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An Editorial by Clyde Lewis

"We deal now not with things of this world alone, but with the ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other galaxy" --General Douglas Macarthur, 1962

In our modern religions and philosophies there seems to be no passage of scripture set aside or verse annotated that addresses the various other worlds within our world that sustain life.

Cynical science will tell us that there are no other worlds outside this one yet from our vantage point we see worlds or kingdoms that exist in infinite numbers, from animals, to insects, bacteria and single celled organisms.

With this thought in your head understand that worlds without number exist in various forms on this planet and with that fact blaring at you, it canít be too far of a stretch to consider the world beyond this one.

However it is becoming increasingly difficult to get information about that world, or to prove that the world even exists. Until then, it will always remain as the world that the poets, dreamers and philosophers have written about.

When we come close to proving that this world exists, there are those who wish to silence it, discredit it, devalue it, use it as a weapon, and debunk it.

In frustration I wrote a parable about the world inside a refrigerator and applied it metaphorically to our own existence and whether or not there is a world beyond this one. In a strange way it explains the plight of the experiencers and how each of their stories are unique yet they explain the very same phenomenon.

The Parable of the Moldy Cheese

A Mold on a piece of cheese was in a refrigerator overhearing the conversation between the other foods and was getting quite annoyed.

" I am so sick and tired of hearing these stories about the bright light and how all of you claim that you are being taken away and having horrible things done to you!" he groaned.

"I have seen nothing that proves that when the light comes on we go anywhere. I have been sitting here for the longest time and I havenít moved at all."

The green onion upon hearing the moldís irritating babble muttered Ė

"I know that when I see the light something strange happens, I heard a rumor that sometimes little green onions like me are taken out of our cool little home and are placed on huge tables and are diced into little pieces."

The milk bottle nodded and said,

"Oh yes I know what you mean, I see the bright light flash and then something takes out my liquids and then puts me back, Iíve had friends who have been drained completely and then they are thrown out into a huge holding area that crushes them eventually."

The moldy cheese scolded the milk bottle by saying,

"You sit in the dark, like all of us and you wouldnít be able to tell if you have sprung a leak? Milk Bottles like you spring leaks all the time, I believe that you are defective and that you are imagining things!"

Suddenly there was a burst of bright light and after the blindness subsided the moldy cheese noticed that a couple of Eggs had left.

The Mold on the Cheese began to wonder if he was being tricked and asked

"Are you trying to pull a fast one? Where are the other eggs, where did they go?"

The other eggs looked at each other and one spoke,

"They have been taken and they have been broken! A creature with large hands broke three and began to beat them! I then heard them sizzle in a horrible way and then we saw the bright light and ended up here."

The mold then said

"You see? You see? None of you can get your stories straight, The green onion claims that his buddies were diced after the light came on, The Milk bottle says that he is drained of his contents when the light comes on, and now the eggs are beaten and broken. Why do these things always happen to you when nothing is happening to me?"

The Milk bottle then said "It happens to everyone sooner or later, something we canít explain shakes us up and makes us wonder if we are alone, every experience is unique to you and everyone interprets it differently."

The Mold then said "Well thatís fine for you, but I havenít experienced anything out of the ordinary. There is nothing to show me that there is anything special here.

In unison the milk bottle, the green onion, and the eggs exclaimed

"What about the light in the sky?"

The mold quickly answered,

"The light appears all the time, I have been here the longest and as far as I can remember it has appeared and disappeared, it just happens, there is nothing causing it to happen it just is. The light and the cheese is all I know, and that is all I believe in and there is no leaky milk bottle, paranoid onion, or persecuted egg that will convince me otherwise!"

The Milk bottle, the green onion, and the eggs gave up in frustration. To the mold the cheese was the universe and no one could tell him that there was anything beyond it.

There are so many worlds within and without our own world that it can only stand to reason that perhaps we, like the mold in the parable are only seeing the cheese and not what is beyond it.

Do you think that the worms that eat a rotting corpse buried in the ground even fathom that above them is yet another world with other life? To the worms the corpse is the cosmos.

With this in mind how can we be so sure about what exists in our world? Do you base all knowledge on what can be seen with telescopes and microscopes? Do you look at history as fact even though it is nothing more that what a few people have agreed upon?

Do you agree with science even though its spectrum is limited and that perhaps it is nothing more than an organized system of ego and ignorance? Are you easily swayed by a television show, or radio talk show dealing with subjects so vague that anyone can put their interpretation to work to get you to act?

Much like Charles Fort I believe that this world is similar to a pantry or a refrigerator. A planet sized cupboard stocked with humans. Where every once in a while we are taken, and replaced, or taken forever to be put to use elsewhere.

What You Believe Is Based on What Knowledge you have:

As humans we are often guided by our own prejudice. What we see is what we know. Our brains fill in the blanks with the philosophies that we have been indoctrinated with.

Have you ever wondered why no one can agree on what is paranormal and what isnít? Why it is that one person may laugh at you because of what you think you see or experience? Maybe itís because of terminology. Maybe its because your explanation makes them uncomfortable. They laugh at the thought of extraterrestrial visitations and yet pray to a God that lives in the sky and fear a devil that makes his home below the earth.

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a conflict over who is telling the truth and who isnít? Why you believe in what you believe?

A lot of it has to do with the messenger. Does he or she have the charisma necessary to convince you that what he or she is saying is true?

Do they have money to buy that information? Do they have the resources to create a fraudulent situation? Do they willingly submit disinformation to fool you?

Caveat Emptor: Let the Gullible Beware

In the fast paced society such as ours propaganda is being taken in and absorbed as news.

Some may think advertising is the only propaganda out there, however one needs to be aware that it takes money and psychological know how to get you to feel a certain way and to create us and them borders. Product X versus Product Y and so on.

It also can be used to thwart the truth from getting out.

Bad public relations sabotage is being used every day to circumvent the processes available to get you the true story because of lazy reporters who use public relations press releases as hot tips for news and information.

The use of smear campaigning is the oldest trick in the book to get you to disregard an opinion or a revelation that may or may not be a popular one.

This type of PR smearing has become a common tactic in the UFO/paranormal investigative process. People in the field are beginning to take things personally when they see that their battle for your mind is losing its hold.

The mind is meant to explore many things and to entertain many ideas. It is also meant to file away all kinds of information from different sources, even ones that have been deemed unpopular by secret PR firms and companies who feel that they have a monopoly on what you should know or who you should receive your facts from regarding certain areas of study.

Once you see this public relations sabotage for what it is, it becomes less effective. However the unfortunate thing is that many people have allowed themselves to be fooled by those who are meant to be public trustees but are truly diabolical in getting you to hate or discredit someone.

Big Money and the Invisible Agenda:

Many armchair skeptics, and believers in UFOís and the Paranormal have taken for granted that certain sources of information, and certain messengers of that information are credible and trustworthy.

The ignorant forget that their leaders and preachers are human and that they do make mistakes. Many take for granted that people in power would not willingly taint a story in any way. But yet they do.

Some erroneously believe that their leaders opinions are not veiled with hidden agendas, whether it be for their own gain, or the gains of others in higher realms of deceit.

Some have avoided listening to the independent researcher, and have chosen the enticements of a "well oiled" UFO boys club that has somehow lifted themselves to a place of hierarchical stewardship the likes of which reeks of megalomania.

The Strange Case of Gary Lowery and the Silent Information War:

I was recently troubled about a story that needs to be heard about a man and his daughter and the supposedly alien visitations that they have been receiving for nearly 10 years. I first heard about it at The Bay Area UFO Expo from reporters Bufo Calvin, Eddie Middleton, and James Bartley of the Night Search radio show.

The story is about Gary Lowery.

Gary Lowery is a fire safety instructor from Bakersfield California who is being terrorized by creatures that he considers to be alien In nature. He also claims that he has video taped the creatures and has a claw of one of them as proof of his visitations. The story of Lowery is not only terrifying but it also is an example of the problems that exist when a person comes forward to tell his story and makes choices that he feels are for his best interest and not necessarily the interests of people who probably donít care about him or his family.

Gary Lowery wanted to come forward with what he claims is proof of his encounters. Video tape, foot prints, and even a piece of the "being" was what he had to offer. Lowery seems to be a simple man with no aspirations of becoming a UFO expert however he didnít know who to talk to about these encounters.

After developing what is said to be a legal and binding relationship with the CAUS organization, (Citizens against UFO Secrecy) Lowery shared his "proof" and his harrowing stories at the Bay Area UFO Expo.

This opportunity was given to Lowery through CAUS founder Peter Gersten.

According to Gersten both he and Lowery made an agreement that he was to represent him both as an attorney and also in a joint venture to get the truth out. Gersten also claims that the alleged agreement included getting Lowery national attention through his organization CAUS, a featured spot at the Bay Area UFO Expo speaking engagement workshop, and his many appearances on Mike Siegelís Coast to Coast Radio Am radio show.

Well Gersten did as he said and it looked as though the final stage was about to happen when Lowery threw a rag into the well oiled machine.

According to Gersten, Lowery made other plans with another Lawyer. A lawyer for the group UFO COMMUNITY.COM named Mark Commerford. This agreement allegedly included book and movie rights to the story.

It seemed that Lowery felt that things were going too fast and that perhaps that he was not looking at all of his options. So he pulled out of telling his story on Coast to Coast AM.

However he did appear briefly on the show with Gersten to tell Mike Siegel that he would not talk about his experiences, which he had originally agreed to share before the new Lawyer told him to keep quiet.

Lowery felt that he had other places that would be best suited to hear his story without a hidden agenda.

It seemed that this incident was going to fade away without any ugliness.

But of course this is the UFO business world where a buck or a rating point to sell prostate medicine and joint cremes seems to cause a whole lot of hurt and a whole of half truths to be spewed ad nauseum to create some type of UFO soap opera and bidding war for the truth.

An article now has been written and posted on the CAUS website calling this a debacle and virtually throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I can understand being disenchanted with the whole affair but now we are peeling away some ugliness and like an onion we see layer upon layer being pulled away showing the under belly that many Ufologists have distanced themselves from.

Gersten adds the acerbic taste to the affair when he states on his website that:

"What makes the Lowrey debacle even more unpalatable is the fact that the perpetrators of this travesty are members of the UFO community.

In fact the producer is none other than Christopher Wyatt, founder, President and CEO of UFO, a company, which, as evidenced by Wyattís callous disregard for both the publicís right to know and the significance of Lowreyís interaction with other life forms, is quite inappropriately named.

Why Wyatt, after signing Lowrey to an exclusive contract, would want to silence him on the eve of his national coming-out-party thereby avoiding a Coast to Coast listening audience of millions and the free promotion inherent in such exposure, is very strange and suspicious."

(end quote)

Ground Zero asks, has Wyatt seriously gagged Lowery from sharing his experience or has he kept him from making a possible mistake by going on Coast to Coast? A show that perhaps may be too tabloid for a story of this magnitude to be subjected to.

Gersten continues by saying,

"Whatís also suspicious is that Wyatt had requested that he and I sit down for a conversation at the Bay Area Expo which he helped sponsor and where, at my workshop, Lowrey appeared publicly for the first time. During the meeting Wyatt expressed an interest in my work and support for CAUS. Little did I realize at the time that Victoria Jack, the Expoís promoter, and Wyatt were scheming to circumvent Lowreyís relationship with me.

Both Wyatt and Jack knew of my agreement with Lowrey because, not only did Lowrey present his story at my workshop, but also Jack paid him one-half of my fee for his participation. And it was Jack who, weeks later called Lowrey and told him she had a "present" for him. The present was Christopher Wyatt."

(end quote)

I must interrupt here by saying that I received NO MONEY for my participation in the Bay Area UFO Expo. I had to sell my own CDís in order to pay for my trip. I was grateful that Victoria Jack even included me in the speaking engagement. I felt like I was a part of a big event, a sharing of ideas. It had its high points and it had its low points.

There are witnesses at the event, (Two wonderful and intelligent women named Monica and Linda) that will tell you that I was told to move from my reserved table.

The table was "mistakenly" reserved for me when it indeed was supposed to be reserved for none other than the guest of honor Mr. Mike Siegel from Coast To Coast AM.

I remember all too well being told by another organizer Mr. Robert Perala that I was being a good sport about the whole affair. I smiled and moved to another table trying to hold in the resentment of being treated like just another flunky compared to the likes of Mr. Siegel.

But this was the world of the UFO big boys and I was a bit out numbered. Richard Hoagland, and Victoria Jack were there to help me in any way they could, and John Greenwald of "The Black Vault" was also a great guy at the EXPO making things pleasant.

The organizers of the event I felt did their best under the circumstances and now it seems that even the UFO EXPO is being attacked by the very people who Victoria Jack bent over backwards for, It appears that they are now talking behind her back.

The bottom line is that most of the speakers (Gersten and Siegel et al) were all paid, ate at the best tables, and were treated like royalty and still there seems to be this air of a conspiracy against the "Big Boys."

What puzzles me is why do we have to drag people like Victoria Jack in the mix? When clearly the tiff is between Gersten, Lowery, and UFO COMMUNITY.COM.

Should we belittle the very people who make us who we are? I mean without the organizers of these events would people like Gersten or Siegel even have anyone to speak to?

I resent the sanctimonious attitude that has risen from the UFO fraternity and how it has given way to ranting and raving, argumentum, homonym and jealous tirades that will continue to divide the people who are earnestly trying find answers.

It seems that the only truth that exists is the greed both monetarily and egotistically by those who are assuring us that they know what is best, and what we need to know, and who needs to report it.

Itís a sad day for Ufology when this kind of selfish attitude gets in the way of the truth. The people who speak on the lecture circuit arenít rock stars, nor are they presidential hopefuls, yet it is obvious that someone is blistered by a money deal? If you had the truth who would you report it to?

Certainly not to people who canít even allow a person to "back out" and go somewhere else. Certainly not to people who donít know the meaning of the word humility.

Gersten laments the loss of the Lowery story in his final words of his editorial comment when he says:

"So it appears, unless some other resolution presents itself rather quickly, that only through the judicial process, with its provisions for depositions and other discovery procedures, will we learn the true facts as well as the motives and intentions of Christopher Wyatt and his gang of UFO Community pirates. Is Chris Wyatt simply what he appears to be, a deceitful, greedy and self-centered bully or does he also have a secret agenda, one involving his admitted connections to military intelligence and NASA? Time will eventually tell. But in the meantime, everyone is now on notice: deal with Christopher Wyatt at your peril. And for those of you already in his UFO Community brothel, I suggest you consider the possibility that the madam is screwing you."

(end quote)

After reading the rant of a man who clearly feels betrayed ask yourself if you would be let down if it were announced tomorrow that that the aliens landed somewhere other than the Whitehouse lawn? Would it bother you if the Aliens set ground on the Chinese mainland? Or would it anger you if Flying saucers decided to fly through the no fly zones of Iraq, or smoked Cigars with Castro?

You see what I am getting at here? A small tiff between a lawyer, a talk show host, and a fire safety instructor is small potatoes in the big scheme of things and yet the calls came pouring into Coast to Coast wondering if Lowery was lying, or greedy and therefore suspect in his claims.

The Madam in the UFO Brothel

Before you take sides on who is screwing who and just who is running the UFO community brothel, itís time to demonstrate why I believe Mr. Gary Lowery decided against going with Gersten and announcing his findings on the Coast To Coast AM show. This explanation is in two parts and when you read these explanations you can see why I am forced to side with Mr. Lowery on his decision.

The Nebulous Intent of Coast to Coast AM

It has always been the creed of the Coast To Coast AM show that what is done on their stage is purely "entertainment."

This of course was reinforced after several hoaxes made their way on to the air and developed into full fledged fisticuffs between down to earth researchers and those who were claiming that all of the dissenting viewpoints were a "conspiracy" to bring down the "only" forum available that openly talks about the paranormal and the usual doses of lunacy that has been called free thought.

They could not have been serious. I mean it had to have been a ploy to generate interest in a topic wearing thin, and to get hits on a website or ratings to sell vitamins, or 72 hour kits.

It was easy to do because pre millennial paranoia was enough to get results as the clock was clicking off the hours in the days that were plummeting towards the feared Y2K doomsday.

After the sigh of relief was let out in one big collective gasp on January 1st 2000 it seemed obvious that all of the doomsday prophets had no reason to speak anymore and that the great story teller, Art Bell had to leave his post because of family problems.

Many people disenchanted with the whole affair basically concluded that the whole "conspiracy minded" flock had no more ground to stand on and many more jumped ship.

More still distanced themselves from the weirdoes who were evidently waiting for the new World Order to arrive all packaged in a Black helicopter with UN painted on the side.

Undaunted, the big corporate radio machine auditioned many people to fill the big shoes of Art Bell and settled on a man whose radio resume is typical of any run of the mill disc jockey who has to look at his coffee mug to figure out who he is, what town heís in and what format heís pitching.

As Dr. Johnny Fever of the WKRP television show would say "Last week it was country music in Buffalo, this week itís Big Band in Ohio, and if itís Rock and Roll tomorrow, I can do that too."

So while everyone was calling Art Bell a fool and was happy to see him hang up his tin-foil hat, a strong political talk show host with a law background basically had the attitude that he could do the "alien talk thing" too.

As long as it paid the bills and kept his cat healthy and happy.

But of course as it is said in a haze of Star Wars philosophy, "Who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

With the grace of a bull in a china shop Mike Siegel took over the duties of being the lord god of Night talk and attempted to convince his audience that he was going to continue the legacy left behind by the master.

"Heís No Art Bell" could be heard by many of the faithful. It didnít matter because it was becoming evident that if anyone was to admit that anything was going wrong or if there was dissention amongst the UFO clique it would be an absolute doom to the late night cash cow that had already been mutilated to a degree.

So several old favorites returned to the show signaling that all was well and that the fountain of "truth" had not died, but that the baton had been passed.

Even the defrocked doomsayers returned like Gordon Michael Scallion which gave a familiarity to the show. Who needed Art Bell? Certainly not the network, after all it was obvious that anyone could pull of a show like Coast to Coast.

There were radio politics and money used to keep the show moving forward.

In the short amount of time that Siegel has sat in the throne, he has miraculously earned the respect of every organizer on the lecture circuit as being the worthy replacement for Art Bell. He was the guest of honor at every lecture and playing the great politician stooping for your vote in an imaginary election that really had no competing candidate at least by his own carefully worded rhetoric.

His show it seemed was going to be the show that would reveal "the truth" and in UFO EXPO, aging Seminar, Conspiracy convention and X-files marathon he would be the first to tell you this.

Disingenuously ignoring the other independent shows that had come before him. Who competed against him or even wanted to work in tandem with him. Those who put more time and more effort in delivering credible information to the public who hungered for the truth that never seemed to materialize.

This from a man who charms us with his stroking of the audience and his fondness for getting lonely old busy bodies to chat openly about the quirkiness of their cats.

The Empire that was once the Kingdom of Nye, had been replaced by a "whacky wizard" in the Emerald City.

It may have alot of flaws, he may not know the material, but now it seems to be growing and no one can explain why.

Itís quite simple really, your radios, vitamins, and powders for that unmentionable itch still have a place to be sold. All in the newly passionless monosyllabic pap that only can be delivered by someone who is definitely out of his element.

Even sadder still is the business of selling cassette tapes and books of the "good old days" that callers will ad infinitum talk about much to the dismay of Mike Siegel.

A little something Iím sure will never make the "After Dark" newsletter that we are goaded into shelling out more money for in hopes that it will be business as usual in the apocalypse.

The use of the word "brothel" to describe the UFO marketplace may be appropriate, but remember what they say about people in glass houses.

"Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it" óMark Twain

Peter Gersten has said his peace about his betrayal on his website and on the air of about 400 bought and paid for radio stations.

He gave his statements to one of the largest inherited audiences who have been led to believe that it is the only place to get the truth. Thanks to a successful PR campaign developed by the Premiere Radio Network.

After his appearance on Coast To Coast AM and his failed attempt at getting Gary Lowery to tell his story on the radio, Gersten was able to announce that he had created a new website. A site that would be devoted to "Paranormal News" and bring credibility to the field.

It was obvious that Gersten was attempting to pick up the ball and possibly fill the shoes of Michael Lindeman who had a Paranormal news site of his own called CNI News which was considered a credible means to get the truth out. Lindeman has shut down the CNI site.

The site known as P3N released the sum total of Gerstenís thoughts on the Lowery case and then turned around and delivered a story that falls into the "you canít be serious" category.

The Naked Alien and the Area 51 Worker Photo

When you see what story The Paranormal news network (P3N) is reporting now, you will begin to sympathize with Gary Lowery and why he chose not to associate with Gersten or the Coast To Coast Am show.

P3N, Gerstenís answer to the "truth" is searching high and low for anyone who might know the origins of a photo that was posted on the Coast to Coast website.

The Photo in question allegedly shows a military officer posing for a picture sitting behind preserved alien which allegedly is laying in a stasis chamber at the Area 51 military site in Nevada. Once again this story has its roots in the Coast to Coast AM cornucopia of crap that has been explained away ad nauseum and yet it still continues to come back like a bad potato salad.

P3N in a statement claimed:

"The picture was found in the belongings of a serviceman by his children after his death. The picture was supposedly taken at Area 51. If anyone has any information relating to the authenticity of this photo, please contact P3N,"

The Coast to Coast bulletin boards have mentioned that the photo is indeed a hoax and yet Gersten has somehow decided (it is assumed) that people are too stupid to figure it out on their own so he released this statement on his site.

"We are especially interested in hearing from present or former military or intelligence personnel who might know something about this photo,"
To encourage military and government witnesses to come forward with information, CAUS provide legal protection for their information.
Gersten also continues to say that CAUS is

"Willing to establish an attorney-client relationship, FREE OF CHARGE (with former or present military or intelligence personnel who have first hand evidence (eyewitness testimony, reports, photos, videos) proving our contact with this other intelligence. Inherent in any attorney-client relationship is the confidentiality of communications as a matter of law."

"Based upon the information provided by the individual and with his/her consent, I would submit an FOIA request to the appropriate agency, seeking confirmation of the information, without revealing my source.

If a FOIA lawsuit is necessary, I would submit whatever documentation is required on "information and belief" and only reveal my client's identity if (s)he is granted immunity by the government and consents to the disclosure.

The client would control the action and withdraw at any time with privacy intact. CAUS believes this offers a witness, willing to come forward, the utmost confidentiality and protection while providing a viable avenue for getting the truth out,"

Gersten also states that CAUS is interested only in

"credible evidence of interaction with another intelligence," rather than obtaining information on military/government technological secrets or "violating legitimate national security concerns."

Well if thatís the case, then Gersten can sleep well knowing that the little alien picture is a complete and total joke.

The Truth is Comical!

Someone please tell Peter Gersten that the alien in the Photo is available for sale by going to

It retails for $200 dollars comes in Grey or flesh color and glows in the dark. You can also order the chamber for display. The Alien has been available through Don Post Studios. I have both the Alien grey and the Baby alien in my apartment at home in PortlandÖ here are a few examples for you to look at.

Ground Zero believes Gary Lowery was right about declining an invitation to appear on Coast to Coast AM by Gersten.

If you had undeniable proof, and you knew that you had to get the truth out. would you choose to have that truth shown next to the photo of a $200 dollar special effects prop that was placed on the Coast To Coast Am website and then subsequently placed on the website supported by the man who tells you that you are wrong for taking your story elsewhere?

I know that everyone is capable of making a mistake. I once made a major blunder when I printed a Photo of a Tornado that I thought was from Utah without checking my sources.

However Iím not huffing and puffing and making judgements against people who decide to take what might be the smoking gun story to group that seems to be doing something right.

Judging by the unfortunate mistakes, and blunders of someone who needs to educate before they criticize and resenting the open armed acceptance of someone who wants to disingenuously say that his show is the only show that will get the truth out.

I have to respectfully correct what I feel is a disservice to Gary Lowery and his family and to UFO COMMUNITY.COM, the Bay area UFO EXPO, Victoria Jack and others who are seeing a sad display of UFO politics and how they love to divide the people on what is truth and what isnít.

Calling the UFO Community a brothel and in the same breath whoring something that is obviously cheap and sorely embarrassing to the public is irresponsible and deserves to be dismissed.

The Truth, is it worth the Trouble?

Are human beings ready for the truth about extraterrestrials? I think not. Not when the finite set of individuals who hunger for the knowledge find themselves in a conflict over who is telling them the truth and who has the evidence to back up their claims. Not when there is a group of UFO elite or intellectuals who will discredit a case unless there is a cash incentive to do otherwise.

Are human beings ready for the truth about extraterrestrials? I think not. Not when religious groups headed by the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson say that those who believe in extraterrestrials should be stoned. That these beings are demonic in nature and are the agents of Lucifer and those who are in their presence shall surely be damned. Should we forget that the very God that we worship is in fact an extraterrestrial deity? That angels come from the sky? That Jesus left the earth in a fiery chariot?

Are human beings ready for the truth about extraterrestrials? I think not. Not when we as a people have already been conditioned to believe that these beings are alien, with buggy eyes, and tentacles. Not with the bombardment of story book depictions of aliens, and movie monsters around.

We have been shown the Disneyworld view of these beings, the Spielberg personage, and the Geiger nightmare. We would not even be able acknowledge an alienís presence if it were as simple as a bacterial infection, or a microbial virus that has hitched a ride on a meteor and landed in a dense forest waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting earth.

Are we ready for the truth about extraterrestrials? I think not. Not when images of teardrop shaped alien head stickers, and roadside trinkets, along with books, movies, UFO footage, audiotape, and artifacts are slapped with a copyright in this alien world of litigious miscreants.

Is there a Copyright on the Truth?

I never thought Iíd see the day when someone can copyright the photo of an alien, or UFO. But I guess that there is a market for it. Sometimes the idea of copyrighting this information is ludicrous. If your experience is sacred, then keep it that way. If you want to sell it to the highest bidder or cast your pearls before swine its your reputation.

Copyright restrictions on resource materials are so harsh that you would wonder if youíd get better results receiving material from the government and the freedom of information act. Let us see a copyright hold up in court on someoneís right to get a story out about one of the greatest miracles to unfold in our time.

Contact with an alien race, or the return of an extraterrestrial deity.

The jury is still out on whether or not Gary Lowery is telling the truth. There seems to be proof that his experiences are real. They are convincing enough to get even the UFO elite grumbling about who is loyal to who. The Video, and claw that he possesses of an alleged extra terrestrial will be the talked about and marveled about for a long time.

It will also be ridiculed and his intentions will be questioned. Gary Lowery is a brave man. He has managed to ruffle the feathers of the UFO elite, make a UFO talk show host looks like a beggar, and shown the underbelly of the UFO community that claims to have integrity even though they are showing their greedy and egotistical duality.

Bravo Mr. Lowery

The greed factor in Ufology could very well kill the investigative process and those pieces of mold who are having a tug of war with getting the story for their website, book, video, movie or talk show are not looking beyond their own piece of the cheese.

Itís about time we see someone else seize the reigns of power and remind the "good old boys" that they arenít the only ones with the know how to get the story out without charging a $20 dollar ticket to see them work an overhead projector.

The person who has the knowledge indeed has the power. Gary Lowery is proof of this.

Even if what he has is all proven to be fraudulent, he will go down in UFO History as the man who told the UFO hierarchy to back off.

The opinions expressed herein are those of Clyde Lewis and his alone.

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