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A report compiled by Clyde Lewis

Reports are now surfacing that the chemtrails that had the country in a fit of paranoia last year are our tax dollars at work. It is being reported by several sources that they are simply aerosol shields being laid in the skies to protect us from a biological attack from an unseen enemy. New reports are hinting that the mystery influenzas and strange respiratory illnesses are the result of an attempted attack. The Contrails have protected us all along. The following are reports that have been filed by other sources however we have compiled the data to show that someone is trying to alert us. These reports are given to you so that you can decide for yourself if the Contrails are here to protect us.

Recently Ground Zero posted this in its discussion forum:

"I was in my office today when Rob the engineer at the Radio network I work for says to me "Clyde I read your newsletter about the flu epidemic and I must tell you that you have ignored the obvious scenario." He then told me that he contracted this super flu on New years day. He was in New York, and could not return to work until he was out of the Hospital. He told me that Hospitals were turning people away.

He is convinced that the Super Flu was a bio terrorist attack on the eastern seaboard. He is not one to buy into conspiracy theories.

He told me that this flu was like nothing he had ever experienced. It came on suddenly with dizziness and shortness of breath. He then had a fever and a violent cough. He also had searing stomach pains. He thought he was dying.

The question that needs to be asked once again... doesn't anyone find it odd that NOTHING out of the ordinary was reported about Y2K?
Even when the government spent all kinds of money to protect us from an alleged terrorist threat?"

The topic apparently did not spark discussion however recent reports in the mainstream press seem to confirm that something has been going on that seems out of the ordinary with regard to the Flu and a number of other anomalous activities that need to be reported in order for you to come to your own conclusions! After appearing on the Australian Talk Show Reverse Speech with David John Oates. I was accused by a number of listeners in the chat rooms of scare mongering and promoting an alarmist agenda about the year 2000 and the future of the planet. I now ask you to decide just what is the truth. Some of the mainstream reports are remarkably bizarre and may be indicative of what is happening. In order to connect the dots you must read this investigative compilation of reports that have been released that may prove that maybe a few things have slipped through the cracks and that the government is racing to prevent an all out pandemic that could wipe out the population.



It made the festive season a misery for many and threw NHS policy into crisis. But the flu may have worse in store, according to scientists who claim to have discovered an alarming explanation for the epidemic - a virus from outer space.

Dismissing as dogma the conventional medical wisdom that flu is a virus passed by human contact, the distinguished astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle, and his colleague at Cardiff university, Chandra Wickramasinghe, warn that we may be on the brink of a global epidemic.

In a report to be published in the journal Current Science, they claim the outbreak was caused by dust deposited high in the atmosphere by passing comets being forced down to earth by energy generated by cooler patches on the sun's surface, known as sunspots.

They reach the peak of their activity, the maxima, every 11 years, coinciding, the scientists say, with all major flu outbreaks since 1761, including the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic blamed for 20m deaths worldwide. The latest cycle began to peak in September and the maxima is due sometime this year.

The flu epidemic which has struck down tens of thousands of sufferers may have come from outer space, according to British scientists. Researchers at the University of Wales, Cardiff, are challenging the view that the outbreak was caused by the bug being passed from person to person at home or in the workplace. Instead, they blame the epidemic - which brought many hospitals to a standstill - on high-energy sunspots which brought cosmic dust into the Earth's atmosphere. They say victims who fell ill with the virus had come into contact with the dust. The scientists, led by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, believe the dust from comets which passed near the Earth contained either the virus itself or DNA molecules which became the flu bug. They also claim that sunspots were responsible for other epidemics, such as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak which killed 20 million people.

Professor Wickramasinghe said the theory could help health managers prepare for major outbreaks of disease. "It could help predict epidemics because there is a very short space in time between a peak in solar activity and the effects reaching us here on Earth," he said.
"It has never been proven that a virus such as the flu can be passed from one person to another. You often find families where just one member becomes ill.
"Instead, we believe these outbreaks are caused by particles in the stratosphere coming down to the Earth's surface.
"These particles could either contain the virus itself, DNA molecules or other trigger organisms. We believe they are brought to Earth by microwaves during peaks of solar activity, such as sunspots.
The report, called "The Dilemma of Influenza", to be published in the journal Current Science, calls for government advisers to take a "closer look at the facts".



Maxygen announced September of 1999 that it has received a $6.7 million three-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) to use its proprietary Molecular Breeding™ directed evolution technology (also known as "DNA Shuffling") to develop aerosol-based vaccines to protect against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

Aerosol delivery of prophylactic and therapeutic agents is potentially the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect or treat humans and animals from disease epidemics. In addition to this recent DARPA grant, Maxygen is the recipient of two additional DARPA grants in the vaccine area. In February 1998, Maxygen received a $5.6 million grant to evolve novel DNA vectors for efficient delivery and expression of pathogen antigens, and in April 1999, the Company received a grant of $7.7 million to generate novel vaccine antigens for a wide range of pathogens.

Maxygen, Inc., headquartered in Redwood City, CA is a private biotechnology company that is focused on the development of novel and improved commercial products using its proprietary MolecularBreeding™ directed evolution technology for a variety of industries including human therapeutics, chemicals, vaccines, industrial enzymes, and agriculture. The Company is the leader in nucleic acid recombination technologies for imparting new properties into single genes, multi-gene systems, pathways, vectors and genomes. Maxygen has commercial relationships with several companies including Novo Nordisk in certain areas of industrial enzymes, Pioneer Hi-Bred and ZenecaAgrochemicals for specific products in agriculture and DSM Anti-Infectives for improved manufacturing of certain classes of penicillin antibiotics. Maxygen was founded in a March 1997 spinout from Glaxo Wellcome-Affymax, led by biotech entrepreneur Alejandro Zaffaroni, and MolecularBreeding™ inventor Pim Stemmer.


Novavax is a is a bio pharmaceuticals company that has been given 1.5 million this year from research and licensing agreements. Additionally, having designed over 1,000 Novasome adjuvant structures, Novavax has multiple opportunities to sell or license its technologies to other companies or organizations working on immunotherapies. Most recently, the company licensed a series of Novasomes to King Pharmaceuticals for use with its FDA approved flu vaccine, FLUOGEN®. As part of the agreement, Novavax received a $1 million licensing fee and is entitled to milestone payments and royalties on future sales. The market potential of a flu vaccine is estimated at $240 million.


The Flu has hit Marion County Indiana and not a moment too soon after many people have complained of seeing heavy contrail activity near Indianapolis. The Heavy trail activity was said to have been going on since Mid November. The strangest part is that the Contrail grids were laid at night. Many people claim to have seen the trails like scratches across the moon in a grid like pattern. The Flu in these areas of heavy activity has been plaguing residents for at least 8 weeks. Anything from deep respiratory coughs to gastrointestinal disorders. Ground Zero admits that this could very well be a coincidence however the Flu season this year has reached critical. The centers for disease control are calling this year's strain an epidemic. In some cases the Flu has been deadly.

A year ago Ground Zero warned it's listeners that at the end of the Millennium a flu epidemic would surface from out of nowhere and probably kill many people. Using the new Ground Zero search engine we ran a check on the prediction based on data from the centers of disease control and the warnings given about a possible spraying of innocent people last year.

According to the Ground Zero Article "Clouds of Doubt: Should We Fear the Bio-apocalypse?" The Flu would be the worst strain ever seen in years.

"Would you believe that the Flu could very well be the next plague? I know it sounds far fetched because we get the flu every day. However every winter a new flu strain always shows up. Flu Vaccines are different every year so that medical science can out smart the next viral strain. Sometimes a flu strain will find a back door. It will hide where you least expect it."-Ground Zero December 1998

Mike Blair Reports for Spotlight news:
The Pentagon, and possibly other federal government entities, is testing anti-biological warfare agents, which produce the mysterious "chemtrails" that are appearing on an irregular basis in the skies over many American cities, towns and rural areas, according to a scientific researcher in an exclusive interview with The SPOTLIGHT.
An Air Force veteran, who while on active duty was attached to the nation's top secret National Security Agency (NSA), presents compelling evidence that the Pentagon is using regular Air Force and Air Force National Guard aircraft to release anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals into the skies.

The chemtrails were detected some two years ago over central Virginia. They were initially reported nationally by The SPOTLIGHT.

Since The SPOTLIGHT's original report, thousands of people across the country have contacted this newspaper about the tell-tale streaks in the sky. Some casually look at the "contrails," thinking they are from a plane's engine exhausts condensing water vapor into a visible cloud.

If you closely watched the trails over an extended period of time, you can tell they are unlike regular aircraft contrails. The chemtrails do not rapidly disperse. Instead they gradually spread out in a lacy pattern, ultimately forming what appear to be banks of clouds.

Even after fanning out, the chemtrails can be readily spotted because the banks of clouds are in straight lines across the sky as they mesh together. Sometimes they turn an otherwise sunny day into one that is overcast.

The former researcher told The SPOTLIGHT that he believes he has tracked the chemical spraying to the "unconventional pathogen countermeasures program" of the top secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The agency has funded laboratory studies and tests conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

DARPA Director Lawrence H. Dubois claims the agency is "not doing any large-scale or outdoor testing" and he knows of "no evidence that [the chemical substance] is being sprayed from aircraft by any agency of the federal government." However, The SPOTLIGHT's source said he is convinced that DARPA is deeply involved in the massive spraying.

"After talking to friends in Congress, government and medicine, I have been referred to the University of Michigan and Dr. James Baker Jr., his nanotechnology oil-water liquid-the same liquid developed by Dr. Craig Wright, a scientist at Novavax Inc. in Columbia, Md.," the researcher said. "I speak for thousands of American citizens who are being sprayed by military aircraft and haven't a clue why the government is spraying and lying to them. They are very concerned in light of the present administration."

The researcher said the government is planning for a biological attack against the United States. Government officials have referred to such an attack as "not if, but when."

A number of Third World countries hostile to the United States as well as Russia and Red China are involved in massive chemical and biological warfare development programs.

The government and its scientists claim that the chemicals being tested are harmless to humans. The re search er disagrees.

"Certain illnesses including pneumonia tracked the spraying effort across America but the American people have not been told about the project," the researcher said. "In fact, government agencies have deliberately lied to the citizens again and again.

"These aircraft trails appear below 10,000 feet and do not act like ice crystals. Spray from aircraft are observed cutting on and off as you would throw a switch on the aircraft control panel. Grid patterns are painted in the sky with 'X' and circles are also painted."

According to the researcher, the oil in the substance being sprayed is responsible for "rainbow-like" colorations that appear frequently during the formation of the chemtrails. The "X" found in an area being sprayed probably marks the areas for satellite study of the dispersal patterns.

Government officials are concerned about a biological attack against the United States involving the use of the deadly disease anthrax, which several countries, including Iraq and North Korea, are developing as a biological weapon.

Government officials also are concerned about the development of a pandemic outbreak of a deadly flu, similar to the so-called Spanish flu that killed tens of millions worldwide in 1918.
Recent outbreaks of a new flu strain in Hong Kong, which appears to be transmitted by chickens, has given rise to fears about a pandemic outbreak developing and quickly sweeping across the globe.

As it turns out, the chemical substance is being tested at the University of Michigan under Baker's direction. Ba ker, a professor of internal medicine, serves as director of the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology at the university's medical school, which is effective at countering flu viruses and anthrax spores.

The substance, called BCTP, is a milky-white emulsion of tiny lipid drop lets suspended in solvent developed by Wright, chief research scientist at Novavax. Wright is also president of Novavax Biologics Division. Novavax is a bio pharmaceuticals company.

BCTP is made of water, soybean oil, Triton X 100 detergent and the solvent tri-n-butyl phosphate. BCTP envelops the viruses and spores, causing them to explode and thus destroying them upon contact.

The researcher told The SPOTLIGHT that he believes the Clinton administration is using BCTP as a countermeasure against anthrax, dead ly influenza and other potential biological killers. If, for example, the government instituted a full-scale anthrax vaccination program, the public would panic, the researcher noted. This is particularly true in the wake of a mandatory anthrax vaccination program instituted by the military, he said. Many critics are convinced the military is using an unsafe vaccine.

"I believe the government is undertaking experiments with BCTP, a means of countering an anthrax or other biological attack without anyone being at war," the researcher said. "It is, I think, a case of 'what they don't know won't hurt them-it may help them."

"But the point is, you don't experiment on the public without their knowledge and consent, or at least that is the way it's supposed to be," he added.


The last few months have been a boom time for U.F.O. enthusiasts in China.

Just before the start of the year 2000, there were dozens of sightings. Strange shining objects were observed scooting through the sky by hundreds of people, from former airport workers to college deans.

"Warning Wuhan! Warning Dalian! Warning Xian! Jiangsu! Beijing! Shanghai!" exulted the Jiangsu U.F.O. Research Society's Web site. "Frequent U.F.O. visits have enveloped all of China."

Buoyed in part by the sightings, the ranks of the research societies in major Chinese cities devoted to unidentified flying objects have grown to more than 40,000 members.

More important still, the normally conservative official news media have been lavishing attention on U.F.O. news, with documentaries on the main government television station, CCTV-1, and credulous newspaper articles. "Because of the frequent sightings recently in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities that have had many witnesses, even the media -- which are very serious and careful -- have been paying attention."

Of course, in many The level of interest and acceptance is definitely rising," said Sun Shili, a retired Foreign Ministry ways it would seem a most awkward time for fleets of extraterrestrials to be buzzing China, what with the government jailing leaders of the Falun Gong spiritual movement and a few other groups, also associated with the traditional Chinese practice of qigong exercises, for "superstitious" and "anti-scientific" behavior.

But so far, at least, the government has decided to tolerate the U.F.O. craze even if it does not financially support it. Wildly popular and politically unthreatening, U.F.O. research is the kind of unorthodox pursuit that is allowed in China today. Anyway, government officials and citizens alike tend to view U.F.O. research as science or at least possibly scientific.

And officials of U.F.O. societies are determined to keep it that way.

"The study of UFOs is fundamentally different from other things like Falun Gong and qigong, which have come under criticism lately," said Jin Fan, an engineer who heads the Dalian U.F.O. Research Society in northeast China. "This is a purely scientific field, whereas Falun Gong deals with cults and superstition."

Indeed, a large portion of China's U.F.O. enthusiasts are scientists and engineers, not the sci-fi buffs or apocalyptic stargazers who are the stereotype in the United States. Many of China's U.F.O. research societies require a college degree and published research for membership. The Chinese Air Force attends important U.F.O. meetings.

"If our conditions for membership weren't so strict, we'd have millions of members by now," said Mr. Sun, a cheerful intellectual in a gray sweater and striped tie, who seems to embody the movement -- a bit offbeat, yes, but also scholarly, serious and strictly establishment.

In his cluttered Beijing study, he proudly displays old photographs of himself interpreting for Chairman Mao and a more recent vintage Alien Collection set containing models of a Nordic alien and of those reportedly found in Roswell, N.M., for example.

Applauding the Chinese government's "enlightened and practical attitude," Mr. Sun said: "In the U.S., scholars investigating this are under pressure and have been derided. But in China the academic discussion is quite free, so in this area American academics are quite jealous of us."

The cluster of dozens of sightings in the last four months has given China's enthusiasts new grist for discussions. Most episodes involved glowing orange-yellow objects that were reported to have lingered in the late-afternoon or night sky for more than 15 minutes before disappearing in an instant.

In a country where camcorders and cameras are now common household equipment, many were captured on film, and the images found their way into newspapers and onto television.

Mr. Jin videotaped some suspected UFOs over Dalian on Dec. 25.

I believe what I saw was a U.F.O., based on its pattern of movement, its glow, its shape and its appearance," he said. "It had substance and dimensionality -- it was clearly an object."

Mr. Jin, an engineer, said the turns and dips made by the objects, as well as their rapid acceleration, could not have been the maneuvers of man-made planes or rockets. He added that he had been researching the subject long enough to distinguish a true U.F.O. from an "atmospheric phenomenon."

Experts have various theories about the recent rash of U.F.O. sightings. A recent article in the Journal of U.F.O. Research, published by the Gansu Science and Technology Press, notes that sightings in China peak each year around Oct. 1, China's National Day.

"If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that visitors from an extraterrestrial civilization would come now," Mr. Jin said. "We're entering a new millennium, so any extraterrestrial civilization that's been observing us would want to document the state of our civilization at this particular moment, as sort of a historical snapshot."

He attributed the high frequency of sightings in China to its population density. And club officials say more than half of Chinese are interested in UFOs and believe that they might exist.

The Beijing U.F.O. Research Society has 280 members, and 30 percent are managers or Communist Party workers. Reporters from the major news organizations cover the yearly research meetings of the national U.F.O. society.

This is an extraordinary reversal in a country where 25 years ago life was so focused on Communist politics that most people could not imagine anything so ethereal as an unidentified flying object, and expressing belief in them might have been a ticket to jail.

Indeed, Mr. Sun said he did not appreciate his one and only U.F.O. sighting -- a "bright object in the sky" -- in 1971, when he was sent to the countryside as a young Communist Party worker during the Cultural Revolution. "I assumed it must be some sort of monitoring device, since relations between China and the Soviet Union were very tense at the time," he said, laughing. "It was only years later, when I got more access to foreign materials, that I realized what I'd experienced."

He and others credit China's two decades of liberalization and market reforms for allowing U.F.O. fever to flourish. "As China has opened to the outside world in the last 20 years, people's thinking has also opened," he said.

Some of the current U.F.O. research in China centers on investigating sightings, but much of it involves trying to create new forms of propulsion to try to explain how UFO's might work.

Mr. Sun describes with great excitement a small balloon like device invented by one of his members that moves faster than other man-made devices. Although it exists now only as a small model, the society is planning to test it, first on water and then on land and in space.

The research societies also share information and reports on the quirkier aspect of UFO's, like alien abductions. They are looking into the case of a Beijing worker who said that in December he was held for two hours on an alien spacecraft, where he was studied as part of a medical experiment.

But Chinese U.F.O. society officials say they prefer to maintain a sober exterior, often playing down controversial topics, which they prefer to discuss in private.

And so the most recent issue of the Journal of U.F.O. Research, published in November, scoffed at the notions of a millennial apocalypse -- even as it carried articles on "interstellar migration" and the notion that the Egyptian pyramids were instruments for communication with extraterrestrials.

And U.F.O. enthusiasts say they will avoid the troubles that have befallen qigong.

"We're very careful and cautious to present things scientifically and to filter out things that head in a superstitious direction," Mr. Sun said, "since there's a great deal of fakery in the U.F.O. field as well as real occurrence."



When you read the following understand that we at Ground Zero are well aware that the term UFO is juxtaposed with Alien activity. However this report does not imply Alien activity. It only is a report of an unknown, unmarked craft flying low over a small town in Illinois moving towards St. Louis.

A civilian, who had driven to his miniature golf course in Highland at 4:01 AM, reported an object like "a floating house" with very bright internal lights flying at a low altitude from northeast and moving southwest. The object was two to three stories high and was the length of a football field. The eyewitness immediately drove to the Highland PD and reported the sighting. The police dispatcher from Highland contacted The Central Communications dispatcher from St. Clair County, who in turn requested the Lebanon Police Department to look out for the object.

At approximately 4:10 am the police officer from Lebanon, responding to the dispatch from Highland, reported a low flying "massive elongated triangle" emitting intense white light. The object came to within 1000 feet of the witness and then appeared to rotate slowly and fly extremely quickly and suddenly across the sky toward Shiloh, Illinois. The maneuver was executed with no noise. The officer had turned off his vehicle engine, his light bar and his main police radio so that he could listen for noise.

A police officer from Shiloh reported a large black arrowhead shaped craft that was moving slowly. The object then gathered speed and flew about four to five miles across the sky at a very high rate of speed. According to the officer, who was watching from his vehicle with the windows rolled down and the engine shut off, this maneuver was executed silently. Since there was little, if any wind at the time, this maneuver is judged to be inconsistent with the behavior of a blimp.

A Millstadt police officer described the object flying very slowly between 500 and 1000 feet altitude. It was very large. It was shaped like a fat arrowhead. The rear of the object was concave and looked to contain dim, white, flashing strobes.

According to the testimony from the police officers, the flight path of the object was in a southwesterly direction from Highland, over Lebanon, Shiloh, Millstadt and then turning northwest to Dupo. The flight path would have taken the object almost directly over Scott Air-Force base. According to all inquiries by NIDS, including interviews with two separate AFOSI officers on the base, nothing was in the air from Scott Air Force base that night between 4:00 and 5:00 am. All individuals disavowed knowledge of any flying objects in the region around Scott AFB.

Two separate inquiries from NIDS to the Boeing St. Louis facility showed that Boeing does not conduct testing of military aircraft at their facility. According to Boeing, the facility conducts acceptance testing of newly manufactured (from the assembly line) aircraft during the day at the local commercial airport. A Boeing spokesperson confirmed that there were no Boeing St. Louis derived aircraft flying around St. Louis and surrounding areas during the early morning (midnight to sunrise) dark hours of Jan 5, 2000.

Millstadt Police Department
On January 5, 2000 at approximately 4:28am 1, Officer Craig A. Stevens was on Patrol in the Village of Millstadt. I was monitoring radio traffic when I heard a report via CENCOM, that the Highland Police Department had a report of a large object flying in the air. CENCOM dispatched Lebanon P.D. to respond. I heard Lebanon state, is the guy 10-55. Later I heard Lebanon state that he observed the object, and that it headed in the direction of Shiloh, and to have Shiloh P.D. be on the look out for it. I then heard that Shiloh had spotted the object.

I drove to the east end of town to see if I could observe the object. Then I drove to the north end of town, in the Liederkranz Park parking lot. While I was sitting there I observed a very large flying object coming from a southward direction. The object was flying very low from 500 to 1000 ft., and was flying very slowly. The object was making no noise. I could only hear a very low decibel buzzing sound. Then the object began banking to the north east direction, and continued to cruise away from me toward the area of Dupo.

I contacted dispatch, and advised them that I had spotted the object. I exited the patrol car, and took the Polaroid camera from the trunk, and attempted to take a picture. The camera was very cold. The temp was only approximately 18 to 20 degrees outside, and the picture did not seem to exit the camera properly.

I heard Dupo P.D. advise CENCOM that they quite possibly observed the object, but it was at a very high altitude.

Anyone who has the book, "The gods of Eden," by William Bramley should dig it out and read or reread Chapter 18, "The Black Death," starting on page 179. This book was published in 1989, years before the Chemtrails. There are places in that chapter that sound like they could have been written today. Below are a few quotes, enough to give you an idea of the parallels between the middle age plagues and what's happening today with the Chemtrails.

The Black Death began in Asia and soon spread to Europe where it killed well over 25 million people (about one third of Europe's total population) in less than four years. Some historians put the casualty figure closer to 35 to 40 million people, or about half of all Europeans............

Two types of plague are believed to have caused the Black Death. The first is the "bubonic" type, which was the most common. The bubonic form of plague is characterized by swellings of the lymph nodes: the swellings are called "buboes," The buboes are accompanied by vomiting, fever and death. This form of plague is not contagious between human beings; it requires an active carrier, such as a flea. For this reason, many historians believe that flea-infested rodents caused the Bubonic Plague The second form of plague contributing to the Black Death is a highly contagious type known as "pneumonic" plague. It is marked by shivering, rapid breathing and the coughing up of blood. This second type of plague is nearly always fatal and transmits best in cold weather and in poor ventilation. Some physicians today believe it was this second form, the "pneumonic" plague, which was responsible for most of the casualties of the Black Death because of the crowding and poor hygienic conditions then prevalent in Europe.

We would normally shake our heads at this tragic period of human history and be thankful that modern medicine has developed cures for these dread diseases. However, troubling enigmas about the Black Death still linger. Many outbreaks occurred in summer during warm weather in uncrowded regions. Not all outbreaks of bubonic plague were preceded by rodent infestation; in fact, only a minority of cases seemed to be related to an increase in the presence of vermin. The greatest puzzle about the Black Death is how it was able to strike isolated human populations, which had no contact with earlier infected areas. The epidemics also tended to end abruptly.

A great many people throughout Europe and other Plague stricken regions of the world were reporting that foul-smelling "mists" caused outbreaks of the Plague. Those mists frequently appeared after unusually bright lights in the sky. The historian quickly discovers that "mists" were reported far more frequently and in many more locations than were rodent infestations. The Plague years were, in fact, a period of heavy UFO activity.

What, then, were the mysterious mists? There is another very important way in which plague germs can be transmitted; through germ weapons. The US and the Soviet Union today have stockpiles of biological weapons containing bubonic plague and other epidemic diseases. The germs are kept alive in canisters, which spray the diseases into the air on thick, often visible, artificial mists. Anyone breathing in the mist will inhale the disease. There are enough such germ weapons today to wipe out a good portion of humanity. Reports of identical disease-inducing mists from the Plague years strongly suggest that the Black Death was caused by germ warfare. Let us take a look at the incredible reports, which lead to that conclusion.

The first outbreak of the Plague in Europe followed an unusual series of events. Between 1298 and 1314, seven large "comets" were seem over Europe; one was of "awe-inspiring blackness." To the people of Europe, these sightings were considered omens of the Plague which soon followed.

It is true that some reported "comets" were probably just that; comets. On the other hand it is important to note that almost any unusual object in the sky was called a "comet.". This leads us to wonder how many other ancient "comets" were actually similar rocket like objects. When we are confronted with an old report of a comet, we therefore do not really know what kind of thing we are dealing with unless there is a fuller description. A report of a sudden increase in "comets" or similar celestial phenomena may, in fact, mean an increase in UFO activity.

The link between unusual aerial phenomena and the Black Death was established immediately during the first outbreaks of the Plague in Asia. As one historian tells us: The first reports (of the plague) came out of the East. They were confused, exaggerated, frightening, as reports from that quarter of the world so often are; descriptions of storms and earthquakes; of meteors and comets trailing noxious gases that killed trees and destroyed the fertility of the land.

The above passage indicates that strange flying objects were doing more than just spreading disease; they were also apparently spraying chemical or biological defoliants from the air. The above passage echoes the ancient Mesopotamian tablets which described defoliation of the landscape by ancient Custodial "gods."

The connection between aerial phenomena and plague had begun centuries before the Black Death. We saw examples in our earlier discussion of Justinians's plague. We read from another source about a large plague that had reportedly broken out in the year 1117 -- almost 250 years before the Black Death. That plague was also preceded by unusual celestial phenomena.

Once the medieval Black Death got started, noteworthy aerial phenomena continued to accompany the dread epidemic.

Sightings of unusual aerial phenomena usually occurred from several minutes to a year before an outbreak of Plague. Where there was a gap between such a sighting and the arrival of the Plague, a second phenomenon was sometimes reported: The appearance of frightening humanlike figures dressed in black. Those figures were often seen on the outskirts of a town or village and their presence would signal the outbreak of an epidemic almost immediately. A summary written in 1682 tells of one such visit a century earlier:

In Brandengurg (Germany) there appeared in 1559 horrible men of whom at first fifteen and later on twelve were seen. the others (had) fearful faces and long scythes, with which they cut at the oats, so that the swish could be heard at a great distance, but the oats remained standing. The visit of the strange men to the oat fields was followed immediately by a severe outbreak of the Plague in Brandenburg.

This incident raises intriguing questions: who were the mysterious figures? What were the long scythe-like instruments they had that emitted a loud swishing sound? It appears that the "scythes" may have been long instruments designed to spray poison or germ-laden gas. This would mean that the townspeople misinterpreted the movement of the "scythes" as an attempt to cut oats when, in fact, the movements were the act of spraying aerosols on the town. Similar men dressed in black were reported in Hungary. There appeared so many black riders that the opinion was prevalent that the Turks were making a secret raid, but who rapidly disappeared again, and thereupon a raging plague broke out in the neighborhood.

Strange men dressed in black, "demons" and other terrifying figures were observed in other European communities. The frightening creatures were often observed carrying long "brooms," "scythes," or "swords" that were used to "sweep" or "knock at" the doors of people's homes. The inhabitants of those homes fell ill with plague afterwards. It is from these reports that people created the popular image of "Death" as a skeleton or demon carrying a scythe. The scythe came to symbolize the act of Death mowing down people like stalks of grain.

Of all the phenomena connected to the Black Death, by far the most frequently reported were the strange, noxious "mists." The vapors were often observed even when other phenomena were not.

Mr. Nohl points out that moist pestilential fogs were "a feature which preceded the epidemic throughout its whole course." A great many physicians of the time took it for granted that the strange mists caused the Plague. The connection was established at the very beginning of the Black Death.


Ground Zero has compiled this report in an effort to show the stories surrounding the story. You may not think that these stories are related however the release of them simultaneously gives an indication that there may be a pattern and that perhaps there might be a threat of Bio- terror either from space or even from a more terrestrial source. It is coincidental that black project or extra terrestrial aircraft are being seen all over the world and that they are accompanied by the continued spotting of abnormal contrail activity.

Are we under attack?

Is the government inoculating us with chemtrail spraying? Was there an attempt at a terrorist attack that was foiled by the spraying?

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Ground Zero: "Trails and Tribulations" by Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero: "Clouds of Doubt: Should we fear the Bio-Apocalypse?" By Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero: "Operation Desert Swarm" by Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero: "None Dare Call it Paranoia: The Ground Zero S-4 Investigations" compiled resources from Clyde Lewis and Olav Phillips

Ground Zero: "BioFear - Bad Omens from Ground Zero" by MaxxDamage

All articles were written 1998 and 1999 for Disinfozero for the Ground Zero radio show.

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