By Clyde Lewis

There have been claims throughout the ages of alien messages that have been translated by prophets who claim they are from the Gods to master magicians who communicate with demons. The impact of such messages have shaped our religious beliefs and perhaps given us the ability to escape the very bonds of earth.

In the modern era communication has given us the power to progress faster and has allowed us to simplify our lives. Technology has given us the computer, the television, the radio and the cellular phone. Before these technologies were developed someone had the knowledge that there were waves all around us and that with these waves communication could take place.

Man was able to use electricity to radiate waves and transmit sound and images over great distances using towers. While we take for granted these marvels of science, large telecommunications dishes and towers are searching the stars looking for communication with Extra Terrestrial beings.

This is interesting when you consider that for millions of years it has been attempted by others and in some cases extra terrestrial communications have been given through men and women randomly chosen to deliver or channel the messages.

What happens to man when he decides that it is time to make contact with these beings?

It was written in ancient texts that King Nimrod of Babylon organized a fraternity of builders. Together with these master builders Nimrod's goal was to erect a tower designed to reach into heaven and communicate with God. It was written that God destroyed the tower and confounded the languages of all mankind. This way only certain men and women could receive the messages from God.

It has been recorded that only certain groups held the secrets and that these secrets were given only when the people needed the guidance. These men and women were known as prophets, magicians, wise men, and soothsayers.

The stories of alien communication, or communication with unworldly beings defies reality . There are cases that require your faith. Stories like the Virgin Mary appearing to people like Burnadette Soubirous challenge your belief systems because she is the only one who sees her and no one else does. Joseph Smith makes claims that he is visited by angels and no one sees his golden bible that has been written in reformed Egyptian yet it is the basis of a growing religion. People laugh at Marshall Applewhite who led Heaven's gate to a tragic yet mysterious end. No one knows if the 39 dead met their alien God behind Comet Hale Bopp but the belief was so great that they were able to leave this earth in a suicide pact. There are also other channelers who are met with vitriol and considered charlatans.

To say that these illuminated men and women exist today puts you on the fringes of reality. That outer edge where you can face ridicule and criticism for believing in people with such divinity. Why does this happen when it has been the norm for millennia? Man has communicated with extra terrestrial gods and emissaries and it has been documented extensively.

On the outer edges of scripture there is the possibility that prophets of old were the great communicators, with extra terrestrial beings. Extraordinary events in the bible where God communicated with one man are a constant in rendering faith that God is not dead and that he chooses people at random to speak to them.

Depending on your faith, there are some who completely discredit that beings from other worlds even want to take the time to communicate with mankind. The very idea of prophets who are in tune with the Ethosphere are considered charlatans by non believers.

However the Old and new testaments and several ancient texts that are held in high regard by religions are the only proof we have that extra terrestrial encounters are not a result of over active imaginations being brainwashed with Science Fiction stories that are prevalent in the pop culture.

Old writings beyond that of the bible mention the Alien archetype in several ways.

Hindu writings also mention the advent of flying machines known as the Vimanas. They were described as ships that traveled on beams of light into heaven. The Dead sea scrolls also back up in many forms the arrival of large chariots from heaven, that would cloud the sky in darkness.

In ancient texts throughout Asia dragons were described as small reptilian creatures with the heads of wizened old men.

The Incas knew of star gods as did the Mayans who knew the earth was round because their Gods had revealed it to them.

Extra terrestrial Gods have communicated with mankind for centuries and if you believe ancient texts then it must continue when mankind is ready to make a change in his evolution.

It can also be argued that Moses was able to communicate with God using a two-way communicating device. The idea seems outrageous given that no one has even tried to demonstrate how this could have been accomplished.

Exodus Chapter 25 in the Old Testament has the account of a device that was called "a two way radio" to god. This of course was the Ark of the Covenant.

"And they shall make an Ark of shittim wood. Two Cubits and a half shall be the length, and a cubit and a half shall be the width. And a c cubit and a half shall be the height. It shall be over laid with pure gold within and without with a crown of gold around and all about."

Gold is a great conductor of electricity and if one side is positively charged and the other negatively charged we have a rudimentary condenser. Put a magnetic ball in the middle above the mercy seat and there you have a two-way radio. The lord instructs Moses that only certain clothing can be worn while operating the Ark, and in the book of Samuel The Ark speaks to Samuel directly. In Chapter three the voice out of the Ark says to Samuel "Here am I" referring to the voice of God.

Another example of how the Ark was quite possibly a highly charged radio is when David and Uzzah attempted to steal it. In the second Book of Samuel it is written that when Uzzah touched the Ark that he was smitten by the power of God. It is evident here that Uzzah died as a result of electrocution.

Reading history after history from The Epic of Gilgamesh to the Bible one has to wonder the purpose of revealing such accounts and if the gods in heaven communicated with mankind then, is it logical to think that man communicates with those same beings now?

From writings to language passed through ancient two way radios The Gods have communicated to us their will.

Ancient glyphs from Babylonia, Assyria , Egypt and elsewhere show us that Gods traveled the skies with wings, discs, and glowing spheres. It is also documented that the Gods taught man everything including language, writing, and mathematics.

Humans are said to receive messages every day from extra terrestrial sources. Religions encourage such a belief but with a different face. The idea of the light of Christ, or the "still small voice " of the Holy spirit signifies that a belief in personal extra terrestrial communication exists telepathically.

People have claimed to spontaneously write such communications or channel the will of the gods.

Some accounts are more well known than others and some are more concrete than others. An extra terrestrial communication was received by Edward Kelley from what he called an angel. It was a multi level alphabet , language and symbols. It was said that when this secret alphabet was used in ceremonies it would raise the understanding of the individual in the art of magical and alchemical concepts.

This alphabet is known as the Enochian system and is still used by occult practitioners today. If the Enochian system rings any bells it can be noted that this occult alphabet was used by Aleister Crowley to write the Book of the law. This book allegedly was translated from communications given by a non human source in Cairo Egypt. The entity who presented the words of the book according to Crowley was named Aiwass. Here is an example of what Aiwass revealed which does not seem to be profane however many considered Crowley to be the equivalent of Satan on earth:

Had! The manifestation of Nuit.

The unveiling of the company of heaven.

Every man and every woman is a star.

Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

Help me, o warrior lord of Thebes, in my unveiling before the Children of men!

Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongue!

Behold! it is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat

UFO contactees also claimed to have seen alphabets that appear to be similar to Enochian alphabets that affect them on a subconscious level.

Such stories surfaced after the Roswell incident. The Roswell incident itself also has stories of alien writings on I -beams of crashed saucer debris that cannot be translated. The I-beam glyphs if genuine would be the most interesting of all symbolism if someone could draw examples of human script, however it has not happened.

If you believe that the alien autopsy film was a genuine document of an alien landing then you would be surprised to know that the symbols on the I -beam shown in the film were deciphered as being a form of Greek. The words translated indicate that whoever crashed their ship in this instance were freedom fighters of some sort looking for liberation or Independence.

Or perhaps the whole thing was symbolism and synchronicity when you consider that during the time of Alien Autopsy there was much excitement about a rock found that may have contained fossilized life from Mars. There was also a Movie released in theatres loaded with symbolism and imagery known as "Independence Day."

Is this a coincidence? Or is all of the Alien imagery a communication being sent to us and we are unwittingly allowing the aliens to creep into our popular culture because we know what the future holds for mankind?

At Socorro New Mexico in 1964, a police officer named Lonnie Zamora saw a strange symbol on the side of an egg shaped UFO. It was a crescent and arrow design. Ufologist Jauques Vallee concluded that the symbol resembled the Arabic astrological sign for Venus and the logo for Douglas propulsion systems. It has also been discussed that the symbol looked like a Sumerian Din Gur. Din Gur means "fiery chariot." Other symbols that remain consistent are the symbols of winged serpents on the Uniforms of alien Greys.

This would be connected anciently to other symbolism of serpent like Gods such as the symbol of the Caduceus. The Caduceus is the symbol of the God power and can be seen to this day on the walls of hospitals and doctors offices. It is an ancient symbol portraying snakes double helixed around a rod with wings at the top.

Mercury, the ancient emissary from the Greek Gods, was a winged man who carried a caduceus as a gift of life to man.

The Caduceus could very well be an alien symbol that many people have accepted without question. It is the magic symbol of miracle and the symbol of life and magic that was taught to the Doctors of antiquity.

And what of Crop circles which continually mimic ancient symbolism? They are only fully appreciated when viewed from the sky. Perhaps they are being made by humans under the control of extra terrestrials. There are many Cereal artists who claim that they have been under some power to create these mysterious symbols. Even Doug Brewer of the infamous Doug and Dave Circle hoaxers claimed at times he felt as though he was under some unknown force that dictated the shape and size of the crop circles that were made in the early 1990's.

The UFO alien phenomenon of the late 20th century continues to be the riddle it always has been. It has been the great symbol of mankind preparing for a scientific and philosophical evolution. The idea of interaction with extra terrestrials is ever present when we consider that man always has a need to find his counter part in the Universe.

Man has always questioned his purpose. Where he comes from and if there is something more beyond the veil of death. If he has a way to penetrate another world then his knowledge about his purpose increases. That is why there is a constant need to find out the origins of man.

When I hear cynical scientists say that there is no concrete evidence of communication with other worlds. I ask what kind of evidence is needed?

Communication is Message sent message received, Message answered. The question is are we listening? If we are listening who are we listening to? What are we expecting to hear and what are we expecting to see?

Are all things of the outer realm tangible? Is it material? Or Spiritual?

It seems to me that with various ways to communicate, and various ways to operate, all things are possible. What possesses mankind to embrace imagery of the aliens and allow it to be in pop culture? What inspires us to have that hidden interest in other worlds? What is it that convinced 39 people of the Heaven's Gate cult to kill themselves for a ride on a space ship? Why is it that a church continues to grow world wide that is based on the appearance of angels and extra terrestrial beings to a 14 year old farm boy in New York? Why is it that a Bible can be loaded with verse after verse of encounters and yet many people can reject the possibility of the same thing happening today? Why are images of the Virgin Mary appearing everywhere? Why are there encounters with Aliens and fascination with accounts at Roswell?

I know why.

Because someone is trying to tell us something. They are telling us that it is time to grow up and understand that there is more than just God and Satan. Extra terrestrial communication and intervention is done at the times of great need. We are facing that time now. Soon the whole world will have a perfect knowledge of what their message is. If you keep your mind at Ground Zero you can probably figure out exactly what Extra terrestrials are saying loud and clear.

They are telling us that we need them more than they need us. Be careful of what you wish for. If the consciousness of the Earth is of one mind and that mind is preparing for the confirmation of contact with extra terrestrial Gods, then the future is inevitable.

To understand what that future is we must go back in the past and take all that familiar imagery and place it on a new canvas. We must rethink about the words that have been recorded and realize that much of what we see today existed long ago. We have allowed the artists to create images of what is ancient and no one has definitive proof that flying machines did not appear in the beginning of time.

These images do not explain the accounts of Chariots of fire, Wheels within wheels, Fiery shields in the heavens, and revelation that mentions large locusts with breastplates of iron that swoop down from the heavens. All communicated to us through visions given to men from extra terrestrial gods.

We can't come to the all or nothing conclusion that communication was more than just smoke signals, and beatings of drums, that electronics were not fashioned or even thought of in the past. Our arrogance tells us that we have discovered all the modern tools for communicating and living, that our progress was the only progress that matters.

That is why we reject the possibility of miraculous inventions that could help ancient seers communicate with our extra terrestrial counterparts. That is why we reject the idea that prophets of old may have had the ability to use materials to raise the dead, part the seas or even communicate with Gods.

The collective consciousness has to account for all of the stories and so-called delusions of miracles and so called extra terrestrial communication. We have to realize that there is nothing new under heaven. We will continue to receive this intervention, either personally or in great numbers.

The communication can be voluntary or involuntary. The choice that is given to you is either to accept or reject the messages that are traveling great distances to either benefit or destroy us.

The day everyone hears the message and applies it, Our apocalypse will begin. All truth will be revealed and there will be no limits to the knowledge that exists.

Mankind obviously has been preparing for that day. But it won't be the finality that some people are praying for. It will be the beginning of a whole new understanding of our cosmic citizenship.


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