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The result of a passive acceptance of global deceit.
Compiled by Clyde Lewis

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his inequity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. ĖThe Old Testament

Be forewarned. This is the most vicious rant I have ever written. It will offend the majority of people who happen to click here. But I feel I need to say it.

While I still can.

In order to begin my rant I must reacquaint you with an age-old parable. Something that is a metaphor as old as time itself.

There once was a king named Dionysius who ruled in Syracuse, the richest city in Sicily. He lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding.

Naturally, because Dionysius had so much wealth and power, there were many in Syracuse who envied his good fortune. Damocles was one of these. He was one of Dionysius's best friends, and he was always saying to him, "How lucky you are! You have everything anyone could wish for. You must be the happiest man in the world."

One day Dionysius grew tired of hearing such talk. "Come now," he said, "do you really think I'm happier than everyone else?"

"But of course you are," Damocles replied. "Look at the great treasures you possess, and the power you hold. You have not a single worry in the world. How could life be any better?"

"Perhaps you would like to change places with me," said Dionysius. "Oh, I would never dream of that," said Damocles. "But if I could only have your riches and your pleasures for one day, I should never want any greater happiness."

"Very well. Trade places with me for just one day, and you shall have them." And so, the next day, Damocles was led to the palace, and all the servants were instructed to treat him as their master. They dressed him in royal robes, and placed on his head a crown of gold. He sat down at a table in the banquet hall, and rich foods were set before him. Nothing was wanting that could give him pleasure. There were costly wines, and beautiful flowers, and rare perfumes, and delightful music. He rested himself among soft cushions, and felt he was the happiest man in all the world.

"Ah, this is the life," he sighed to Dionysius, who sat at the other end of the long table. "I've never enjoyed myself so much."

And as he raised a cup to his lips, he lifted his eyes toward the ceiling. What was that dangling above him, with its point almost touching his head?

Damocles stiffened. The smile faded from his lips, and his face turned ashy pale. His hands trembled. He wanted no more food, no more wine, no more music. He only wanted to be out of the palace, far away, he cared no where. For directly above his head hung a sword, held to the ceiling by only a single horsehair.

Its sharp blade glittered as it pointed right between his eyes. He started to jump up and run, but stopped himself, frightened that any sudden move might snap the thin thread and bring the sword down. He sat frozen to his chair.

"What is the matter, my friend?" Dionysius asked. "You seem to have lost your appetite."

"That sword! That sword!" whispered Damocles. "Don't you see it?" "Of course I see it," said Dionysius. "I see it every day. It always hangs over my head, and there is always the chance someone or something may cut the slim thread. Perhaps one of my own advisors will grow jealous of my power and try to kill me. Or someone may spread lies about me, to turn people against me. It may be that a neighboring kingdom will send an army to seize this throne. Or I might make an unwise decision that will bring my downfall. If you want to be a leader, you must be willing to accept these risks. They come with the power, you see."

"Yes, I do see," said Damocles. "I see now that I was mistaken, and that you have much to think about besides your riches and fame. Please take your place, and let me go back to my own house."

And as long as he lived, Damocles never again wanted to change places, even for a moment, with the king.

Thus endeth the pretentious parable.

I guess it comes as no surprise that I hate presidential politics. I hate them because I can see them for what they truly are. They are the foreplay before the raping. They are the grooming used to disguise the lie.

Election fever is the machine used to get you excited, outraged, or motivated into making a difference. To make a choice. To participate in the system. To show your support of Government.

To say "yes" to more laws, hidden taxes, loopholes, and secret legislative sessions that make under the table laws that you canít object to.

While I vote for local laws I feel I can change. Filling the hole next to the name of some local bureaucrat is a big fat kiss on the hind end star of candidates who have been lucky enough to own a block of apartment buildings, shopping centers, and street corners.

On a larger scale The Presidential race is a big show to parade those who own even bigger things, and even bigger companies.

It is also there to ask you to vote for those people who were lucky enough to win the lottery in the gene pool.

250 million Americans and we get George W. Bush and Al Gore. My God we should have just cancelled the election and put in Danny Quayle.

Yea Iím cynical. So sue me.

Most Americans will be the first to tell you that what they have is the best there is. The finest health care, the smartest children, and when it comes to getting along with others on the planet, Americans believe that they are the most just and fair.

Most Americans will tell you that their form of Government is the template for all to follow, yet in the same breath they will criticize and ridicule judgements made in court proceedings, and will chastise and belittle the very leaders they choose in elections. For eight years you are told that everything is well with America and then for some reason in eight months you hear that everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

Well now I ask, which is it?

It is becoming obvious that Americans are no better than their foreign counterparts. We seldom hear of uprisings against our government like in other parts of the world. But we do talk openly about our out of control system during election time.

Americans are more passive about their leaders. They will yell scream and protest, but they never will go to the extremes of revolution to right the wrongs that have been foisted upon them.

They will still find time to gather in barber shops and coffee houses and talk about the "good old days" when life was more simplistic and in some delusional circles more benign.

The headlines in the paper will dictate the discussion. The gossip and speculation will raise eyebrows and the feeling of being a part of the group is satisfaction enough for the average Joe who feels that his opinion when given to the power elite will fall on deaf ears.

Give them an election and they go nuts.

The discussion always hovers around the tried and true belief that things are bad and that they are getting worse and that none of the problems that exist today ever existed in the "good old days."

Many people are still of the opinion that modern problems are unique and that no one else had to deal with them. The truth is that these issues and problems always seem to creep up on us when an election is about to happen or immediately after a new leader is in office as we anxiously await his or her performance and their expertise in dealing with these so called problems.

One of the biggest issues that seems to be on the minds of people these days is crime. How many times have you heard that police forces need to be beefed up and people need to be aware of crime around them because it is worse now than it ever was?

How many people have been ready to give up second amendment rights for a over dramatized threat of deadly force with a weapon? How many people have been willing to give up more constitutional rights just for the peace of mind of knowing that they could be safe, just like it was in the "good old days?"

A column of a major newspaper read " Each day we see ghastly records of crime. Murder is running rampant and each citizen asks who is safe?" The column was not published in 1960, or even 1970. It wasnít a column written by the New York Times in 1985 or after the Columbine Tragedy in 1999.

The column was written in 1868.

This would indicate that some 130 years ago the reality of crime was one of those tried and true fear triggers to get people to fall in line.

Believe it or not the crime rates back then were far higher than they are now. History gives us statistics that show that in the mid 1800ís crime continued to grow more than twice as fast as the population spiraling out of control near centuries end.

The 1800ís may be too far away for you to care about the constant conditioning and same old song and dance that is being used to get you to start stepping to the beat of some "lobbyists" or controlling cabalís drum.

However from the 1930ís through the 1950ís stories of paid "hits" from gangs and mobs made the papers constantly and yet there are those who still say that they felt safer back then than they do now.

There are still people who demand the banning of guns in the United States and the monitoring of citizens in order to combat the alleged high crime rate in the country.

Iím not advocating letting our guard down, Iím just questioning the motives of those who feel that it is important to continue to supersize our military and our police forces. What is the true purpose behind this type of activity? Are they expecting a revolt?

The media will manipulate you by reporting shooting after shooting. The television will feed you with "real world" crime at the push of a remote control conditioning you to give up your rights when the time is right.

Itís all propaganda to persuade you into giving up personal freedoms for the furthering of the system. For the building of the oligarchy, the minority that manipulates the majority, the wolves that have had their way with the sheep.

Has anyone looked at the recent snafus and debacles of botched Police raids where innocent people have become murder victims at the hands of our very own forces that we hold in the public trust?

When an innocent citizen falls dead in the street or in his home after police mistakenly put a bullet in his chest, the media wonít call it murder, the police wonít call it murder, the judges and elected officials wonít call it murder but it definitely is murder.

The officer will be suspended with pay, then comes the investigation that is merely a show for the media and good public relations. Most families and victims seldom get apologies and seldom get compensation. Even after lawsuits are filed on behalf of the victims.

The Police send out confusing signals when innocent people are gunned down by accident. First they say that deaths like these are to be expected when "they lay their lives on the line" and then in the same breath say "that as civil servants they are not required to lay their lives on the line." Yet they are uniformed civilians who can and will kill you if they feel it is their "duty." The old motto of "to serve and protect" is now being replaced with "to enforce at any cost."

Many people argue that the Police have been manipulated too. Claims are that the Drug war is the major reason why police officers have become so trigger happy. Racial profiling, quotas, and all of the evils that are denied by the police are the very things that send the paranoia to a fever pitch.

This is why black people reaching for wallets are gunned down. This is why young girls with hairbrushes are shot on dark streets. This is why a typical traffic stop leads to a confrontation. We always assume that if a policeman is harmed that the "suspect" who eventually becomes hamburger deserved it.

We see it all the time on COPS and Americaís Most Wanted. The police are always the good guysóno cop would ever do anything abusive, or salacious to a person who is just minding his own business. If the police are always the good guys then who does that leave as the bad guy?

Look in the mirror!

Donít think that just because you donít commit crime, you wonít find yourself at the end of a gun. Mistakes are always made. But in a "war" it is always maintained that there are justifiable casualties. No one is safe from criminals or the police. Itís hard to tell who the enemy is anymore.

Say goodbye to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You can roll your eyes and say that I am overreacting but look at where we are headed. The threat of terrorists, murderers, child molesters, and drug users puts the enemy right at your doorstep. Right in your home.

The alleged drug war has done more to proliferate the masses with "urban legend" cited as fact. It gives artistic license for manipulative gerrymandering that has lead us down the path of intrusive behaviors such as urine tests, and blood tests, breaking and entering by police, unlawful search and seizure and the breaking up of the family unit.

It has been the excuse given by leaders to justify the beefing up of police forces and the complete negation of 5th amendment rights.

People have been murdered in their homes by the police during accidental "no knock actions" and people have tested positive for drugs in their system after taking something as simple as cough syrup or eating a poppy seed bage.

Before Marijuana and the use of crack cocaine even became one of the most over reported stories in the latter half of the 20th century, drug use was even higher per capita among the people more than 100 years ago.

It was estimated that in the late 1860ís there were at least 100,000 drug addicts in America. There were people addicted to Opium and it was normal for people to meet up with beggars who were looking for money to pay for their next fix.

Today we have drug addicts among us and as you can see this seems to be a part of the American culture. Yet the propaganda that plays on Television and radio has created this cultural bogeyman that needs to be stopped.

Itís been going on for 130 years and yet with enough propaganda scares it has become all that parents worry about. Itís what zealous police officers have used as justification for terrorizing citizens and using probable cause as the crutch for negating rights of the citizen who can refuse a search or seizure without a court order or warrant.

People are resolving that the fear of having your neighbor using drugs, or growing Marijuana is enough to justify a police force spying on you, it justifies a urine test, a blood test, and searches in every cavity of your person.

These conditioning tools and trigger issues have been in the collective consensus reality for a long time. We are so used to being in fear that we have let down our guard to a government that can eventually become the enemy.

If you rise up against such a tyrannical enemy take over, the labels and trigger words are used again by the media and the consensus vernacular. What are you if you oppose a system?

How about a rebel? A traitor? Or even worse a terrorist or an enemy of the state. Is anyone really interested in wearing that nametag the rest of their lives?

I seriously doubt it.

We have been snared in the trappings of our own paranoia. It looks as though this is not an accident it has been planned all along. It will continue until we are convinced we are free while in the pit of slavery to a system out of control.

We are seriously trapped by the very demon we never intended to unleash. The very demon that World Wars allegedly vanquished.

We either become passive to the global deceit, or we accept it and go with the flow.

A true patriot always wonders if he has found himself on the wrong side. However many of us take for granted that we are on the right side and so all that happens on our side of the fence is wholesome and for our own good.

In the year of election it is time to do some soul searching and ask

Where is freedom?

The propaganda has been used to get you to unwittingly participate in the dissolving of freedom. Fear has been used as a tool by every politician and bureaucrat to get a reaction and to keep the dragon alive so that the commoners will demand that a hero with a fool proof plan will arrive to save them, at any cost. Including liberty.

This is the ultimate set up. The ultimate set up for the ugly oligarchy of tyranny that disguises itself as democracy.

People already have expressed interest in gun control, camera monitoring, microchip implantation, racial profiling, and other proposed safe guards. We turn a blind eye to the recording and monitoring of phone conversations, e-mail, and the tracking of e-commerce.

We have demanded that what we see and hear be sanitized and that freedom of expression is a tool of evil. We abhor the expression of things that are not necessarily the norm. We run away from independent thought that is against the grain.

Our leaders who allegedly defend the constitution are demanding that our artists, writers, and filmmakers have certain standards that they want to impose to insure a virtual cleaning of the movies, music, and the things we read.

We already have G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. X so when they say "clean up" does that mean censorship?

There have been proposals to control what is being broadcast or published on the Internet and putting controls and balances in place to prevent any kind of subversive messages to be expressed or worse, classified information to be leaked out.

The government is also opposed to "Crypto anarchy" because it renders computer users virtually invisible to government snoopers and spies.

That is probably why companies are using fear tactics in commercials and in print media to get potential participators in e-commerce to avoid using virtual cash or virtual money online.

It is non taxable and there are government officials who are already proposing e-taxes, and companies are developing special cards, with special names and microchips that can be implanted in order to "insure" that your e-commerce purchases will be safe and secure. What they donít tell you is they will also be stored, processed and recorded better than before.

Is it any wonder that we see the news focus on the fall of dot com companies? That they set their sites on calling the Internet risky? That in order to make these companies work, they need to be absorbed by other "good guy" companies?

Good guy companies that seem to have the "blessing" of government. Companies that are not railroaded and made to look like evil monopolies?

You can choose whatever side you want in the Microsoft case, and if you can see past your prejudice and your geeky psychobabble you can see that the decks are stacking in favor of "certain companies" that have complied with the new order of things.

Companies that have absorbed other communications companies. Making a neonopoly [sic] on every single thing you watch, read, and listen to.

If you donít play on their playground you will be considered an outlaw, hacker, or worse an Internet terrorist.

In order to succeed you will have to dumb down and literally make a deal with the devil.

Itís all happening too fast in the age that has surpassed 56K and those who canít keep up will cave in and simplify. No one wants to hunt and peck a search engine when all you have to do is type in a key word. Everyone wants the pretty computer with the less taxing icons and the easy accesses. Itís easier to get hooked to Luciferís new toy.

In the future if we allow the systemís controllers to lay their hands on any of the pure information, we will be seeing the world in a state of self-correction on a continuous basis. The information war will be furious. The confusion will be widespread when those who believe the associated press, or the Washington Post will be at war with those who believe Internet journalists.

Someone will have to come in and parent the Net after the power elite have convinced us that humans are not self-governing. They need a figurehead to instruct them on how to behave in the new technocracy. The ultimate decision is to remove subversive reporters. They will use the excuse that freedom of speech has limits.

The Internet is one of those tools, one of those oracles that contains the cloned collective consciousness of the planet. If the mind can be groomed, the consciousness of the planet can be altered or "corrected" and soon a change will take place that could make all paranoid conspiracy theorists and Armageddon watchers bite down on the barrel of their gun.

By some sick joke the Internet could find itself being manipulated in order to condition a new breed into believing the new and improved propaganda that is being placed by pawns who are well paid to pollute the river of information with selected news and information.

Already it is making the rounds in certain circles that certain secret societies are already preparing the world for a barrage of "circumstantial clues" that would suggest that we should be preparing for the great war. The war of desolation that will weed out the weak and the impressionable to make way for the advanced New World Order.

An order more cunning and powerful than can ever be imagined. An order whose true purpose is to inherit the earth for themselves.

You will be in the picture Ė

If you choose to conform, you will share in the drinking of the blood of those who desire to go against the new leaders, the new constitution, and the new order.

Close your eyes and try to take in all of the energy that surrounds you. Take in a breath and open your mind to all of the energy that sees to rise up from the earth. What do you feel?

Is it truly inner peace? Or do you feel a sense of urgency or anxiety that is surrounded by a twinge of paranoia that lets your spirit know that something has snapped?

That is the spirit of the collective consciousness. The health of the human spirit is deteriorating. The cynicism is like a poison that is reaching new levels in some people and the fear is overwhelming those ever faithful individuals who are watching the seconds counting down the fulfillment of prophecy.

Trust in our leaders is waning and trust in our fellow man has disintegrated to the point of being non existent. Yet we follow anyway because who really wants to be the party pooper?

The leaders of today are fast becoming cunning manipulators that are moving scores of people in directions that they would never in the past dream of going. Itís as if the Pied Piper has played his tune and the song has blanked out the voice of reason.

We have accepted spiritual poverty over the promise of material wealth. We have accepted slavery as a means to insure freedom. We have heard that war is the only way to insure peace. Some are praying for a quick and painless Armageddon so that we can find our returning Savior.

Armageddon will come and it wonít be painless. Those praying for its coming will not go away empty handed. The return of a savior is in the eyes of the beholder.

We have already bowed before the Gods. We have erected monuments and we give them posh living arrangements. We gladly pay handsomely for the people on the throne to commit murder, adultery, and all acts of treason in the name of democracy.

The truth is ugly.

But who cares? It isnít nice to spoil all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding this celebration of democracy. Itís not politically correct to let the air out of the red, white, and blue balloons.

We have embraced failure, and moral decay, murder and many other grievous sins that any God would consider repugnant.

Just keep saying Jesus is my Lord. Repeat it several times as you are being raped and laughed at.

We have accepted the men who have been served to us as "leaders" and have neglected to realize that their worthiness to rule over us has been tarnished by underhanded activities and secret dark covenants that they have made with shady and machiavellian interests that do not care about your future, but their material wealth.

The biggest crime against you is betrayal.

It is profane to convince people that they have a choice when in reality there is no choice. It is evil to give the appearance of freewill when the outcome is already planned.

It is twisted when leaders, both religious, and political use emotional triggers to get a group of people to move in the direction that they want.

Giving up individual power for the hope of comfort and security will lead to slavery.

The biggest secret of all is beginning to unravel for a small group of people.

And that secret is that the tools of dissention have already been unleashed. They are the silent weapons in a quite war. They are there for one reason, to create chaos and to render the planet in a constant flux of panic, and hopelessness, which will lead to mass derision.

When you see these tools for what they are you can see the future. Some of these trigger programs and ideas have already been implemented some will take a while to be realized. As far as I can determine these are some of the chief examples of what is being implemented and what is constantly used to trigger fear and loathing in the United States.

  • The unconstitutional monitoring and spying of government on its people.

  • Military funding of the arming and shielding of space. Which holds you to earth if the power ever was given to you to escape its bonds. This will lead people to believe that death is the only way out. It will also lead to the arming of space and the clandestine operation of spying on every corner of the globe.

  • An omnipresent police force that builds into a global army that seizes weapons and tramples the rights of humans to live in safety. They become enslaved in their own paranoia. They can become jailed in their own homes and isolated from the world outside. Citizens can be attacked and shot and killed at random if they fit a "profile" that does not fit with the criteria of the new system.

  • The use of drugs and mass inoculation and poisonings by offending polluters and drug companies. The competition is ever present in introducing new drugs to the public. Children who are creative are candidates for drugs that will render them passive. There are also theories that the government is spraying its citizens with toxins. It has been done before and without motive.

  • The Perfection of Nature through Eugenics, Genetic engineering, abortions, cloning and other ways of creating or destroying life. These methods have kept the planet in a state of dissention for decades. There will also be hybrid cloning where animals and humans will share DNA for use in Transplantation.

  • Erosion of the environment by companies who continue to violate existing laws that protect the earthís vital resources. This has been the reason for protests in Washington during the meetings of the WTO. This could lead to a global civil war that could proliferate internal terrorism.

  • The establishment of the Mob of Rome mentality. The Bread and circus times were the times of the Gladiators where lots were cast for the barbarian who triumphed in the ring. The Gladiators were given the power to be marauding beasts and were supported by villainous agents. Their positions were absolute license for ruthless behavior. They were worshiped as heroes in the sport of blood. Many were never tried for their murderous behaviors and many were worshipped as Gods. Pay close attention to war criminals in the future that will be labeled heroes. Pay attention to sports figures who murder, rape, and get away with it. Pay attention to exhibition sport that will glorify violence at the expense of safety and well being.

  • The Creation of counterfeit enemies such as Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Muamarr Quadaffi, who were once our allies. There will be others that will follow them and they will be the dragons that will continue the vicious circle of dissention. People under their direction will commit acts of aggression to protect their ideals, and religious beliefs. This will keep an air of war ever looming on the horizon giving impetus to the charge that no one is above suspicion. There will always be a threat created to keep the masses in fear, demanding protection.

  • The creation or announcement of an extra terrestrial threat. This has always been the possibility. Remember that an extra terrestrial threat is a broad statement. Sun storms have been known to send magnetic energy to earth knocking out power grids. Asteroid and meteor threats have always been monitored. Diseases in theory are from space and of course there is the possible threat of a malignant extra terrestrial race that could threaten the planet, if such a race exists.

  • Development of a new state religion. A religion that claims to be the one true faith. The only true church. A church that espouses the tenants of control. A religion that will employ the psychological warfare needed to sound the trumpet signaling the beginning of Armageddon. This religion will initiate war, symbolic mysticism, the building of a new Temple, the raising and sacrifice of the symbolic Red Heifer, the reclaiming of the Islamic "Dome of the Rock," the announcement of the Anti Christ, and the arrival of the new messiah, real or staged.

  • The closing of the borders in the United States, creating us and them boundaries kindling racial tensions.

  • Welfare programs that left unchecked will create a public dependant on the parenting neo religious/government control. Which leads to entrapment and apathetic slavery. The Welfare issues have been one of the hot issues that divide the republic and have raised the ugly monster of prejudice and bigotry in the new millennium.
As you can see no mysticism or hocus pocus is used in taking a look at these triggers that have been placed in modern society to get the people to pay attention and fall into the clutches of those who know just how to push your buttons.

It is questioned if the ultimate goal is nothing less than world destruction or world take over.

Are we on the verge of the New Age? A New Order? Are we setting ourselves up for slavery?

Or do you think itís already here?

Do you ever have that underlying fear that technically we are all criminals until we can prove our innocence?

That is because those that are on top of the "pyramid of power" have a weird and an inaccurate picture of what people are thinking. Thatís why more and more laws are making absolutely no sense.

Some people donít see our leaders for what they truly are; rich, fat liars and flatterers that are out of touch with what we want. The vote in the good old days meant something, now it is a metering device for who has the best Public Relations Company.

Another group of liars and flatterers that are busy convincing you to swallow the virtual Kool-aid in a country that has employed a destructive group dynamic, similar to a destructive cult.

The Republic of The United States has allowed itself to be convinced that society is on a collision course with an imaginary enemy. This imaginary enemy is far more sinister than anything George Orwell could create.

Elected officials and news organizations have generated public hysteria which has turned Americans into sheep that are policing each other which fuels all kinds of unscrupulous activity by law enforcement and government.

We are a people that have consumed unfounded rumors and hearsay all broadcast over the tube and loudspeaker by companies with unlimited budgets that can use special effects to mesmerize you into believing that these controls are necessary and for your own good.

We are now living under surveillance. We are all micromanaged and threatened. We are monitored, and video taped. The media has shown the benefits of such things disguised as entertainment. They insert anti-drug messages in television shows and then advertise prescription medications, they also present pro gun control messages as well.

This is all happening with the apparent blessing of the majority.

With all of these triggers and budgets used to get you attention wouldnít it be evident that the elections are fixed, and that small groups of wealthy people are the puppet masters and you are the puppets?

There are more puppets than there are masters and yet we allow ourselves to duped into saying "how high" when they say jump. We are pressured into voting for the lesser of two evils.

For this idiot or that moron.

Itís all packaged with an exit poll, and a skewed debate,

All for someone who is literally a McCandidate.

We are told not to vote for the underdog because he has no chance of winning.

We are told to vote none of the above in protest and then we realize that perhaps itís just throwing away your opportunity to participate.

To participate in what?

The ritual that indicates that we want this chaos to continue?

Itís your choice.

Or is it really?

Any system in confusion will literally fall apart. There is no order in chaos.

Who will be there to clean it up?

The answer lies somewhere lodged in the colder reaches of your heart. The place where the ice water chill pumps through every vein when you see your world playing out like some apocalyptic scripture, or prophetic quatrain.

The only thing that I can see is that it has begun. We are living to see it. However it is impossible to predict how long it will last.

We have been deceived on a global scale and for those who are illuminated it has diminished our confidence and broken our trust.

Go ahead and vote. See if it makes a difference.

The blueprint for the future has already been forged. The architects and builders will use your blood and bones for bricks and mortar if they feel it is necessary.

The sad thing is that many will gladly donate those bones and blood if it means that their calling and election are made sure.

Heed well the story of Damocles, the sword that hangs above us and our future leader dangles by a hair. The question is who will be the first person to cause it to drop?

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