By Clyde Lewis

There are more people who believe in Alien or Extraterrestrial reality than vote. This is an interesting change in our consensus dynamic. If we are to believe opinion polls, the number of those who believe will eventually outnumber those who don't. If this is the case, then why is official disclosure taking so long to happen? Maybe it has been happening bit by bit and we are seeing the growing pains of new revelations. When the truth is given will you be prepared for what it all means?

There is a new movement for official disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality. There have been certain key events that have happened in the last decade that may have already got the ball rolling. The events have shaken us in some ways and now the initial shock and turbulence has subsided. It seems that events are happening all around us that indicate that our government may tell us the truth.

Or they may give us subtle hints.

The information I am about to give you will demonstrate that the time is near for full disclosure, however this will not end the continued persecution of those who have the courage to speak up and be counted among those who have a perfect knowledge that such things exist.

The Gallup organization seems to always conduct surveys of the pop culture now and again just to see what the consensus is really thinking. In 1996 (probably because of the upcoming Roswell 50th anniversary) the Gallup organization conducted a survey where they found that 72 percent of the adult population in the United States believed in the likely hood that extraterrestrial life existed elsewhere in the universe.

It was also pointed out that at least 45 percent of those surveyed felt that these beings were visiting earth and were having interaction with humans.

Forty five percent accounts for at least 100 million people who believe in some sort of extraterrestrial reality.

There were similar polls taken in the United Kingdom and there the younger demographics actually believed more in ET's than in God.

This sent a shock wave through the religious community and many religious groups were beginning to determine that the extraterrestrial indoctrination through movies, television and pop culture was causing the youth to fall away from the faith.

Campaigns began in various religions to immediately dismiss this new consensus anomaly as a Satanic blasphemy. They agreed that the extraterrestrial ideology was there to thwart the mission of Christ. They warned their flocks that the evil presence was appearing and that unnatural gods were spoken of in apocalyptic prophecy found in the Book of revelation and that anyone who found themselves believing or even falling under the spell of the ET infestation were on the road to hell.

Then of course in 1997 the Heaven's Gate Suicides took place in Rancho Santa Fe. The group headed by Marshal Applewhite were believers in this new dogma about UFO's, Extraterrestrials and their relationship to apocalyptic prophecies.

The group single handedly solidified the idea that a belief in such phenomena could have dangerous ramifications.

There was plenty of evidence that the 39 members of the sect, who lived and died in a commune, took their lives because of a sign in the heavens. There were rumors surrounding the comet Hale Bopp. Mainly the rumor was that a spike which appeared in amateur photographs of the Comet was actually a space ship or probe that had been caught in the comet's orbit.

The group was certain that this was a sign that it was time for them to shed what they called their earthly containers and meet up with the members of the Evolutionary level above Human.

Just Prior to the mass suicides a large Triangular UFO was seen over Phoenix Arizona on March 13th, 1997. The synchronistic theories that were forged about the whole series of events were downright eerie and sounded like a sick psychological experiment.

Numbers were rolled around such as the number thirteen and other coincidences. It was some Illuminati fueled diatribe coupled with the coincidence of the city of Phoenix and the mythological bird representing death and resurrection.

All things that were woven into mix included a coincidental lunar eclipse, the beginning of the spring equinox and the purple silk shrouds that covered the lifeless bodies of the cult members. Those in the know realized that silk is a protective covering from evil or chaotic powers and purple is the color of lent. This also raised flags over the speculation that new technologies unknown to the common man were being used for some sort of psychological manipulation.

Religions and conservative conspiracy paranoiacs also threw into the arena the theory that these stories of an ET infestation were being planted into the consensus psyche to render a population into a sense of helplessness.

This in turn could capitulate into a totalitarian governing body, which would decide for the world's own good to submit to an ET ran regime or pseudo religious oligarchy.

This prompted religious authorities like Pat Robertson to demand on his talk show that those who believe in extraterrestrials should be publicly stoned.

This prompted a number of "pacifist" Christians to begin attacking religions that had a space aged supernatural bias. Many UFO believers were once again being persecuted and labeled as kooks.

The Unarius group was such an organization that was persecuted for their belief in the arrival of 33 spaceships sometime in the year 2001. People were throwing rocks through the windows of their headquarters and leaving notes stating that the Unarians should take their lives like those who were in the Heavens gate sect.

There also seemed to be a backlash to the Scientology sect. The religion created by Science Fiction scribe L. Ron Hubbard resorted to bringing out their celebrity spokespersons like John Travolta and Tom Cruise to calm the masses and tell them that the religion has helped them become better human beings.

The religious experience and the ET experience seemed to blur together where angels became Nordic ET's and Demons became the crafty almond eyed greys.

This type of religious conflict could very well have divided the believers into silent bystanders hoping that someone else would come forward and demand disclosure surrounding the question of our place in the universal politic.

The Roswell 50th Anniversary kicked off in grand style the 1st week of July in 1997. Television networks from all over the globe converged on the small town of Roswell to find true believers and eyewitnesses to what may or may not have happened on the Brazel Ranch in 1947.

It is academic to go through the whole story of what happened in Roswell. The story has become a modern myth based on an event that is surrounded in UFO enigma. It is the nativity in the birth of the modern UFO Theosophy.

Basically, a saucer with alien occupants allegedly crashed near the airbase which housed the army airforce 509th bombing group. Recovery teams and witnesses have all claimed that freakish looking bodies were recovered from the crash and were sent to Wright Patterson Airforce base for further study.

The story was then dismissed and the new story included a top secret weather balloon and some 50 years later reports of anthropomorphic dummies being used in some experiment that occurred some ten years after the Roswell event actually happened.

If that sounded confusing, imagine what it sounded like to all of the witnesses who felt that the Airforce explanation was an insult to the intelligence of those who knew the truth.

It was yet another rocky point in the feeble attempts by a government to try and explain away a phenomenon that is too great and too complex.

Then came the Movie "Contact." It gave us a more realistic scenario of how the world would react to a message from the extraterrestrials. A radio signal is captured on a frequency that is equal to hydrogen times pi. The signal randomly counts to 101 in prime numbers. Scientists scramble to authenticate the signal and determine where it is coming from.

They conclude that the signal comes from the Vega star system, which is 26 light years from earth. A video signal is then rendered from Vega and to the horror of the scientists and to government officials the signal shows a Nazi Swastika. They were sending back to us the messages that we were beaming out to them.

The German Olympics of 1936 in Berlin, apparently was one of the first sports broadcasts that earth sent out into space.

The numbers are then somehow translated into a blue print for a special pod like craft capable of transporting a human being to the area where the Extraterrestrials live.

This of course hits home the idea that the Extraterrestrials are benevolent beings. The movie demonstrated to me the struggle that human kind has with God and the Extraterrestrial/alien experience that in reality is interchangeable in my opinion.

After all it was Joseph Smith, a young boy from Palmyra New York, who claimed that he was visited by two beings that he saw as God, and Jesus Christ. He then was visited by other beings who he described as angels, and resurrected prophets of antiquity.

I can only speculate that the God/Jesus hypothesis was the only thing he could come up with at the time because he was unaware of what an "alien" was. In today's parlance it could be that the young Smith was visited by extraterrestrials and was told to translate the Book of Mormon from plates of gold.

You may think that this story is a bit far fetched, however it has been one of the chief points of persecution for the Mormon faith. Mormons were forced to flee from their homes and in some cases were hunted down and killed. Smith himself was gunned down in a jail in Illinois in 1844.

The evolution of the Mormon theology made itself known when Joseph Fielding Smith, a grandson of the original founder and eventual prophet of the latter day saints stated clearly:

"We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and sisters on other earths. They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were created in his image, for they are also his offspring" - Joseph Fielding Smith, Mormon Prophet

This is quite possibly why most Christian religions look at Mormonism as just another outer space cult. Latter day saints consider their prophets divinely inspired men of God.

My question is what is the difference between what a Mormon prophet says about "space brothers" and what Marshall Applewhite said on a video left behind as his space brothers and sisters left this world for a better one in the tail of a heavenly body?

What is the difference between what Mainstream Christianity teaches about the rapture and the taking up of the 144,000 human beings into heaven and the idea of a space ship coming down and doing the same thing in a science fiction movie?

Yet the persecution continues.

Even in the movie "Contact" there was the God question that seemed to overwhelm the public with the advent of a communication with Extraterrestrial beings. The depiction of the man of God was a little ill informed and put a wedge in between those with the "faith," and those with the "belief."

A long-haired zealot who has the cuddliness of a right to life assassin, decides to derail the multinational travel machine project by sacrificing himself and detonating a bomb. He succeeds in destroying the contraption and of course the home base for such a zealot is in rural Utah.

It's comical and sort of an inside joke when you realize that the main religion there already has found the alien gospel and would probably want to be first in line when the mother ship returns.

Other characters included the presidential advisor and his modus operandi which most right wing Christian leaders are guilty of and that is using "The lords name in vain."

Many will argue that saying "God dammit" of "Jesus Christ" is using the lord's name in vain. But I beg to differ.

Using the Lord's name in vain is simply illustrated in the film by the way Richard Rank used God and religion for political power. Roughly using God as a means to control the minds of people, and demand their servitude. In a cabinet meeting we hear the sanctimonious Christian right winger (Rank) claiming that science is putting its hands into areas of faith. Basically taking the fun out of duping those who should know better.

Meanwhile the character of Palmer Joss is a New Age religious spokesman who dabbles both in science and religion and somehow smoothes over the two but is crafty in demanding that the Scientist and his love interest Ellie Arroway state for the record her religious beliefs.

I was angered because at the moment in time during the movie I thought what does it matter now? We are on the verge of meeting the star people! Are we going to convert them to our silly mythologies and fears of Deity now? I felt that core beliefs did not matter at all at that moment.

After the movie was released and the debate between religion and science was played out in the magical land of Hollywood there was one aspect of the alien question that Carl Sagan either avoided or did not take into account.

Carl Sagan spent some of his time debunking and criticizing the UFO abductee and contactee stories. Maybe he had a secret inkling that perhaps a signal or a sign that life existed would truly divide those who have a core belief in the alien presence. However it has to be pointed out and said over and over again that, he definitely had faith that there are civilizations out there waiting to discover us. That we may even by some accident discover them.

Now in the real world we see a division amongst those who are in search of a belief and those who truly want to cash in on gullible believers in extraterrestrial realities.

We have heard strange stories of aliens in freezers, perpetuated by dry and worn out talk show hosts who have basically whored out a medium and have totally lost their vision of what it all is in the first place.

We have basically turned an investigative process into a spectacle where people sell old radio parts in plastic bags claiming they are from the crash site at Roswell. We have burned the public on all kinds of alien merchandising, from Jar-Jar Binks to the Teletubbies. We have still held on to the paranoia of the 1950's even though it does not apply anymore with the arrival of the internet and more broad based reporting.

We now point fingers at investigators and when their theories don't match our own, we persecute them and call them fraudulent. Some determine that these agents of disinformation may even be draconian reptiles hell bent for world take over.

Politicians have also made promises that they would get to the bottom of the veil of secrecy that shrouds the alien enigma. When George W. Bush was confronted about the truth about UFO's and aliens he said that he would get his Vice Presidential cohort Dick Cheney on the case. The way it is looking Bush should have taken a cue from is father and predicated his promise with the old adage "Read my lips."

In the meantime science is actually laying low and acknowledging past research that indicates that microbial life may have existed on Mars.

A CNN article that coincidentally appeared on the 25th Anniversary of the Viking II missions is actually concurring with the findings of Gilbert Levin and his 1976 Martian soil sample experiments which pointed to microbial life on Mars.

In other news politicians like Governor Jessie Ventura have demanded that a public disclosure take place and that the people hear from the trusted politicians that they are aware of the visitation of alien life forms to this planet.

It has been said many times that innocent bystanders are far from being innocent when they stand idly by and do nothing about a problem that needs to be corrected. They often take for granted that someone else will assist those who are being persecuted or harmed in any way.

We have fortified the militant forces that are sworn to serve and protect us and we take for granted that they will always be there for us when we are in dire need for assistance.

We have also given permission to the television, radio, and newspapers to give us information and we have taken for granted that the information given is solely for our benefit and not for the benefit of the few.

We have put our faith in religion and clerics who tell us that they know what is best for us showing us how to feel good and then with a dose of guilt tell us to feel badly.

We have also entrusted elected officials to carry out the will of the people. We hope that they will execute and perform the daily task of managing the affairs of the state in a civil and humane way.

We have put so much faith in them that I feel we have lost faith in ourselves.

We have lost the ability to take control and acknowledge what we truly believe.

So I guess the challenge is with us. Are we truly ready for the full disclosure of the alien reality?

We allegedly already believe that aliens or cosmic life forms exist. At least that is what we tell the census taker who rings us right before dinner.

So what are we afraid of? Are we afraid of neglecting or rejecting those things that have been put into our heads from the day we were born? All those things about God, angels, demons, heaven, hell, purgatory, sacrificial kings and saviors?

The Alien/UFO imagery is powerful and compelling. It is literally changing the way we view ourselves and our position in the Universe.

We gaze in wonder at agriglyphs that are neatly woven together to form a face and perhaps a reply to a message that was sent out in hopes that some civilization is aware that we are out there.

Can every sighting, and account be the result of overactive imaginations?

Another question that everyone fails to ask is that if it all is just imagination, then why do we even attempt to contact these beings?

Are we asking for trouble? If the beings come and demonstrate their willingness to help us, should we trust it?

What if the UFO and Alien reality is a Trojan Horse?

I refer back to a story I had written earlier in my career and I want to share it with you:

The Alien Harvest

An alien space ship lands in a wheat field in the northwest and out comes three alien greys. A farmer who happens to be in the field meets them and attempts to communicate.

Their meeting is friendly and they tell him all about the universe and how it was made and that humans are warlike creatures who are environmentally raping the planet. Typical UFO and alien dogma that can be recited verbatim without much help.

Meanwhile the farmer is looking at these aliens and listening but he is just staring at them like a cow reading a dictionary.

Then in a typical 1950's "Day the Earth Stood Still" scenario the Aliens tell this farmer that it is important that they speak with the wisest men in the world or in Sci-fi parlance "Take us to your leader."

The farmer of course obliges and recommends that the Aliens speak with our elected leaders in Washington D.C.

The Aliens then take the farmer and his wife on board the ship and they fly to Washington.

After a lot of publicity and interviews with news and the literati.

The Aliens attend a huge summit where not only world leaders gather but religious leaders gather as well to meet with these beings.

The beings explain to everyone in attendance that they watched our creation, they have helped teach our ancestors how to hunt and cultivate the land for the growing of crops, and they helped find cures for diseases and developed medicines for our benefit.

The Scientists take copious notes, historians are baffled, and religious clerics can't hold back any longer. The question is boiling inside them and so one of the clerics asks the aliens "Do you believe in a God?"

The Aliens look at each other with an assurance. One of them winks at the other, as if to give him the cue to speak.

Silence falls on the crowd.

The one alien says "Why yes there is a God."

Thunderous applause his heard throughout the summit.

The Aliens see that this has the approval of the majority of those in attendance. They go on to explain that the God that they know is the God of all creation. They go on to say that God is so immense that he can fill the entire Universe but that he is also so small that he can reside in your heart.

The Crowd absolutely goes wild!

The one alien nudges the other and then says "People of Earth I have a special message for you, our purpose here is not to exchange technology, or better your environment, or cure your sick. Our purpose here now is to prepare you to meet the God of the universe. He has chosen this planet as the place where he will arrive. When the sun rises so shall the God of Creation, and every one of you will have a chance to meet him!"

The crowd fell quiet.

Some were crying, others seemed a bit uncomfortable. Suddenly a bit of feedback from the open microphones was heard and one of the clerics asks--

"What is the name of this God?"

The Aliens are caught off guard.


The cleric repeats the question and then says,

"You must know the name of the God that is arriving, is it the Son of God?'

The Alien quickly says,

"No, it's the one of God.

The television crews gathered the next morning before sunrise to capture the moment for all to see. The arrival of a God had always been talked about by the various religions and the events of the past few days were breathtakingly peculiar.

It was like a dream, it was the Apocalypse that was foretold and now it was happening just in time for Good Morning America, The Today Show, and various other morning shows.

The gardening tips were put on hold, the weather was not important, and no one even remembered the basketball scores. People didn't even go to work. Even if they were at their places of employment they didn't do anything. Schools were closed and families gathered together.

Delegates from each religion came forward. The leader of the delegation was a Christian Evangelist.

The Sun began to poke its face through the clouds and the crowd heard a sound. It was a humming ring that sounded much like a choir singing a tone. Then a wall of flame shot across the sky leaving behind a bubbling purple trail that eventually doubled over on itself. It rumbled and then lightning was seen flashing in the boiling burning clouds.

There were screams heard, and some people ran away, the T.V. crews even forgot to roll tape.

Coming down from the sky were human forms. Each one with wings carrying them down to the ground.

One of the aliens spoke in his language to the other.

That alien spoke into what appeared to be telecommunicatior.

In a split second large spaceships appeared. They started firing on the winged humans coming down from heaven.

One of the delegates grabbed the grey and yelled out,

"What are you doing? These are angels, angels from the one of God, emissaries that must be escorting his coming!"

The alien shrugged and exclaimed,

"No this is a trap! These are not angels, you have been lied to all this time. We are here to protect this planet from these beasts. They have lied to you, they have led you into believing that they are with the one of God. You must listen to us we have been with you since creation, we have helped you through many millennia, and we helped your species evolve. All they have done is manipulate you and lead you away from knowing your true selves."

The Alien is then grabbed by a Military commander and is taken prisoner along with the other two.

The Alien struggles and then cries out.

" We are telling you the truth! Please listen to us,"

Soon squadrons of the best planes and futuristic weapons are used against the alien war fleet. It is Planet Earth warring in the sky with what appears to be heavenly hosts and hostile alien spacecraft.

Many Aliens die and some escape into space.

The three aliens that first arrived are bound and brought to the winged humans.

The Angel then speaks to the crowd.

"You are awaiting the arrival of the one. He is within all of us. We were one in defeating the deceivers and now it is time for all to come forward and go to the place where the one dwells."

Near the angel a blue light of energy hovers above a rock. It opens what appears to be a portal.

The Angel then says,

"None shall look upon the face of God and live, so therefore you must shed your genetic coverings and allow for your spirit to be one with the one."
Some people were well aware that the angel was saying that the only way to meet God was to die.
So some rebelled and tried to escape. But a Ring of Fire surrounded the gathering and no one was able to leave.

It was a trap, albeit a crafty one.

The true believers stepped forward and walked toward the light, one by one they were pulverized. It was by their own choice. No one was forcing them, each one was literally walking to their own doom. To them, it wasn't doom it was similar to what the saints did, what Christ himself did. They were all conditioned for it.

Those who were not there that day witnessed what was happening and some were moved to do the same thing. They knew it was their time. They knew that it was for the betterment of humanity.

There were those however that did not have the courage nor the ability to follow through and they remained transfixed. They could not face the one God.

They bowed their heads in shame.

Those who were not strong enough, those who remained took their place along side the alien greys.

The Angel waved his hand and the light went up into the sky.

He then approached the grey alien and unlocked his shackles, after doing so the Angel spoke,

"These human prisoners should be enough food to last you for another thousand years."

The Alien then asked, "Will the procedure continue on other planets?"

The Angel said "Yes according to plan."

The Alien reached into a bag that was attached to a belt,

"I almost forgot,"

He then handed the angel a number of books, one being the Bible.

"Here are the books I was telling you about, be sure and drop a few off on the next planet you want to take over."

With that, the angel departed.

The truth was given that day. It was the day of the harvest.

In the 21st century we have allowed ourselves to succumb to a newer "high demand" religious thought.

Any group powerful enough to win our devotion will have to eventually confess that they have been in contact with a superior intelligence.

Moses, Jesus, Joseph Smith, L. Ron Hubbard, Rael, Marshall Applewhite and others have already done this.

Some have even used the aliens as a means to an end.

In order for disclosure to really work we must be introspective.

Disclosing that a superior intelligence exists in the cosmos is also a disclosure that "God" or a group of "Gods" exist and have watched over this planet and have intervened when it was necessary.

As Jacques Vallee has said

"Close Encounters could just be misinterpretations of the religious experience."

And of course the alternative could be just as appropriate.

The leaders of the world could very well be just as curious as to what the purposes of these creatures and their crafts are.

However that does not mean they can't use what they know to manipulate you into going without a fight to your own destruction.

They will tell you what you want to hear.

But only when they can see a benefit for them. The words of the bard ring true again as I ponder the purpose of those alien agents of mischief.

"As Flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods;
They kill us for their sport - William Shakespeare

Be careful of what you wish for, you may get it.

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