By Clyde Lewis

"All the events of your life are here because you have drawn them there. What you choose to with them is up to you. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past." - Richard Bach

I have decided that I am writing this article to satisfy my curiosity. Did I somehow know that the attacks on the World Trade Center were going to happen? This has been haunting me since the tragedy. I have never claimed to be a Psychic or a clairvoyant. I have always chalked up all of my weird experiences to synchronicity.

These weird and unexplained coincidences show up in the weirdest places and at the weirdest times. In fact a reporter named Bill Frost was doing an article for an independent paper about my radio show and me. To demonstrate how synchronicity haunts me I will give you a piece of his 1996 article "Party at Ground Zero."

He explains that on the night he was at the studio doing an interview I coincidentally chose a song to play on my show. The song was D.O.A. by blood rock. Just minutes before airtime a small plane carrying some Salt lake businessmen crashed in a blinding snow storm. It crashed only blocks away from the radio station. I debated on whether or not to play the song. I played it because I had no other song or prepared piece to fill the void.

"The night I was at KBER studios, Lewis was producing a mind mosaic for his guest from a group who research communication with the dead through electronic means. The mosaic climaxes with Bloodrock's creepy plane-wreck epic, "D.O.A." When news of a fatal plane crash near the Salt Lake City airport due to that night's snowstorm came in, Lewis pondered the coincidence. Then he wondered whether or not to play the song, yes he played the song" -Bill Frost, reporter for Salt Lake City Weekly.

This kind of thing has happened to me many times before. If you were to ask those who know me they would concur that what I say, do, and write usually ends up happening in some strange way. I guess making one's own reality applies here. I am still wondering why I have been given this blessing.

Or is it a curse?

I guess it is up to you to decide because I have decided to accept that my life is full of all kinds of serendipity. God gives me what I need and he shows me what I need to know. He brings people into my life who teach me lessons and I am reluctant in using such coincidences as examples of any psychic ability. As the year 2001 came to an end I was breathing a sigh of relief that perhaps the demons of the last year could finally leave me and I could focus on the new year and make it a success.

I believe that it can be said that when the last chime of the clock ceased to vibrate on December 31st, 2001 the world seemed to be happy. After all of the tribulation and pain they felt in the latter half of the year it was refreshing to see the smiles and the anticipation of the new year put a halt on all fear and trepidation about celebrating a small bit of hope.

By all means we have nowhere to go but onward and upward and the boomerang effect is about to take place and we will not only see the good that will result but the underlying resentment is simmering. In 2002 I believe that we will begin to see the unrest and lack of faith become the zeitgeist with those who question the motives of those in power.

When the ball dropped in Time Square it was as if the sun had shown through and in the heat of the moment all of the war and philosophical borders were dissolved. The feeling of oneness somehow permeated throughout the United States and for a small amount of time the demons of the world were kept at bay. Politics were for the moment set aside and the war wasn't about to dull the celebrations of Auld Lang Syne.

It is unfortunate that while our recovery from our various tragedies is guaranteed in 2002 the pleasure will be short lived as we realize that the material wealth that we have cherished will mean nothing. The value of the human spirit and human life will move to the forefront as many people will perish and our leaders will scramble to fill positions left behind by those who will leave us abruptly.

These predictions are frightening and many fear predicting such tragedy. This of course leads strict debunkers such as "The Amazing Randi" and others to point out that no one predicted the World trade center tragedy and therefore psychic prognostication is silly.

While it appears no one said anything about the 9/11 disaster it was highly coincidental that the idea of a devastating attack was on the minds of many people. Those who weren't afraid to speak up, spoke up.

I am going to point out how in the year 2000 I used history and circular logic to demonstrate that futurist thinking is possible and that perhaps intuitive calculation can produce a satisfying result. I also must state here that I am willing to believe it all to be a coincidence because I have accepted synchronicity as God's way of telling me that I am on the right track. It is chilling and quite unnerving to feel a tremor and somehow tap into what is about to happen in the world around me.

When I pretend to be a seer it doesn't work. I wouldn't be able to tell you from the hip what is going on. I somehow have accidental moments of clarity and I either write them down or say them without thinking them through. I annoy people when I say things that they cannot believe and it is obvious that it can really agitate people who think that I am doing it just to piss people off.

Well I can tell you with all honesty that I feel like an accidental tourist. I don't mean to annoy people with my strange utterances. I guess I can just tell people to laugh them off. I assure them that I am not always right. But sometimes I am damn close. That is when it gets ugly and people like to pull away from me when I make a direct hit on some innocuous little prognostication.

I do admit that some of the things that I allude to don't happen. For the sake of this article I have decided to relate some direct hits that I think tried to rise to the surface in order to at least give warning of the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

They say that a conspiracy theorist is only a "theorist" if his theories and predictions do not come true. Well here is where I (the alleged Conspiracy "theorist") demonstrate my direct hits from 2000 through 2001 for your consideration. Your opinion may differ as to the meaning or intent and of course you can question whether or not I was right on with these predictions.

Prediction from the Ground Zero article, "Secret Societal Satan:"

"If we allow our minds to wander in the dark corridors of conspiracy theory and if we look at a preponderance of the evidence we can tell you with a straight face that the next President of the United States will be George Bush Jr. Even if you don't vote in the election it will be George Bush Jr. Even if he continues to get bad press it will be George Bush Jr. Even if he was the stupidest man on the planet it will be George Bush Jr."-January 2000

Prediction from the article, "A Phantom is a person in your neighborhood:"

"It will only be a matter of time when your thoughts and actions that you thought were harmless will be legislated. It will be in the not too distant future that you will be held under suspicion for your unconventional viewpoints. The majority will decide what is to be believed and disbelieved. If you think openly you will be held up for scrutiny."-February 2000

In the Ground Zero Article "Secret Societal Satan II, By the Dawns Early Lie" I wrote:

"Wars, coups, assassinations, veiled threats, mass murders, the rise and fall of currency, and the rigging of elections are all a part of the plan. The plan to keep the common man in a state of controlled fear where he will beg for the police state, or react or legislate to squelch a trigger fear. These uprisings can lead to protests, and revolts. This turmoil can eventually lead to a tyrannical rule of a global cabal." -December 2000

From the Ground Zero Investigation "Our Broken Trust" I wrote:

"Already it is in certain circles that certain secret societies are already preparing the world for a barrage of "circumstantial clues" making the rounds that would suggest that we should be preparing for the Great War. The war of desolation that will weed out the weak and the impressionable to make way for the advanced New World Order.

An order more cunning and powerful than can ever be imagined. An order whose true purpose is to inherit the earth for themselves."
-December 2000

In the same article that was written long before the wars and turmoil we are experiencing today I warned and predicted this template that seems to have also come to pass in varying degrees.

In December of 2000 the following portents were written as a guide in the article "Our broken trust." As you can see the year 2001 saw it's share of these templates fulfilled to a certain degree.

As far as I can determine these are some of the chief examples of what is being implemented and what is constantly used to trigger fear and loathing in the United States.

  • The unconstitutional monitoring and spying of government on its people.

  • Military funding of the arming and shielding of space. Which holds you to earth if the power ever was given to you to escape its bonds. This will lead people to believe that death is the only way out. It will also lead to the arming of space and the clandestine operation of spying on every corner of the globe.

  • An omnipresent police force that builds into a global army that seizes weapons and tramples the rights of humans to live in safety. They become enslaved in their own paranoia. They can become jailed in their own homes and isolated from the world outside. Citizens can be attacked and shot and killed at random if they fit a "profile" that does not fit with the criteria of the new system.

  • The use of drugs and mass inoculation and poisonings by offending polluters and drug companies. The competition is ever present in introducing new drugs to the public. Children who are creative are candidates for drugs that will render them passive. There are also theories that the government is spraying its citizens with toxins. It has been done before and without motive.

  • The Perfection of Nature through Eugenics, Genetic engineering, abortions, cloning and other ways of creating or destroying life. These methods have kept the planet in a state of dissention for decades. There will also be hybrid cloning where animals and humans will share DNA for use in Transplantation.

  • Erosion of the environment by companies who continue to violate existing laws that protect the earth's vital resources. This has been the reason for protests in Washington during the meetings of the WTO. This could lead to a global civil war that could proliferate internal terrorism.

  • The establishment of the Mob of Rome mentality. The Bread and circus times were the times of the Gladiators where lots were cast for the barbarian who triumphed in the ring. The Gladiators were given the power to be marauding beasts and were supported by villainous agents. Their positions were absolute license for ruthless behavior. They were worshiped as heroes in the sport of blood. Many were never tried for their murderous behaviors and many were worshipped as Gods. Pay close attention to war criminals in the future that will be labeled heroes. Pay attention to sports figures who murder, rape, and get away with it. Pay attention to exhibition sport that will glorify violence at the expense of safety and well being.

  • The Creation of counterfeit enemies such as Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Muamarr Quadaffi, who were once our allies. There will be others that will follow them and they will be the dragons that will continue the vicious circle of dissention. People under their direction will commit acts of aggression to protect their ideals, and religious beliefs. This will keep an air of war ever looming on the horizon giving impetus to the charge that no one is above suspicion. There will always be a threat created to keep the masses in fear, demanding protection.

  • The creation or announcement of an extra terrestrial threat. This has always been the possibility. Remember that an extra terrestrial threat is a broad statement. Sun storms have been known to send magnetic energy to earth knocking out power grids. Asteroid and meteor threats have always been monitored. Diseases in theory are from space and of course there is the possible threat of a malignant extra terrestrial race that could threaten the planet, if such a race exists.

  • Development of a new state religion. A religion that claims to be the one true faith. The only true church. A church that espouses the tenants of control. A religion that will employ the psychological warfare needed to sound the trumpet signaling the beginning of Armageddon. This religion will initiate war, symbolic mysticism, the building of a new Temple, the raising and sacrifice of the symbolic Red Heifer, the reclaiming of the Islamic "Dome of the Rock," the announcement of the Anti Christ, and the arrival of the new messiah, real or staged.

  • The closing of the borders in the United States, creating us and them boundaries kindling racial tensions.

  • Welfare programs that left unchecked will create a public dependant on the parenting neo religious/government control. Which leads to entrapment and apathetic slavery. The Welfare issues have been one of the hot issues that divide the republic and have raised the ugly monster of prejudice and bigotry in the new millennium.- December 2000
I consider these portents as basic "templates." They are basic warnings to set the stage for what is to come. In the 6 years Ground Zero has been on the air many thought that the name of the show was kind of cool. It had that Science Fiction feel to it and I tried to philosophically explain why I chose the name. It wasn't the original choice.

I was originally going to call the show KULT radio. I chose Ground Zero because I believed it represented the equilibrium that would happen after a major transformation. All things begin at zero and end at zero. At Ground Zero there is devastation and from devastation comes renewal. All things are equal at Ground Zero.

After the September 11th tragedy there were a lot of people who were still new to my show asking me if I chose the name because of what happened in New York. I obviously told them that it was just another synchronicity and that it was the luck of the draw.

Even the theme music has remained the same.

The theme music that is used in the show since its inception is taken from a Negativland album called "Escape from Noise." I manipulated it to say that the loudspeakers of the future would speak up and the words heard would be "Ground Zero" and after the phrase is constantly used on Television and Radio you would be asked to surrender or "give up."

You hear in the underlying theme the sound of bombs and sirens. The feeling I wanted to express in the theme is the sound of an Army with Machine guns and tanks moving in to invoke martial law. I threw Godzilla into the theme in order to signify that it all can be just Science fiction or fantasy.

I could be kidding, but I couldn't be more serious.

I am very serious when I tell you that if you study the underlying themes, messages and templates, you can actually see the veil lift. It becomes transparent albeit foggy at times. The future is uncertain but the past somehow determines the future.

The past is prologue.

After I was noticing that the templates were becoming even more transparent I experimented with what the illuminated call "Remote Viewing." I had written in the December 2000 article "The Millennial Paradox, A look back at 2001" many predictions and I will once again point out the direct hits. I must reinforce that I do not know if this was not based on Psychic ability. It is up to you to decide if I am using clairvoyance to see into the future keep in mind I said these in present tense back in December of 2000 as you can see they have happened in 2001:

  • "There seems to be a hostile atmosphere towards Americans around the world. I can't put my finger on what we did but it had something to do with bad choices. It probably started with the election. We may think that what we do or how we are perceived abroad doesn't matter, but it does. It's like we are living in another cold war. The paranoia that existed in the 50's has returned. I don't know how we looped back into this but it certainly smells of distrust and all sorts of foulness."

  • "Other countries are putting everything we do into question. Conspiracy theories are now being forged in other countries and we are the great conspirators."

  • "Speaking of which is anyone going to ever forget the fiasco in the Middle East? I doubt it. The wars that are happening are downright scary."

  • "Everyone is so confrontational now. No one is open to new ideas. I am still struggling with what I do because people are so set into believing the network opinion rather than taking the time and listening to other options. We are so hated everywhere. I can't believe it. People are so afraid to travel right now."

  • Our economy is in the dumper again.

  • "I'm thinking that after all of the wars, and political blunders, and widespread indoctrination on the TV news. There will always be people in the world that will just want to take a break. People are suffering from future shock every day. The world seems to be having a nervous break down. It's easier to tune out." -December 2000
Moving into 2001 I continued to get glimpses and tried to wake people up to what was to come. I am sure at the time many people thought I was nuts. I also remember that I received hate mail, and mail telling me that what I was doing would destroy my career:

  • "The final stages of the total consolidation of the New World Order are about to take place. A lot of people claim that they would rebel at the proposal, but there are secret weapons and tricks that can be used to insure that people will goosestep to the company way if it means their death, or worse the harm of their families."--2001 article "Project Homunculus, Preparing for the Alien war."
In the 2001 article "Casting Swine before Pearl Harbor" I recall an argument I had with a friend about fascism and in my account I make a prediction:

"I once got in an argument with a friend of mine. He called me on when I lamented that the United States has walked in a grey area of Fascism for many years. I say that not because I hate the United States, but because I love the United States and worry that if we downplay the awful things we do to others we may end up being brought down in a horrendous way."-Ground Zero

Then came the statements that got me into hot water with advertisers and syndicators. This contributed to my "silencing" and my abrupt removal from the national airwaves. I was making a prediction that if we execute Timothy McVeigh then we will only kill one of the some alleged terrorists that are training in the United States. My superiors saw this as an endorsement of a convicted terrorist.

The intent was to discourage capital punishment. It was also a warning that the terrorist cells were lying in wait for an even bigger attack. One listener told me that she believed that I was inciting a riot and that I was demanding a revolution. This is not true. I was merely pointing out that this vicious circle would continue to grow. The body count would continue to grow as well. This is a template that seems to continue. It won't stop and unless we make it stop. It is up to all of us to change it. However the methods are not often the wisest ones.

Killing and killing. Leads to more killing. It's like the snake that eats it's tail.

In the 2001 article "A Bird in the Hand" I clearly admonished that our government leaders were sealing our fate. George W. Bush wasn't all at fault though. He only was doing "What the people wanted."

After I spoke out about McVeigh and terrorism it was more than obvious that my employers also wanted to see his execution carried out. They were wondering what had happened to my harmless little "Alien bullshit" show. I did not feel welcome after that. I had broken one of those rules of radio. "It's not the obvious thing that gets you fired from a radio job, it's the innocuous things that get you fired."

It seemed that I was fired for having an opinion.

It was after this I was told my show had two weeks left as a nationally syndicated show. Here are the quotes that pushed me over the edge:

"If the truth points to many conspirators in the Oklahoma City case then there is a terrorist network within the United States that is still at large.

It is obvious that the FBI had already determined that a lone nut assassin carried out the horrible act of the murder of 168 people early in the investigation and suppressed anything that would have deterred that conclusion.

This would mean in essence that Attorney General John Ashcroft is deliberately compounding the threat of a terrorist network by rushing the execution of one of the main leads to finding out who may have worked in tandem with McVeigh and Terri Nichols. The FBI is still uncovering documents to this day. If we kill McVeigh, we run the risk of unleashing a terrorist network who will keep him and his terror very much alive."-Ground Zero

I lost my Chicago affiliate after that. Soon afterwards I lost Salt Lake City. I was about to sign on two new affiliates but they fell through. The Radio Company told me that they did not have the money to invest in my show. I begged them to keep me on but they said I needed $40,000 dollars in investment money to keep the show on for a year. Later I realized that this money didn't even cover my salary. I had also somehow pissed off potential advertisers. It was hopeless.

On the day I was being told that the show was being cancelled three people called me. None of them were aware that the show was no more. One of them was a programmer from Los Angeles who wanted my show, another was an old colleague who ran one of the biggest online libraries of the paranormal and the other was a man named Ernie Vega. Vega had told me that he was a listener of my show and that he had some technology that he felt I would be interested in advertising. I told him that the show was cancelled and that I just found out an hour before he called.

I told him that the show needed money to stay alive. He offered to keep the show on the air. He offered to pay the cost because he believed in it. However the company I worked for did not. NBG radio networks decided that since I had a potential partner in the works to save the show they told me that they wanted $60,000 dollars. They also informed me that a salary would have to be negotiated with Vega and that they would only pay me a small amount of money. The figure was so miniscule that I was embarrassed. It made me feel worthless.

While amounts and negotiations faltered, Vega told me that it looked like the show would have to be cancelled. I would have to rebuild and this would even mean taking a hit financially. I lost my show. Vega was unhappy. I was ready to do it on the internet and Vega said that it would be cheaper to do and reassured me that we would be successful.

With his contacts in New York and his experience I decided to make him a partner and we set out to make it work. Ground Zero was able to get back on the air and while the terms of agreement with the station are confidential I can honestly tell you that Ground Zero began to gain some momentum. We were struggling to meet our financial obligations but we managed to at least secure air time . Ernie gave me no guarantees and told me that if we go down we go down together. So I got a fresh grip on some courage and decided to go forward.

Ground Zero changed its look and it's focus a little. We were dealing with a new radio station and I didn't want to ruffle the feathers of the new radio station's management.

These changes were frowned upon by a few "fans" and some of the more vocal opponents were causing trouble and spreading rumors about me, Vega and my show that were untrue. I had to make changes in some of the content. It was blistering potential advertisers and investors.

But as they say the show must go on and indeed it did. I was becoming more fascinated with the planet Mars and how it was a prominent fixture in the night sky. I was also fascinated by the fact that Mars was symbolic of war.

Something inside told me that this was significant for some reason and I attempted to write out my feelings and put into words the images I was seeing in my dreams. I was also fascinated with biblical prophecy and decided to play with apocalyptic scripture, Shakespearean mythos and cyclical time. I was inspired to write a long essay about the rise of Mars.

It was just free form and not necessarily predicting the outcome of the year but to mention the trend that I think that we will be seeing.

"The old warlords will die and the new ones will rise. The earth will be shaken to its spiritual core and man will fear that the Armageddon spoken of in antiquity is being fulfilled. Governments will be in turmoil and if we are living in a cosmic repeating circle a parable will be fulfilled. The parable of betrayal and the falling of empires."

I thought, who knows what tomorrow's madness may bring? I considered that the future was going to be a time when old empires would be taken to the edge and the new ones would rise. They would hide behind the mask of religion and patriotism.

"Will purveyors of war fall dead in their palaces? Will the religious leaders all die (spiritually and physically) in sequence and will the zealous fall prey to their own fears of annihilation by a proposed Satan or Baal? Will these events allow brother to turn against brother?" -From the article "On the Seventh Day" 2001

It seemed that Ground Zero was getting new life and we were discussing what I felt needed to be discussed. There were others who felt that I had lost touch.

They didn't want to hear about an impending war. They felt that my ramblings about Armageddon were too convoluted. Maybe they were, but in my discoveries it seemed that everything was unraveling. What was once secret became obvious. We were headed for a confrontation with a monster larger than anything we have ever experienced.

We were uncovering all sorts of stuff and getting exclusive interviews with people that I had never dreamed would happen. We had Ernie in New York and his assistant Holly Conley doing some reporting as well and members of our new national team were taking shape.

We were getting all sorts of inside scoops and then I was noticing some strange changes in the world. It seemed that the military was going through some changes and I was curious as to why. I thought that this is a sign that perhaps we were preparing for a war of some kind.

After news had broke that General Richard Myers was expected to be nominated as the next Chairman of the Joint chiefs it was implied by the Bush administration that Myers background in Space command was crucial in fighting 21st Century threats. While Ground Zero speculated about lofty dreams of "Alien Threats" It was apparent that there were other plans that were awaiting us:

"The Bush administration has sent its signal that it will soon be fighting battles against the veiled (21st Century threat.) What could that be? Missiles are 20th century threats-Satellites are too. The great threat of the 20th century and into the 21st century is Bio terrorism so how vague can the administration be?"-From the Ground Zero Article "Alien Apocalypse, the Genesis of a New Revelation" 2001

Now what I am about to tell you is a bit peculiar. It was about this time I expressed to my friend Jim that I was feeling a sense of impending loss. That somehow my friends will be affected by this. I was becoming depressed and even though my show was renewed on another station I was feeling as though I was about to face up to the dark reality that I was predicting.

I was becoming despondent and I was also becoming full of self-doubt. I got angry with my girlfriend and we were growing apart. I felt as though I was under a spiritual attack. I couldn't sleep and I wasn't eating. I was learning about Psionics and was using a product called Cybershaman. It actually opened me up to all kinds of interesting things.

It actually helped me overcome some of the things that were haunting me. It helped me raise my consciousness level to a point where I was focusing more on what was inside of me. It was as if I was purging some of the ugliness that had a hold on me.

It gave me some strength to at least try and face up to what was to come. I felt that it was giving me powers to see even further into what was to come.

The future, I learned that you can see clearly when you explore your 'quantum" self and that when you get glimpses they are given to you in thought forms that you have to interpret on your own. When these images and thought forms come to you can either take them literally or you can fill in the blurry areas with what you know.

That is why I sat down and wrote the "Abaddon Nexus." It was an article that hopefully warned everyone that bad thought forms, and curses can set in motion a truly devastating attack on the innocent. As I saw it, the attack was comparable to the striking of a city and the destruction of large buildings. This article somehow put me in a bad light with my associates. I was called paranoid, and too strange even by my own standards. I felt like I was under attack by an evil force. That the evil force was trying to destroy me and my relationships with friends and with my partner Ernie Vega.

I needed to write down what I was seeing. It was destruction at the highest level. The images were either unfamiliar or unbelievable. It was smoke and what appeared to be a bottomless pit. I though at first that what I was seeing was the aftermath of Armageddon.

It was imagery that I took from what I was taught about the end of the world. It was the only images I knew that could fill in the nebulous blanks. I needed to fill in the holes that were unclear. All I had to fill with was literature and the bible. I laced the article with Shakespeare and biblical references.

The quotes from this article were frightening because it was written two weeks before the attack on New York City:

"Imagine a power that when called upon can destroy an entire city in an unbelievable explosion such as the one talked about in the Old Testament with Sodom and Gomorrah. This explosion would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb."

The word Abaddon is a word that means the destroyer, the king of the abyss. The word is found in the bible. It can be found by looking up Revelation Chapter 9:11.

9/11 the day that the city was attacked. The end result would be Ground Zero. The words that seem to be branded in our brains today.

In a cryptically goulash fashion I left a hint of this in my article.

At the end of it. I purposefully highlighted my name and the words GROUND ZERO just so it would be clear as to what I was saying without going into too much detail -

"I am Clyde Lewis--and this is, and always will be Ground Zero."

Ground Zero was about to happen. I knew deep down it was to happen but to come right out and say it would make you look like a weirdo. It would also draw unnecessary attention to you. For example, in the article "A Piece of your Peace of mind" I pointed out that a young Pakistani boy mad a prediction about the World Trade Center and was actually investigated by the FBI-

"Pakistani freshman, a student of Antoinette DiLorenzo made a chilling statement on September 6th, 2001. She asked the Pakistani student "What are you looking at?" The student was looking intently out the third floor window toward lower Manhattan.

He then looked at her blankly and said "Do you see those two buildings? They won't be standing there next week."

The FBI found no connection between the boy's prophecy and any terrorist groups.

The World Trade Center was destroyed in an unbelievable explosion. In the article "America's "911 The Date We Got Our Eergency Wake Up Call" my friend Jim, who I told that I was sensing the event of great loss was actually the one person who summed up what was going on in all of the chaos.

"I have spent the entire day trying to assimilate what has happened today and what the effect will be upon our way of life. My conclusions are frightening.Yes, I am angry at this heinous attack. Yes, I cry out for vengeance. But...where do we direct our anger? At this point in time no group or individual has admitted responsibility. Where was our vaunted intelligence community in all of this?

According to Senator Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, we had "general threat warnings" three months ago. Another US Senator had remarked that this was the work of a "loose confederation of like-minded individuals". No doubt that this "loose confederation" was firmly infiltrated by the CIA/FBI/NSA since Ruby Ridge, at least. Clyde had spoken of an organized terrorist group that existed, and lying in wait. But we were too caught up in executing the front man.

We now focus on Osama bin Laden, whom we trained. But, no doubt, his organization was infiltrated by our own operatives as well as operatives of the Mossad and MI6. Where were the warnings from them? But, Donald Rumsfeld told us "we don't speak intelligence here".

Obviously not.

What is the effect of this, 15 hours later? Flag sales are up. Lee Greenwood is being played ad nauseum. Gasoline is going up to $5.00/gallon due to profiteering. F-15's are on Combat Air Patrol in the skies over the US, now bereft of commercial/civilian traffic. General Alexander Haig says that "maybe it is time to give up some of our freedoms for the sake of safety." And I could swear I heard General Brad Clark claim that we should put limits on the internet.

The news continues to focus on the WTC attack, which is the most spectacular. But, the airliner which crashed in Pennsylvania at the same time is not being mentioned as much. Why? Rumor has it that this plane was headed for the White House( it has also been speculated that it was headed for camp David) and was intercepted and neutralized by F 16 fighters.

If this is true...then someone knew something more than they were letting on. Also, this is the flight where we have the best chance of recovering the flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. I, as well as the rest of the country, would be interested in finding out the contents of those devices. So, where do we go from here? Back to business as usual in the apocalypse." -Jim Colvill

The attack on the World Trade center was the worst thing that ever happened to me. It not only caused fighting and friction with those around me, my business partner Ernie Vega was affected because he of course lived in Queens and he had friends who worked in the World Trade center.

I was about to do a show exposing who may have been responsible for the attack. I was going to say that our government obviously knew that it was going to happen and I was told by certain parties who shall remain nameless, that they would pull their support of my show if I were to say anything that would put our government in a bad light.

During that time I was very much afraid of what I had said. What I had done. What I had predicted. I left Portland. I told Ernie and others that I needed to leave. Ernie understood and took over the reigns for a couple of days until I could recuperate.

I was called a coward by a lot of people who pretended to be my friends. I was told to grow up. I was told many ugly things by people who didn't understand that I felt as though I drew this future to me with all of the things I had been talking about for 6 years.

Talk show hosts aren't allowed to have feelings and while some people were claiming that I was a psychic there were others who were telling me to shut up. I was even told that perhaps it would be best if I quit Ground Zero because they felt it was killing me.

But I am still here.

There are those who know what I went through the whole time. They can tell you that what I am writing in this article is not a lie or some fabricated story to get you to think that I am some soothsayer or trailer park prophet.

For 6 years I have written these warnings. Peruse any article of mine. Look at what I have written. Listen to my radio shows. You may not like what I say, I may sound crazy and maybe I am.

I don't care any more because I do know what I know and I am not ashamed of what I write or say. I have to do it. I have to say it.

"But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his inequity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." -The Old Testament

If this article is an introduction to what I do then I am pleased to meet you. If you think that I am just another hack trying to sell you some sort of paranormal fairy tale then I guess you have your opinions and that is fine.

I try very hard not to let any of this stuff get to me. I try not to associate myself with people who claim they have all of the answers because it truly isn't all that easy. Making statements about the future should not be a parlor trick. It should never be lowered to the standard of a 1-900 number.

But it has and that is why I don't believe in every psychic, or psychic prediction. I believe that most things that transpire can be predicted if you use what has happened as a prologue to what is to come.

People often forget where we have been. They forget what we were. They also take for granted that who we are is a distant cousin to who we were.

In this fast forward world where our memories are being taxed with all kinds of electronic bombardment, we tend to lose track of what was and what we have learned. It is important to try and recover memories that are significant.

It will be important because the future will unravel and those memories will be significant as we may somehow find a way to go back in time. We will be able to use voice recognition to detect lying and to help those with speech impediments. We will be able to extract memory and use tools to unfortunately cause false memories.

We may also be able to use equipment that will be able to take sounds from crystals. Even sounds of dinosaurs. This is still some time away and many will wonder if I am seeing the immediate future. No not really. But advances that we will be witnessing will be overwhelming.

This is the future. This is the time we have read about in comic books and in the bible.

The year of betrayal and deception is upon us... it will be a year of reaction or reactionary response to calculated manipulations. You will begin to see yourself do things that you never thought you'd do and you will begin to develop attitudes that you never thought were in you.

These attitudes will have you questioning just what is truly sin, and what is justifiable.

Man will begin to change what he has said all along is unchangeable.

This will lead to the ultimate manipulation of all mankind. There will be talk of a restoration. A restoration of all truth. There will be a few who will tell you that they have the only truth and that they should be emulated and followed.

There will be a great many who will follow. You are with us or against us.

There will be a death of someone who will be called "our most beloved." "Our most esteemed," "our most revered." In fact we will hear these words over and over again, as the lives of our most cherished leaders will be snuffed out one after another. There will be focus on the past and what it means to all of us.

There will be many tears shed and while we are on the road to recovery, a spiritual renaissance in the mainstream will begin to take hold.

The reason for this will be attributed to the loss of many lives and the deaths of powerful people and people who meant so much to us in our past. There will also be a number of strange deaths of young people. Athletic types and those who play in sports.

It will be strange to see these athletes cut down at such an early age.

Televised funerals will be like after school specials.

We will also find out that allies that we stood with side by side, will really be our enemies in spirit.

I see flags of the United States flying at half-staff for long periods of time all year.

There will be studies that will show that astronauts are exposed to all kinds of health problems while in space. Near Earth Objects will be a focus of attention when an asteroid comes down out of the sky.

UFO reports will be on the increase in 2002.

An air of Civil unrest will hang like a cloud in the United states as the war continues. History dictates that most citizens will not complain about their repressive government if they are concerned for their safety, but eventually the "honeymoon" wears off and the dissatisfaction develops. I wouldn't be surprised if there would rise up among the anarchist and the left wing leaders who will declare a silent revolution.

This would eventually cause a civil cold war. This would be a war on extremist conservatism.

The Old order will rise up as if it were a new order. Religion will be a focus in the future as the Catholic Church rewrites passages in the bible, and Christian evangelism attempts to change laws to abolish abortion, birth control, and making homosexual unions illegal. There will be an argument that Religion is attempting to destroy constitutional freedom. Be ready to hear separation of Church and state mentioned all year long.

It will be sparked by the Olympic games in 2002. They will be held in Utah and The Mormon church will demonstrate how it's religious government can step in and aid In the feeding and clothing of those who are harmed or affected by terrorist activity.

This will put into the forefront the controversy of whether or not religious orders should provide for the people their spiritual and temporal needs. Mormonism will shine and their conversion rate will increase.

The war against terrorism will slowly reveal what it truly is. A war on sin, and a war against those who oppress the New World Theocratic Order. There will be a focus on the Dynasties, and a renewed interest in the British Monarchy. This will mark the beginning of the establishment of the antichrist's rule on earth. In order for the focus to shift to prophecy there needs to be a reason to make religion or old beliefs Take hold to maintain control. People hold their religion more sacred then their government affiliation.

Afghanistan has the Taliban and America has the Moral Majority. Remember that!

What most psychics forget to do is report the obvious predictions for fear it will make them look cliche. But the obvious thing is that most predictions never affect anyone directly and so they are taken as meaningless theories. Believe me you will be affected by these predictions.. if not physically , spiritually.

The country will split philosophically and that split will be over the war, religion and politics.

There will be a newly reported sexual revolution of "bear backing" and people will start to admit that they do not always use condoms during sex. This may be triggered by an announcement that Britney Spears loses her virginity.

The government will then attempt to ban certain forms of birth control. Young people will fear having sex as more reports will come in about other sexually transmitted diseases.

Remember AIDS? It will be talked about again.

United States leaders will no longer use guarded speech when it comes to the new global order.

It will be the common goal to establish the New World Order. Our leaders will become more and more like internationalists. Expect an expanded role from the United Nations and NATO in the coming year.

It will be a time where we are to think Globally. The United States military will eventually take orders from the UN. This will sour many "patriots" but so sad. they gave in to the manipulation of the government and now they are in the trap. They may have to gnaw their way out of this.

The funny thing is when there is a drive for international disarmament and I am not talking about missiles, the "patriots" may have to hand over their guns, or THEY will be the new terrorists.

Betrayal... it's quite comical. Why?

Because no one paid attention to the warning signs.

Another Betrayal, The FBI and other intelligence agencies knew that 9/11 was going to happen.

It will be revealed in the mainstream and perhaps put into a scandalous light.

This will not stop the idea that Wars are to be waged regardless of whether or not they can be won.

Osama Bin laden will be captured, or killed, or will die when the government feels that his elusiveness is becoming unbearably embarrassing to the country. The US will have to develop a new Icon of terrorism in order to maintain the war effort. People are beginning to wonder if Bin laden is dead.. or living in China.

Icons are allowed to live or in Bin Laden's case are allowed to be legendary in order for the country to focus it's hate on one guy.

We may even hear that we are in World War III ... I don't know if it will eventually be called that but soon every nation will be at war. Everything that we have feared in World War II we have become in World War III.

These are what I see as possible outcomes for the future. I only go on what I observe. I have no agenda and I don't want your money for my book or do I want you to pop colloidal silver until you poop out nickels.

All I want is for you to understand that everything can be changed. The thought processes can actually change the course of history. If we decide to have hope then all of the dread that you see in this article can melt away.

We are caught in the grips of national paranoia. All of the terrorism or rumors of terrorist threats can get people to react in strange ways. Murder, looting, and death wishes will all transpire and everyone can be in the crosshairs. No one will be above suspicion.

Everyone says to me "Clyde you spend too much time warning us and not enough time telling us what to do, or how to avoid any of these problems."

Well I guess I am guilty as charged.

However I can say this in conclusion.

I think I have the solution.

If you want to change your life, all you have to do is change your mind.

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