By Clyde Lewis

"There is a Power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that had better not speak, above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." -- President Woodrow Wilson

There are times when I freak out over discoveries I make, and there are times when those I associate with, who continually tell me that I have completely lost it, start agreeing with me that something is just not right. This is when I start to worry. I think that either I am doing a good job of convincing them, or they are making their own personal discoveries. The last thing that I wrote was a 10-page manuscript that tried to explain the movie X-files: Fight the future. Like Charles Fort admonishes one cannot measure a circle from anywhere. Once you find the answers more questions come up. Such was the case when I received a phone call from an office friend Helen, telling me that a very important newscaster, whom I respect, Rod Decker called. He wanted to talk with me about something. My last interview with Decker was a sham. It wasn't Decker's fault. It was after the Heaven's Gate Suicides. He wanted to interview me, two members of the Band Dharma Combat, UFO Contactee Victoria Lillijenquist, and a University of Utah Professor about UFOs. Well it turned into a Circus, and I wasn't about to join in because obviously, the professor had his agenda, Victoria had to prove herself, the Band members were lamenting the loss of their fellow band mate who was one of the 39 found dead in rancho Santa Fe and I just watched in disbelief. The professor did exactly what he was supposed to do. Objectively point out that not every light we see in the sky is a UFO, or an extraterrestrial craft. I agreed with him. However, there was overwhelming evidence to show that what is going on needs to be investigated. I never had a chance to say it. That was 1997.

In 1998 things are changing once again and attitudes are changing as well. Scientists at Stanford University have agreed to investigate the phenomena. This is why Rod Decker wanted to speak with me. When the Washington Post reports UFOs, it must be real. Then and only then do I get an interview. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to this, but I am frustrated that for 3 years I have tried to talk objectively about this phenomenon, and have been ignored by my hometown media. UFOs are still "side show " materials, like the Bearded Lady, or the Lobster Boy at a carnival. One Colleague of mine who is an excellent reporter for the paranormal was told by his superiors not to report such nonsense. The official stance by his paper is that these reports are fabrications. They are dead wrong. Some of the stories could be falsehoods, but in an even peculiar way that still warrants an investigation. I am now going to toot my horn, I am right. You as a reader and listener are right, for taking the time to investigate. They are wrong.

I had talked with Kevin Hill, who is a listener to Ground Zero and a part time writer for Disinfozero and he made a very interesting observation. One that made me very happy. He observed that Ground Zero is not just my work. But it is everyone who has the time to stop and investigate what is going on in a world gone out of control. I agree with him. I have stressed many times that it is your own empowerment that gives you the truth. My beliefs do not reign supreme. I am merely the voice. The messenger. I am here to forewarn of what might be. Together we need to fight against the silent war. There are many others out there who attempt to do the same. While some are just cheerleaders for an entertaining freak show. I am bound and determined to learn as much as I can. This will protect me, and hopefully you from a future that may be controlled by a small group of individuals who want to use fear and violence to enslave us. It's a quiet war. The weapons don't pop or explode. They confuse. They are armed. Are you?

Using Knowledge as a defense against the controlling media is a war that has been going on for an undetermined period of time. Taking Consensus reality and changing it takes time. The truth usually wins. Stories buzz past you and some are outrageous, and some are believable, you utilize faith and hope you are not wrong. A Survey published in George magazine polled 800 American adults. The poll revealed that 3 out of four citizens in that sample believe that the U.S. Government is involved in clandestine, conspiratorial operations. This is not a fantasy. This is reality. The Government isn't the only group that has a exclusive possession of distrust. We are distrusting everything. People do not trust people. It's not just the criminal element that has the distrust of the people. Political leaders, clergyman, and self appointed experts are all suspect. Which brings us full circle to the X-files movie. Here is a piece of Fiction that if you investigate it, has a cryptic message to it. Granted I have covered this ground before, but little did I know that there was more to the Puzzle.

I just couldn't get out of my head the images and the words that were being thrown around in the movie X-files: Fight the Future. Forgive me for being obsessive but there are things you need to know about what was said in the film.

First of all Dr. Alvin Kurtsweil Mulder's contact in the bar is a fictitious character. Dr. Stephen Kursweil is not. Now you know why I am obsessed. Dr. Kursweil had a run in with someone who I had met in Roswell New Mexico in 1997. Bud Hopkins. Bud has been involved in the hypnosis of abductees. Getting them to recall their abduction for the benefit of assessment. I happen to know two of his patients. They told me that Bud was a kind man, and from what I could tell he was concerned about these abduction cases and spoke at a gathering during the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Crash. Dr. Kursweil however, has a different perspective.

Kursweil allegedly was introduced to Bud Hopkins by a CIA operative during a MUFON meeting in Boston. Kursweil in a sworn affidavit claims that Hopkins worked for the CIA as well, and that his hypnosis techniques were causing problems with the patients. He claimed that Hopkins said that the CIA was worried about the abduction claims. The CIA was curious if these subjects were being programmed. Kursweil was alarmed at the suicide rate of these abductees and thought that what Hopkins was doing was barbaric to people already in distress. Kursweil reported Hopkins to medical authorities. Kursweil claims that Hopkins returned the favor and reported him as being delusional and paranoid about a government cover up.

What this shows is a virtual Pissing match between two people who are in the UFO fraternity. The coincidences with the names of Kurtsweil and Kursweil are even more fortuitous, when you take a look at the back pages of the book "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper. The whole account is there in black and white. It also becomes highly likely that William Cooper's theories and stories may have been the inspiration for the movie X-files fight the Future. Chapter 1 of the book is entitled "Silent weapons for Quiet wars." Not only does Martin Landau use the quote "Silent weapons for a quiet war" in the movie, but also on page 121 of the book the story of the secret government FEMA unfolds. The beginning chapter greets us with PATRIOTS and TAX PROTESTERS: YOU MUST NEVER BE FOUND AT HOME ON ANY HOLIDAY! YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON HOW WELL YOU CAN OBEY THAT RULE. Landau's character Kurtsweil tells Mulder that the plague will be unleashed on a Holiday and that FEMA; the Federal Emergency Management Agency will declare a state of emergency empowering them to suspend the constitution.

What is the protocol for such a declaration? Something as simple suspension of debt payments by high bureaus of American Countries, to mass runs on U.S. commercial banks, to food shortages, to drug wars, to instability in the Middle east. This Executive Order is numbered 11051. It gives Authorization to put all executive orders into effect in times of national emergency declared by the President. The order does not mention war or nuclear attack. It does mention increased international tensions, economical or financial crisis. But that is not all. There were a number of other executive orders that would allow FEMA to takeover, communications, utilities, food resources, and all modes of transportation. Also there is that dirty little executive order that states that the postmaster general can operate an emergency registration of all persons. And that the Housing and Finance authority can relocate communities, designate areas that are off limits, and establish new locations for the populace, Such as the dreaded Concentration Camp Bunkers set aside for subversives who do not cooperate with Law enforcement. President Richard M. Nixon combined these orders into one big order. All power would be turned over to the head of FEMA. In case of a National emergency. This in turn was again proposed as Executive order 11490 and was signed by President Jimmy Carter on July 20th, 1979. It is in fact the Law. If we were in a national Crisis a state of Anarchy would ensue. You would not know whom to trust.

Mulder tells Kurtsweil that he is full of shit. Kurtsweil laughs and let's Mulder investigate for himself the truth about the "Quiet War." That a disease will be unleashed to an ignorant populace, causing a state of emergency. Then soon after the New Government will be put into place the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The disease is an extra terrestrial plague far more devastating than Aids or E-bola. An insect, in the movie's case an Africanized Honeybee will transport the disease.

Reality is stranger than fiction once again. While ground has been covered in a previous article, there is another case that is far more curious, than the Killer bee scare in Texas. Between 1956-1958, the U.S. Army conducted field experiments in Savanna Georgia, and Avon Park Florida using Mosquitoes. They were released in residential areas. Many people were swarmed and many people became sick and died as a result of the bites. The details of the experiment are classified, however some claim that the victims died of yellow fever.

A Story published in the LA times, September 26th 1990 reported that the AIDS Virus is attacking more children than previously thought. It was reported then that 10 million children would be afflicted with the disease by the year 2000. Also in 1990 it was reported that 400,000 cases or a third of the 1.2 million estimated cases of AIDS worldwide were believed to have occurred in children under the age of 5. Now keep in mind that 400,000 children are not homosexual. 400,000 children are not IV Drug users, or that 400,000 or 1/3 of their mothers have transmitted the disease. Did some of them get the disease by other methods? If so, could one of those methods be by insect? It is only a question, With no answer. However it could be.

In the film, the syndicate, or secret organization has a vaccine. This vaccine is used to prevent the disease from mutating in the human body. This mutation eventually turns into a gestating extraterrestrial biological entity that feeds on human flesh for survival. Those who have the vaccine would be able to have control over the populace. Kurtsweil says in the film, that the secret cult of intelligence has been developing this vaccine for at least 50 years. That they have been providing hosts for these ancient aliens for some time now, in exchange for power.

William Cooper once again comes into play for this bit of alleged truth. He claims that he personally saw papers about an alliance between our government and an alien race.

In the film the "Secret meeting" in London reveals that this alliance has been broken by the aliens. Cooper once again can be connected with the same story. He claims that those aliens have broken deals, but our government cannot stop them because they have better weapons than we do. Cooper also states that Alien scientists are behind Cattle Mutilations and human abductions. Cooper has gone as far as to classify the aliens that come and go on this planet:

  • The classic Grey. The ones in abduction stories.
  • A Big nosed Grey
  • Tall Blonde Nordic aliens
  • Orange skinned aliens

The classic moment in the movie is when Scully tells Mulder that she has decided to transfer to Salt Lake City, Utah. It is then she is rushed to the hospital after she falls victim to a Killer Bee sting containing the Alien organism. Mulder calls 911. An ambulance arrives and they take her away. However the driver of the ambulance is a part of the conspiracy and shoots Mulder in the head. As the ambulance drives off into the shadows, the movie throws us a hint as to who may be behind all of this wonderful conspiracy theory. The doors of the ambulance have printed in huge block letters COOPER.

The mystery does not cease with the film. The soundtrack has many cryptic puzzle pieces as well. Track 14 on the X-files Soundtrack has a special message recorded from Chris Carter himself. The message begins when track 14 has hit 10:13. Ten Thirteen Productions is his production company. However it is still unclear if Carter has taken a clue from Robert Anton Wilson. The dark coincidences attributed to the number 23 can be applied to 10:13.

One last coincidence is quite pleasant and brings us full circle again. In the beginning of the movie we learn that the X-files have been closed. Through the labors of Scully and Mulder we see that the X-files are reopened after an overwhelming amount of evidence points to a sinister plot to transport an alien disease around the world. Within days of the X-files release to theaters, It was announced that scientists have decided that there is overwhelming evidence to warrant a full-scale investigation into UFO phenomena. This is the first time in 30 years that anyone has formally decided to take on such a responsibility.

Believe me I know the difference between fact and fiction. However lately we see such a gray line between what is real and what is above reality. How is it that in a time when information is at the click of a button, that we can become so confused? So full of mistrust?

Maybe it's because all of the propaganda doesn't sell the lie like it used to. Maybe the lie has to be so outrageous, that it clouds the true evil that hides in the shadows. We need to read between the lines. No one is going to come right out and say it. I mean that would make them a paranoid conspiracy freak, and we all know that there is no such thing as a conspiracy right?


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