by Clyde Lewis

Breathe in the air of the apocalypse. With each deep breath you can feel the stale taste of the emotional upheaval. With every breath you take your body begins to wither away because whether you know it or not you are inhaling phantasms.

I remember that the first words I ever spoke on a Ground Zero program in 1995 were not the words I say now. They were some cryptic verse that I thought was appropriate for the moment. Amidst the wailing of sirens and strange sound effects I spoke softly trying to sound like an angel above the noise:

"As you see this, you might think its all crazy. What you’re really seeing is situation normal in the Apocalypse. The Last Days. The End Times...
Forever and ever and as often as not that boils down to only just one thing.
The removal of all imperfect Human Beings."—The first words spoken on Ground Zero Media 1995

It was a bit pretentious and I eventually removed it from my opening sequence. However, it was what I truly felt at the time. I was thinking that our absurd beliefs were all in place so that we would voluntarily remove ourselves from the earth. It appeared that the cycle was a making a revolution and that eventually, we would achieve Ground Zero.

We would witness the eventual removal of all living things judged to be imperfect. The Tabula Rasa, the clean slate, all brought about through the use of ancient power that has always been in the shadows.

The power taken from the life force, used to trap and eventually kill the prey that has been targeted for some sick and twisted agenda.

It would be seen and reported by messengers who would eventually be called heretics and would be removed or silenced before they could warn the masses of their impending doom.

The final result would be surrender and soon people would rather give up than fight a monster that was coming to swallow the earth and all of its inhabitants.

It never really feels good. The feeling of being right or even close to being right when it comes to writing and talking about apocalyptic subjects. When I first took on this job I was never planning on going deep into the stories that I have covered over the past ten years.

I was hoping that I could somehow laugh at it all and tell everyone that what they are seeing is all one big cosmic joke and that someday we can all pinch ourselves and realize that it is all one terrible dream.

Unfortunately I had a looming suspicion that this apocalyptic "business plan" developed by our world leaders would get out of hand. I felt that the death culture would prevail, turning our world into a mesmerized patient attempting to breathe in its last few gasps of air. Its mind would be clouded enough that it wouldn’t feel the pain of its dying spirit.

I can only describe the situation by stealing a literary picture form Edgar Allen Poe’s book "The Strange Case of M. Valdemar".

In this classic tale, a doctor is curious to see what would happen to an individual put under hypnosis while dying. When the doctor is told that one of his patients is on his death bed, he rushes to his side to see whether the process or mesmerism would stave off dying.

While the patient’s breath and heartbeat slows, the doctor successfully hypnotizes him. The dying man feels no pain and responds to questions given by the doctor without coming out of his trance. He tells the doctor not to wake him because he is comfortable in his semiconscious state.

The dying man tells the doctor to let him die without pain.

The next day, the patient’s eyes roll upward, his head leans to one side, his skin turns gray and his mouth falls wide open.

It looks as if the patient has given up the ghost.

They begin to prepare the man for his interment. As they attempt to move him, the man awakens again and answers questions that the doctor had asked him before.

The corpse says "Yes" and then "no" followed by "I have been sleeping – and now – now – I am dead,"

The doctors keep him in a trance for seven months. Under this forced trance, which seems to be a kind of mind control, the body is unaware that it is dead, unaware that it has to start the decaying process, and so it holds together. As soon as the doctor wakes him, the corpse immediately falls apart into "a nearly liquid mass of loathsome – of detestable putridity."

I often wonder if the only thing that holds us together is the mind control that keeps us in a state of sleep. It is a programmed scheme that has been around for millennia. The masses are programmed from birth and they are told to do certain things and become puppets to the whim of those who hold the power of the secret.

They become mortal puppets to a group of men who conceal the secrets of God. Men who hold death and suffering in their hands.

The men continue to manipulate us as they keep from revealing to us that the only reward you truly get in this life is a six–foot–by six foot hole and a leftover shell that becomes a nearly liquid mass of loathsome, detestable putridity.

I notice that what is going on in the year 2005 seemed to echo many of the articles that I wrote in 2004.

In 2004 I wrote that secret societies and esoteric hierarchies have worshipped death from day one. I said that perhaps the ancient writings of the alleged holy works of all faiths have been tainted with the dogma of self–destruction instead of self–preservation.

Why else would you worship a dead and beaten man on a cross? Why else would the scriptures confuse mass murder and corporal mortification with "love" for God?

Why else would we want to see a woman suffer in a vegetative state suffer for 15 years without going to God, while at the same time witnessing the withering shell of a Pope sitting on his throne unable to speak or even lead his flock?

How can we believe in mercy when our actions show that we are becoming sadistic?

We are told that the word was God, that word is god. If the word or the voice is silenced, then perhaps God is truly dead and we are the culture that is dying of spiritual starvation. This is perhaps the reason why we condone torture and ritualistic death similar to that practiced by ancient peoples. The primitive churches and the secret orders within them encouraged their barbaric rituals and stories of sacrifice.

On the April 4th, 2005 cover of Time Magazine, I was reminded again of what I have said before about the death culture. It is a grim reality that we are in a time where fanatical death fetishism, mass guilt and religiously zealous political agendas will demonstrate that end times mentality is at a fever pitch.

While I was getting a haircut I glanced at a gothic looking girl sitting across the way. Her white skin made her look ghoulish and her scrawny fingers holding the magazine seemed appropriate as the title in bold print read "The End of Life; who decides?" Right next to her was another magazine showing Pope John Paul II who had recently died on April 2, 2005.

It was unbelievable.

Two covers, both talking about death and longsuffering; first from the public view of the Terri Schiavo case, and then the Pope, who also suffered a long time before he finally died.

Both cases had us in a state of emotional upheaval. Both were great opportunities for necromancy and secret machinations perpetrated by our leaders, many of whom belong to secret societies whose Luciferian views are there to enslave us in our own primitive programming that goes way back to the times of ancient Babylon.

This is where the mysteries were kept and the knowledge was given to initiates worthy to receive the secrets of god.

In order to understand how secret societies have programmed the masses into becoming suffering and lost children we must go back in history to the times of the ancient builders. The builders were brought together after the great flood to rebuild what the Gods had destroyed. They were gathered together by Nimrod. His mission was to take mortar and bricks and create great edifices that were built and were dedicated to many deities.

The buildings were also built in order to carry out highly complex and secretive religious rites. Initiates were brought to the buildings and were tested through a series of rituals. At each level, the disciple would learn more secrets of the universe. The process of illumination was allegedly the beginnings of what we call Freemasonry. All of the mystery religions began in Babylon.

The great builders of Egypt somehow knew many secrets of the gods and were able to create great cities whose towering ziggurats and pyramids would align with the stars and the planets. Many people know that two of the Pyramids at Giza are perfectly aligned and the third is slightly offset.

These pyramids are situated in a cluster that is similar to the cluster of stars in Orion’s belt. The Ancient Egyptians’ Orion was also known as Osiris.

Historians and biblical scholars point out that the deities, both patriarchal and matriarchal of the ancient civilizations were all a part of the same religious belief system. They branched off into other belief systems; however, the core secrets of the mysteries of God still remained and the stories were later adopted into several sects.

One of the main tenets of the ancient mystery religions or secret sects of illumination was the act of sun worship, or the worship of fire.

Fire was known as the "light bringer" or "Lucifer" who illuminated the initiate to the secrets.

Lucifer, of course, eventually became Satan, and the act of worshipping the sun became the act of devil worship.

This is why many Illuminati watchdogs claim that the mystery societies are still active today and that their beliefs have not changed. It is believed that the secret societies tell their initiates that Lucifer is the God of this world, and that this form of knowledge is harmful to the kingdom of their own God.

I am learning a very interesting and hard truth. The secret societies themselves are responsible for the many rituals and doctrine that spun anciently out of the various religious sects.

The secret societies created religion. They created the doctrines. With these tools, they have held power for millennia. The scary part is that most "evil" secret societies that are always at odds with fundamental Christian watchdogs are actually the creators of the Christian faiths. The founders of the religious orders were all members of secret societies. The disciples of the secret schools, who had been shown the mysteries of God, created all the stories that have become religious dogma.

The historical background of the ancient mystery religions, secret societies and their origins, is essential to understanding that sun–worship was the dominant religion in all the ancient civilizations, and that it spread from Babylon and the times of Nimrod into India, China, Africa, Greece, Rome, Mexico, South America, Egypt, and Europe.

The image of the serpent, or the dragon, was associated with the Sun God. In Egypt, one of the most common symbols of the sun, or Sun God, is a disc with a serpent around it.

An eight–pointed star represented the eye of the Sun God. This star is also known as the star of Ishtar, the star that represents Venus. Again we must understand that Venus, known as the Morning Star, became known as Lucifer, the bearer of light.

It is amazing how all this seems to come together.

In the Ground Zero Article Eisogesis: Apocalypse by numbers VII, I pointed out the eight–pointed star and the seven stars surrounding it on the tarot card that is number 17 in the Major Arcana.

The Star Card once again shows us ancient symbolism.

The image is relevant now because of clues it may give us as to what is next in our history. As the sun was the great illuminator of this world, so was the serpent, because it was written anciently that the Sun or the great serpent gave mankind the knowledge of good and evil. It was the words of the serpent that caused mankind to evolve from a primitive state to something more. In order to do this, mankind must answer to God, in this case the Sun God, or face death and suffering.

According to the Babylonian sun–worship dogma, any king or emperor was the direct representative of the Sun God. This made him not only a king, but also a god. He was the only one in the land in whom the spirit of the knowledgeable serpent or illuminator/sun deity resided.

This is why the emperors and kings were worshiped as gods. This is why the bloodlines were important. If the serpent spirit or the illumination was strong in a son, the power would immediately go to him upon the death of the king.

The Sun God worship and its rituals were transferred from Babylon to the city of Pergamos in Asia Minor after the death of Belshazzar.

Pergamos was called "Satan’s Seat" in the Book of the Apocalypse. It was the place that could be considered the headquarters of Babylonian sun worship.

"And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelt." ––Book of Revelations chapter 2.

Imperial Rome then took over Pergamos and Julius Caesar became Emperor. He had supreme civil and religious rule.

Julius Caesar had been elected Pontifex Maximus, making him both the supreme civil ruler of the Romans and the head of Roman religious affairs, with the entitlement of the brotherhood of the serpent and illuminated powers and functions of a true legitimate Babylonian Pontiff.

In 46 BC, Julius Caesar was made "Prefectus Morum." which means that he was made the leader of Roman religions. And in the year 44 BC, he was made dictator for life.

Keep in mind that this time in history is significant because from then forward, any Emperor of Rome was also the head of the state religions. This remained in effect until around 527–565 A.D., after the meetings in Nicea and the creation of the World Church, Catholicism.

The Modern Christian Bible was pieced together in 300 AD when the Council of Nicea met together to agree on what parts should remain in the bible and what parts should be considered apocryphal.

Yet this book is said to be the word of God. I guess the Catholic Church had to edit God. As much as people want to kick them around, the bible was something that was created and pieced together by them.

The Catholic Church is the trunk of a tree that has many branches. Much of what we follow now was all organized and reformed by men who were members of secret societies that believed in Sun worship and practiced the Luciferian ways of control, using the human fears of abandonment and death.

After the Roman Catholic Church was established, the Emperors had to submit to the Pope.

From that time forward, the Pope was acknowledged by the Emperor to be Pontifex Maximus over all religions. The Pope now had supreme authority in religious matters, and the Emperors had control of the political power of the state.

The Pope remained as the leader who knew all of the mysteries of the Babylonian secret societies. He was also a representative of the serpent and the Sun God. The pagan influences never really left the church and their influence is seen today in the architecture and on the holy garments and vestments of the Bishop of Rome.

Below is a photo of the palace of Pope John Paul II. Anyone want to count the number of points on the stars or "Suns" adorning the roof of the building?

There are eight points.

Pope John Paul II was adorned with a sash. Take a look at the sash that he is wearing.

Notice that at the bottom of both sides, there are eight pointed stars hanging on the sash. Are there any pictures of Jesus hanging from his sash? What do you think this means?

As the manipulated history progressed, the men with the knowledge in the secret orders became the builders of our society. Their imagery and their symbols began to show up in various places of power all over the world, secret societies all with the tenets of Sun worship and brotherhoods of the serpent.

On Mormon temples the same type of imagery exists. All of it is linked to sun worship and secret societal controls. A close up of the sun stone on a Mormon temple shows that the secret orders of Babylon have handed down their mysteries to the Mormon clergy as well. In Mormon temples there are rituals performed for the living as well as ceremonies performed for the dead.

Masons, Rosicrucians, The Knights Templar, The Illuminati, Luciferians, Skull and Bones and occultists are all being pulled by the same strings, being told that they are the custodians or men of destiny. Every single group has been represented in some way and been a part of creating religions, empires and governments.

It has always been my experience that if you go back in history you can reveal the truth about a number of things. History can give you the ability to predict the future. There are many histories to look at and, honestly, you find yourself "cherry picking" through different accounts in order to find duplicate or similar accounts to prove your point.

History is like religious belief.

There are several versions of history and you choose the one that best describes your version of the timeline.

In the ancient histories we can look and see where all the tenets of the Babylonian mysteries began and how they evolved. We see how the secret societies would place into the scriptures Luciferian doctrines that include suffering and dying for redemption.

It is the ever–constant threat that if you do not make covenants with those in religious power, you might have to suffer your life to be taken from you in a manner that would satisfy a ritual crazed hierarchy.

This would be enough to brainwash the masses into a vague haze of delirium. The delirium would be so thick that they wouldn’t even notice that those who are in power over them are still using images of ancient sorcery, while telling you that the same power can only be found with the suffering Christ.

In the 21st century, the idea of death and suffering is a very effective tool in bringing flocks of "sleepwalking" followers to their knees. The fear of death once again hovers above the imagery and pageantry, smoothing over the Luciferian overtones.

We feel helpless and we don’t know how to push back. We are so wracked with the pains of damned souls that we are unwilling to shake off the yoke that holds us down.

The resulting upheaval of emotion is becoming a whip to our backs as the media and our governments tie us to whipping post. Each blow will bring us to the point of cracking. Soon, if not already, we will become numb to it all.

We will become the well–groomed serfs that they want us to be, fearful, angry, divided and later disassociative.

I was spinning the dial of my radio one night and I landed upon a Christian Radio station where the speaker was actually saying that suffering is what is required by a good Christian in order to show humility to God.

I was amazed at the position.

Especially since my whole life I had looked to God for joy instead of suffering.

Choosing to suffer is ludicrous.

"Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other sins are invented nonsense. Hurting yourself is not sinful—just stupid."— Lazarus Long from Heinlein’s Time enough for Love

Our government leaders also encourage suffering. They do nothing to lighten our burdens as they overtax us and require us every day to give up our rights. We no longer live in a time where our leaders listen to our cries for help. We are moving ever so quickly in the times of the empires.

These are times where our rulers are not just emperors and kings, but gods that believe that the spirit of the serpent or illuminator resides in them.

The Pope’s death and his funeral gave me pause to pay attention to what was really happening. The death of the pontiff started taking on a different tone as we are allowed a front row seat at his death altar.

Like at the funeral of President Ronald Reagan before him, every leader in the world sat in the audience to pay their respects. No one questioned how these leaders, many of whom were mortal enemies, were able to sit side by side shaking hands and smiling.

Does anyone wonder how this all happens?

The answer is quite simple. They are members of secret societies and their wars are well planned out. Everything that happens that is in their control is permitted. They are able to mesmerize us and keep us in a trance long enough to get us to do or believe what they want us to.

They believe that they have the bloodline of the gods, and the power of the serpent coursing through their veins. They conceal the mystery, the great secret, and their tenets of ancient Babylonian belief.

I caught myself repeating the old axiom again of "a picture paints a thousand words" as I was perusing the pictures of the viewing of Pope John Paul II. What caught my eye was U.S. President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, former president Bill Clinton, former President George H.W. Bush, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with a front row view of a Pontiff whose shell was beginning see the effects of gravity.

With the exception of Rice, the delegation was all involved with secret societies.

The Pope’s death is a great occasion for all of the members of the secret societies to meet together and finalize their plans to push the New World Empire.

Surrounding the American delegation were nearly a million people "sleepwalking" their way to the Vatican, unaware of what strange rituals and meetings were being planned as the Pope lay in state. When a Pope dies, the rituals take on a medieval tone. It is tradition to verify the death in this way:

The Chamberlain, or camerlengo, enters the room and calls out to the Pope.

"Are you dead?"

If there is no answer the call is made again.

"Bishop of Rome, are you dead?"

Then the Pope is tapped on the head with a silver hammer and his baptismal name is said three times. If there is no answer the Pope will be declared dead. The place of death is closed off, and no photos of the Pope on his deathbed are taken, and there are no autopsies.

The camerlengo also removes the Fisherman’s Ring from the Pope’s finger. At the first meeting of the Sacred College the ring and papal seals are broken.

Once again the picture is like that of the protagonist in "The Strange Case of M. Valdemar."

The Pope dies and the legacy that we see is an illusion. Everything is planned out and the rituals do not end in the papal palace.

While many rituals performed during the advent of the death of the Bishop of Rome is a matter of record. There are many that are unfamiliar to Catholics but seem to be symbolic of some other religious order, and this is where we must stop and understand that perhaps in death no one is safe from the rituals of these secret societal orders.

Pope John Paul the II was laid to rest during a solar eclipse. He was placed in the ground during the new moon. Is this coincidence? Or is it a requirement for the burial of a pontiff who was a member of a secret society that included the Babylonian practice of sun worship?

His predecessor, John Paul I, had the coincidence of being elected on the day of the half moon. He had reigned 33 days when he died, and many think he was murdered. The number 33, of course, is a Masonic number representing the levels initiates have to attain to get secrets of the universe. Also coincidentally, he was born in the diocese of Belluno, which means "beautiful moon", and was baptized Albino Luciani, a name that when translated means "white light". He became Pope on August 26, 1978, when the moon appeared exactly half full. It was in its waning phase. He died the following month, soon after an eclipse of the moon.

In contrast, Pope John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920. On that date in the morning there was a near total eclipse of the sun over Europe. Like the Sun, he came from the east – Poland – and circled around the globe as the most traveled Pope. He was also the Pope that eventually pardoned and apologized for the Catholic Church’s treatment of Galileo.

Is this all coincidental, or is it all part of some hidden key?

As we have covered before in many instances, there is always that controversy over whether or not major events are somehow timed or otherwise synchronous with events that transpire in the heavens.

Many ancient societies have linked man with the changes that take place in the stars. There are many who believe that the link to all religions is the worship of the Sun God. Many feel that these thoughts are blasphemous, yet many religions always seem to placate the gods by holding rituals or great events in correspondence with moon phases or sun movement.

If you think that astrology does not play into the agendas of Kings, Presidents, and Popes, then you are "sleepwalking" through your beliefs.

Searching further, you can see some very interesting prophecies regarding Popes and the fate of the Catholic Church.

Malachy O’Morgair was born in 1094 at Armagh, Ireland. He died November 2, 1148 at Clairvaux, He was later made a saint in 1190 by Pope Clement III; it was the first papal canonization of an Irish saint.

It was told that St. Malachy was able to perform miracles.

One of Malachy’s great claims to popular fame was his gift of prophecy. While in Rome in 1139, he received a vision showing him all the Popes from his day to the end of time. He wrote poetic descriptions of each of the pontiffs, and presented the manuscript to Pope Innocent II. The manuscript was long forgotten until 1590.

It is now in print and highly controversial. Both its authenticity and correctness have been debated. According to his prophecies, there are to be only two more Popes after John Paul II.

The Popes, in what are called the Prophesies of St. Malachy, are given titles, such as "De Medietate Lunae" or the half moon (John Paul I), ""De Labore Solis" or the Solar eclipse (John Paul II) "Gloria Olivae" or the glory of the Olive (a Benedictine Pope who serves during a seven year tribulation period), and Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman who betrays his flock and becomes a false prophet.

"Rome, the seat of the Vatican, will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people." –The final words of St. Malachy Prophecy

It looks like it is all moving according to plan.

No matter if it is a military regime, a theocracy or a democracy, there are blueprints that have been forged and the masters who govern you all know the outcome. The product of their machinations is always the same.

The few control the fate of the many.

At the end of my first Ground Zero broadcast, I added to my original opening sequence. I rolled fairy tale music underneath my voice and softly closed my show by reading what sounded like a childhood fable about the planet Earth and her fate. The piece reminded me of Thornton Wilder’s "Our Town" and how Emily realized after she died that no one takes the time to pay attention to the little things.

"And so the third Celestial Sphere in proximity to the sun, entered a New Millennium. Six Billion Souls inhabiting Two–hundred and sixty–six nations, their resentment and hopelessness, Proclaimed in seven thousand distinct dialects.

A planet in Total Disarray. Society without Law, Political and Social Disorder, Terrorism, Secrets, Lies, Environmental Disasters, Uncontrollable Disease, Overpopulation, Starvation, Anarchy, a loss of Faith, Mass Confusion, Chaos, Murder, Killing, war.

This is the world in which you live, this is real. These are the days. The Last Days and as you see this, you might think its all crazy. What you’re really seeing is situation normal in the Apocalypse. The Last Days. The End Times. Forever and ever. And as often as not, that boils down to only just one thing. The Removal of all Imperfect Human Beings.

Again––The Cycle is Ending, Civilization will once again be wiped from the Earth. And a new will arise, with humans having to start over, like children. Some will call it paradise, tonight we will call it GROUND ZERO."—Closing Statement Ground Zero 1995

Is it all a Master Plan that can be stopped? It can change if we listen. If we pay attention to those little things that when neglected turn into monsters.

Those who control the people will use whatever means necessary to guarantee that the masses will respond to their tools of causal engineering. This way they can’t be blamed for your death if it is by your own hand. They will grant your wish if you beg for the culture of death and destruction.

While you are told that much of what I have demonstrated here is superstition, the coincidences point to the idea that it doesn’t matter if they are superstitious or not. What matters is that these are the hidden beliefs of the masters.

Their prophecies and rituals are all spun out of the ancient Babylonian mystery religions. We are all told not to tamper with these powers or study them all for a so called good reason.

It is because if we were to master them and learn them without the proper training, we too could become like them and they would lose their power base.

They draw their power from the most important tool in their arsenal.