Triangular Logic

by Clyde Lewis

Dugway Proving Ground is now asking to expand its size. Officials at the base are not saying why. However recent events like the crash of Genesis and those horrible rumors about Alien aircraft being housed there may leave them no other alternative but to close off the perimeter. Recent reports out of Utah and from Nevada indicate that flying "manta" type aircraft are being seen doing maneuvers and frightening those who witness their appearance. The Flying Triangles have returned and this time it is obvious that they mean business.

What was once UFO legend has now become mainstream curiosity? Flying Triangles are back in the news and the flap in the United States is growing. Many observers from all over the nation have reported large, menacing, black delta or boomerang shaped aircraft creeping through the sky at extremely low altitudes. They move slowly over heavily populated areas, and, from other observations, follow busy interstate highways.

From 1997 to 2004, the simple flying saucer has received an upgrade as hundreds of eyewitnesses have caught on video and photographed these manta–like aircraft.

While the label of UFO can be used to describe them, the original notion of little ET's piloting them may be a bit lofty when you consider that at this time of war and national security concerns, there may be reasons why these aircraft aren't being shot out of the sky.

Their presence anywhere in the world seems to be permitted.

The deployment of these aircraft is not covert but brazen. They are brightly lit and have been caught on camera by television news crews and law enforcement officials all over the world.

The pattern of these sightings and their location points to the reality of a unique and menacing craft that the military is using as a special tool for security and observation activity.

Many of these Flying Triangles have been seen in the vicinity of Air Force bases. The data collected by the National Institute of Discovery Science and others points to the sightings on or near bases such as Wright–Patterson AFB in Ohio, Scott AFB in Illinois, Offut AFB in Nebraska, Nellis AFB near Area 51 in Nevada, Kings Peak in the Uintah Mountain range of Utah, and Dugway UTTR in Utah.

Some of this UFO activity had been going on in my backyard as I was growing up in the small town of Kearns, Utah. Kearns at one time served as an Air Force replacement center during World War II. Its location was central to the activities at other camps and military facilities that were networked during the war.

Growing up near Dugway Proving grounds and the Air Force's Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR) I have witnessed many interesting things that for some reason were ignored by the mainstream media and the so–called non establishment media.

Back in December of 2001 I had written an article for UFO magazine that I felt was a breakthrough for those who wanted to get into some serious UFO investigation. While I don't entirely dismiss an extraterrestrial answer to the flying objects, I have been involved with investigating the connection between UFO appearances and the aftermath of earth contamination and biowarfare exercises.

While conspiracy groups were asking whether or not Black Helicopters existed and whether or not strange aircraft traveled over populated areas, I was able to witness these aircraft flying near my childhood home all the time.

Kearns was positioned north of Camp Williams and just west of Dugway. Kearns and Magna Utah were areas west of Salt Lake County which employed military personnel, employees of Kennecott Copper, and Hercules Bacchus Aerospace that provided propellants, graphite, rocket motors and other top secret materials for both nuclear missiles and the space shuttle.

At times, living in the area was like living in an Army camp. Military vehicles were common in the area and checkpoints had been set up as a matter of precaution, especially when the Cold War was beginning its thaw and the Soviet inspectors were living in secret quarters somewhere in the city limits.

Since the early 1970's the areas have changed. Kearns is now home to the Olympic speed skating oval, and Magna has slowly developed into a diversified community.

Beyond these two areas, the remnants of the Cold War still exist. Remote areas like Tooele and Grantsville on the other side of the Oquirrh Mountains are still in the shadow of Dugway and The Deseret Chemical Depot. The areas are also near testing ranges, and there are towers that sit as sentries, sniffing the air to detect any kind of chemical release that may harm the people in the area.

During an investigation for a proposed TV show that I was preparing for the Sci– Fi channel, I decided to look into the possibility that Area 51 had moved or was annexed at the UTTR. I asked the locals there about the peculiar towers that were positioned around the area.

Many of them told me that they were meteorological towers that monitor air movement and inversion dangers. If a tower detects anything harmful being released into the air, it would blast a siren. Many believe that by the time this happened, it would be too late.

During my investigation, I was taken within 100 feet of the secure area and was immediately stopped by military personnel and Wackenhut security. While the military let their presence and their visible weapons do the talking, the Wackenhut personnel actually pointed their weapons right at me, demanding that I leave immediately.

We shut off our cameras and decide to move.

The investigation was scrapped, of course, and my curiosity began to grow.

Common sense and reason tells me that there are no anthropomorphic aliens on ice there in Utah. However, what I do know is that the site has been a great place to hide many secrets. While every conspiracy buff has taken the long and boring drive to Rachel, Nevada, to try and catch a glimpse of some kind of alien spacecraft flying over the S4 site at Area 51, there may be more of a treasure trove in the desert sands of Utah.

In this unforgiving desert wasteland, things that are much more clandestine take place. If you have the patience and the off–road vehicles, you may be able to find your way to the facility. Be warned: the security there is far more aggressive than at Area 51, and it would be a lot easier to disappear in this area.

Needless to say, that there is a difference of opinion as to what is happening there, and whether or not the S–4 site at Groom Lake is somehow connected to the facility at Dugway.

There is also the claim that the S–4 facility at Area 51 has been closed down and all of its operations moved to Dugway. It seems that both facilities are working quite nicely in tandem; however, the facility in Nevada gets more publicity than the one in Utah.

Recently, reports have been making it to the local press in Utah that Dugway once again wants to expand. According to a report filed by Joe Bauman of the Deseret News, the facility at Dugway filed documents seeking approval for expansion studies.

The amount of land under discussion ranges from 55 square miles to 145 square miles. If the nearby Dugway Mountains are included, that increases their request by another 25 square miles. This would make Dugway larger than the state of Rhode Island.

In fact, respectively, it already is.

It has been rumored that the Area 51/ S–4 facilities and Dugway have been working feverishly on aircraft that can be used for surveillance and for the delivery of scalar weaponry. Both have also shown interest in the delivery of biochemical agents through the use of stealth aircraft.

The truth of these facilities and their purpose often get bogged down in the alien mythos. It is time that Ufology matures and recognizes the reality of the investigation, which is that many of the strange aircraft that are seen can be easily explained.

The only way to find answers is to demystify Area 51 and Dugway, because the government is banking on the unstable part of the UFO community to get all the press. With such distraction, the stories can be held up for ridicule, and while alien encounters are very real, it needs to be emphasized that in the big picture they are very rare.

I know first hand from an FBI source that used to work in Lincoln County, Nevada, that there have been some very peculiar things happening around the Groom Lake facility. He told me, many years ago, that there were tunnels that connected Edwards AFB, Nellis/Area 51/S4 and Dugway/UTTR.

In 1998 I was informed that there was a network of bases and facilities that were focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance platform blimp technologies that used microwave and high–powered laser weaponry, and biological delivery systems and possible extraterrestrial microbial studies and exobiological containment. These systems were maintained by the Navy with the assistance of the Air Force.

The information was not documented, so I could not very well come forward with anything conclusive.

I could only determine that facilities like Area 51 and Dugway were involved in a joint project that would create subspace aircraft capable of wide–range surveillance, possibly deploy other unmanned vehicles capable of taking out satellite systems and radar, and observe areas that are too remote for other aircraft. These craft also would be used for deployment of aerosol weapons and pulse detonations from subspace.

Other reports out of Dugway Proving Grounds confirmed that something huge was being tested there.

The expansion of their runway eventually let the cat out of the bag that NASA's X–33 shuttlecraft would be tested there. However, even before the shuttle announcement, there were reports of black triangles being seen flying over the mountain ranges of Utah, mainly in the Oquirrh Mountains near Dugway and near Kings' Peak in the Uintah range.

This sparked all sorts of rumors that a space base or UFO base with aliens in tow existed in the Uintah mountains.

During the UFO interest boom of the mid 1990's, stories were published in UFO and conspiracy publications by "Commander X" and others, claiming that Belgium had been witnessing an enormous flap of large triangular shaped craft flying in their airspace in the 1980's. There were also reports of the same type of aircraft being reported in Hudson Valley, New York, and many parts of Europe.

One of the more compelling stories happened in December of 1980 in the United Kingdom.

On December 26, just after midnight, radar installations picked up and began to track a UFO that dropped below radar coverage. The "fallen angel" or "bogey" was heading towards the small town of Ipswich. This was near the sensitive NATO bases that were leased by the RAF and the 81st Tactical Fighter wing. These two bases are known as RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.

Rendlesham Forest surrounds the two bases. When the aircraft came down in the forest, U.S. personnel and civilians thought that a plane had gone down in the area and security had asked permission to search outside the gate to see what had happened.

USAF Sergeant Larry Warren claimed that when he and other personnel arrived in the woods, they could see a strange mist that covered the ground, resembling a soupy ground fog. It had a luminescent glow to it. Looking into the fog, they could see a pulsing red light that increased in brightness.

In the red glow they could see that the craft was indeed triangular shaped.

It became common for amateur astronomers to see what appeared to be a flattened triangle moving through space. The craft had been described by some as being the size of a small town.

The craft may exist; however, it may not be as big as many observers claim. It needs to be pointed out that there has been top–secret space surveillance operations carried out by the military.

There is also an alleged craft that the Navy has been flying for some time that is called a "White Cloud Class" stealth craft that tows two communication satellites by fine wire. It is used for ocean surveillance and tracking communications over populated areas.

The operation has been code named PARCAE.

"Parcae" is the name given to the three witches Nona, Decuma, and Morta in the Roman mythos. In the Greek mythology they were called the Fates, the three goddesses who controlled human lives. Their names were: Clotho, who spun the web of life; Lachesis, who measured its length; and Atropos, who cut it.

The Parcae controlled when life began and when it ended. Parcae seems to be appropriate for the menacing triangles.

Here is where it gets bizarre. With a code name like Parcae, the mind can wander into the realms of PSYOPS warfare and wonder if there are multiple reasons for these aircraft. They may be there to observe, gather information, intimidate, and, in some cases, kill.

There have been many reports of these aircraft being associated with aerosol spraying and chemtrail activity. These aircraft have been seen hovering over cattle fields where mutilations occur. They are seen moving slowly over heavily populated areas.

These aircraft are not your typical UFO's. I must stress that they aren't in any way aircraft piloted by gray sylphs with wraparound sunglasses.

These are definitely being piloted either by the military or by some paramilitary operation.

As with the black helicopters that made the news in the 1970's and early 1980's the black triangles represent a threat to freedom. To some they are symbols of the New World Order. An order that uses symbolism and threatening imagery to keep the people under control.

It is obvious and has been obvious to me that they are aircraft of earthly origin.

However, campaigns that discuss such aircraft pose a trap for investigators because it is already supposed by most so–called skeptics that if you investigate alien reports, you have to believe that they pilot these craft.

All one has to do is take a look at how the reports of these aircraft have been filed. They are seen by observers, sometimes videotaped and are immediately scrutinized as inconclusive by paid "spokespersons" who are told to debunk and deny their existence.

The perfect example of this type of chicanery is in the Phoenix report of 1997, in which many people witnessed a large flying triangle hovering and moving over the city. Luke Air Force Base was notified, and the authorities there denied that any maneuvers were happening at the time. After news crews arrived, and tabloid television shows filed reports, the Air Force conveniently revealed that they were using military flares on that night.

The military and the media have somehow banked on the notion that most UFO enthusiasts believe that the triangles are extraterrestrial. The reality is that while there are a few New Age followers of the space elders touting UFO 101, the arguments and dismissal of the triangles as figments of the imagination are useless and the so called skeptics have to find a new arrow to pull out of their quiver.

Unfortunately, this means that the ufologist in the 21st century has to realize that the triangles themselves can be used as a catchall for UFO reports that have been around for more than half a century.

This is why it is important not to intertwine the triangle sightings with other reports of aliens and abduction. I know that it has been done on late night talk shows elsewhere, but here at Ground Zero our opinion of the triangles has always been that they are earthly and not extraterrestrial.

We have been careful in this arena for a very good reason.

If the Air Force, or whoever else may be flying them, concedes their existence, every debunking ninny will claim that the earthly nature of these aircraft blunts the possibility of alien worlds and the prospect of any life "out there."

This would mean that we could put countless reports of alien encounters to bed and label all who have reported them as lunatics. The authorities would hope that it would also silence anyone who wants to continue pressing about the incidents at Roswell, Kecksberg, Rendlesham, or even Phoenix.

In my opinion, it would open up a new can of worms if we were to find out that these craft have been used to spy on us and intimidate us.

Until then, we are left to speculate as to the purpose of these aircraft and keep looking up in the sky in wonder of all of the things both known and unknown and hope that both are not out there to harm us.