By Clyde Lewis

As you read this, you might think it's all crazy. What you're really seeing is situation normal in the Apocalypse. The Last Days, the End Times. Forever and ever and as often as not it boils down to only just one thing and that's the removal of all imperfect human beings. It is the time of the harvest and the scythe of death is being sharpened for those who rebel and reject the rantings of the madmen.

I must be losing my mind. Many people are beginning to think so. I nervously laugh and hope that it is not true. I can be paranoid and think that everyone is in on trying to assassinate my character. However I am happy being totally daft. It is a lot more entertaining to carry on a conversation with those voices in my head that tell me that at the witching hour the unstable dance in the moonlight in the skins of their enemies.

I delight in watching the flicker of the fire, and sipping a warm drink as the frost writes feathery messages to me on the windows of my haunted house. I see visions and I dream dreams and I am inspired to scare myself as I sit alone waiting for the days of Samhain.

It is the word that designates the last harvest. Mother Earth nods a sad farewell to the cycle that represents birth. It is a time where we reap what we sow. It is a time of divination and it seems my mind is opening up to a vision. It is a dark one and an appropriate jaunt for the time of hallows eve'.

What I see is the cycle that seems to continue in a never-ending wheel.

The vision is cloudy but the images seem familiar.

I see a madman, surrounded by a handful of megalomaniacs. These men silence the voice of reason. They invoke Lucifer and unleash the giants of war and nearly rule the world.

They gather the armies of darkness and unleash a storm of fire and ice that destroys two thirds of the earth.

I was sent a curious letter in the mail that had a Xeroxed copy of some pseudoscience that was being trumped up in the 1920's by a German Engineer named Hans Horbiger.

Believe me the ideas that were being drawn up struck me as being eerily similar to those of Zechariah Sitichin and Immanuel Velikovsky.

According to the Horbigerian cosmology, a huge planet moved across the sky and nearly brushed against the earth some fifteen million years ago, Its gravitational attraction gave rise to a race of our ancestors. They were recorded as perfect giants.

These giants, who appear in the ancient Norse and Icelandic mythologies, sleep, yet they are alive. To the Nazis, they were Supermen. In one set of myths, contained in the Nibelungenlied, they lived beneath Teutonic Mountains. In another they were prototype Aryans from the East, inhabiting vast Tibetan caverns.

Then something stood out in all of the catastrophism. There was a passage that was highlighted in yellow that screamed déjà vu.

It was a letter that Hitler's henchmen sent out to scientists who were chosen for recruitment into the Nazi party:

"The Time has come for you to choose--to either be with us or against us, while Hitler is cleaning up politics Horbiger is sweeping away the Bogus sciences. The doctrine of eternal ice will be a sign of the regeneration of the German people."

The time had come for the fulfillment of Welteislehre and the beginning of Ragnarock. It was a bizarre mixture of scientific and religious prophecy spread in Nazi circles that when the Reich was ready to march there would be eternal Ice.

It was Horbiger who claimed that when he was looking at the moon he thought the mountains there were made of Ice. He also claimed that stars were large blocks of ice.

Horbiger claimed that there would be a constant struggle between fire and ice and soon ice would fall from Heaven signifying the reign of the new powers. It would mean the Giants would come and the war would begin to bring about the new order.

In Norse mythology it is written that there will be an epic battle that will signify the end of the world. This end time is called Ragnarok. The Norse mythology has a prophecy, which predicts the return of the Norse gods to bring about a new order. There will be a war of the Giants and the evil one will lead the armies of the dead.

For three years Midgard will be plagued by wars. This will be followed by Fimbulvetr, the coldest and harshest of all winters and this winter will last for three years. The wolves Skoll and Hati who chase the sun and the moon will catch them and kill them. At the same time the stars will fade and disappear. The world will start to shake and everything that is bound will come free, including Loki and his son Fenrir.

There will be lots of armies on the move. Loki will be at the head of the army of the dead.

I am wondering if we are headed for Fimbulvetr. I know it may sound like a reach but I noticed some very strange coincidences that somehow make Horbiger and Velikovsky look like catastrophic prophets and we can even throw in Sitchin's planet X into the mix just for fun.

There has been a little buzz in the alternative news about Megacryometeors. This phenomenon is very strange and would have Charles Fort happily pounding away at his keyboard telling everyone a big fat "told you so."

Megacryometeors are simply "ice meteors" that fall from a clear blue sky.

They average about 22 lbs. in weight and have been known to put large holes in roofs of houses when they fall to earth.

The first megacryometeor was found in Spain -- by a startled farmer riding his tractor in Soria it was an ice block that weighed 35.27 lbs.

At first it was thought to be a block left from the toilet of an Airplane but after tests on the mammoth hailstone it was determined that it was composed of rainwater.

Three others were found later, bringing the world total over the last decade to more than 50. One found in Brazil weighed 440 lbs.

Coincidentally I was thumbing through the paper and I read another piece that would equally send a chill up anyone's spine, especially someone who knew about the Nazi "Fire and Ice" doctrines, the Norse prophecies of Ragnarock and the eternal winter before the end of the world.

The article stated that Astronomers announced they discovered an icy "planetoid" 800 miles across. The object was estimated to be about one-tenth the diameter of Earth and orbits the sun once every 288 years at a distance of 4 billion miles.

Scientists haven't called it a planet but they did name it. Coincidentally they have named it Quaoar.

This word comes from the Gabrielino Indians of California and means "the creation force."

Interesting when you consider the Norse prophecies and those strange ideas of the X planet, or the planet spoken of in the Horbigerian cosmology. The planet that sparked creation and unleashed the "giants."

It makes one wonder about cosmic coincidences. What will happen next? Is this some sort of cosmic joke where an ignored outrageous prophecy will come to pass? How many fearful stargazers will theorize about the arrival of Nibiru? It only makes the mind wander.

It can be the seed that will produce some remarkable horror stories.

With Halloween approaching I always love to crack open books about ancient mythology. I was skimming through all kinds of ancient tales and stumbled upon a comic book that I had.

It was of course Marvel's Mighty Thor.

I had forgotten just how great that comic was. I started seeing some things that sparked my imagination. I dabbled in the history pages, and mixed up some silly notion that would probably cement the belief in many that I am a bit crazy.

If I am crazy then I am enjoying this ride.

I only ask that you join me. It is the time of witches, and magic. It is the time of the other Gods. I am conjuring images in my mind and I want to take you in the place that I am seeing.

The images I see are vivid and I wonder if I am seeing the past or the future.

Familiar words that I hear are being used and trigger images have crept into the consciousness of our fragile world. There are cryptic signposts that point to roads of ruin at the crossroads of time. Our country can't run from its choices and reality escapes us. It seems that it has been misplaced, hidden somewhere between the biblical brainwash, and the historical whitewash.

In my mind I see a heavily wooded area.

I see the clouds gathering again. The signal that winter is approaching. The frigid wind is now biting at the bones. The barbed wire and the concrete block that has the consciousness enslaved is encrusting with the icy fingers of winter's touch.

The Iron gates creak and open revealing the secrets behind them.

I can only assume that it is death.

Now I am beginning to see that perhaps something worse.

The gates are holding back the dead. An entire army of rotting dead. Behind them are the vilest of demons that have been chained to their domain by angels of the highest order.

Somehow the sentinel falls asleep at its watch. The gate swings open and the frightful scream his heard and the angel falls hard on the snow.

A great wailing echoes in the cold howling winds.

The war has begun.

The light dims early and the sky's pallor leaves one longing for the bright and carefree times of the spring.

The pallor then fades to black. The harvest moon rises in the east. It is an appropriate tombstone set in the sky giving a subtle blue glow. The eternal flame clings to its fragile wick as the cold winter wind blows. The light dusting of snow is violated by the glare of innocent blood.

It is shed by the return of the dark giants. They are armed with the fiery swords of vengeance. They go from home to home by night bearing the mark that was branded on to them from the bowels of the underworld. Their smiles sharpened on the bones of their prey.

They are on the march again.

Are we on the verge of Eternal Winter?

Draped and hooded the armies of darkness gather at the borders waiting to invade. The hearts of men are forever frozen in terror's icy grip.

An epoch of dread and sorrow is reclaimed.

From the chaos someone comes forward. A deliverer who speaks to the masses whose tears have frosted their eyes shut. He is a fallen star who wishes to supplant the throne of Christ.

His face is unblemished his body is perfect. He will whisper the ancient name again and raise the sword above his head. The ghosts of the dark lords will appear and give their blessing to the newly found government.

He will be called the wonderful councilor.

Then will come the great storm.

Lightening will ignite the skies. Fiery Stones will fall and the oak trees will burn. Heaven will ignite and the earth's frozen tears will evaporate. Eyes will then open and we will see the "glorious" deliverer.

Those who know shall proclaim the death winds "Moriah."

Those who are faithful will hear and will know the identity of the deliverer. By then it will be too late. The deliverer will be the fourth horseman.

He will be an angel in the whirlwind.

The very same angel spoken of in ancient texts that will slay two thirds of the inhabitants of earth.

It's all very spooky.

The army of the dead is about to ride again. The hounds of war howl into the night sky and the earth prepares for eternal winter.

It's Halloween and anything can happen.

Watch your back, death waits in the shadows.


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