less associated with extraterrestrials. In the following article, radio host and researcher Clyde Lewis tosses some provocative facts into the UFO mix and comes up with something that could be as scary--or scarier-- than an alien invasion.

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Unidentified Flying Objects are just that-- unidentified. But when you combine their numerous reported appearances with information on development of innovative military aircraft and the need to mask environmental crimes, the mystery becomes a little clearer and a little less bizarre, and considerably less associated with extraterrestrials. In the following article, radio host and researcher Clyde Lewis tosses some provocative facts into the UFO mix and comes up with something that could be as scary--or scarier-- than an alien invasion.
The strange case of the Illinois UFO sighting and other cases are challenging the old idea that all things that are unmarked, unidentifiable, and unknown are alien in nature. Following up where the chemtrail scare left off are tales of UFOs, black ops aircraft and chemical weapons scandals. Are they all connected?

The biggest UFO story of the year 2000 happened five days after everyone celebrated a New Year without the "Y2K". doom that was predicted by many analysts. It was a classic UFO story that of course happened over a small Illinois town. However, the refreshing part of the whole affair is that this time unimpeachable witnesses saw the UFO. While many ego inflated cynics are quick to point out that we need "proof" that this UFO is extraterrestrial, many people were already saying that this UFO was very likely to be a secret aircraft piloted by humans.

UFOs have always been the bane of jokes by a lot of reporters and many editors of news organizations will not report such things for fear that they may be looked upon as peddlers of tabloid news. Unfortunately, UFOs have often been juxtaposed with extraterrestrials and little green men by ignorant reporters who think that people who see such things are always quick to say that they are from another planet.

However, the recent UFO sighting in Illinois has raised the eyebrows of many major newspapers, and the reason is simple: For the first time in the many years these craft have been reported, the people involved in the sighting were mostly law enforcement officials. Whether it was a stealth project or from outer space, it definitely fits the "unidentified flying object" category because no one seems to know what it was. But the configuration often seen these days bears a great deal of resemblance to what the best and brightest aeronautic engineers are coming up with. As the Illinois sighting has underscored, the "saucer" that was sighted in the 1950s and the 60s has now been supplanted by the new menacing flying black triangle that hovers over remote areas and then disappears. Most witnesses say that the craft just appears from out of nowhere and a low frequency hum is heard when the craft moves slowly towards them.

While the above characteristics stretch the known boundaries of conventional aircraft, these cases have been reported many times in the U.S., Europe, South America and elsewhere, and have been sighted by credible witnesses who do not necessarily believe that little grey or green men pilot all strange flying machines.

The flying triangle phenomenon arguably had its American birth in the Hudson Valley of New York in the early 1980s, when a number of the many witnesses of a UFO flap there reported craft of that shape. In the early 1990s, the triangle scare in Belgium revealed the perplexing presence if super-fast triangular objects that quickly drew a response from the Belgian air force. The latest big case brought the phenomenon back to the U.S., when it was reported in *USA Today that a large triangular craft was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona in March of 1997.

While the debate still rages on about whether or not that aircraft sighting was really flares over the city, the Illinois report rings all to familiar to the sightings in Arizona. It was a craft shaped like an arrowhead, about 100 feet long, two stories tall, with bright lights on its tail and underside. Millstadt Police Officer Craig A. Stevens officially reported that the object was flying very low from 500 to 1,000 feet, and was flying very slowly. He also claimed that it made a low humming noise as it crept over the small town.

UFO buffs in the area are now all but admitting that perhaps the aircraft was a stealth blimp or surveillance type platform. Typically, Scott Air Force Base located near the area is reporting that they knew nothing about a UFO or even a test flight of some exotic craft.

Classified information can always get your imagination running wild. Everyone sees things and no one wants to admit that they know anything. In the case of those who have access to classified data, even if they wanted to, they couldn't. This huge lack of information is why people have no other choice than to assume that a flying unknown is a black ops craft or-- even more outrageous--a full-fledged extraterrestrial urban assault vehicle.

The newest blimps in development may pry open a crack in the wall of secrecy. Reportedly the federal government has been using surveillance blimps to aid in drug enforcement. However, even this theory has a baffling element. Police ask, what would the federal government be doing flying this surveillance blimp over Illinois to East St. Louis on Jan. 5 at 4:30 in the morning?

An article by Jim Wilson called "Skunk Works Magic", published by *Popular Mechanics Magazine in September of 1999, described the same possible project. The article reported on the Aereon stealth blimp, which bears an uncanny resemblance to what the officers witnessed. The idea for this particular craft was proposed 30 years ago, envisioned as a silent aircraft with revolutionary lift capabilities.

The Aereon craft is an unusual one that combines the lifting capabilities of conventional aircraft with the lighter-than-air capabilities of a blimp. But here is the catch: Aereon has stated emphatically and repeatedly that the craft was never built--at least not at Aereon.

There are other prototype craft that allegedly have been given the green light for patents and budgets as well. It was alleged that Microcraft, Inc. recently announced that it had obtained money to build a "revolutionary" hybrid blimp. It is a joint project with NASA Ames, NASA Dryden, Lockheed Skunkworks, and American Blimp Company of Oregon. This craft is still in the early stages of planning and has not yet been built.

In his newsletter *Groomwatch, activist Norio Hayakawa says that we need to keep our eyes to the skies but adds that we also need to throw into the mix the chemical weapons that are stored at the Army's Dugway Proving Grounds Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, respectively, both in western Utah. Hayakawa recently filed a report that would explain that this new technology is fresh out of the clandestine operations that are being carried out at Area 51's Groom Lake facility in Nevada. He also reports there is a connection to chemical experimentation and stockpiling at Dugway and toxic disposal by incineration at the Tooele site.

Hayakawa's report claims that these operations utilize "UFOs," in actuality UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are literally remote-controlled surveillance platforms, some of which can be shaped as discs or triangles. These stealth craft have electrochromatic panels equipped with thousands of tiny sensors that function as video-cameras, that take images of background scenery and transfer them to the other panels on the other side of the aircraft. The effect? An illusion that the aircraft is almost transparent.

Now more scandal has erupted coincidentally regarding the chemical weapons stored in Utah's western desert as whistleblower after whistleblower steps forward with claims that something clandestine is happening there. A man named Gary Harris is the latest to join a parade of whistleblowers walking out of the Tooele Chemical Weapons Incinerator operation with their frightening story. That group now includes the incinerator's general manager, hazardous waste manager, chief safety manager, and now the chief permitting manager. All have carried with them tales of reckless incompetence and deliberate deception. Mr. Harris account, however, is the most disturbing so far. It charges that the official and legal guarantees that the incinerator is operating safely are meaningless and worthless and that the state agency responsible for safeguarding worker and downwind citizen health is hopelessly compromised and incompetent.

In a sworn legal deposition, Gary Harris stated that the army knew they could not completely incinerate nerve and mustard agents after they built the first R&D facility. The army and state of Utah had to knowingly engage in criminal activity to get permits for the operation of the chemical weapons incinerator. Consumption of local dairy and beef products were removed from the Human Health Risk Assessment, because it would have "failed" had they been included.

Interestingly, it was revealed that a Northeastern Utah cattle rancher reported a cattle mutilation on his farm. To quote the Ground Zero newsletter: "We have already determined that biochemical testing has taken place in the United States during the Cold war era. There have been many well documented cases. So let us suppose that this testing of cattle had turned up some sort of abnormality. That certain organs of the cow had shown signs of change. That certain diseases were being seen that could not be treated with the drugs that were available at the time. Perhaps these diseases were showing up in the cattle and that there were a number of sources that could be responsible: nuclear tests, biochemical tests, and extraterrestrial panspermia." It should be noted that many mutilation reports are often accompanied by other reports of unidentified, unmarked, and unknown aircraft such as black helicopters, saucers and flying black triangles.

More and more things add up when you consider that the secret facilities in question are operated by EG&G, the same company that operates the Groom Lake facility. And at Groom Lake, or Area 51, as it's more commonly known, a remarkable legal case--whose plaintiffs charged the Air Force and Department of Energy recklessly exposed workers to lethal chemicals in the form of open- pit burning of toxic chemicals at the site reached an irreversible impasse when former President Clinton signed an executive order barring the release of vital case information for reasons of "national security."

Besides documented examples from whistleblowing litigation, conspiratorial crews speculate that secret platforms have also been used to drop aerosol chemtrails that allegedly have made people sick. In April of 1999, the Utah Department of Air Quality was scrambling to find the source of foul smelling air that allegedly was released from an industrial source. The mystery miasma was apparently released without warning in March of 1999, sending many people to the hospital complaining of breathing problems.

At this same time, our group Ground Zero was evaluating the validity of the chemtrail reports given by several guests who claimed that we were unknowingly being sprayed by unknown aircraft. They reported that the aircraft were unmarked and that in some cases black, triangular, wedge- shaped UFOs were seen accompanying these aircraft. Ground Zero had speculated that perhaps something was released in the air that had made people sick and that perhaps the chemical weapons incinerator could be blamed for some of the problem.

Brent Bradford, assistant director of a local radio station, brought up how easily a dangerous substance could be released in the Salt Lake Valley that could kill many people during the Winter Olympics scheduled for 2002. The possible risk of not investigating these matters could be deadly.

With many people like Hayakawa and others playing connect the dots, the conclusion that can be reached from this research plays out all by itself. While no one can swear it in court, and no hard-core evidence exists in public custody, there is little doubt that secret aircraft within the clandestine operations of hiding environmental crimes is behind the sightings of silent, black triangles.

Eventually we may actually be able to figure out what goes on at Area 51, and at Dugway's facilities. We may be able to see what each operation contributes to the big picture. We may be able to figure out that there is deadly play with certain types of bioweaponry that are either being used to kill us or to protect us. Perhaps those heavily guarded facilities house the building of stealth aircraft capable of spraying biological weapons quietly and discreetly--or even worse, the integration of an alien contagion that can be cured only by an inoculation that is held by only a small group of people wanting your servitude.

Without reliable facts, conspiracy mindedness is natural. The only current solution is to safely keep your mind where they can't get at it, at the same time exposing it to sources of reliable information.


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