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Even though I am saddened by the election and what it illustrated I am also relieved in a bitter sweet way that my cynicism and pessimism is in reality latter-day realism.
By Clyde Lewis

I am sitting at my computer on a cold wintry night in Portland. In all honesty I am having a difficult time writing about what I have to write about for Sundayís show.

UFOís and Alienís just donít seem to matter at the moment.

I have had a moment to ponder last weekís Ground Zero show and I wanted to express to you that while many of you probably donít care about politics and the election, we all need to realize that what is happening goes beyond any partisan dialogue or partisan debate.

When the Supreme court made their case there was another case they made and that is the case for cynicism and acidity in the nation. They made a case for every conspiracy theorist who lurks in the shadows. I predicted that Bush would be president and for the first time in my life I am so unhappy that I am right.

Not that I wanted Gore for President but that America has not learned anything about what has been going on for decades.

This election has basically revealed just how the magician saws the lady in half and splits her in two.

That lady is liberty.

No matter what your partisan bias is, Al Gore probably will be remembered for throwing a rag into the machine. It was well deserved. The machine needs to be overhauled.

For the first time we have witnessed the Jonbar Point of the year 2000. For those of you who are new to what I talk about I have brought up the Jonbar point in past articles and shows. To be simple Jonbar Point is a decision that is made that makes history. A decision that throws out all of the rules, a decision that usually has a sacrifice or a consequence to reveal a truth. It is an idea and a risk with many possible outcomes. Many Possible theories rooted in the idea.

Al Goreís decision to prolong the election revealed many things.

Many things that to me were very ugly.

Our country was reduced to waiting with baited breath for the truth about their vote only to be lead into a virtual pool of apathy and a "lets get it over with attitude."

This is why I am unhappy.

We will never know the truth about who won the election. It really doesnít matter I guess, but the next time I hear from someone that my vote counts I will have more ammunition to say that the Men who fought wars did it so that Judges can decide if my vote counts or not.

My sadness is that all of the "lies" my father told me were not lies at all but truths.

He told me that there would come a time in my future where the threads of democracy would begin to fray and that I would need to keep my head up but not so far to remember to keep my ear to the ground.

When Mom says that playing with the slingshot will "put an eye out" do you really believe it when you are aiming it at that red breasted Robyn?

Of course not.

You "know it all" and even though you ignore momís warning she never tells you that when the rock strikes the bird that it will fall and never get back up again.

You learn it all on your own.

Well in this election I learned some things.

I learned that the shadow of suspicion continues to grow like a cancer in the United States.

I have also learned that veiled threats boil under the surface. I have concluded that countries that once looked at us and thought that we were the shining example of democracy are beginning to question their judgements.

I am unhappy to see that partisanship has taken the place of patriotism.

Since the partisan attitude and philosophical bickering has raised clouds of doubt in this age of anxiety we have now been forced into a bi-partisan system that represents a similar form of parliamentary government seen in places like Great Britain.

The very country our forefathers fought a war to become independent from.

This election was not for the best candidate but it was a struggle for power and now we settle for pink and fuzzy apologies, and analyzing of just how sorry everyone is that the election went so long.

The forefathers warned of contentious special interests that would destroy a young democracy. They knew that if we could not hold back the greed and the selfishness that the democracy would meet its doom.

The McWorld has spoken with the Disney media to give us the new Mickey Mouse government. We do not object to it because it looks good on television. We are programmed to believe in its attributes. We watch shows like "West Wing" and some of us are programmed into believing that this is how itís done.

Why do you think they call it T.V. Programming?

We live in a time where the Good Guys are bad and the bad guys are too. We also live in a time where the "badder" of the bad end up getting more and more money to convince you that they are good. Many people who feel that I should have shut up while I was watching America die slowly have labeled me a pessimist, a psycho.

Well I am beginning to believe that my pessimism is the latter day realism.

I have always known that my sanity hangs by what little gray matter is pasted together by the cells I havenít yet destroyed by drinking or smoking dope when I was skipping German class.

So try to pin on me what I already know and I will laugh.

But now I canít.

So now I sit and listen to how we as Americans are resilient and how we can bounce back from this horrible and uncertain time. Perhaps even remember the American dream.

All things lose their bounce eventually. Even dreams.

Sometimes if you bounce them hard enough they break.

Guard them and hold them sacred because sometimes we lose them in our compulsion to be comfortable.

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