By Clyde Lewis

We entered this earth through the whirlwind. All things were made in a circle. We were made in the spiral, from the Milky Way to our DNA. As we spin in the Vortex we see all things past, present and future. We also see all mythological creatures, fantasy friends and foes. If we rub our eyes and make ourselves aware we may even notice that perhaps we are headed towards Palingenesis.

It has been my observation lately that we are traveling in repeating cycles. We keep carving out circles that are similar but with different players standing in the radius. The events all spin around in what can be called a Gothic arch, or whirlwind. Our ultimate goal is about to be revealed to us. I can only surmise that the great revelation is that we are heading for palingenesis.

Just what is palingenesis and why am I rambling about such things? Palingenesis in my determination is the transmigration of a soul from one state to another. Perhaps the soul will go from one body and occupy another, or occupy one dimension and then move to a new dimension.

In order for this to take place a harrowing event needs to take place in order for the windows of heaven to be opened allowing souls to transmigrate. It takes a great deal of trauma to get the cycle rolling obviously. In most cases it takes death.

There have been events of importance that have rocked the space time continuum or have changes the spiritual make up of the planet.

There are several theories floating around pointing to the possibility that these events have taken place strategically throughout our timeline.

The events of 9/11 may have been the catalyst that has thrown us into a new age of thought. The many that have died are still unaccounted for. Their spirits are in limbo and chances are they are trapped on this plane and are looking for their opportunity to move to the next dimension.

I was reading several accounts about exactly what happened just before the Tower collapse and I have this strange theory that something very strange happened on that day.

According to "Report from Ground Zero" Capt. Jay Jonas, Ladder Co. 6, is in a stairwell of Tower One when he started to hear a loud humming sound. It was like both Towers were resonating like a 110 story Tuning fork. Then it was quiet. Suddenly the floors started collapsing one on top of the other and the boom boom boom began to split the quiet. There was a report that got buried in the tragedy that stated that there was a hum that was heard long before the towers collapsed.

Many speculated that perhaps an electronic weapon was used to bring down the towers. However wouldn't it be an odd thought that the explosions at the towers created an energy burst powerful enough to turn the two buildings into a tuning fork causing a low frequency vibration powerful enough to bring down the towers?

An abrupt and eerie silence followed the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. It was as if time had stopped.

This is based on nothing scientific but there have been so many speculations that traumatic shocks to the earth do a number on the fabric of the space time continuum. There were all sorts of evil images allegedly appearing in the smoke, and religious images buried amongst the dead. During the melee there seemed to be images form the past showing themselves for the cameras. Firemen were hoisting the flag, like the soldiers of Iwo Jima and every meme imaginable was being triggered.

Was it a coincidence that these images were popping up everywhere? Could it be that a dimensional Vortex opened up and some spirits got in and some did not? You might say that it is unbelievable speculation. However you must now take a look at the way we act now as opposed to before the tragedy of 9/11.

On the weekend of July 15, 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity site near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The origin of the name Trinity has been up for speculation. Many have said that it is of course in reference to the creator, the son, and the Holy Spirit. It is a popular theory that Robert Oppenheimer provided the name and that it refers to the divine Hindu trinity of Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver), and Shiva (the Destroyer). It stands to reason that the origin was Hindu because after the Trinity test it is reported that Oppenheimer recited the passage from the Bhagavad-Gita:

"If the radiance of a thousand suns
Were to burst at once into the sky,
That would be like the splendor of the Mighty One.
I am become Death, The shatterer of Worlds."

Many fringe theorists have said that the event ripped a hole in the space time continuum.

The fireball rose above the ground and soon man was able to see alpha omega. The fireball eventually dissipated but the mushroom cloud started to spin. It began to spiral into a hot smoky column. It was a frightening vortex full of red lightning and fire.

The world has changed since that moment in history. The world transformed in a metaphoric baptism by fire.

The vortex of fire shows up as a metaphor many times in our history. The metaphor is symbolic of the power of the creator. God appeared to Elijah, Job, and Ezekiel in a Vortex. The Vortex was always a portal. The Portal would move from place to place and it was theorized that the vortex was a gateway to the kingdom of heaven.

William Blake the Romantic Poet, occultist and artist would write that the vortexes follow the prophets and that someday a vortex will come and that we will pass through it to safety, when the last judgement comes. The vortex, arch, or whirlwind provides an area where man can transform from the physical to the ethereal.

In a selection from Milton, Blake writes of the Vortex and it's purpose in the spiritual realm. Blake offers the explanation that the Vortex itself is a gate between the infinite and the finite.

"The nature of infinity is this: That every thing has its Own Vortex; and when once a traveler thro Eternity. Has passed that Vortex, he perceives it rolls backward behind his path, into a globe itself infolding; like a sun: Or like a moon, or like a universe of starry majesty, Thus is the heaven a vortex passed already, and the earth. A vortex not yet passed by the traveler thro' Eternity."

According to the Bible both Moses and Jesus Christ went up to high mountains and while there were transfigured. The accounts of the transfigurations include the presence of light, and clouds coming down in a column. The gateway would open and there would be a change or a transfiguration.

The vortex is always activated with a flash of light and then the clouds gather opening the gateway to the next level.

Is this analogous to what we see with massive explosions and the possibility that the rip a hole into time and space?

If this is the case then are there several vortexes that move throughout the expanse of the earth?

It makes one wonder if all things possible in space can happen closer to the earth.

Adds new meaning to the saying "on earth as it is in heaven."

Ground Zero has been investigating the claims of Bryan Williams a.k.a. Sargel 18. Williams is claiming that in an area near the Wanaque reservoir, at the site of the destroyed Dupont Pompton Powder works is a Vortex that seems to be a gateway for all sorts of entities.

Not much is known about the Powder works except that a major explosion occurred there and that many people were killed. Since that time there has been several reports of strange lights, UFO's, and strange cryptid sightings. In the general vicinity of Wanaque there were many sightings of strange phenomena. In 1965 there was the Kecksburg UFO incident in Pennsylvania. In 1966 the Mothman incident, and In 1966, Steven Silkotch blamed the death of his entire shed of poultry livestock on the Jersey Devil. On January 11, 1966, an interesting UFO mass-sighting took place on the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey. In a story reminiscent of what happened in Point Pleasant with the Mothman Sightings four suspicious "government agents" assembled policemen and civilians who had witnessed the heavy UFO activity in Wanaque, and told them that they "hadn't seen a thing." Sternly, the citizens of Wanaque were admonished not to discuss the sightings over the Wanaque Reservoir with anyone.

Bryan Williams told Ground Zero in an exclusive radio interview that he had an "experience" during the UFO flap of the 1960's near Wanaque:

"When I was four years old I noticed that there was a bright light outside my window one night. I then noticed that a hovering platform was outside my window and standing on it was a being. A being that I later learned was an Endorian."

Bryan relates that the being took him to a bell shaped craft and it was there that he saw light beings. They showed him what he calls "movies" of probable futures of the world. Then Bryan relates that he was chosen for a special task:

"I was told that I would have to wait until I was 28 years old and then I would awaken spiritually and that I would understand my calling. I was told that when I was to reach this age I would have to find my teacher."

So at the age of 28 Bryan Williams set out with the clothes on his back to find his teacher. He relates that he knocked on the door of a "wizard" who practiced the black arts.

Bryan Took on the name of Sargel 18 and realized that he was a conduit for Alien energies and entities. Under the direction of this witch Bryan learned the difference between good and evil. He also learned that the mechanics of both white magic and black magic were the same.

He would then be open to all kinds of alien communication. These beings made him aware of a doorway near his home in Wanaque.

"They told me I would find a doorway in time. That I would be able to manipulate that doorway so people could ascend to a safe place if needed in the future. Throughout my studies, I always kept this in mind. I knew I had to start my search for this doorway in Wanaque, for reasons I wish not to go into at this moment. In 1988 I started slowly looking. I knew if I were to find anything I would have to go where people didn't go. So I started walking the mountains at night by myself, using myself as bait for any encounter. There were a number of events that happened over the course of time. Finally, 10 years later, I still hadn't given up. I was poised on a mountain ridge, across from the Wanaque dam. I had a good view of the reservoir. It was windy and cold that night. The clue to where they were came quite by accident. I went to light up a cigarette and the wind kept blowing out my match. So I cupped my hands and lowered my head to light it. That's when I saw a light down in the back swamps behind the mountains. I watched the light dancing around and then it disappeared. Two nights later I found myself in that very swamp. I then set up my camcorder and started looking around. I figured I would take video and pictures from a camera. I turned around and there stood the alien." Sargel 18 (Surfing the Apocalypse interview)

Since then Sargel has generated some of the best photographic proof on record that all kinds of paranormal activities are happening in Wanaque. The entire area seems to be a paranormal magnet.

Orbs have been reported in the Acid Brook Area and in the Hills. A report in 1998 was filed as three young men reported a tannic white orb that was being chased by a black Helicopter.

Some attribute the lights to possible seismic activity on the fault line that runs through the area near the reservoir. There have been other reports of incredible UFO sightings, including one where the UFO actually went into the Reservoir and remained submerged for at least week.

As recently as February of 2000 a Flying Triangle was seen hovering silently over the Wanaque reservoir at 1:30 AM for ten minutes. The witness reported the sighting of the Flying Triangle right above the tree level about 50 feet above the woods. The Flying Triangle caused a strange tingling sensation in the ears of the witness. The object had blue and white lights.

This all seems to be routine for Sargel 18 who is the reluctant prophet. He speaks with beings and opens a Vortex. This is all similar to the prophets of old. All of them then had control of the chariots of fire, and they spoke with beings from the other side.

Could it be that the Dupont explosion rocked the area and changed the makeup of the land surrounding it? Did the unbelievable explosion open a doorway?

Here is another synchronicity. The area of the Vortex is situated in the area some 30 miles away from New York City. Many times Ground zero has determined that there is an area near New York called the Block Island triangle. In this area we have seen many strange activities. Many of them may be attributed to magnetic experimentation that occurred in places like Brookhaven National Labs, Montauk and Camp Hero. This corridor which includes, the Pine Bush area, and Acid Brook, Ringwood, has seen its share of UFO's and strange lights.

Whitley Streiber's alleged alien abduction happened at a cabin near Wallkill, NY. Wallkill is right outside of the Pine bush New York area and is also near Plattsburgh AFB. This base is near Lake Champlain, the home of "Champ" a possible relative of the Loch Ness Monster.

There is also Stewart airforce base near all of the areas that claim to be UFO hot spots. It is believed that these area Military training facilities were also used for mind control and special op's. Montgomery, Pine Bush, Walden, and Wallkill New York have been host to several alien encounters, UFO sightings, Airplane near Misses, and strange creature sightings.

The entire area has been activated. The widows have opened and things are getting in. Sargel 18 claims that the opening of the doorway has enlightened him and that he has been able to make predictions for a world wide war in 2003 that will last for seven years.

According to Sargel the Vortex will open up and those who are ready can pass through it for safety.

Sargel also says that the Great War will not only be between humans but will be fought with the dragon. This would fulfill revelation that is written in the pages of the New Testament as Michael and his angels take on the armies of the dragon.

It seems unbelievable that we live in times that may be the very times that have been foretold as those that fulfill the prophecies that have been written by the prophets. However it is egotistical to think that there is no revelation being given today to people. Sargel has never started a religious cult or demanded any money for tours to the Vortex. All he asks is that you pay attention. All he asks is that you take a look into the abyss. If you look hard enough into the abyss you may notice that it is looking back at you.

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