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The Martian Chronicle for the 21st Century Apocalypse
Observations by Clyde Lewis

The new millennium will prove one thing, All of the textbooks that are in schools will desperately be in need of a rewrite. This has all been quite obvious as mankind has been stepping into the cosmos and as we have observed many breathtaking images from the planet Mars. New information is coming forward about the Red Planet. A lot of the information that was once denied.

With 2001 on the approach and with the announcements of new findings on Mars I have been inspired to compile a few coincidences and ideas that popped into my head. Thinking about such things renders my compulsion to just let the thoughts flow. If any of this makes sense then perhaps I am cosmically aware. If it s all strange and erratic then maybe I can stand with the fools as we enter in the new Millennium.

It needs to be noted that before you read this article you must understand that this is speculation. It is highly circumstantial and it has been intertwined with coincidental scripture and prophecy. It is by no means a text of fact. It is however a text to think about and analyze as we edge into the new era and the new millennium. We are going to be living in the new space age. It is the age of enlightenment. It is time for transformation.

Transformation is about to take place. The transformation that everyone has spoken of. It will be the apocalyptic revelation that perhaps life did exist and continues to flourish beyond the confines of planet Earth. However this knowledge comes with a price.

I canít help but use what little knowledge I have about Science fiction, religion, and mythology in order to illustrate how I feel right now.

In 1968 a movie called 2001 a space odyssey was released in theatres which arguably gave us the ability to dream about lofty goals of moon landings, bio machinery, one world governments, the recognition of extra terrestrials, and the ability of man to meet his "monolith" and become more than a monkey, more than man, even a God.

One does not have to see a Science Fiction movie to know that when mankind is faced with the ultimate Jonbar hinge he has a weighty decision to make. A decision that could either enhance or annihilate his existence.

"Now he was master of the world and he was not quite sure what to do next. But he would think of something."óArthur C. Clarke"2001 a space odyssey."

With the new focus on deep space and mankindís breakthroughs in biogenetic research the Earth is preparing to enter a maze.

That is if you believe all of the speculation regarding Mars and mankindís habitation of space and his relationship with Extra terrestrials and the discovery of biological and exobiological marvels.

It is an overused clichť that in order to know our future we must look at our past.

So I will wear it out proudly.

We must look closely at what the ancients have written. Because it is proposed that evil forces are at work making sure that Mars will rule again and when she does, the Earth will see itís most turbulent times.

Christian Religions and ancient Indian legends are clear about what the future holds for mankind when he leaves the planet to visit the war fortress Mars. The popular culture will also reflect a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to apocalyptic coincidence.

The new focus towards heaven was foretold. The great wars that lay ahead may not just be in the terrestrial realm. The militarization of space is happening for a reason. Open your mind because what you are about to read is mind boggling.

Thatís No Moon Itís a Space Station

In Kubrick and Clarkeís vision of 2001 there were military space stations and vast weapons that were positioned in space. Thank God that in our 2001 we have the common sense not to put Space stationed Nuclear weapons above us. However it seems that in our 2001 the idea of space stations is in its infancy.

In the year 2001 the brightest star in heaven will not be a natural star or a supernova. The brightest star will actually be the International space Station. STS Ė97 blasted off with a heavy payload headed directly for the newly constructed station. The payload will make the International Space Station one of the brightest star-like objects in the sky.

What is this payload?

According to NASA it is a 17-ton package of immense solar arrays and associated hardware -- the heaviest and largest station elements flown to date. Once deployed, this first set of solar panels will measure 240 feet tip-to-tip, a wingspan greater than that of a 777 jumbo jetliner.

The arrays will quintuple the amount of electrical power available on the station, paving the way for delivery of the first research laboratory, the U.S. Destiny module, on STS-98.

They will also make the station bigger and easier to see from Earth.

It is believed that after the STS-97 assembly mission, the space station will probably be as bright if not brighter than the bright star Sirius or perhaps even Venus when the angles are favorable for a bright reflection.

The New Lucifer Rising

Scriptures in both the old and new testaments that deal with end time prophecy may have predicted this interesting event. In the Old Testament the brightest star in the heavens was Lucifer. Lucifer, which is the root Latin word for "light-bearer" was the name given to the star that, seemed brighter than the rest. Lucifer also is the name for the planet Venus when it appears as the morning star.

The Hebrew prophet Isaiah used the term Lucifer referring to the king of Babylon, describing the frustrated ambition of the morning star to rise higher than all the other stars. Now man will send into the sky a fortress that will shine brighter than Lucifer. The new Lucifer rising for the new age. A sign in the sky that the ancients foretold would bring about calamity. A star that would draw a third of the stars from the heavenís. A star that would be the omen for the resurrection of Baal.

From the scriptures in the Old Testament we read:

"O Lucifer, son of the morning how art thou cut to the ground, how art thou fallen from Heaven oh Lucifer. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. Thou shalt be brought down to hell to the sides of the pit."

This scripture from Isaiah is also satirical of the legend of the Cannanite God Baal, which eventually became known as the Devil, or the God of deception and ruler of fortresses. In plain English without the dogmatic texts it is quite literally the harbinger of bloodshed or of Great War. The unfortunate thing is that Lucifer is used as a synonym for Satan. Meaning that they are interchangeable. Lucifer became Satan after his fall from grace.

In prophecy Satan is to rule again through an incarnate being that will rise to power at the time that Mars will rule again and when there are signs and wonders in the heavens. This is similar prophecy that again was written about in the gospel of Luke the apostle to Jesus Christ.

The Hidden Fortress and The Anti-Christ

In the book of Daniel there seems to be a scripture that describes the antichrist as a "ruler of fortresses" or "or mansions in the heavens." This of course is a coincidence, but this should not be ignored as we hear of Christian fear of the millennial Armageddon and the rule of the fabled antichrist.

"The great king of the north shall rise up against God and worship an alien god. (Alien to the Hebrew God) Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with this strange God. In this estate above the inhabitants, he shall honor the God of forces. He shall honor it with gold and silver and precious stones, and pleasant things."

Reading these passages of scripture one could assume that the Antichrist or whatever the moniker of the great evil ruler, will construct a fortress above the earth. Where he can worship the God of forces. This God of course parallels the evil God Baal who was considered the god of forces and fortresses. Baal of course is again a synonym for Satan.

Hopi Indian Prophecy Speaks of Future Houses in Heaven

The idea of space stations on the moon and elsewhere filled the dime store pulp science fiction novels of the 1950ís and 1960ís. But cities and islands in space have been spoken of for centuries. Scientists and researchers populated Jonathan Swiftís flying island of Laputa encountered by Gulliver and his travels in the 17th century. This was probably the first story ever written about a space station, that is of course if you discredit the book of Danielís prophecy of a flying fortress where the evil leader pays homage to an alien God.

The Hopi Indian tribes heard a prophecy that was given in a talk by Lee brown in 1996 that related that the Hopi Elders spoke in the 1950ís about a space station and what it meant for the earth. The elders called the station a "house in the sky".

"They will build a house and throw it in the sky. When you see people living in the sky on a permanent basis, you will know the Great Spirit is about to grab the earth, this time not with one hand, but with both hands."
"They say at that time there will be villages in this land so great that when you stand in the villages you will not be able to see out, and in the prophecies these are called "villages of stone", or "prairies of stone". And they said the stone will grow up from the ground and you will not be able to see beyond the village. At the center of each and every one of these villages will be Native people, and they will walk as "hollow" shells upon a "prairie of stone". They said "hollow shells" which means they will have lost any of their traditional understandings; they will be empty within."

Do these Hopi prophecies mimic those of the scriptures of antiquity? Does one prophecy congruent with the other?

Nostradamus and the 1999 Prophecy

The "failed" Nostradamus prophecy of the "Great King of Terror" was only a failure because the interpreters that followed Nostradamus were at a loss as to what the "Great King of Terror" was. Ground Zeroís "Whirlwind" metaphoric interpretation of the prophecy will allow it to work and as the template will prove that the Space station and the exploration of space will yield a significant announcement regarding the Planet Mars.

"The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune."

The Prophecy of course was the only time Nostradamus actually gave an exact time and date where the Great and Terrible King would come down from the sky.

At a time where the Mongols would rise again and later Mars would play a part in the fulfilling of such prophecy. We must keep in mind that interpretations of Nostradamus can sometimes be far from the mark. However the coincidence of such prophecies at a time where Mars is the planet on everyoneís mind in the 21st century is peculiar indeed.

Mars the Bringer of War, Comets the Harbingers of Doom

The focus on the planet Mars and manís ability to live above the Earth are also coincidental when you realize that Mars itself is a symbol of calamity and the throes of great war and turbulence. The god Mars is said to have been worshiped in the form of two personages or personalities, one called Mars Gradivus-Mars of War and the other Mars Quirinus-Mars of Fortresses. Mars was in fact the great builder of cities and parallels the mythologies surrounding King Nimrod of Babylon and his order of builders. Mars was also a great rebel hunter and warrior.

Mars, the Roman god of war, was called Aries in Greece. March is named after Mars and Aries the Ram is the symbol in the Zodiac that represents the dates March 21st - April 19th. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and is named after the golden ram from the Greek legend of "Jason and the Golden Fleece". The dominant planet over this sign is Mars, historically the symbol of war and bloodshed.

The time of Aries is always considered to be coincidentally the bloodiest time in history. The earth has witnessed many ugly events when Mars reigns. Martin Luther King died in the time of Aries. The Siege at Waco and the subsequent fire (Aries of course is the sign of fire) happened in April, as did the Oklahoma City Bombing. It was also the month where the Columbine shooting took place, and in March (Once again named after Mars) the Heavenís gate suicides took place.

The suicides of course coincided with the appearance of the Hale Bopp comet. Comets themselves have been called harbingers of doom and many consider comets to be the bearded stars or Dragons that arrive before death and pestilence.

Diana, Princess of Wales whose name coincidentally was shared with the moon goddess Diana and who represented a country whose flag is emblazoned with the dragon died in the same year as the cometís appearance.

Disease and the death of mother Teresa followed in the same year. This of course is all coincidence however old mythologies die hard and perhaps they are there to warn us of what might happen if we venture too close to forbidden realms of the cosmos. Modern thinking would dictate that such flights of fancy are absurd.

Mars Discoveries Precursors to the deaths of Warlords and Kings? "Beware the Rise of Mars"

The year 2001 is obviously the year of Mars. Mars is the dominant focus in science. Technology is preparing a way to discover more treasures on our neighboring planet.

With our focus to the sky and the rise of a new man made Lucifer star one must pay attention to what is to come if we are to believe in mythology and itís repeating warnings of death and war.

The old warlords will die and the new ones will rise. The earth will be shaken to its spiritual core and man will fear that the Armageddon spoken of in antiquity is being fulfilled. Governments will be in turmoil and if we are living in a cosmic repeating circle a parable will be fulfilled.

The parable of betrayal and the falling of empires.

The soothsayer said to Caesar in the Shakespearean play "Beware the Ides of March" as he eventually was met in betrayal and his government fell. His own colleagues assassinated him. Thus we see the beginnings of a great fall of an empire.

Oh how the Gods love drama.

Our position in the cosmos and our sudden leap of faith towards the lofty goal of Mars and the mansions in heaven seem oh so serendipitous with the warnings of the ancients and the mythologies of antiquity.

Perhaps we should retool the warning to fit the age "Beware the rise of Mars." Arenít we seeing the destruction of empires today? What about the failure of our own system? Will we see the metaphor of Caesar play out in our own government?

Are we to assume that if we discover the secrets of Mars and allow the pacts to be made in secret with the alien gods that we will see the fall of the great empires? Will see assassinations of great leaders again?

Will purveyors of war fall dead in their palaces? Will the religious leaders all die in sequence and will the zealous fall prey to their own fears of annihilation by a proposed Satan or Baal? Will these events allow brother to turn against brother?

Mars is a Fortress of Death, Cherubim or Monoliths are there to warn us

In the fictional 2001 universe the Monolith was an alien structure. It was discovered and kept secret from the public.

In our universe I draw a comparison of the Monolith of Kubrick and Clarke to the Cherubim of old.

In antiquity the word cherubim is used to describe a guardian. Throughout scriptures and ancient texts these guardians were placed as sentinels to scare off anyone who would want to invade or trespass in areas which are considered to be holy or sacred grounds.

The Cherubim have different interpretations however we are told in the Bible where Cherubim were seen and how to know when you are in the presence of one.

It was Cherubim that Ezekiel saw piloting the wheel within a wheel that orbited earth. These "angels" have the distinction of being described as animals rather than human.

Their images have been engraved in ancient artifacts and their descriptions have been associated with Chariots of fire or vehicles that fly in the heavens.

The Bible speaks of their image and what they resemble:

As for the likeness of their faces, the cherubim, they had a face of a man; and they four had the face of a lion on the right side; and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four had also the face of an eagle.

There are four images that depict cherubim the combination of such images are seen today. There seems to representations of these cherubim as warnings in Egypt. The four names for the minor sphinx are Sed-Alap or Kirub, a bull with a human face; Lamas or Nigal, a lion with a man's head; Ustar, a human; and Nattig, an eagle with a human face.

There are also parallels between the four seasons and also the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the four gospels in the Bible. In the book of Revelation we also read of the four headed cherubim. The sphinx is also a symbol of the coming together of the full circle. The full circle of the Zodiac or the oneness of the Cosmos. We have heard of the fullness of times and the changing of the seasons in the parable of the fig tree. In other words we are seeing the changing of the epoch.

The seasonal changes or the new age is upon us at the turn of the Millennium.

And soon it will be the age of Man or the Aquarian Age.

The Aquarian man is also known as the water bearer.

We have seen that the Cherubim in their art form are used as symbols to represent many things but in this case we will assume that the Cherubim that have been used in graven form are there as warnings or sentinels to protect sacred areas.

There also seems to be a Cherubim located on the planet Mars. That is if you believe that there is a face located on the Planetís surface in Cydonia. The face we see is that of a man and as we look further we see that the face changes with the light the symbol of the Lion emerges.

The lion has always been symbolic for the Sun, or the symbolism of the greatness of God. Therefore is the face on Mars symbolism for the age of man and his evolutionary change? Or is it a warning of what happens when Man attempts to unlock the secrets of Godhood?

Cherubim drove man out of his paradise as was recorded in Genesis.

When Adam and Eve fell in paradise Cherubim were used to guard the tree of knowledge. The destruction of the Garden of Eden was accomplished with a flaming sword. Man fell to another estate. He left behind his old estate and a Cherubim was left behind. The Cherubim was symbolic of what happens when Man attempts to unlock the secrets of Godhood. If the face on Mars exists is it a warning? Is it a beacon that is declaring that it is off limits?

It has been speculated that Mars was once a planet that was full of life and that perhaps a large asteroid hit the planet causing itís immediate destruction. A streak of light and a large fiery rock could be the explanation for a flaming sword thus destroying the planet. This would literally mean that creation fell from the Planet Mars to another planet. In this case the planet would be Earth.

Scripture passages also indicate that when The prophet Ezekiel was taken up into heaven he saw fiery stones in the firmament and below him he saw great temples and one in particular had the symbolism of the Cherubim.

In Ezekiel 41 we read that the temple he saw had Cherubim and palm trees near the entrance to a great fortress. Every cherub had two faces one was the face of a Man facing one tree and the other the face of a lion facing the other.

A face of Man (Aquarius) and the Face of a Lion (Leo, Sun, God)

Could he have seen the great Temple and fortress that allegedly exists on Mars? Is the fortress a place that means certain doom if we come near it?

Or is manís future in the Age of Aquarius a rescue mission?

Life may have existed on Mars, Man feels he must replenish it

Almost immediately Science is beginning to speculate that life may have existed on Mars billions of years ago. Some even say that it exists now.

At the beginning of the year 2000 the focus on Mars was coming out of the blurry stages when experts of the American Astronomical Society, said their calculations had shown that if life ever existed on Mars it could very well have been carried to Earth aboard some 5 trillion rocks blasted from the Red Planet by impacting asteroids.

Curt Mileikowsky, an astronomer of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has stated that he believes that the ancestral cell for life on Earth must have originated somewhere in our own solar system.

The team also studied the possibility of microbe-bearing asteroids sailing into the Earth from solar systems beyond the sun. However many said that the probability of such things is low. They claim this over and over and yet it hasn't stopped the investigation of such ideas.

The Science Fiction Movie Mission to Mars speculates on the idea that life did exist on Mars that it was destroyed by an asteroid and that in a last ditch effort to sustain life single celled organisms hitched a ride on flying space dust. Dust that eventually landed on earth and evolved into what we call mankind today.

The movie also used a modern twist on an old myth about the sphinx. This modern twist had connected both the face on Mars and the sphinx.

The face on Mars has always been compared to the sphinx in Egypt, which also is a depiction of Cherubim or the interceding sentinel. It is a symbol of a destroying angel and the only way to keep it from destroying man is either avoid it or unlock it's riddle. The Riddle of course was told in mythology:

"What speaks with one voice, yet in the morning walks on four legs, walks at noon on two legs and in the evening walks on three legs?"

The answer of course was provided by Oedipus who told the sphinx that the answer was "man".

How intriguing that the movie "Mission to Mars" had a virtual re working of the myth? Man finally makes it to the surface of Mars. An electronic riddle was sent to the astronauts as they were approaching the "face" that allegedly exists in the Cydonia region of the planet.

There was no reply so many in the landing party were killed. Then when it was realized that the face was sending out an electronic riddle. The answer was merely an electronic transmission of human DNA.

The equation for Man, The Water Bearer Aquarius!

Do you see the pattern?

Mars, and The Spirit of Nimrod

Mars is also the god of agriculture. This seems coincidental as well since all of the metaphors tie together in some cosmic synchronicity. The mission for man it seems is to come to the planet of death and restore it to its original state. This will be done by terraforming the planet and restoring its atmosphere. Many will feel that man is not to tamper with nature and must avoid the delusion of playing God and creating the creation process for his own selfishness. However it looks as if man has attempted this type of creation before and will continue to do so. According to ancient texts Man has even attempted to build large towers in order to meet God. According to traditional mythology Nimrod organized his order of masons to build a great Tower. The reason for this construction was that Nimrod wanted to meet God.

But was it truly God he was trying to meet? Or was it manís first attempt at putting a settlement amongst the stars? Was the Babylonian King Nimrod attempting to build a bridge or tower to the moon or to Mars in order to accomplish the same thing that we are now?

Maybe the "tower" was a great Rocket and the arrow of Nimrod was a symbol of something that was shot into heaven.

History records his awesome failure. Are we next in line to ignite a new punishment?

Mars Needs Water, Man Will bring it

NASA scientists have discovered ancient sea or Lake Beds on the surface of Mars that may have harbored life. The discovery is among the most significant concerning Mars so far, because such places are the most likely locations for fossils or other signs of past life. The detailed summary of all the data was given at a special Conference on December 7th, 2000.

The Nasa discovery is based on images taken by Mars Global Surveyor, which has been orbiting the planet Mars for more than a year.

It is said to have sent back detailed pictures of rocks that could only have been created by sedimentation, in which particles sink to a seabed and are compressed into rock.

This once again brings up statements and the old theories that were set into motion nearly one hundred of years before. During the turn of the 20th century Mars again was on the minds of the dreamers, philosophers and astronomers.

French astronomer Camille Flammarion wrote in 1904:

"Mars is now as much a subject of conversation as politics or art. The latest telescopic investigations are being discussed and people are wondering if the neighboring world is approaching the earth. The discovery of canal like lines in the planet has led to the question of possible inhabitants of Mars and of the probability of future communication with them."

For many years Flammarion wrote about the scientific possibility of life on Mars. Once again he asserted:

"What marvels the science of the future is keeping for our successors! Who will dare to deny that Martian humanity and terrestrial humanity may enter into communication one with the other?"

In the same breath we must ask ourselves who will deny that the planet Mars will not be resuscitated by man when he feels that it is his responsibility to seed the universe and multiply and replenish it? Who will dare deny the possibility of restoring Mars to itís potential by not only seeding its planetary garden but watering it and giving it life again.

Is this what is mean by the renewing of Eden? Bringing creation full circle? Is this the hidden meaning of "the face" on Mars not to mention the Sphinx and its promise of renewal, and bringing things full circle?

The Martian/ Monolith Apocalypse Theory

Is it any wonder that at the turn of yet another century and at the beginning of the new millennium that mankind is edging closer to its Martian neighbor? Itís probably no mistake and once again scriptures and writings of antiquity tell us that this is nothing new. The biblical Ecclesiastes tells us that

"There is no new thing under the sun. Things are regenerated and that chances are if you see it here it probably has ALREADY existed in the ages that were before."

This means in the case of Mars that we have been using the same ritualistic practices handed down from planet to planet, generation to generation, secret order to secret order and that Mars will reveal the truth about our origins. The word apocalypse itself is a word that means the revealing or the uncovering.

After reading all the coincidental ties, the scripture references, and the historical backdrops it is obvious that the truth about out origins exist on the planet Mars.

These apocalyptic revelations may jump-start a new evolutionary path that we will follow. It is also possible that the quest of finding this truth may have its negative outcomes. This is perhaps why the positive disclosure of artifacts and alien structures on Mars has been kept secret.

In the movie 2001 a space Odyssey the discovery of the monolith, an alien structure on the moon is kept secret. Dr. Floyd a character in the film expresses the need for absolute secrecy stating that "Culture shock would be the result if the monolith were ever revealed to the public." Therefore oaths of secrecy were taken by every team member involved with the discovery of the monolith.

Does this sound familiar?

The face on Mars and other edifices could have been the very metaphoric monoliths that are inspiring us to visit Mars, much like the explorers who ventured to Jupiter in the film.

David John Oates Oracle of Reverse Speech and Mars Announcements

This headline was recently published all over the world

"Imaging scientists Dr. Michael Malin and Dr. Ken Edgett from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft will present what they describe as their most significant discovery yet at a Space Science Update at 2:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 7. Their findings are being published in the December 8 issue of Science Magazine."

I guess it would be disingenuous at this point not to include research that was originally laid down by David John Oates who is the theorist of Reverse Speech and its ability to reveal hidden messages that are delivered when one processes speech in reverse.

Michael Goodspeed who is a researcher in the field of Reverse Speech recently wrote an observation about the controversial "December 7th" reversals that prompted Mars researcher Richard Hoagland into believing that this date would be a date set aside for an Alien Landing somewhere in Arizona.

David apparently tried to warn the world that the interpretations of the December 7th reversals could not be determined and that they had significance only to NASA. His criticism of Hoagland and subsequent criticism of other major players who were affiliated with the Art Bell show landed him in hot water and almost ruined his credibility and arguably led to his near bankruptcy.

According to Goodspeed:

"As you may remember, it was three years ago that David John Oates, the founder and developer of Reverse Speech, went public with a reversal on Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who said backwards, "Bring in NASA with December 7."

At the time, many automatically assumed that the reversal MUST have referred to an event coming THAT YEAR. One such person was Richard Hoagland, who stated that a UFO was going to hover over and/or land in Phoenix, Arizona on that date. When no UFO was seen, Hoagland claimed it had been obstructed by a secret-government weather control experiment, which created a light dusting of snow over Turret Mountain in AZ.

Irrespective of what is revealed on December 7th of this year, the implications of Oates' reversal are staggering. The Global Surveyor's "most significant discovery to date" is being announced on the very date which was predicted by Reverse Speech a full three years ago."

Some of these reversals can be heard by going to

When you listen to these notice how certain metaphors show themselves. It is a peculiar synchronicity.

MARS: The Summary and the Future

When Stanley Kubrick gave us 2001 a space Odyssey it was quite clear that he had his mind set on the future and that the future would be based in space. Using what we see in his epic film as a possible future, one needs to understand that we are at a point in our history where we are up against the Monolith. That we are on the verge of making contact with it making us once again more intelligent and less animal.

Left to ignorance and to fantasy we may find that the fortress, the monolith, the planet Mars can easily be the very thing that could destroy us.

The earth may have to find itself in a position to rewrite history and to deconstruct the illusions of extra terrestrial behavior that has been anthropomorphised in early fable, mythology, media and religious text.

There may be a need to organize an exopolitical system devised only for the governing of species and people in space. This has to be established in order for the citizens of a newly united earth to integrate into a Universal society open for the possible contact with extra terrestrial life, microbial or otherwise.

One may think that this is putting "the cart before the horse" however there needs to be protocols in place to protect the earth and itís inhabitants from any disease or hostility that may come from arriving on a planet such as Mars. The same goes for any pollutants or contamination that may befall the Martian terrain as man attempts to explore it.

I said at the beginning of this article that transformation is about to begin. The earth and its population is already conscious of an extra terrestrial God, could they be conscious of an extra terrestrial find that would either thwart the belief in a fantastic omnipotent God or at least change it?

If Mars gives up its secrets in the coming years there is no doubt that if we do not report the findings with great care that "the bringer of war" will live up to itís reputation.

The slightest indication of a proposed changing of attitudes in religious thought could cause the inhabitants of the earth to rise up and become warlike.

Two thousand years of conditioning by religious zealots will definitely yield the theory that the antichrist is using Mars as a way to prove the existence of alien "Gods." This could lead to a psychological upheaval and possible war that has been in the realms of prophecy for millennia.

This gives the war in heaven a new meaning.

The optimistic estimates for sending a human to Mars is still 20-30 years away.

In this time frame we still have time to think about what it means to be an infant in space. The same infant that symbolically is seen in the Movie 2001.

As we reach out to the sky to touch our metaphorical monolith we must close our eyes and imagine the portrayal of man reaching out to God in Michelangeloís painting. We can also compare it to manís eating of the apple to gain knowledge.

After all man is constantly looking for that divine spark in order to further his growth. The metaphor of Adam and Eve, Eden, and Lucifer are showing themselves again in the new age of man.

Itís the Martian Chronicle of the 21st century apocalypse.

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