By Clyde Lewis

For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places.

In a time where knowledge can be found at the touch of a keyboard or a remote it is ironic that many people have ears but will not listen. There are so many things that we watch and listen to that are obviously manufactured for a knee jerk reaction. It is sad that there are those who will remain in denial as their world goes through it's violent Changes. These changes will continue and a lot of them are not without an agenda. I can't figure out why for some it is so inconceivable that a group of the power elite couldn't band together to take away what you have worked so hard for. Believe me I know what it means to be screwed and undermined in office politics. Just think of the office political backbiting on a larger scale.

The question is if you had all the money and the means wouldn't you try to direct the future to your best interests? Wouldn't you push your beliefs on someone? I made a statement in my office the other day that you can look around you and see that there are a lot of things that just don't feel right. I was told harshly "Not everything is a conspiracy!" That is correct not everything is a conspiracy. A lot of it is lies, plain and simple. A lot of it is propaganda. It is intentional. There are those who are in control that will cause a calamity for the soul purpose of getting control of you.

I guess that maybe it is too late now, to point out exactly what Ground Zero has been trying to say for four Years. I thought it was appropriate, since I am constantly being hit with a barrage of half-truths and doublespeak. I can't read the paper or watch the news anymore without feeling manipulated or lied to.

This article will probably be one of the most spiritual articles I am capable of producing. Not religious, but spiritual. I always get reflective when I am at a time of transition and soon you will find that your whole world is going to make a transition as well. I am afraid that the transition for some will be unbearable and they will not make it. You may be asking yourself "Why is Clyde acting like this?" "Why the pessimism?"

The most abused word at the end of this millennium will be the word "why." Everyone wants to know why? Everyone can't figure out why things go terribly wrong. Why there is change. Why people do what they do. Why the good people seem to be going away and the bad people get what they don't deserve. Why they go from being pleasant to cruel. From selfless, to selfish. Why parents kill their kids, and why kids kill their parents. Why people scream at other people when they are in their cars. Why the people aren't smiling anymore. Why the constant lies?

For my own part, I guess I can only surmise that the world is afraid. While the obvious fears of Guns , Bombs, Marilyn Manson and the Internet are constantly fed to us on the Nightly News it seems that the biggest fear that runs cold through the hearts of humans is the fear of being inadequate. The fear of not being accepted. The fear of not reaching the potential that they had hoped they would attain.

The vicious circle is that we want love. We want acceptance. We want to be told that everything is okay.
Yet we remain isolated, we sit alone on a park bench or bus; we don't smile and say hello to someone we see on the street. We don't cry for help. If you did it would show you are inadequate. If you approached someone and they rejected you, that would make you feel inadequate.

If you fought against a system that had no regard for you and lost the fight, you would feel inadequate, and yet the system still looks at you as inadequate unable to make up your mind, so they make it up for you. So you give up. You don't try. You become passive. You say that you are small, just a nobody and there you stay. Your mind is spent you have made mind a prison, ready for something to be implanted there.

Every Minute you are getting messages. With a spent mind that is in fear of being inadequate, these messages are easily absorbed without question. To question the mainstream would make you look foolish, which in turn creates a fear of being considered a nut, unstable and yes, inadequate.

It seems like you are being forced into a sort of psychological police state where the collective viewpoint keeps you from being bold and being free. If that isn't hard enough, you have allowed yourself to be in a religion that is in conflict with another religion. You allow yourself to be in a political party that is in conflict with another political party, and you allow those groups to dictate your thinking as well. Your choices are predicated on the programming of Heaven or Hell, Liberal or Conservative.

With that in mind we postulate that what our clique believes is right for everyone, If we don't push these beliefs on anyone else we are not serious about them. We use the gang mentality to unwittingly enact laws and philosophies that keep others and ourselves from being free. The result is more programming, ostracizing those who question, and belittling those who do not conform.

The US and Them Devices are implemented and The war for your mind begins.

True freedom can only be found when you can think for yourself, and choose your own path and respect others choices and the paths they want to tread. True freedom is balance. True freedom is equality. True freedom is tolerance.

We do not have true freedom anymore. The fight we are told to fight is for nothing definable. Leaders who need to show that they are not inadequate are forging the wars we hear about. They believe that they know what is right for everyone. They have programmed a few armies to fight their battles. They use patriotism and religious manifest destiny to rally the support of the people. Some fall in line. Some will not.

Those who will not, will be the freedom fighters. Sometimes freedom costs the ultimate price. Any Veteran of the wars that were fought with definable enemies to our way of living will tell you that.

You see, We live in a time of one way freedom. Black and white. Plain and simple. Our way or the Highway. Us against a nebulous them.

It has been said that you need to stand for something or you will fall for anything. I contend that if you are so convinced that what you and your group believe is the ultimate truth, you can easily be manipulated within the rigidity of that truth. An example would be the death Penalty and Abortion.

The Death Penalty and Abortion are both murder.

Let that sentence sit there on its own. Read it over and over.

Now read this sentence, Thou shalt not kill. A little something that God said in some old book.

A Normal human being would have both of those sentences play havoc with their psyche. Why? Because of programming. Truth is ugly. They are both Murder. Some will argue that they are both necessary. But one programming mechanism tells you Thou shalt not kill.

Is it murder or isn't it. Are they both necessary? Do we rationalize one for the other? Well of course because not only is there the moral programming, but there is the political programming and collective peer programming making mush out of your mind. So you eliminate it all by taking a side.

How about this scenario: A Clearwater Florida man was put to death today, by lethal injection, for the execution style murders of three abortion doctors that were in route to a clinic in August of 1993.

It is said by many that the death penalty deters violent crime. Violent crimes still exist. We still have the death penalty. Does it deter violent crime?

Well obviously no it doesn't. Yet it continues. Because you are programmed rigidly to believe that life is sacred, and therefore anyone who murders should be murdered.

Wait, Murder is death. Yet you are programmed rigidly that life is sacred.

You see the imbalance? The instability? You see how this has been manipulated? Those who condone murder are unstable. They are well on the road to becoming a murderer themselves. Why? because you are having a war with your rigid mind. It doesn't deter anything. You rationalize that murder is justified in different cases. Pretty scary thought.

It is obvious that this type of programming is chaotic. But it is indeed placed in the minds of many people today. It's this type of programming that will allow a president to deplore the violent acts of two boys that kill their fellow students in a shoot out, yet will justify the deaths of thousands in bombing raids in a far off land.

Do we really hold life sacred?


If we were in total control of our minds we would see this manipulation for what it is. That all of those programming thoughts are placed there by someone or some group who seized that part of the mind.

The very Christians, who uphold the death penalty, have been programmed to believe this even though their own Jesus was executed. Is this confusing to you?

An open mind can see the confusion, the imbalance, and the instability. A rigid mind cannot.

While this article is not to start the pointless debate about the death Penalty or abortion it's to demonstrate how a rigid mind is oft times manipulated by an agenda. Manipulated by a clique, or special interest group.

The open mind will see that in order for the small group to maintain control, there must be a constant state of ignorance, suffering, confusion and conflict. When you close your mind, you become less informed and little by little you begin to dumb down.

That is why it is imperative that if you want to control someone's mind, you must keep them busy so that they have no time to stop and hear a new idea. Seeing the world for what it is must be kept as a luxury. Keep them working and being busy so they have no time to feel.

You must manufacture a series of "us and them" devices. Like borders, colors, creeds, income classes, athletic abilities, religious affiliation, political affiliation, and social status.

You must tell them that your system is the only true system, to question the system means a horrible consequence, such as hell, lawsuits, prison, isolation, inadequacy.

You must demonize those who try to give out ideas that may undermine your manipulation. If an imbalance or weakness can be exploited then that can narrow perspective and suffocate potential. In other words kill the ideas of those who do not fit into the agenda you are pushing.

Rescue the needy. They will not question those who give them everything they could ask for. Groom the children and the mentally challenged. Raise them to see you as a person of wisdom.

Give them confusing laws so you can police them. Disarm them so that they have to rely on the protection of the very group that will imprison them.

Imprison a few so that you can show what happens to those who disobey.

If all of this fails, then you must kill them. After all you wouldn't want anyone to know that your rigid mind is inadequate.

So if anyone ever asks you why people kill. Why things go wrong. You can always say because there is a constant war going on. It is a war for your mind. You must set aside fear and guilt. Try to dissolve your resentment. You have no need to make excuses for who you are or where you come from. To do so takes away your individuality and your contribution to the collective consciousness. Conformity kills freedom. Passiveness allows evil and Chaos to rule. To take away ones own unique contribution to the world is spiritual murder. To punish someone for being who they are is abuse. Abuse is what fuels all of the manipulation. There are some who need to realize this before they crack.

So I guess fundamentally being at Ground Zero Means being tolerant and mindful of others. Encourage their empowerment, and encourage their growth. Fight against those who want control of your mind. Look at propaganda for what it is. Fight the urge to react. It's the only way we can find the truth. Until then the truth will still be out there.


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