Vicarius Filii Dei

by Clyde Lewis

"The weak and ill–constituted shall perish: first principle of our philanthropy. And one shall help them to do so."–– Nietzsche

Once again we rip another page from the calendar to show that the year has changed. At year's end I sit down let my thoughts flow freely about the year to come.

I use the last article of the year to give me direction and inspiration for what I want to reveal in the New Year. Many times in these articles I have leaped into the future to test my abilities to be some sort of soothsayer, or street prophet.

I cringe at the idea of being anyone but myself, with abilities like anyone else. However, looking back at many of the articles that I have written in 2004, I am beginning to realize that I may see things in this world differently than most people.

I have had countless arguments with people who claim to be psychic about my abilities. They tell me that my ability to bring up subject matter and then have it become mainstream later is uncanny. I say that it is a lucky guess, or that see cyclical trends. Being psychic has its responsibilities, and with it comes some power. Power that can be abused if not kept in check.

I have to keep myself disciplined and objective. It is in this mode of thought that I can accomplish a lot.

I think the biggest reason why I shy away from my psychic self is because I care too much about people and I would never want to give them any advice, or warning, that would trouble them greatly.

If I have in the past, I apologize. I also want to clarify for the record that Ground Zero was never intended to be a political show. Last year my articles and shows were heavy handed politically. Politics, in my opinion, are absurd, and it is also absurd to think that if I criticized our current President that I must be a liberal.

The truth is that if anyone accused me of being harsh on this particular President solely because of his politics, they do not know me, nor do they know that in the years past I have equally demonstrated that our course as a country has been set by a group of secret societal madmen who have committed their lives to destroying all that we have fought for in the past.

All things that are happening now have been permitted. Those who have not fought openly against such things are apathetic and passive and it is with this passivity that our fate is sealed.

We all have become victims of the new corrupt power play that exists in secret societies. These function outside of the governments that are established "by the people for the people".

Governments are no longer for the people, and yet the people have been duped into believing that such governments are here to help us. It is true that on a small level there are good people in government.

But now we see that when 3000–page documents are sent to Capitol Hill for review they remain unread, and then are signed into law by Congressmen who have not taken the time to realize that they have signed away more rights, and created new catastrophes, that await us in the New Year.

I remember that in 2004, I was asked the question as to why my focus was on secret societies and politics. I merely explained that the reason why I focused on such things was because that I knew that the Secret Societal influences had gained a foothold in The United States.

My whole show has been dedicated to writing about such infiltration. Whether it is an alien infestation or the infestation of those with alien ideologies, I feel a need to expose it.

I remember making the statement that I never thought I would see a time where those who had power over me stood for the things that scared the hell out of me. Now I will take that statement up a notch by saying that I never thought I'd see a time where those around me would follow blindly the people who stood for things that scare the hell out of me.

Little by little, there are many in the United States who have sold their souls to the devil. They have allowed their emotional deficiencies to get the best of them.

They can tolerate mass murder, as long as it is murder that is sold as a body count for liberty. They can turn a blind eye to torture and rape because the mouthpiece of war enables these horrible atrocities, and the ideas that are sold is that these groups of people deserve it.

We do not see our actions as acts of terrorism, yet the actions will certainly produce an even greater reaction in the year to come.

Our decisions have now sealed our fate in the coming year. The lessons have not been learned, the moment of rock bottom is at hand, and hopefully the sting of knowing that one is not invincible will teach us a valuable lesson in the fragility of life.

I feel within my troubled soul that in the year to come President George W. Bush will learn about life and how it can be taken quickly. As I saw in the year that passed, a coffin will once again be seen in Washington. This coffin will be draped in the American flag. However, the idea of putting it there is indeed a desecration, since the man that lies in state could be considered a criminal in the eyes of the people who know the truth.

Many things will echo in 2005. Many things will remind us that we are living in a great big empty and meaningless procession of blood–soaked agreements.

All of these said agreements were made in apostasy. All things righteous have turned to the profane and both Islam and Christianity will eventually destroy themselves from the inside.

It is obvious that, after the dust settles, it will eventually be mandated that the practice of fanatical Christian and Muslim views will not be tolerated. The persecution that both sides crave will become a reality.

Look at how all cultists and fanatics wind up. They wind up dead. Their Christs become antichrists and their attempts to cleanse the world turn into baptisms by fire.

You can hold a mirror to the Christian fundamentalists and what you will see is a reflection of pale, deathly, fanatical Taliban. Both groups have insulted and mocked their gods.

If it offends you to hear this, then consider that all sorts of blasphemy, depravity, torture, murder and sexual abuse of the innocent has taken place under the banners of religion all over the world.

Fanatic Islam has disgraced the Q'uran by acting upon fundamentalist myth and extremism. Fundamentalist Christianity has somehow looked at its own Bible and used it as a guidebook to plot its own destruction.

Prophecy has now been perverted. It has become a blueprint. No more can we read the prophecies of Nostradamus, or John the Revelator, without fudging the data in order to demonstrate that there is an apocalyptic evil and that that evil is anyone but us.

It has been spoken from both sides of the war. It has been spoken from both sides of the Democratic and Republican parties. All of our leaders and many religious leaders have become madmen. They have surrendered their whole characters to getting all they can because they fear that they will all die soon.

That they will.

They will all die relatively soon and the people who put all of their faith in these men will lose hope. Perhaps then, they will realize how shallow it is to put faith in a man who sits in the place of God.

I have been told many times that I am anti–Christian or anti–God because I have been so vociferous and bellicose towards those who wish to flaunt their religion in the faces of others who wish to keep it a matter of personal choice. I do so not because I am anti–God.

I do so because I truly believe that some who claim to be Christian do not know how close they adhere to the philosophies of lower level secret societal warcraft and black magic.

They are told that it is acceptable to pray for Supreme Court Justices to have heart attacks and strokes. They are told that speaking in tongues is something that true Christians do, when anyone who has had the opportunity to talk with the practitioners of the dark arts can see that these types of phenomenon are similar to seizures brought on by possessions.

They have confused speaking in gibberish to the gift of speaking in tongues.

This means that, if the spirit moves you and if your thoughts are pure, you would be able to communicate with someone through the spirit. The writhing and panting with the gibberish is a result of a trancelike state brought on by the ability to hypnotize and mesmerize.

The great black ops magicians are using every tool in their arsenal to brainwash and savagely remove your cognitive liberty. Be prepared for future screenings tests and other mental capability tests proposed in the future. These tests will be required in order to figure out if you are prone to delusions that are not accepted as fact by the consensus reality.

If your mental state is not up to a standard that is agreed upon, you will then be subjected to drugging, inoculations, maybe even psychiatric evaluation that might place you in a fixed area of society. You will be told what jobs you are best suited for. You will be audited and screened for any kind of drugs that are not approved by the government.

If you refuse to participate in this grand order, you will be offered a choice to be rehabilitated and forced into compliance by the use of trauma.

This trauma will be administered on a daily basis on a grand scale. While each and every one of us have to bear the burden of feeling the blows, the intensity of the trauma–based compliance measures will be far more harsh in "rehabilitation" camps and facilities set aside for continued acts of torture.

Sources of information will be limited in some areas due to the proposals of blackout areas with regards to Internet and publications. There will be more and more religious organizations and groups demanding the banning, and probably burning, of books, CD's, even DVD's in an attempt to rid an area of what they deem pornographic, or detrimental to society.

It is evident that in these times that Christian organizations will claim that they are being persecuted against because some people will not like their overzealous methods. They will huddle in groups and devise plots and schemes in order to keep a watchful eye on those that they consider to be against them.

This is why self–proclaimed messiahs like George W. Bush rise up and take liberties with the American people. The majority who have been duped feel that this war and bloodshed is necessary and that there needs to be a time of hardship and suffering in order to show our true humility.

They forget that the bloodshed has not yet reached us on a daily basis as it has in the Middle East. This will change, however, when countries bordering Iraq and Afghanistan begin to see the United States as a threat.

The idea of being persecuted will then be evident, because as we think, so shall we become in the future.

Easy explanations will be given by those who are paid great incomes to tell the people what they think is true, rather than what is the truth. Common sense shall wane in the future, and cultural sensibility will also be a casualty as long as we continue the path that we have chosen.

Bigotry and hatred will be encouraged. It will be so common in our society that anyone who professes equality will be used as an example of treachery.

Peace will no longer be an objective.

We will constantly see ourselves on the brink of civil crisis. The streets will be patrolled by armor–clad storm troopers sending the message that the jackboot shall be there to kick you in the jaw if you step just the least bit out of line.

The war generals and our newly appointed "gods" will decide who lives and who dies. Those who rebel will feel the sting of the best bullets and bombs that their tax dollars have bought and paid for.

There will be so many wars, so many crises, that there will not be a definite point in which protesters can rally. Every cause, every crisis, will spread everyone thin, and there will be contention amongst those who want to protest one insurgency, or this or that crisis.

There will be an argument as to which cause is the most urgent. So much rhetoric and very little action to stave off any more horrible acts against people.

Many people will then "give up" to the controlled narrative provided for them on the major networks.

It is unfortunate that all the wrong people seem to give their opinions on what is going on in the world. The people who do not have time to assess the information decide that Armageddon fanatics, neoconservatives, elite millionaires, and aging war generals are much wiser than they are. These individuals that have the lights and the camera on them have literally become the replacement for common sense, and, yes, even the replacement for common decency in the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian groups.

We see that the majority of the people have given the mandate to our king. His reign of war, bloodshed and terror will continue with the self proclaimed blessing of the God of Wrath. It will continue as long as we relinquish the control of this planet to rogue fanatics that rule from their lofty thrones in Israel, Iraq, and Washington D.C.

The armies will have to gather and the souls of young men will have to be taken in order to fill the vacancies left behind by those who fought the good fight for what they felt was a good cause.

They will become red–blooded fighting machines and they will no longer volunteer for such a position. These young men will be forced into the fight through a draft. This draft will be announced in the early spring of 2005.

While there will be some protest, it will dissolve with the propaganda machine encouraging the team spirit, and maligning those who do not wish to participate in the crusade for some nebulous ideology.

Those who have lost faith in what they are seeing and hearing will be called conspiracy theorists or delusional. While the world disputes the facts of one war, we will see the wars multiply in hundreds of small wars. Resource scarcity will trigger uprisings as we watch on the nightly news burning villages and charred bodies, indicating that the end of the world does not come suddenly but little by little as economic and religious disputes erupt into much bigger conflicts.

As the winds of death in the storms of war ravage all around the globe, the plagues and famines will continue as basic resources disappear and countries like Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan fight for something as simple as clean water.

Risk and fear from all sides will be pitted against the risk and fear of doing nothing or doing the wrong thing. It will be the risk of the lesser of the two evils since evil has had a hold on everyone. We have allowed our anger to squeeze every bit of goodness out if us. With the loss of our goodness we must realize that our positions in religion have become invalid. Our national myth called manifest destiny has become worthless.

An apparition of the anti–life monster that Christians call the antichrist is now materializing. With every death, every infliction of pain and suffering, and every manipulation that stifles life and liberty, we guarantee that the full incarnation of a vanguard of those fighting for the right to commit acts of brutality against defenseless people will continue.

Be looking for trigger words in the watered down version of the holocaust. Words like "acceptable risks" or "In the best interest of the public utility." These types of phrases will be thrown into the public lexicon in order to supplant "in the public interest" or "based on solid principles" or "for the collective good."

Get used to hearing the phrases "civil crisis" or "curfew" or "under penalty of law." All of these phrases and words are guaranteed to be heard in a fascist state.

When I say "fascist state", I am not pointing to countries that are currently at war. I am pointing to the never–ending fear mongering and policing of the United States in the name of protection. I am declaring that fascism in this country has been brought on by the ever enduring idea that we have somehow achieved victimhood because of one horrific act, an act that to this day has not even been investigated as a crime.

The United States has become preoccupied with our national humiliation and our guilt about being too liberal, or too secular.

We are told by our smiling cheerleaders in Washington that we should be proud of ourselves, but deep down, we are ashamed of ourselves. This is why so many people constantly shout from the pulpit that we are a "changed people", a more "righteous people", and a people that are being blessed by God.

If they say it enough, perhaps they will be convinced that God favors our undertakings.

The truth is God is dead in the minds of our leadership. That is why they have cart blanche when it comes to deciding who lives and who dies. They believe that they will not have to answer for their lies, and their warring mentality. They have replaced God. They speak like they are God, they kill like they are God, and they control the food sources and ecology, like gods. Their position now is to create Armageddon and then take it away miraculously so that you will see that they are God incarnate.

A term that applies to them is Vicarius Filli Dei. They appoint themselves as replacements to God and act as if they speak for God.

Vicarius Filli Dei is a Latin term that has been used as an apostate term for a corrupt or fallen Pontiff or Prophet. It has been shown also to mean 666 or the term for the false prophet. It has also been used to discredit the Pope of the Catholic Church and declare him the antichrist.

Since Latin, Greek, and Hebrew have numerical values assigned to various letters in their alphabets. We can see the coincidence that plays out in a very devious way. We read that in Latin the number/letter values are: I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1,000.

By extension we see that the W=10 because W= two V's, and U also equals V because there is no letter U for the Romans; where you see the letter U in modern writing, you are supposed to use the letter V instead. We then work out the letter values and see that the replacement for God on earth is the great 666

Vicarius Filli Dei:
112+53+501 = 666

These men who have taken power used for religion in a sinful and covetous manner. They will use it as a way to betray their people, banking on their capacity to forgive.

They are counting on your blind faith to give them the ability to manipulate you into becoming true believers in carnage and disease. The actions of those that continue the illusion of our President being Godlike are contributing to the fascism that exists in a corrupt system that uses religion to control the masses and lead them to their own destruction.

"I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job."—George W. Bush

They act as though they are Gods or Godlike and the people react as if they truly are in the presence of a deity.

For days now, the job at Eisenhower Park in Nassau County has been to follow the order from the White House through the Secret Service and down to the park workers: "The president's feet are not to touch the dirt."—Newsday March 11th 2004

They use their position as a way to declare holy wars:

"God told me to strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East."—George W. Bush

All of these activities are approved by a majority vote in the United States. According to the supporters of this type of theocracy, no mistakes have been made, and the cattle trucks waiting to transport the body bags of our young men are needed in this war that has the blessing of almighty God and the support of the majority of "god fearing" Christians everywhere.

"I am sustained by the prayers of the people."—George W. Bush

In the Bibles of the ignorant the clues are printed in words written by prophets that the Christian right claim to follow. In the words that are allegedly given as signposts of truth a definition of an antichrist or many antichrists is given:

"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate."—The Apostle Paul

Demons in the bibles quote scripture and give advice as the devil himself spoke to Jesus, quoting sacred texts and half–truths to get Jesus to throw himself from the tabernacle.

This is all written in President Bush's favorite book. If he were to read it he would see that he is a practitioner of evil and that making oneself a God or even a Vicar for Christ is as boastful and prideful as any act committed by the Christian devil.

"If you be the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, 'He shall give His angels charge concerning you: so that you won't so much as kick your toe against a rock." –Satan speaking to Christ

While we see that the President declares that certain iniquities like abortion and homosexuality need to be outlawed, he allows the onset of the surveillance society, with monitored commerce to be implemented, with biometric cards and subdermal chips implanted in the hand so that everyone can be tracked and monitored while they buy and sell items.

Through the use of biometric smart cards and chips, everything you buy and sell will be monitored. This card or chip will be required now that the 3000 page intelligence bill has been was passed into law.

Biometric identification is a physical form of identification where machines determine identity through the use of eye, face, and finger images. Biometrics also uses hand scans and voice or behavioral patterns in order to determine identity.

This is a very interesting simulacrum when you read of other revelations or "blueprints" given anciently from a book that Bush professes to be a follower of.

"The Antichrist causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom.

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Antichrist for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Vicaris Filii Dei)" –The book of the Apocalypse.

Now we all know that a scripture written as prophecy means everything to a Christian and nothing to someone who is secular. How then does it seem to be overlooked by a man who believes that he is in good standing with the God who allegedly guided young prophets to pen such a book of horrible prophecies? It is religious hypocrisy used to promote fascism.

How does fascism rear its ugly head in the year 2005?

It does so quite easily, because the mentally unstable tend to find a loving embrace in fascism because it gives them divine right to destroy all things that get in the way of their dystopia sold as a utopia, in a world where everyone is a victim and everyone is persecuted.

Fascism is a projection of a civilization that has been beaten into a state of mental deficiency and fear.

"Fascism may be defined as a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victim hood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass–based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion."—Robert O. Paxton "The anatomy of fascism"

In times of fascism confidence is compromised. Privacy disappears and economies crash in order to make way for so–called new and improved economies.

Since the end of World War II, America has developed into the world's first economic superpower. It is in this economy where bumper sticker patriots observe that the United States is the best country in the whole world. It is in this illusion where we hear that no country has a better lifestyle than the U.S. No country has better health care and no country has better hygiene.

These illusions are now being broken as we see declines in health, drugs that are killing us, and a decline in value of the dollar restricting the ability to live the lifestyles of yesterday.

We have been over diagnosed and over drugged. We consume more antibiotics now than we have in the past and our foods also are laced with antibiotics making us open for all kinds of new infections that can stand up to all kinds of antibiotics on the market.

The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million. The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million.

We are told that our life expectancy is nearing 80 years of age and yet we are seeing a major rise in deaths with people aged 40–55 years of age.

Heart disease and cancer death is on the increase and deaths caused by unnecessary drugging and hospitalizations have now reached nearly 800,000 annually.

This is evident of the greatest healthcare in the world?

While I was visiting my family in Utah during the holidays I noticed with astonishment something that I have not seen in my home of Portland Oregon.

I noticed that on one intersection located in West Valley City there were actually four medical quick care facilities and emergency clinics competing for patient money. Several miles down the highway there at least six more facilities owned and operated by health care groups.

We have compartmentalized the healthcare system with specialist facilities. Patients are tossed around like beach balls to different facilities where numerous doctors treat nameless faces and files, which contributes to a less personal form of health care.

This may appear to be progress, but statistics show that it most definitely is not. There are hospitals, outpatient clinics, transitional care, long–term care, rehabilitative care, home care, and private practitioners offices all networked and staffed by doctors who pimp the latest drugs provided to them by overzealous drug companies that are all in the pockets of big government and major drug corporations that use big money to influence a quick approval from the FDA for drugs that can produce dangerous if not fatal side affects.

In 2005 there will be more drugs on the market that will be evaluated for potentially dangerous side effects. Lawsuits will continue, and big sums of money will be awarded for compensation and soon the illusion of our sound health care system will be broken.

Americans may not be able to trust the FDA to provide them with safe drugs. The market will be wide open for terrorism and drug scares reminiscent of the Tylenol scares of 1982, when the Johnson and Johnson company was under attack. The company's capsules of extra strength Tylenol were laced with cyanide.

This type of terrorism can return in 2005 as the Bush administration has criticized the safety of Canadian drugs and drugs purchased over the Internet.

I tried to get this information out to my audience in November of 2004; however, I was told that the prospect was too frightening to accept. I attempted to present the information in a public forum and was asked to leave abruptly.

This message will have to get out here in my writings. Hopefully, there will be a time when the mainstream will awaken to the dangers of certain drugs on the market.

By then I believe that it will be too late.

Americans who believe the lie of a sound economy and a superior healthy lifestyle are unaware that America has gone from being the world's biggest creditor nation to its biggest debtor nation.

As of 2003, the US national debt stood at $7.3 trillion dollars. This adds up to whopping $25,000 dollars for each U.S. citizen.

This is not including the loads of consumer debt, real estate loans, and the nation's future debt incurred through the enormous expenditures for the war on terror that we have been told is necessary to provide national security. This gives us a projection of more than $44.2 trillion dollars or $182,000 dollars owed by each U.S. citizen.

Our president, who claims that he is sustained by the prayers of the people, has slashed taxes, increased spending, and launched two wars that continue to escalate. We have reached a deficit of more than six percent of Gross Domestic Product.

Americans now consume and borrow like college kids using dad's credit card.

So what does this mean for the future?

The real estate bubble will burst. The dollar will sink against the euro and gold prices will double. It may be time to invest in precious metals as a standby and purchase new currency with your old gold.

It is obvious that the crumbling will begin as the overextended U.S. economy buckles under the weight of its massive debt and enormous trade deficit.

Yet we see the complacency and we hear that God ordains the actions of our leaders

These are some of my general predictions for 2005. I have given these predictions as high probabilities. The following predictions I highlight because while their probability is high, they tend to be hard to interpret because they are primarily blurry images that I foresee when I let my mind wander.

As I do every year, I am about to jump ahead in time and allow my thoughts to channel the New Year. These exercises are fairly accurate and you can compare my other jumps ahead in time and see that what I write is merely a blurry image of future events.

hese events may or may not happen within the confines of 2005; however, most of them will. I always tell people that I am not a psychic because my abilities are not as sharp as others' abilities. I only say what I think is the most logical progression in the cycle that we live in. I am now jumping ahead in time.

2005 is a fearful time but I believe that for those who are prepared with extra things, food, prescription drugs, and money, the year will be inconvenient but stable if you have prepared for a coming setback.

There will be many setbacks. Some will be uncomfortable but after they pass there will be overwhelming moments of thankfulness and joy.

There is something out there waiting to be seen that will give an added assurance that there is hope. Many won't notice it at first and some will deny its existence; however, it will confirm something that we have always known: that we are indeed a part of something much larger and wonderful on a cosmic scale.
A political action will take place and the reaction will be surprising. Those who have fought the good fight in the past four years will feel a little vindicated. It may come as a shock to many people who have put their eggs all in one basket politically and many will urge others to be open minded about the possibility.

I am looking at devastation in South America and Asia by natural means. Rumblings and great thunders on the earth produce all sorts of tsunamis and hurricane season will become more and more violent. The earth is going to once again do some phenomenal things as we see that the magnetic field may try and correct itself or change entirely. Imagine the earth's rotation starting and stopping like a heart stopping and starting.
I am seeing devastation and explosions in Australia due to attacks from a country that is a member of Bush's "axis of evil."

There will be a threat to the Washington DC area in 2005. I am not clear on who is affected. I also see another death of an aged political leader. The people of the United States will also be talking about threats on the President's life as well.

England will see attacks as well, and this will prompt Washington into action asking for a worldwide police force to bring order to countries whose main governments have been wiped out or destroyed. This will be a new international police force that will operate under the new auspices of Homeland Security and internal security.

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair will start to see a decline in their health and George Bush Senior may see a heart attack in his future as well. Fidel Castro takes a fall and is not as lucky this time.

Larry King will retire from CNN due to health problems.

There will be a large fireball that will explode over a heavily populated area. I am not sure if it is in the United States or somewhere else. This fireball will explode in midair and it will cause power failures, and many people will die as a result of the explosion.

It will be so devastating that it seems likely that it could be a dirty bomb, or perhaps even a plane exploding over an area. There will also be fires set by protestors in 2005. Some of the firemen will be shot while trying to fight the fires.

These events may prompt the United States to propose a restructuring of worldwide firefighting agencies. Firefighters may have some of the same responsibilities as police and may be forced to carry guns.

More people are buying guns.

Use of a taser weapon on someone who is mentally retarded will result in death. Police will be forced to reevaluate when the use of a taser is appropriate.

Expect more stories about satanic cults in 2005. Also there will be virtual witch–hunts for Satanists in schools and in public child care facilities.

Expect religious attacks on Muslim temples Jewish synagogues and a major scandal or attack on Mormonism in 2005. The Catholic Church will also see financial problems in 2005, and vicious rumors against the Pope.

The Evangelical movement will receive a harsh blow when one of their most important leaders dies in 2005. I see that Billy Graham may be the one to pass away and Jerry Falwell will have a heart attack. Tammy Faye Messner will also have her health take a turn for the worst in 2005.

There will be several class action lawsuits against drug companies, and the Bush administrations ties to these companies will be called to the attention of the mainstream. There will be numerous drug companies filing for bankruptcy.

I also see a promotion for Clarence Thomas in the Supreme Court.

Be looking at March and April as the sign of Aries not only means death and blood shed but death and blood shed of a well known first born son.

Madonna will make the news in 2005. She will be diagnosed with breast cancer. She will become an activist to raise money for a cure.

There will be deaths of many famous Rock Stars in 2005. I do not mean typical drug overdoses. I see sad news from many of the Godfathers of soul and of rock and roll.

Colombia will once again be in the crosshairs of the war on terror.

A couple of new movies in 2005 will attempt to discredit Christianity. There will be protests and bomb threats to theaters that decide to show the movies.

I have now jumped out of the future. I am now in the present.

2005 is year that I was reluctant to talk about because of all of the shock and awe that it will produce. The illusion will be ripped away from our eyes and the evidence of a diabolical plan will be evident to those who pay attention.

The year will have to be the year of yet another cleansing and changing of the guard. It will be time to ask if all of the change is necessary. We know that we can pass all sorts of draconian laws and now it is time to ask if we really should be so willing to do so.

The more we consume to live, the less we really live. The more we have sex to love, the less we really love. The more we claim to have knowledge, the less we use our wisdom to apply it. It is somehow lost in the future shock and disinformation that bombards us in the mainstream.

"Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
The cycles of heaven in twenty centuries bring us farther from God and nearer to the dust. —T.S. Eliot

The year 2005 will be a year where many truths will be revealed and those truths will be uncomfortable to those who believe in the mythology of the United States. While the echoes of the past demonstrate our glory days of financial stability, respect and liberty, the present is different and those echoes are empty in a chasm of moral and financial bankruptcy.

Maybe 2005 is a time for us to practice discipline and restraint. Maybe it is time to stop buying things on credit. Perhaps we need to start taking commitment and vows seriously. Maybe it is time to stop giving lip service to marriage and relationships.

The majority is willing to make constitutional amendments for morality and yet they continue to beat their wives and abuse their children. They pretend to be for "family values", and yet allow for tax increases so high that parents still have to work twice as hard to still not make enough to pay for nutritious meals for their children.

These are the same people that feel the need to eliminate the happiness of others just because their sexual relationships are peculiar.

The joyless are more capable of spreading less joy in the name of their silly agendas and their false sense of morality. They participate in binges that contribute to ill health and well being and yet they find solace in the idea that all things are forgiven if they declare that they are up above it all in the name of Christ.

It is easy to declare that those who do not share the same beliefs are causing the evils of the world. It is even more repugnant that this prejudice is encouraged by our self proclaimed Vicars of Christ.

"They don't value life like we value life. Every life precious to America, to our culture. That's not the way they think."—George W. Bush speaking about the Middle East in Portland, Oregon

In 2005 we will continue to be told that the evil terrorists are the only ones that perform heinous acts because they have insulated themselves from the "real world." We will be brainwashed into believing that they seek to destroy lives without thinking of the consequences.

Let it be also known that our insulation from the evil that we do is an unhealthy form of denial and that the consequences are still waiting to be endured and that they will remind us that in our mundane lives, we can also face tragedy and awaken to just how ugly and awful we have all been to each other.

Perhaps these tragedies may snap something loose in 2005. Perhaps the devastation we hear about and read about at home may create a need to shape a world free from the Armageddon prone leaders we are seeing now.

The future does not have to be as bleak as I have painted it. I personally believe that even with the entire world crumbling around us, there may be reason to rejoice and find a need to live more productive and happy lives. With death at your door you may start to understand what it means to live as if you were about to die.

It would be a time for more laughing, and more loving. It can be an all–encompassing excuse to admit that the war on terror is really just a clash of cultural politics.

I pray for joy and happiness every day. I see the darkness and gather all of my courage and with tears in my eyes I will face whatever storms lie ahead. I will still continue my quest for the truth because I sincerely believe that the future does not have to be an extension of this tiring prologue.