A Ground Zero Investigation
By Clyde Lewis

The 21st century threat is a threat against the earth. We are beginning to see that the threat of the future is the use of the planet as a weapon. HAARP and other technologies could open up a portent that could unleash a larger metaphoric demon from within the earth itself. Control of the weather and the use of wave technology to cause earthquakes are the demons that lurk in the shadows and will be unleashed during the ongoing wars of the 21st century.

If you can allow your mind to wander perhaps you can conduct your own leap into the future. I can guide you through it if you like. It is a typical morning, you hit the snooze alarm and try to steal a little more sleep but of course you need to get into the office and begin your day. While you are waking up you roll over and hear the crack of thunder outside.

You are curious because you look at the window and you see through the branches that the sky is a beautiful blue.

The television in your room looks like it has turned on by itself and the fluorescent lights in the kitchen are beginning to light up. You begin to smell burning plastic and you hear the buzz or arcing of the wires in your walls.

You begin to smell Ozone.

You go to pick up your chord less phone and it feels hot to the touch.

You start to feel a little sick and disoriented. The feeling will wear off eventually and by the time you recover you will be thrown back a few hundred years.

You wonder what has happened?

There is a knock at your door and it's your neighbor saying that his car won't start.

You start to feel a rumble and the earth shakes at 6.0 or greater on the Richter scale. You still aren't sure about what is happening but you notice that telephone wires are melting as buildings crumble all around you.

The news won't reach you fast enough, but you are in an area that has been attacked by an EMP pulse weapon and the area that you are in will be thrust back in time some 200 years.

The idea is a frightening reality and the technology is in the hands of those we dub the "evil doers". The idea is to use the earth itself as a weapon of mass destruction. It is also well known that the United States has this technology and in a time where the Nuclear bomb is still a grim reality it may come as a surprise that technologies such as these can actually disarm and render a nuclear warhead inoperable.

At an April 1997 counterterrorism conference Secretary of Defense William Cohen stated that the reality of new weapons systems that use the earth as a weapon of mass destruction poses a real threat to freedom

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts."-William Cohen

The Idea of using the Power of the earth as a force multiplier is probably the most primitive of ideas but as we have seen in the past the terrorists are very creative in handing out crushing blows, using common objects as weapons of mass destruction.

We have also learned that there are hidden powers in the earth and our Military has developed weaponry that unleashes the very demons that people fear the most.

Yet we demand that it continue.

Even if it means megadeath and the crippling of power sources that we use to sustain life. Even if it means destruction of the earth's fragile ecosystem.

Make no mistake a war with Iraq will not be similar to a war with Afghanistan. This one will be a bloodbath and with the use of these special electro-magnetic weapons we may see something akin to a Star Wars Movie.

We all know who won the war in the end right?

That's right it was the Ewoks.

It was the Ewoks that used logs, and rocks to destroy the Empire, reminiscent of the Vietnamese using bamboo poles to bring down American Helicopters. In reality they used the resources of Endor to bring down their enemies. It is obvious that the stormtroopers knew nothing of the terrain.

It was the arrogance of the Empire that neglected to take into account that the poorer army is more resourceful and will use common objects as weapons. However it seems that both parties are willing to turn the earth into something likened to the Death Star.

We need to remember what happened in Iraq the last time we fought there.

After his forces invaded Kuwait in August 1990, and coalition forces were massing together to force them out, Hussein said if he had to be evicted from Kuwait by force, then Kuwait would be burned.

He kept his word.

The images looked a lot like hell would look. The images were said to be "biblical" for lack of a better metaphor.

Iraqi troops set fire to more than 700 oil wells in several Kuwaiti oil fields as they were evacuating the country. Officials from the Kuwait Oil Company indicated that all of Kuwait's oil fields had been damaged or destroyed by the Iraqis.

Shortly after the first oil wells began to burn, Carl Sagan appeared on ABC's Nightline and predicted that the net effects would be similar to the explosion of the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815, which resulted in the year 1816 being known as the year without a summer.

He of course over estimated the impact. However it still set the stage for some futuristic anomalies in the fragile ecosystem.

It was called the worst man-made pollution event in history. In it's aftermath the fires contributed to further climatic and eco-disasters. The fires are believed to be responsible for changes in the weather, which eventually triggered a huge typhoon that truck Bangladesh killing more than 100,000 people.

Reports out of Southern Russia claimed that high levels of acid rain later fell from the skies. Snow in Pakistan and northern India was darkened by the smoke and particulate left behind.

Now the whole frequency has been turned up to the point of unbearable.

It has been reported that ARCO power technologies has the patent on the technology that sparks the speculation of all those HAARP nightmares. It is patent number 4,686,605 and it details the Tesla like technology that seems to be the smoking gun when it comes to futuristic weapons that could throw the earth into a tumultuous place if implemented. The patent details an ionospheric heater that is eerily similar to the HAARP heater.

The idea is to heat the particles in the ionosphere, making it possible not only to disrupt communications and play hob with brainwaves, but also play with Mother Nature.

This means that it would be possible to target an area and alter its atmosphere.

Chaos theory dictates that every action in the world derives from the randomness of any other action. Everything that happens affects everything else in the world in some infinitesimal way that grows radically as it progresses through nature.

The old saying "a butterfly flaps its wings in Oregon" and the sequence of events leads to changes that create a snowball effect applies here. Every action gets a reaction and so on, and so on.

If you can ponder and open your mind to this type of thinking you realize that the decisions you make on this earth are relevant no matter how infinitesimal they may seem.

So whatever grandiose action a government takes has an equally great or devastating reaction.

This takes me back to an article that I wrote about the John Bar hinge.

Something as simple as picking an apple off of a tree in paradise can start man's decent into history. Something as simple as Jesus dying on a cross gave us Christianity. If he hadn't of been betrayed by Judas, His followers would not have conquered the Roman Empire. His religion would have dissolved.

What if Hitler chose to not attack Russia? What would history say then? Would we be under the shadow of the Swastika?

Think of the repercussions if we decide to use the earth as a weapon?

To catch a glimpse of this you may want to consider renting Val Guest's movie "The Day the Earth Caught Fire."

In the movie advanced weapons tests have been moved to north and south poles.

Simultaneous nuclear blasts at the poles have minimally knocked the Earth off its axis, and leaned it a few degrees in the direction of the sun. Civilization begins to crumble as weather conditions change. Cyclones hit London, and then the temperature soars to 140 degrees. Soon afterwards the mercury plummets and snow starts to fall. Then the heat returns. We start to see the scorched earth. Trees catch fire, riverbeds dry up and fish die. Water is later sold on the black market. The lack of water contributes to an epidemic of typhus.

Could it get this bad?

When the governments of the world have the ability to alter upper atmospheric winds you could begin to see drastic changes in weather.

The Military has denied that the HAARP technologies have the powers described in the ARCO patent. However it is well known that HAARP technologies and low frequency resonance can bring down aircraft, alter the function of pacemakers, and accidental triggering of Nuclear weapons.

What goes up can also come down and some of the low resonance transmissions can cause mental confusion, malaise, and eventual seismic tremors.

In the Begich and Manning's book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" the subject matter covers all of these draconian uses for the technology that allows the earth to turn against us.

Early "death ray" experiments were conducted on animals by the Japanese during World War II.

Gordon J.F. McDonald, a well known cold war strategist and geophysicist spoke of electronic pulses that were at the time being developed to be aimed a geographic regions around the globe for possible earthquakes and mind control.

In what he coined as excited electronic strokes, powerful governments and their scientists could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain functions. This could be done over large areas affecting very large populations in selected regions over an extended period. When he made these statements he was speaking of them while they were in development and his estimate projected that the weapons would be used within at least 30 or 40 years.

As the speculation was mounting the reality was manifesting itself in the Soviet Union. Money and time was set aside investigating how microwaves affected the human body.

In 1952, there was a secret meeting under the radar of the Cold War. U.S. and Soviet scientists exchanged information regarding the biological hazards and safety levels of microwave tests. The Soviets had a compendium of information about the risks of using such technologies. The United States scoffed at the information. The Soviets felt humiliated and set out to prove that American scientists were too pigheaded to heed the warnings.

The Soviets began covertly directed microwave beams at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. They were not only capable of gathering intelligence but the embassy workers were being bombarded with low-level EMR!

The Bombardment caused a wide range of physical and mental illness. It even led to the death the U.S. Ambassador. Dr Stephen Possony a one time Science Advisor to the Department of Defense stated:

"After the death of our ambassador in Moscow, due to contracting leukemia, and a couple of other employees, it suddenly dawned on us to have a real careful look at what was happening there."

The Russians were also using death rays in Afghanistan. The gun was mounted on their helicopters. Soldiers would fall dead like an off switch was flipped. No blood was shed and no pain. Once the switch was flipped the body would drop. clean and painless.

The U.S. government has studied in full detail electromagnetic signatures and examined health affects that were caused by the Moscow signal. The job was turned over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA.

DARPA is now developing and testing new electromagnetic antipersonnel weaponry.

The question lingers "Could the government use these electromagnetic technologies on unsuspecting guinea pigs?"

The answer is yes.

The body count is beginning to show itself in our oceans as marine life washes up on our shores.

During the first week in August Ground Zero contacted Jerry E. Smith to appear on Ground Zero to give us information regarding the beaching of whales in Cape Cod. It was also coincidental that squid were washing up on the shores of San Diego and Manatees were flopping about on the beaches of Florida.

He pointed out that in March of 2000 Sixteen whales and a dolphin beached themselves in the Bahamas. All but one had hemorrhaging of the inner ears. Whales with inner ear damage can become disoriented and mistakenly swim too close to shore, beaching themselves and eventually dying. During the program Kevin Douglas, a reporter from Reno Nevada reported to Ground Zero Listeners that troops were gathering in Nevada for a training exercise. Douglas said that it wasn't just American troops but U.N. and NATO troops were gathering there for some reason.

This threw me into a bit of an anxiety attack because it sounded like every fringe conspiracy theory transpiring where the troops of the new World Order were gathering to invade U.S. citizens, usurp and trample on our rights, and seize our weapons.

The pandemonium that was taking place was a militiaman's dream, or an alternative talk show hosts nightmare. Listeners were calling to assure me that the gathering was for the impending attack on Iraq and that maybe I should calm down.

They were wrong.

Synchronicity once again reared its head on the Ground Zero show that night. The next day a story was released in the Washington post that reported that indeed troops were gathering in Nevada for a "secret meeting." It was a war game exercise with a curious scenario.

The "war" game exercise is being conducted for an imaginary scenario where a large earthquake hits a country; there's chaos and then a Military Coup.

The event is being dubbed the Millennium Challenge 02.The scenario for Millennium Challenge is classified. All military spokesmen will say is that the scenario includes an earthquake in Country X followed by chaos and a military coup and the taking of some islands in a mythical part of the world where most of the oil lifelines exist.

Now the Military will not say which country is Country X.

Isn't it obvious?

Iraq could very well be a target of the new technologies that could set off a chain reaction and possibly a man made earthquake.

If this is not the case then why the war-game scenario? It could be that military intelligence also has great imaginations but not likely.

During that same weekend Charlotte King had commented that low frequency weapons are definitely being used and that she could feel them. Charlotte has been determined to be geosensitive. She has the uncanny ability to predict earthquakes and sense changes in the earth's magnetic field. She stated that the whales had beached themselves because the sea is just too noisy right now and that the use of such low resonance sonar does damage to the eco-system.

She also stated that the use of such weapons sets off triggers in the human brain causing people to become overactive, extra sensitive, and in some cases threatening. She had mentioned on the show that several homicides on CNN were the result of low frequency tests. She also claimed that when things happen around us there is a consequence. She was speaking of the butterfly flapping its wings and what it produces. In this case it was a Chilean Earthquake that she called the Chile connection.

She reported that within a 24-48 hour window there would be an earthquake in Chile.

One day later a 5.9 Earthquake was reported to the USGS. The location was 44.97S 80.62W off the Chilean Coast.

On Wednesday August 7th, 2002 Tim Riley a Newscaster for KOTK AM Portland handed me an Associated Press story that brought everything full circle. The navy was being sued for possible misuse of LFA Sonar in our Oceans.

The National Resource Defense council is the lead group suing the Navy and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The Navy says that the technology is necessary to identify enemy submarines.

Something is killing the fish.

Imagine if that technology were used on humans? What happens when we abuse these technologies?

The results are a matter of record.

Dr Rosalie Bertell, renowned scientist and nuclear activist has detailed a series of reports in her book 'Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War." Her research purports to show that pulse wave detonations were detected before major earthquakes. This would concur with Charlotte King's uncanny way of predicting earthquakes and actually hearing magnetic "foghorns" before a major earthquake hits.

Earthquakes are known to interact with the ionosphere. The Chinese Tang Shan earthquake, which occurred in 1976, is said to have been caused by Soviet ELF wave experiments to heat the ionosphere. The quake left 650,000 people dead. The Chinese reported a glowing cloud that was moving across the horizon before the quake. In September of 1989 ultra low frequency waves were detected in California. These waves grew in intensity and finally subsided a few weeks later. On October 17th the waves appeared again this time with so much intensity they were knocked off the scales. A devastating earthquake hit three hours later in San Francisco.

Unusual radio waves and two sonic booms also preceded the earthquake that hit Los Angeles on January 17th, 1994.

It was T.S. Elliot who wrote the little verse about the end of the world:

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper."
- T. S. Eliot

The frightening part about these weapons is that no one can see them. Very few can detect them. They are quiet weapons being used without you even realizing that they have made their mark. I can tell you that they exist and the government can tell you that they do not. If they are not seen then no one will believe they exist.

They are as invisible as the divine wind.

"After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree."-- Book of the Apocalypse

From what I have researched on several occasions I am beginning to realize that these silent weapons are far from science fiction. I have been accused of being a conspiracy nutcase creating yarns that can easily be debunked.

Well you can't see the wind and everyone knows that it is there.

The power of electromagnetic weapons is obviously being used and we know that smaller forms of these weapons will be used for crowd control and population control in the future. Devices are being patented for weather control, mind control, and for purposes of mass destruction. The war on Terror is becoming a war on terra. Maybe George W. Bush's mispronunciation of the word is not a cutesy way of forming word salad. After all the earth is burning, the Eco-system is failing and we may all end up on a dying planet. I know it all sounds fatalistic but take the warning from the whales.

For humans there will not be a beaching. There will be a harvest.

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