By Clyde Lewis

You are dependent on computer technology whether you are online or just an ATM user. When it comes to the possible Y2K computer glitch there are differing opinions. Some say it will bring us to a standstill others say it will pass without a single bat of an eye. One thing that is ignored is the underlying denial of vulnerability in an age of web-interdependency.

Since the late 1940's the infusion of technology has changed civilization rapidly. It has been speculated and written in various circles that this technology practically jumped on to the scene and was the result of an accidental discovery that has been kept secret by the government and secret organizations. It was a new technological toy that was introduced into the system after the atomic age. It has been debated in fringe circles that the new technology was given to us after an event in 1947 known as the Roswell incident.

In the Book " The Day After Roswell" the late Lt. Colonel Philip Corso claimed that while he was the director of the office of foreign technology at the Pentagon, he was given the job of taking key components that had been removed from what he claimed was an advanced technological aircraft that crashed in July of 1947. These technologies were to be introduced into the industrial Military complex.

Soon after we were seeing all kinds of technological advancements. The integrated circuit, the laser beam, fiber optics and night vision capabilities. Computing power and electronic networking were talked about in Comic books and science fiction novels and later became common place doubling every year and becoming more widespread. It was a slow process of introducing human beings into technologies that simplified and in some ways complicated their lives.

It is arguable that computers have accelerated our growth to a point of no return. It can also be argued that if this technology is an "Alien" technology we may not know all of it's hidden booby-traps and glitches. We accepted the technology like children who accept their first piece of candy and have loved the taste so much we are willing to partake again and again. Everyone has taken the bait and now we are subjected to so many "invisible networks" and so many "invisible computers" that if any main "invisible computer" were to shut down we wouldn't be able to survive.

I call it an invisible network because we have all forgotten that our lives revolve around a power infrastructure that has been infused into our culture gradually. We have evolved from a lifestyle of simple values to a gargantuan technological consumer that continues to gobble more and more data and throws it aside after it has been consumed. We developed this monster with blinders on. Survival in this world is now based on the technology that allegedly was introduced into the culture to improve it. We blindly accept what computers churn out every day. We digest it without thinking about it, and we take for granted that it will continue to be there as a resource that we control.

If it were a resource that we can control, then why is it that we are facing a Y2K scare? Is it perhaps that this "new technology" was a time bomb that was handed to us that would eventually mean our own self-destruction? Here is where we take this conversation into the realms of weirdness.

It is a dark synchronicity that the technology that runs our lives was preprogrammed for cataclysm at the dawn of the new millennium. If you believe the Mj-12 documents and conspiracy theorists this technology was stolen from an extra-terrestrial craft that had crashed in a remote desert in the Southwest. It was reverse engineered and introduced to the military and then it eventually doubled in it's influence giving us the false sense of security we needed in times of convoluted paranoia.

You need to ask yourself if you believe such tales of crashed extra terrestrial debris and it's connection to our "technologically advanced" race. Did something as simple as extraterrestrial intervention change the course of history in the 20th century? You must also wonder if this technology was used without thinking of the risks involved.

If this technology is the direct creation of mankind himself then why is there no back up for a failure? We have used this technology for decades and now we see a technological holocaust on the horizon? With this in mind is it not evident that we has mere human beings are naive to what this technology may have hidden in it's embedded sub programs?

Think of the time line and think of the many systems that have been given layer upon layer of computer tinkering, reverse engineering, and viruses that exist in our artificial intelligence matrix. A failure or weakness could be glazed over and buried with generations of programmers who continue to create this alien monster that we have accepted as our friend.

A failure in any system could start a ripple effect. A ripple affect that could even contaminate any system that is allegedly Y2K Compliant.

We have developed intelligence chips that are placed in VCR's, Washers, dryers, toaster ovens, and other small appliances that are day and date dependent. These gizmos will be rendered useless at the coming of the new millennium. This is not paranoia it is a true fact. There are embedded intelligence chips in some 50 billion devices that are not Y2k Compliant and they will terminate on the changing of the calendar. Even in a best case scenario where one percent are rendered useless we will still see some devices that we depend on fail which would in turn change our lives and lifestyle.

The failure of these intelligence chips could stop hospital life support systems. They could contribute to communications failures that could result in the delay of reporting emergencies.

Y2K glitches and the paranoia that exists before the event will cripple us and leave everyone fearful of what may happen. If you are not prepared you can face danger. If you prepare too much you can face danger as well. For the first time in our history we will see what happens when common sense takes a back seat to safety. Where preparedness can bring down a perfect system into ruins.

While the government openly says that the Y2K glitch will be like a natural disaster and that it poses no threat, their actions say otherwise. Law enforcement officials are working on contingency plans to cope with Y2K nutcases who may want to usher in Armageddon a bit prematurely. The thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the law enforcement officials are not superhuman and they may crack too.

There are more things than just a computer glitch that will be on the minds of god fearing people who base their belief systems in a time date all or nothing agenda.

FBI Counter terrorism groups have been training tactical armies to be on the ready during the final days of the 20th century. The Government is preparing for Y2K but in a different way. They are weighing the issues of a worst case scenario that may or may not be carried out by extremists. They fear that all of the end of the world rhetoric will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

The Fringe view is that a second coming of Jesus Christ is eminent and so the final battle needs to be waged at the coming of the Millennium. The Government has already theorized who might start this "war" and that is White Supremacists who are determined to attack Jews, non-whites and their ''establishment allies." Which according to FBI director Louis Freeh is of course the government of the United States of America.

In addition to the perceived threat from within, U.S. officials fear anti-Western guerrilla groups and others may try to take advantage of the federal stretch to keep tabs on any Y2K related failures. The White House is setting up a $40 million information coordination center to help policymakers with Year 2000 issues and coordinate any emergency responses.

The CIA and its 12 sister spy outfits are also tightening their drills to monitor events at the date change. They are monitoring area where a disruption may occur and will not hesitate to use a global army to bring a panicked planet back into order.

With this in mind is there any reason to doubt the importance of what the Y2K problem may mean to your safety and survival? If our government is preparing itself for a big event then shouldn't we? From Aliens to acts of God it is always interesting and titillating to speculate as to why chaos is happening around us. It is fun to connect dots and to market cock eyed theories but the reality is that we are so stuck in this let's wait and see who is right attitude that we forget that the process is happening as we speak.

People have been buzzing about what is "going" to happen when they should be paying attention to what is happening now. The chess pieces are being put into place and unless you are aware of what is happening now, everything will come as a big surprise.

That is why most communities should be involved in a Y2K readiness group. This group should be headed by a clear thinking individual who is not pushing an agenda or the latest invention for water purification. It is difficult to find a rational group because of the fact that Y2K preparation has evolved into a doomsday marketing opportunity.

If you can't find yourself in a support group then create your own private survival directory, find out who your neighbors are find out what skills they have. You may need to know where a doctor is in your neighborhood or perhaps a safe place you can stay in case there is an emergency.

Check home medical devices. Ask your physician if your device processes date information. If so, check with the manufacturer for compliance information. You might also want to refill necessary medical prescriptions.

Keep records of all bank, credit card and loan statements including individual retirement accounts, certificates of deposit, 401k accounts and mortgage papers. This is good practice for trouble-free living and not just a Y2K measure.

Have an adequate cash supply for your short-term needs (enough for a three-or four-day weekend) -- and don't wait until the last minute. The Y2K rollover is a holiday weekend and people will need cash for traveling, shopping and entertainment.

The Y2K rollover is in the winter; so don't let your fuel supplies get low. Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car Dec. 31 in case pumps aren't working the next day.

Call your utility companies and ask if there are risks to the power grid. You can imagine what it is like to be in a temporary power failure, imagine what a 2-3 month power failure would be like?

Buy extra food that is not perishable. If you cannot buy it all at once at least buy it a little at a time. Put it in a safe place, just in case you cannot get to a store. Keep in mind that Grocery stores have stayed in business even after Floods, Tornadoes and hurricanes. Money can be exchanged without the use of computers.

The bottom line is preparedness common sense. The world will not end if the technology dies. It will merely be slowed to a stand still temporarily. The results of the Y2K bug can be annoying, to catastrophic for some people. There will be major hassles and setbacks with the Y2K glitch and there will be those that will use it as an excuse for total anarchy.

I think that if the glitch happens we may learn more about ourselves, the human spirit, and the technology that we do not question.

We will also learn that we share many things with our computer counterparts. We will learn that computer glitches and human uprising at the dawn of the new millenium will prove that there is a constant in the universe and that is incompetence. Both the computer and the human psyche can easily malfunction if it is poorly programmed.


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