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Bentwaters 20 Years Later
By Clyde Lewis

It has been called the "British Roswell" in some circles and yet there are many people who donít know that one of the most compelling UFO stories happened 20 years ago. United States Air Force Security Police saw an aircraft crash just outside the gates at RAF Woodbridge.

It has always been the aphorism amongst Ufologists that there has been a consistent attempt to suppress any and all information about UFOís and alien visitation. With all of the leaks and the cover-ups many cases have been debunked, or at least been retold to the point of banality. It has also been suggested that most cases have evolved into the realm of legend because they have happened so long ago and true witnesses are elderly and arguably not as sharp as they used to be.

Some of witnesses have taken to their graves the secrets surrounding such landings.

This leaves the new investigator frustrated because perhaps he cannot relate to historical accounts. Many would much rather study and understand cases that they donít have to blow the dust off of in order to prove that they indeed happened.

I am sure the well-seasoned UFO enthusiast has heard of an incident that occurred early in the morning of December 26-27th in the United Kingdom. The case has been called "The Incident at Bentwaters."

In this article I will try to relate to you what has been documented about the case and not take for granted that you are familiar with it in any way.

After all when it all came crashing down back in 1980 the world was going through some very uncertain times.

Back then, Saddam Hussein was not an enemy, Ronald Reagan had just become president elect, and John Lennon was shot dead as he and his wife Yoko Ono were returning to their Manhattan apartment.

Obviously major stories that deserved the most black ink and front-page status.

But the story that could not be told to the people was happening in the U.K.

It was 3 A.M. when two United States Airforce security police saw am aircraft with unusual lights crash just outside the east back gate at RAF Woodbridge. The patrolman radioed in and claimed that a metallic triangular shaped aircraft may have been forced down. A strange glow was emitting from nearby Rendlesham forest. The entire forest it seemed was bathed in an eerie glow of white light.

The object according to the witnesses was about 9-10 feet across and about 6-7 feet high. There seemed to be a pulsing red light on top of the object and banks of icy blue lights underneath. As time passed the farm animals that were near the base were upset as the light was pulsating red and white. According to Sergeant Larry Warren, who was stationed at Bentwaters, It looked like a plane hit and a fire was smoldering in the forest.

The object would maneuver through the tress and then disappear.

At daylight three depressions were found in the area proving that something had landed in the forest near Bentwaters at Woodbridge and the following night the area was tested for Radiation.

The readings of Beta/Gamma radiation were recorded with peak readings near the depressions. There were also high readings in the center of the triangle that was left behind by the UFO.

The readings were shown to be at 0.1 milliroentgens and nearby trees were showing readings of .05 and .07.

This UFO was seen again when night fell.

A red light that appeared to be like a large fireball maneuvered through the trees pulsing and throwing off particles sending five different elliptical objects into the sky. They darted about in the northern sky and changed from red to green and then to blue.

These objects then turned into full circles and remained in the sky for an hour or two. The main object remained to the south and sent out a beam of light into the sky.

Radar Tracking Near Ipswich
On December 26, just after midnight radar installations had picked up and began tracking a UFO that dropped below radar coverage. The "fallen angel" or "bogey" Was heading towards the small town of Ipswich. This was near the sensitive NATO bases that were leased by the RAF and the 81st Tactical Fighter wing. These two bases are known as RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.

Rendlesham forest surrounds the two bases. When the aircraft came down in the forest, U.S. personelle and civilians had thought that a plane had gone down in the area and security had asked permission to search outside the gate to see what had happened.

A Thick, Glowing, and Soupy Mist covered the Ground

USAF Sergeant Larry Warren claimed that when he and other personelle arrived in the woods they could see a strange mist that covered the ground that resembled a soupy ground fog, The fog itself had a luminescent glow to it. Looking into the fog they could see the pulsing red light that eventually pulsed more brightly.

After the red light exploded the triangle could be seen. The main body of the craft was pearl white. The sides of the craft had a chromatic rainbow affect as light reflected from its sides.

Other witnesses report anomalous activity

USAF Sergeant John Burroughs also witnessed the triangular craft when he was called to investigate. He was the one who accompanied the two security patrolmen in the woods. James Archer was one of the security patrolman who confirmed that the object was a triangular shaped object with three landing legs.

Archer also claimed that he could see what appeared to be the pilots of the aircraft but he claimed that the shapes did not look human. He also hypothesized that the occupants may not have been human. However it needs to be stressed that he didnít go to the extremes of claiming that they were "aliens." He thought that they might have been robotic in nature. Perhaps the aircraft was piloted by remote control.

Sergeant Adrain Bustinza who was acting security police commander at the time of the incident claimed that when they arrived to investigate the downed aircraft the light alls would not turn on and that the jeeps were drained of energy.

"Unexplained Lights" reported by Lt. Col. Charles Halt

The deputy base commander of RAF Woodbridge Lt. Col. Charles Halt documented the event as "Unexplained lights in Rendlesham forest." British and American authorities had apparently audio taped and video taped the whole event.

Here now is a transcript of the audiotape:

Col. Halt: 150 feet or more from the initial, I should say suspected impact point. Have a little difficulty, we can't get the Light all to work. Seems to be some kind of mechanical problem. Going to send it back and get another Light all. Meantime were going to take some readings with the Geiger counter and uh, stick around here a little bit waiting for another Light all to come back in.

Soldier: Let's mark one at a time, that's pod number.

Halt: O.K., were now approaching the area within about 25 or 30 feet. What kind of readings we getting? Anything?

Soldier: Just five clicks.

Halt: Five clicks. Where are the impressions?

Soldier: Here's one.

Halt: Is that all the bigger they are?

Soldier: Well there's one more well defined one over here.

Halt: We're still getting clicks

Soldier: Still getting clicks.

Halt: Can we read that on the scale?

Soldier: Yes Sir, we're now on the 5/10ths scale, and were reading about, uh, the third or fourth increment.

Halt: O.K., we're still comfortably safe here.

Radio: (Light all problems) Still minor readings.

Halt: Let's go to the third one over here.

Soldier: Yes, now I'm getting some residual.

Halt: I can read that, the meter is definitely giving....low pulse. Lets go to the center of the area next and see what kind of reading we get out there. You're reading the clicks, I can't hear the clicks. That about the center Bruce?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: O.K., lets go to the center. That's the best deflection needle I've seen yet. O.K., can you give me an estimation.

Soldier: We're on the point five scale, and we're getting, we're getting right at, uh, a half of a milliroentgen.

Halt: That's point.

Soldier: I haven't seen it go any higher.

Halt: O.K., we'll go out toward the...

Soldier: Now it's picking up.

Halt: This is out toward the Level One indentation where we first got the strongest reading. It's similar to what we got before.

Soldier: This looks like an area here possibly that could be a blast.

Soldier: It just jumped to 17.

Halt: What?

Soldier: It just jumped to 7 tenths.

Halt: Seven tenths, right there in the center?

Soldier: Uh, huh.

Halt: We found a small blast, what looks like a blasted, or, scruffed up area here. We're getting very positive readings. Lets see, is that near the center?

Soldier: Yes it is.

Halt: Up to seven tenths. Seven units lets call it on the point Five scale. O.K., why don't we do this. Why don't we make a sweep.

Soldier: Here, I got my gloves on now.

Halt: Lets make a sweep out around the whole area,

Halt: about 10 foot out. Make a perimeter run around it, starting right back here at the corner. Back at the same first corner where we came in. Lets go right back here. I want to depend on you to count the clicks.

Soldier: Right.

Halt: O.K. lets...right put the light on it, lets sweep around it. Put it on the ground every once in a while.

Soldier: This looks like an abrasion on the tree.

Halt: O.K., we'll catch that on the way back, lets go around, hit it there.

Soldier: I got an interesting one over here, looks like an abrasion point into the center.

Halt: It is. It may be old though, there's some sap marks or something there. Lets go on back around.

Soldier: They ought to give us an extension on that.

Halt: Yeah, this is an awkward thing to use isn't it. Are we getting anything further?, I'm going to shut this recorder off until we find something.

Soldier: Picking up here.

Halt: Picking up? What are we up to? We're up to 2 3 units of deflection. You're getting in close to one pod.

Soldier: Picking up something here. Picking up.

Halt: O.k., its still not going above 3 or 4 units.

Soldier: Right. It's picking up more though. More frequent.

Halt: Yes, you're staying steady up around 2 to 4 units now.

Soldier: Get one of these trees that's facing the blast. What we assume is the landing sight. All around an abrasion that's facing in the same direction towards the center.

Halt: That's interesting, lets go this way around the circle. Turn it back down here.

Halt: Let me see that. You know that's kind of funny, that's, your right about the abrasion. I've never seen a tree that's, uh, never seen a pine tree that's been damaged, react that fast.

Soldier: I have a bottle to put that in.

Halt: Yeah, you have a sample bottle?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: Yeah, put this stuff in.

Soldier: You notice their all the same color.

Halt: O.K., from now on lets, lets, lets identify that as point number one. That stake there. So you all know where it is if we have to sketch it. You got that side Nevells?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: O.K., closest to the Woodbridge Base.

Soldier: That will be point one.

Halt: Be Point one. Lets go clockwise from there.

Soldier: Point Two.

Halt: Point Two, so this tree is between point two and point three.

Radio:(Two other personnel requesting Halts location)

Halt: Tell them negative at this time. We'll tell them when they can come out here. Don't want them out here right now. O.K., the sample, your gonna want this sample number one.

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: Have them cut it off and include some of that sap and all, is between indentation two and three on a pine tree about, uh five feet away, about 3 and a half feet off the ground. There's a round abrasion on the tree about, uh, 3 and a half, or four inches in diameter. It looks like it might be old, but, uh...

Halt: Strange, there's a crystalline pine sap that's come out that fast. You say there's other trees here that are damaged with similar things?

Soldier: Yes, over towards the landing sight.

Halt: O.K., why don't you take a picture of that, and remember your picture. Hey, you ought to be writing this down. Well, it's going to be on the tape.

Soldier: You got a tape measure with you?

Halt: This is the picture, your first picture will at the first tree. The one between, uh, mark 2 and 3. Meantime, I'm going to look a couple of these trees over here.

Halt: Are you getting any readings on the trees your taking samples from?, on the side facing the suspected landing sight?

Soldier: 4 clicks, max.

Halt: Up to 4. Interesting. That's right where you're taking the sample now.

Soldier: Four.

Halt: That's the strongest point on the tree?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Soldier: If you come up to the back, there's no clicks whatsoever.

Halt: No clicks at all on the back, it's all on the, the side facing the...interesting. All the tissues look like something twisted it, as it sat down on them. Looks like someone took something and sat it down and twisted it from side to side.

Soldier: Uh, huh.

Halt: Very strange. We're up at the same tree we took the sample off with this, what do you call it, star scope?

Soldier: Uh, huh.

Halt: Getting a definite heat reflection off the tree, about three to four feet off the ground.

Soldier: Yes. At the same spot.

Halt: Same place as the spot is, we're getting a heat.

Soldier: On the spot on the tree directly behind us, I picked up the same thing, the one off to your right.

Halt: Three trees in the area, immediately adjacent to the sight, within ten feet of the suspected landing sight, we're picking up heat reflection off the trees. What's that again?

Soldier: Well, shine the light on it again Bob.

Halt: You having trouble? O.K., turn the light on.

Soldier: When you turn the light on, you'll notice the white.

Halt: Hey!

Halt: You're right there's a white streak on the tree.

Soldier: Yeah, indicates, uh...

Halt: Let me turn around and look at this tree over here now, just a second. Why don't you direct it towards this tree. I can see it. O.K., now give me a little side lighting so I can climb the tree. O.K., uh, I lost the tree. O.K., stop, stop. Light on. Hey, this is eerie. This is strange, here, someone want to look at the spots on the ground. O.K., lets step back and not walk all over it. Come back here and somebody put a beam on'em. We're going to have to come back 10 or 15 feet. O.K., lights off. Yeah. O.K., that's what we'll call spot number 3. Lets go to the back part and get spot number one. Spot number one, here's spot number one right here. Spot number one right here. Need some light? There it is right there. Focused? O.K., look around spot number on through the Starlight scope.

Soldier: Picking up a slight increase in light as I go over it.

Halt: Slight increase in light at spot number one. Lets go look at spot number two.

Halt: Spot number two's right over here. Right here, see it? O.K., get focused on it, tell me when. O.K., lights on, lets see what we get on it.

Soldier: Slight increase.

Halt: Just a slight increase?

Soldier: I'll try to center it.

Halt: It's slightly off centered, it's right there. Better get your reading on it right there.

Soldier: O.K.

Halt: Tell me when your ready.

Soldier: Ready.

Halt: O.K., lights on. This is the center spot we're looking at now, or almost the center.

Soldier: Slight increase.

Halt: Slight increase there. This is slightly off centered toward the, uh, one two side. It's some type of abrasion or something in the ground where the pine needles are all pushed back and we get a high reading about, uh, deflection of two to three, maybe four, depending on the perimeter.

Soldier: Yes, you say there's a positive after effect?

Soldier: Yes, there is definitely...that's on the center spot.

Soldier: There is an after effect.

Soldier: Whatís that mean?

Soldier: Means that when the lights are turned off, once we are focused in and allow time for the eyes to adjust, we are getting an indication of a heat source coming out of that center spot. Which will show up on...

Soldier: Heat or some form of energy, hardly heated at this stage of the game.

Halt: Looking directly overhead, one can see an opening in the trees, plus some freshly broken pine branches on the ground underneath. Looks like some of them came off about 15 to 20 feet up. Some small branches, about an inch or less in diameter.

Halt: It's 0148, we're hearing very strange noises out of the Farmer's barnyard animals. There very, very active making awful lot of noise. You just saw a light? Where?

Soldier: Yeah

Halt: Wait a minute now, slow down, where?

Soldier: Right up in this position here, straight ahead, in between the tree...there it is again! Watch. Straight ahead off the flash back there Sir. There it is.

Halt: Yeah, I see it too. What is it?

Soldier: We don't know Sir.

Halt: Yeah, it's a strange small red light, looks to be maybe a quarter to a half mile, maybe further out. I'm going to switch off for awhile.

Halt: The light is gone now, it was approximately 120 degrees, is it back again?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: Well douse the flashlights then. Lets go out to the edge of the clearing so I can get a better look at it. See if you can get the Star scope on it. The light's still there and all the barnyard animals have gotten quiet now. Yeah, we're heading about 110 or 120 degrees from the sight, I'm through to the clearing now, still getting a reading on the meter. About two clicks. Just counted 3 to 4 clicks, getting stronger.

Soldier: Now it's stopped. Now it's coming up, hold on, there we go. About 4 foot off the ground with a compass heading of 110 degrees.

Halt: Turn the meter off, now say that again. About 4 feet off the ground, about 110 degrees, getting a reading of about 4 clicks?

Soldier: Yes Sir. Now its died.

Halt: Now itís died. I think it's something other than the ground. I think its something that, something very weird.

Soldier: How about the tree right over...

Halt: We just (unintelligible ) the first night (unintelligible) we've seen. We're about 150 or 200 yards from the sight. The woods are just deadly calm. There is no doubt about it, there's some type of strange flashing red light ahead.

Soldier: There, it's yellow.

Halt: I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird, it, it appears that he may be moving it this way? It's brighter than it has been.

Soldier: Yellow.

Halt: It's coming this way!, it's definitely coming this way. Pieces of it are shooting off. There is no doubt about it, this is...weird. It is definitely...

Soldier: Two lights, one light to the right, one light to the left.

Halt: O.K., keep the flashlights off. There's something very, very strange. Keep the headset on, see if it gets any stronger. O.K., give us a rundown.

Soldier: Notation that this is on a Beta reading too.

Halt: It's on a Beta reading, O.K.

Soldier: But it still has been removed.

Halt: O.K.

Halt: Pieces are falling off it again.

Soldier: And it just moved to the right.

Halt: Yeah!

Soldier: Just off to the right.

Halt: Strange...Why did it go left?

Halt: Lets, lets approach to the edge of the woods up there, O.K.? You wanna do without lights? Lets do it carefully, come on.

Halt: O.K., we're looking at the thing, we're probably about 2 to 300 yards away, it looks like an eye winking at you. It's still moving from side to side, and when you put the stars cope on it, it, it sort of has a hollow center, a, a, dark center. It's, It's, you know, like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking. And the flash is so bright to the star scope that, a, it almost burns your eye.

Halt: We passed the Farmer's house and crossed into the next field, and now we have multiple sightings, of up to 5 lights with a similar shape and all. But they seem to be steady now, rather than a pulsating or glow with a red flash.

Halt: We just crossed the creek.

Soldier: Here we go, strong.

Halt: And, uh, we're getting what kind of readings now?

Soldier: Three clicks.

Halt: Three good clicks on the meter and we're seeing strange lights in the sky.

Halt: At 0244 we're at the far side of the Farmer's, second Farmer's field. And made sighting again, about 110 degrees. This looks like it's clear out to the coast, it's right on the horizon. Moves about a bit, and flashes from time to time. Still steady or (lost) encounter. Also after negative readings in this other field, we're picking up, a, slight readings, a, 4 or 5 clicks now, on the meter.

Halt: 0305, we see strange strobe like flashes to the, rather sporadic but there's definitely something, some kind of phenomena.

Halt: 0305, at about 10 degrees horizon, directly North, we've got two strange objects, uh, half-moon shaped, dancing about colored lights on them. At, uh, what I would guess to be about 5 to 10 miles out, maybe less. The half-moons are now turning full circles. It's as though there was an eclipse or something there for a minute or two.

Halt:0315, now we've got an object about 10 degrees directly South. 10 degrees off the horizon. And the ones to the North are moving. One's moving away from us.

Soldier: They're moving out fast!

Soldier: This one on the right is heading away too!

Halt: And they're both heading North. Here he comes from the South, he's heading toward us now. Now we're observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground. This is unreal.

Halt: 330, or 0330 and the objects are still in the sky although the one that's South looks like it's losing a little bit of altitude. We're turning around, heading back towards the base. The object to the, the object to the South is still beaming down lights to the ground.

Halt: 0400 hours, one object still hovering over Woodbridge Base at about 5 to 10 degrees off the horizon, still moving erratic, and similar lights, and beaming down as earlier.

Strange Sensations and Possible Hallucinations

It was reported by security personelle that during the time of the investigation there was an electrical field in the woods. This caused the radio contact with the base virtually impossible. There was an ozone smell and the air was becoming electrically charged as if the men were in a Thunderstorm. Their hair began to stand on end and they could feel a tingle on their skin.

Others made claims of seeing beings in the cone like aircraft. Some claimed that it was their shadows and that they were making fascinating shapes that were out of synch with their movements. A red light blip would follow the shadows as they moved like a cat and mouse video game.

The shadows continued to move out of phase and each time the men would stop, the shadows would take another step.

The Last Thing Larry Warren Remembers

British Tabloids were the first papers to report this remarkable story. The papers were spinning tales of alien encounters based upon an alleged account by Larry Warren. Larry Warren allegedly claimed that the next thing he remembered was that he awoke in his bunk with a headache with mud caked all the way up to his knees. Warren allegedly claimed that he was tested for exposure to radiation and was forced to sign a security oath.

Warren later supposedly broke his oath and claimed that he and others were shown high quality gun camera films of UFOís shooting down MIG fighter jets. Warren said that the footage was very clear and showed a classic flying disc. Warren said that there is a point of Missing time where during the investigation in the forest they were ordered to form a circle around the perimeter of the object.

Base commander Col. Gordon Williams then approached the object and a beam of light came down from the ship. Three silver suited beings came down out of the light. They were human looking with large heads and almond shaped eyes, the classic grey.

Col. Williams denies that he was there. Others swear to it. They also say that the USAF personelle assisted the beings in making repairs to their craft.

The whole incident was reported in tabloids as only lasting 30 minutes to an hour. When numerous accounts say that the whole event continued for a nightmarishly long 3-day period.

The only thing that remained was the shadows, the flash of red light and the separating craft. Not to mention the nightmare of meeting strange beings that conveniently didnít end up on the tape.

All we hear is the sound of men who are confused and frightened. The tape was heavily edited omitting the alleged encounter with the beings.

Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt, USAF Files His Report

Department of the Air Force
Headquarter 81st Combat Support Group (USAFE)
Subject: Unexplained Lights
13 Jan 81
Reply to Attn of: CD

1. Early in the morning of 27 Dec 80 (approximately 0300L), two USAF security police patrolmen saw unusual lights outside the back gate at RAF Woodbridge. Thinking an aircraft might have crashed or been forced down, they called for permission to go outside the gate to investigate. The on-duty flight chief responded and allowed three patrolmen to proceed on foot. The individuals reported seeing a strange glowing object in the forest. The Object was described as being metalic (sic) in appearance and triangular in shape, approximately two and three meters across the base and approximately two meters high. It illuminated the entire forest with a white light. The object itself had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath. the object was hovering or on legs. As the patrolmen approached the object, it maneuvered though the trees and disappeared. At this time the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy. The object was briefly sighted approximately an hour later near the back gate.

2. The next day, three depressions 1 1/2" deep and 7" in diameter were found where the object had been sighted on the ground. The following night (29 Dec 80) the area was checked for radiation. Beta/gamma readings of 0.1 milliroentgens were recorded with peak readings in the three depressions and near the center of the triangle formed by the depressions. A nearby tree had moderate (.05 - .07) readings on the side of the tree toward the depressions.

3. Later in the night a red sun-like light was seen though the trees. It moved about and pulsed. At one point it appeared to throw off glowing particles and then broke into five separate white objects and then disappeared. Immediately thereafter, three star-like objects were noticed in the sky, two objects to the north and one to the south, all of which were about 10 degrees off the horizon. The objects moved rapidly in sharp angular movements and displayed red, green and blue lights. The objects to the north appeared to be elliptical through an 8-12 power lens. They then turned to full circles. The objects to the north remained in the sky for an hour or more. The object to the south was visible for two or three hours and beamed down a stream of light from time to time. Numerous individuals, including the undersigned, witnessed the activities in paragraphs 2 and 3.

Charles I. Halt, Lt. Col. USAF
Deputy Base Commander

Ground Zero Speculation on Mind Control and Biochemical Exposure

Whatever happened at the east gate near Rendlesham tends to show some significant coincidences that we here at Ground zero have covered before in previous articles dealing with the Flying Triangles and their co-existence with magnetic stimulation and biological or radioactive poisoning.

Long before contrails and the associated hysteria there have been other accounts of exotic aircraft with a direct or indirect correlation with the military and subsequent hallucinatory activity , radiation and or biological poisonings to humans and animals.

It was recorded that a civilian was affected by the events near Rendlesham . Gordon Levitt lived near the edge of the forest near the Military bases. On December 26th, 1980, he had been out walking with his dog when he suddenly looked up and spotted an object that he described as being like an upturned mushroom with a greenish-white glow. The aircraft was silent and glided towards RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. The next day Levitt had claimed that his dog remained in its doghouse obviously shocked and looking very ill. It finally died a few days later.

The alleged testimony of Larry Warren also has a correlation with a possible electronic mind control experiment or some sort of toxic encounter with an aircraft of unknown origin, a luminescent cloud that hugged the ground and of course the testimony of what appeared to be an encounter with an alien species, or what appeared to be an alien species.

The account of Ozone in the air or perhaps magnetic or electric energy causing hair to stand on end could also be something to pay attention to. There were also reports of Jeeps and several High-powered Light all's abruptly failing, which suggests a highly charged magnetic field in the area.

There have been studies that have been conducted that claim that when the brain is subject to intense Electro-magnetic stimulation, one can experience something similar to an abduction encounter, or lost time.

A quote from Larry Warren suggests that what ever was happening his brain was being affected:

"Some of the group ran away, others stayed put, like myself. I couldn't move - I don't know whether it was shock or if it was outside influence. It was dreamlike... I think time was distorted and perceptions were intentionally affected by this intelligence. There was one reality and in front of you was another. I felt slower on that night. Everything was on half speed and something was wrong - something was out of place."

While the idea of an alien encounter is fun to speculate about, the knowledge of what can be suggested with the use of electronic stimulation begs to be investigated.

The use of EMF and ELF wave frequencies in mind control have been demonstrated and talked about with the revelations of HAARP and experimentation that has been carried out in the Montauk, Camp hero accounts.

Whatever energy was being discharged from the aircraft it was evident that the levels were borderline dangerous. Enough to cause car batteries to drain and electronic equipment to malfunction.

How can we not conclude that this magnetic energy did not have an affect on the men? Also the lack of audiotape evidence of the encounter points to the proof that the men were exposed to an enormous amount of magnetic energy.

20 Years Later Opinions Vary As To What Happened

In the opening paragraph of this article we called the Bentwaters, Rendlesham, Woodbridge case the British Roswell. However according to people who have researched the case it is more than that and with apologies to those who feel that it devalues the case Ground Zero believes that the Bentwaters case is a case that needs to be investigated with the alien theories clearly placed on the backburner.

Even Larry Warren has now gone on record saying that the "alien" account was planted in the media to taint the story. There were other revelations that seemed to unravel demonstrating that something even more significant may have happened to the men. It was later determined that Nuclear weapons were being stored at the facility something that both sides denied.

Halt has appeared on many documentaries dealing with UFOís and exotic craft and often alludes to the military implications of a strange aircraft pointing beams of light at the alleged weapons storage area at the Woodbridge facility.

"We could very clearly see it... I noticed other beams of light coming down from the same object falling on different places on the base. My boss was standing in his front yard in Woodbridge and he could see the beams of light falling down, and the people in the weapons storage area and other places on the base also reported the lights."

Charles Halt discussed the case again after retiring from the USAF with the rank of full colonel. Twenty years later he still wonders what he was a part of, or what was really happening:

"I was very skeptical. I found what allegedly had taken place hard to believe, and I was really going to debunk it quite frankly; and as events unfolded I became more and more concerned that there maybe is something to this... I kept telling myself that there had to be some type of explanation for it, but I certainly couldn't find one and even to this day I can't explain what happened."

Twenty years later the whole story is somewhat confusing as to what really happened. Even as we develop this investigative report we must confess that the case is till murky and investigators such as Nick Pope, Jenny Randles, and Georgina Bruni are now coming forward with all kinds of information that was either D-noticed or covered up.

Skeptics also had claimed that what the men saw was far from exotic and far from supernatural. Ian Ridpath well known British science writer blamed the whole event on drunk soldiers gazing at a beam of light that was cast on the base from Orford Ness Lighthouse some five miles away on the Suffolk coast.

Colonel Haltís memo clearly shows that the men did encounter something. However there were no aliens in the official memo.

British author and researcher Ralph Noyes the head of Defense Secretariat 8 for four years and later retired in 1977 with the rank of Under Secretary of State. He wrote regarding this case:

"Our worried skeptical colleagues have already had to advance an extraordinary hotch-potch of explanations: space debris, a bright meteor, a police car, drink and drugs, a lighthouse, other lights on the coast, dear old Sirius.

"Occam, you will remember, urged us to cut away unnecessary complications in our attempts to explain phenomena and to look for the simplest explanation.

The simplest explanation of Halt's memorandum is that he was reporting - as precisely as wondrous events permit - what he and 'numerous individuals' encountered on December 29th and 30th 1980, together with such facts as he had been able to ascertain from his subordinates about the occurrences of December 26th and 27th 1980.

There was also an inquiry as to whether or not the base had witnessed the crash of Russian spy satellite space junk and that the UFO /alien story had been used as a cover.

The tape that Colonel Halt made and the film footage covered several hours of the incident and only 18 minutes of the audiotape exists and the video footage was cloudy at best. The video footage allegedly was flown to West Germanyís Ramstein Airforce base.

As with the Roswell case there have been some people who have come forward to discredit the accounts and the sanity of these men who we entrust with our Nuclear weapons and our NATO airbases. This strikes a chord of uncertainty in everyone if these men were hallucinating and seeing images of aliens and weird spacecraft.

Yet Base Commander Williams was later promoted to the rank of General. evidently a reward for his work in the case.

Weird work indeed.

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