By Clyde Lewis

While many demons lurk in the shadows to weigh you down, there are many spirits that await the signal to liberate you. When a supplicant screams into heaven for release, sometimes it seemed that the pleas fell on deaf ears. That is why the wise men of antiquity knew that intermediaries needed to be created to go to the gates of hell against their will to liberate their followers from the chains of their condemned souls. The Golem, the Zombie, and the Homunculus are all men who willingly do the bidding of the ascended masters.

Primitive cults have existed for millennia. The tenants of the religious rite had their humble beginnings in magic, miracles, and herbal remedies that were used to find cures for the troubled spirit. Religion became more complex as man continued to ask questions of the Elder Shaman, medicine men, and Wizards and soon the maladies of the spirit divided into maladies of the body and we began to see the creation of medical science.

The answers to man's questions of the spiritual kingdoms were given by the priests and shaman and soon, both priest and shaman became both doctor and spiritual leader for the cults or tribes of antiquity.

The term witch doctor applies here, because it is the only way the lowest common denominator can identify with such a practitioner of the ancient art of both spiritual healing and physical cures. To call him by his modern nomenclature, a High Priest, Prophet, Witch, Sorcerer, or Wizard would probably offend the religious however one can draw parallels if you look at the "practitioner" of antiquity and how he could control the minds of flock, by promising them spiritual liberation, through virtual servitude.

Anciently it was the witch doctor who was more important than any military leader. This of course was long before we ever heard of separation of church and state, however one must realize that secretly the powers of the spiritual kingdoms have always left man questioning his power. Therefore the spiritual leadership has far more power than most people are willing to concede.

The powers of the netherworlds have been known to wipe out cities with plagues, and with madness. The High priest , Prophet, or shaman had the god power of life and death in his hands. To this day he still has the option to use the power which in turn delivers the enemies to his leaders and vice versa.

The powers of the spiritual and dark realms are far more powerful than any gun, bomb or army.

History has shown us that there are many men who by the powers of a God or demon have leveled cities leaving the non-believers trembling over the dead and dying.

The list of the dead that can be attributed to ascended masters can be found in the Bible and other religious writings. The striking of cities, curses, and plagues at the hands of shamans, wizards, prophets and seers are as terrifying as any nuclear bomb.

It all began with Noah. The entire population of the earth perished in a flood except for eight survivors. It continued with the story of Lot and his family where every inhabitant of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed in a fireball similar to a nuclear explosion.

Every first Born of Egypt felt the wrath of God when one man, Moses was able to bring on curses and plagues which killed Every first born of Egypt and all the hosts of the Pharaoh, including the captains of 600 chariots. All this was done without the aid of weapons, bombs, or biological threats.
These examples have been given to illustrate that the unseen powers can be used to destroy an enemy, and they also can be used to raise the dead, heal the sick, and make the lame whole again. There are also traditional stories of how ancient formulas, herbs, and drugs, which were known as magical potions were used to heal and to make human servants that carry out the deeds of the illuminated.

In Jewish legend, a golem is an image or form that is given life through a magical formula In the Middle Ages is was believed that there were wise men who could instill life in effigies by the use of a magic spell. These golems then took the form of a servant that would carry out their master's command and could perform easy tasks, as well as protecting their creators. The process of establishing an army of blind followers and Zombies continues today.

There are still religious leaders who will program their flocks to do their bidding. Whether it is sacred or profane depends on your belief however one can conclude that when ever someone has control over you, especially in the inner core of your spirit , you can lose yourself and easily become the Zombie that lurks in the darkest reaches of your mind.

Wise men that are the equivalent to witch doctors would not only use potions and herbs to animate their "zombies" or "effigies" but they would also use beads, charms and other talisman that possessed powers. These creatures were sometimes believed to offer special protection to Jews. Perhaps the most well-known legend, is traced from 300 to 600 A.D. God instructed a Jewish religious leader to make a man out of mud from the river Jordan. In the mouth of this mud pile an inscription of the name of God was placed and a healing Golem was created. Some of the mud from this Golem was placed in water and a broth was made and was used for healing of the sick.

The idea of curing and healing the sick and dying using powers that exist outside the realms of science is considered fraudulent by the main stream, however stories of the galvanized dead, and zombies raised with the aid of Voodoun or magical incantation are everywhere. The use of herbs and potions also are being used today, and while the methods are bizarre to the secular world, to the faithful they are just as affective as taking two aspirins and calling the doctor in the morning.

It is highly intriguing to be in an emergency room of a place where religion is a predominant factor in the lives of its inhabitants.

Most hospitals ask for your religious preferences in emergency rooms so that if science cannot cure you, the clergy can come in and work miracles through prayers, last rites, and anointing of oils. These practices have been known to cure the incurable and in some cases raise the dead.

It is odd that in the horror stories of Halloween we hear stories of madmen who raise the dead and yet a messiah can do it nearly two thousand years ago and it is considered an act of reverence.

Doctors will also expose herbal medicines as a form of New Age Voodoo medicine and the Food and Drug administration requires that herbal remedies put warning labels on their products that say that they do not treat cure or prevent any disease. However that doesn't stop the ancient folk remedies from being used by practitioners in remote areas of the world.

In the rural areas of South America The Curandero or folk healers still exist. Many of their unorthodox practices have been compared to black magic and Voodoo with results that are miraculous.

The folk magic goes unchallenged by authorities. It is common practice to see the Curandero work his miracles to insure that he will receive customers. Many villagers can't afford to see a doctor, nor can they travel great distances. So for most maladies the Curandero is sufficient. By all accounts he is also efficient more so than any doctor. The reason is that they have the gift of healing. This gift has been passed down for centuries.

I once lived in an area of Argentina called Los Nogales where Guierrmo a local Curandero was known to crack bones and backs in order to get the crippled to walk. He would use holy water and rosaries, and then a tape measure to show his progress. He would offer the lords Prayer in Spanish as he would cross himself and then pop the bones of his patient into place, and they would walk away.

There was a couple in Nogales, Miguel and Adriana who visited Guierrmo and told me of a ritual that needed to be performed that sounded like a Satanic ritual.

Guierrmo treated Miguel for depression in the most unconventional way. Miguel fought in the Falkland Island war and when he returned he was afraid of dying. Guierrmo concluded that his depression was based in a fear of death and the idea of being hunted or under the gun. In order to be cured Miguel had to hunt a wild pig. Miguel shot and killed a wild pig and was instructed to save the blood from the creature. He then was told to invite his friends over for a ritualistic eating of the pig.

I was called to attend this feast. He said before he ate the pig that this represented the destruction of his enemy. He then told me that the second part of the ritual was to take the pigs blood and spread it all over his body. He then called Guierrmo, who would arrive with a wooden box and a goat.

He asked that the men in the neighborhood dig a hole in the ground big enough to bury the box. He then would give Miguel an elixir. Miguel would drink it and then lay in the box with the goat. The box was then lowered into the ground and was buried. Adriana was told to watch the ground and to make sure that no one disturbed it. He also told her that the men in the neighborhood needed to return to lift the box out of the ground. In 24 Hours Guierrmo returned and the box with Miguel and the goat was raised. A prayer was said over the box and then it was opened. The Goat was dead. Miguel awakened. Guierrmo told him that the fear of death had entered the Goat and killed it. Now he was free of all fear of death.

With the arrival of the industrial age and modern medicine we immediately think that the practices heralded by consensus reality are the only practices that are fool proof. Modern Science will call them quackery yet will fly scientists out to remote areas to find out what the witch doctors are doing to eradicate sickness in their tribes. Our religion dabbles in spiritual healing and yet condemns primitive religions for doing the same. The idea of witchcraft or magic can easily be compared to the priesthood power in most conventional religions.

To say that these tales of Zombies and Golems are impossible is purely an unqualified judgment. The reality is that the mind has powers to overcome anything and to create everything. Witches, Curanderos, High Priests, and faith Healers have managed to tap into the cosmic forces that surround and sometimes penetrate our existence.

Or is it that they have control of our minds? Is faith a building block for virtual servitude? Does it continue after death?

One will only know when they cross the bridge to the spirit world. Even then it is often proposed that you will do that against your will, just like a good little Zombie.


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