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A look into the candidates and the allegations of wrongdoing, scandal, and coverup.
Compiled by Clyde Lewis

During election time Iím not a very popular guy. I reek of negativity. I propose drastic measures like writing in "none of the above" on your ballot. People write to me and tell me that if I throw my vote away I have no right to complain. Well here is my reply to that worn out statement. Here is my reply to all of those who settle or the lesser of all evils.

The country is at the ready to choose a person who best represents us as our president. We watch debates, take part in opinion polls, we write checks, and litter our yards with signs that tell the whole world that we are "involved." There are many people who base their whole lives on politics. Some let it mingle in their religion, others use it for job opportunities and others use their politics to demonstrate their "moral" code.

These same people let their politics divide a united republic, creating a silent war where scandal after scandal is reported which in turn creates chaos and anger, argument, and frivolous witch-hunts meant to create a poor image of our chosen leaders.

In Washington it seems that every age old clichť applies from " the pot calling the kettle black" to "people in glass houses should not throw stones" and whether you be Democrat or Republican you still are at fault for allowing the evil to seep in and devour our struggling democracy little by little. After the promises are made and the honey moon is over itís always business as usual. Itís still the same old divide and conquer, bully and threaten, provide for the communal paranoia and make more laws when the frightened sheep demand them.

Regardless of what statistics show you, The fearful will exhort that crime is running rampant, that you wonít see your social security checks, that health care needs repair and that a new face will bring integrity back to country that is embarrassed by its current President.

As you can see this is a presidential race for the yuppie who is afraid that when his prostate does flip-flops, or when his past catches up with him there will be no pie in the sky waiting for him in his uncertain future.

If you want more proof that this is a Presidential race for the aging yuppie, take a look at what these politicians are saying about the youth today. They are projecting what they did when they were kids on what they think kids are doing at present.

Drug use is at an all time low, Teen pregnancy is low, and whether you believe it or not School violence has decreased. Yes, Columbine was awful, however the numbers show that the tragedy pales to violence that occurred in the 1980ís and early 1990ís. Yet our youth are suspect in everything they do.

Take a look at so called teen influences today. The Washington idiots point to music as a bad influence on our nationís youth. The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears are nowhere near as bad as Jim Morrison. Emminem is not even as radical as John Lennon. Hip hop artists arenít even as threatening as the Sex Pistols were and Rock and Roll has so intercoursed itself with country music that groups like Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath and KISS look like repugnant dinosaurs and they are beginning to get the hint.

In essence the ugly world that we hear about has literally pussied out into a whimpering pile of conformity. Yet we see politicians create agreed upon threats to guarantee the servitude of the ignorant and cultivate the herd like mentality.

They will continue to use these agreed upon threats to scare the ignorant into demanding that laws be made to infringe upon freedom of speech, and expression. They will also use corporate propaganda to further their agendas and will not further your personal goals or your right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These threats will also convince the ignorant into falling for the lies of us against them attitudes that will encourage an increased police force to combat an unseen enemy. Threats that encourage the continuation of a failing drug war, that has killed many people, and has broken up families.

Their Public relations operatives have convinced many people to police each other and invite government into our lives even further.

This has increased our jail population as many more people are jailed for non-violent offenses such as minor drug crimes, (possession of marijuana) failure to pay taxes and child support, gambling, prostitution and the list goes on.

The candidates of the major parties will tell you how proud they are that we have overcrowded jails and that they have executed convicted killers and while you think this means that the system is working , the record shows that this is a failure. We have more people serving jail time in this country, than in any other country at the moment.

These jails are filled with felons who lose their right to vote. Ironically enough the system that put them in jail takes their right away to even change the system once they have paid their debt to an out of control society.

Agreed upon threats have been the keys to justify unconstitutional search and seizure of property and intrusive rights violations such as the extraction of bodily fluids for testing. This fuels dissention making the demon grow at home.

This also fuels the industrial military complex that continues to find more ways to kill you and kill those people in countries that object to the New World Order that has been here since the late 1940ís.

Oh was that a surprise? While everyone is waiting for the New World Order to come there is mounting evidence to show that itís already here. Too many people have made money off selling books predicting its coming that they donít want to give up that cash cow and tell you that "Yes Virginia there is a new world order and itís been going on for 50 years" Itís disguised as ugly consumerism and imperialism hell bent on making damn good and sure that a "democracy club" and a "World Trade Organization" makes it feasible to eat Big Macs and drink coca-cola in Calcutta.

Now we as Americans wouldnít know anything about a government that demands compliance with the threat of violence. We know nothing about a country that will use violence and fear to get the attention of countries that donít want to jump on the League of Nations that all have a one-world agenda in mind for the soul purpose of controlling the money.

The reason we donít suspect ourselves as being the ones with blood on our hands is because PR firms with unlimited budgets exist to convince you that you are above reproach. These firms are used to convince you that your leaders are beyond mistakes.

Politicians and their PR campaigns will use incidents like Columbine to justify Gun Controls and corporal punishment in schools.

They will use hackers, as the Internet demon, and justify confiscation of computers and invasion of privacy to prevent the possible security risks that allegedly exist when their own groups need to be watched and warned.

This will also justify a microchipped society guaranteeing that all Internet commerce will be monitored and taxed and that in order for you to buy and sell you must meet requirements which include your international number which reveals your credit rating, police record, and DNA status.

You will then realize that you are tracked, and trapped as everything you do will be recorded and placed on file.

But of course this is all for our own good because if you are not breaking any laws then you wonít have to worry about being hassled or even harmed by the police. Right?


Another botched case can go into the files of the war on Blacks.. uh I mean the war on drugs. This case is from Al Gore territory, Tennessee.

Police shot a 61-year-old man to death while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams of Lebanon Tennessee. They intended to raid the home next door.

As the man was watching a television show Adamís wife heard pounding on the door. He immediately thought his home was under attack and grabbed for his rifle. Police shot him three times.

Police say Adamís fired first with a sawed-off shotgun and they responded.

Even though they made a mistake, the two officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, were placed on administrative leave with pay.
Loraine Adams, Mr. Adams widow said she had no indication the men were police. After she was handcuffed she cried out to the men that it was a mistake and that the police had the wrong house. She sat helpless in another room when the shooting began.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating. NAACP officials said they are monitoring the case. Adams was black. The two policemen are white.

Family members did not consider race a factor however this will be "a major setback" for police relations with the black community.

I just canít imagine the chill that was going through Loraine Adamsí blood as men with guns shot and killed her disabled, elderly husband.

I guess itís only a nightmare that you can look at, wince and then move on. You can cast your vote because itís your duty, and when you do you are voting for this kind of government. A government with what is sizing up to be a trained Gestapo that has the blessing of the fourth Reich.., I mean our honored and respected officials.

Nothing seems to change and there are some people with enough logic to realize that it is time for soul searching. It is time to speak the truth. It is time to say enough.

If you must vote take a look at what you are voting for. It has always been the mistake of Americans to vote for the lesser of two evils. If you are one of those who have settled for LESS and are apathetic to EVIL then you deserve what you ask for.

I donít need some hero telling me that their candidate is above the others because I can give you the reasons why they arenít.

For example lets just get a rundown of the choices we are about to make:

If you are voting for George W. Bush you are voting for a man who has succeeded in life through no fault of his own, profiting from sweetheart deals with his Dad's cronies and with campaign contributors.

In return, he's delivered plenty of Texas state tax money to his donors and business colleagues, including $135 million of new sales tax money that went directly into the pockets of Bush and friends.

He did a year of community service in 1972; was it for a cocaine arrest, or for drunk driving? No one knows for sure, big money pays for media blackouts.

Bush and his staff intervened to protect a huge funeral home company that gave lots of money to Bush and his dad (the former president), and Bush has lied under oath to avoid testifying in the whistleblower lawsuit that resulted. The Funeral home was under investigation after complaints filed were charging that unlicensed apprentices were embalming corpses. The funeral homes were fined $450,000.

Bush wants the Internet censored. Because he has a thin skin and canít take the scandalous stuff that has been written about him on the Internet.

Bush was a well known party animal however he has changed his spots by preaching abstinence and sobriety despite widespread rumors that he has participated in sex, drugs and possibly even that evil Rock and Roll.

Bush conveniently profited from insider stock sale just before his dad launched the Gulf War.

His foreign business partner at Harken Energy gained access to President Bush and the U.S. National Security Adviser (Scowcroft) after Harken purchased Bush Jr.'s oil company.

He is also a member of the old Skull and Bones society a group that allegedly molds and shapes future leaders and has power to control elections.

Let us now look at the "attributes" of Al Gore Jr. our honored Vice President and the sweetheart of Hollywood whose running mate Joseph Liberman wants to bite the hand that feeds him by demanding that Hollywood cleans up its act.

His hyperactive fundraising has brought him together with a grim cast of characters many of whom have received perks or favors from the Clinton-Gore administration.

One particular contributor to the Clinton Gore administration is none other than Charlie Yah Lin Trie who managed to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton and the Democratic party, is alleged to be a member of the "4Seas" Triad, an organization of underworld lords based in Hong Kong. much of the money donated by Trie came directly following visits to the White House by others linked to the Triads, including Macau millionaire Ng Lapseng, whose main business is his Fortuna hotel and hostess service of brothels. Clinton Gore were keeping good company with kingpins of international prostitution operations. Of course the Whitehouse denies this.

Not to mention illegal fundraising at a Buddhist temple, illegal fundraising phone calls, hypocrisy on tobacco (using his sister's death for political gain while continuing to profit from tobacco stock); Gore also hides behind his environmental trendiness (and hypocrisy). He also had an ax to grind against the Music industry when his wife Tipper was involved with the PMRC.

Pat Buchannan of course is such a cartoon itís a wonder he even continues to be a candidate. His nefarious quote about Hitler is in the realms of (pardon the expression) Unfuckingbelievable:

"Those of us in childhood during the war years were introduced to Hitler only as caricature. ... Though Hitler was indeed racist and anti-Semitic to the core, a man who without compunction could commit murder and genocide, he was also an individual of great courage, a soldier's soldier in the Great War, a political organizer of the first rank, a leader steeped in the history of Europe, who possessed oratorical powers that could awe even those who despised him. Hitler's success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path." ĖPat Buchannan

I donít know whether to be laughing myself into a stroke or be angry. Buchannan has wondered whether or not the Holocaust was really that bad. A lot of his staff members are tied to whacko fringe groups and white supremacy, yet his Vice presidential choice is a black woman. Everyone needs a beard right Pat?

Ralph Nader's image is built on the idea that he is somehow pure, not motivated by power, fame or money like those nasty politicians. But he is in fact just another Washington lawyer and lifelong Beltway politician who has built a powerful organization, lobbies Congress, raises millions through direct mail and $1,000 a plate dinners, gets paid tens of thousands by interest groups for his speeches, manipulates the press and overworks a lot of earnest young staffers.

Even his presidential ambitions are old news. He claims to be running just to send a message, but Nader also ran for president in 1992. He is an authoritarian hypocrite who owns a very luxurious house; Heís also been known to be vindictive against his critics.

Harry Browne, who is the Libertarian candidate, seems to be a nice guy who can be misjudged as being stupid. Well what do you think? Browne has surrounded himself with unsavory and stupid people who worked for the competition while working for him. Browne is easily the best known of the Libertarian candidates, due to his popular books and investment newsletter, which Ipso Facto makes him a sell out? Something that Libertarians claim to abhor.

My idea is that if you must vote in this election, write in NONE OF THE ABOVE! Send a message to the controllers that you choose not to choose what they are offering.

Say No! to corporate political PR operatives with limitless budgets whose soul purpose is to thwart the democratic process.

Say No! To the defeat of activism!

Say No! To telemarketing callers conducting exit polls.

Say No! To continued police brutality.

Say No! To politicians who rank journalists as favorable or unfavorable to their interests!

Say No! To the marginalizing of independent thinkers!

Say No! To name calling of those who are trying to win back the keys of power from the corporate takeover!

Say No! To the souring of working with radicals!

Say No! To those who donít want to offend the status quo!

Say No! To what we know is a dysfunctional system.

Wouldnít it be great if we could all wake up tomorrow and live in a true democracy?

A democracy where our leaders take on challenging issues rather that issues that continue to trigger emotional debate because they will never be resolved?

Taxation, healthcare, Foreign policy. Three trigger phrases that have been dug up every election and you fall for it each time! What about Poverty? Tyranny? Abuse? Civil Rights Violations? Drug Wars? Overcrowded Prisons, Broken homes, Equality. Where are the candidates for these issues. Where are the political heroes who can slay dragons that are lurking to devour our manifest destiny?

The democratic process is on its last legs.

So now that I have ruined your hopes for a hero to save the country from the evils that exist. I want to re print a piece from Vote Scam and Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Crimes by Jonathan Vankin,

This article was printed ©1991 by Jonathan Vankin and talks about how your vote is really a non event.

On election night, when the three major television networks announce the next president, the winner they announce is not chosen by the voters of the United States. He is the selection of the three networks themselves, through a company they own jointly with Associated Press and United Press International. That company is called the Voter News Service (VNS). Its address is 225 W. 34th St, New York City.
Its phone number is (212) 947-7280. Voter News Service provides "unofficial" vote tallies to its five owners in all presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections.

VNS is the only source Americans have to find out how they, as a people, voted. County and city election super visors donít come out with the official totals until weeks later. Those results are rarely reported in the national media. The U.S. government does not tabulate a single vote. The government has granted VNS a legal monopoly, exempt from antitrust laws, to count the votes privately.

Those are the facts. Even an average citizen should be a bit unsettled by the prospect of a single consortium providing all the data used by competing news organizations to discern winners and losers in national elections. Every significant election in the country could be fixed by a sophisticated web of computer experts, media executives, and political operatives. The unbelievable accuracy of VNSís predictions is perhaps explainable as a marvel of technology, the genius of statisticians, or at least a mind-boggling stroke of luck.

But their method has been expanded into an Olympian system that allows the three major television networks to "monolithically control" any election worth controllingčthat is, most of them. They announce the winners and what percentage the winners get. They are virtually never wrong. And once youíve been named, you can rest assured youíre the winner, even if vote totals have to be meddled with later.

The Voter News Service is the only mechanism in existence for counting national votes on election night, the only one in contact with every voting jurisdiction in the nation. The company is a conspiracy theoristsí dreamč or nightmare. As mentioned above, VNS operates exactly the way the most imaginative conspiracy theorists believe all media operate. The ABC, NBC, and CBS networks, together with the Associated Press (a nonprofit co-op of many daily newspapers) and their "competition", and United Press International own the company jointly. (Actually, UPI dropped out recently after they were bought by the Saudis.)

Local television and radio stations take most of their election returns from network tabulations. VNS is a very real "cabal." Every media outlet in the United States acts in concert, at least on election nights. VNS has a full-time staff of fourteen. On election nights, that number swells to approximately ninety thousand employees, most of them posted at local precincts phoning in vote totals as theyíre announced. Others answer the phones and enter these totals into the VNS computer.

The government has no such computer. Only the privately-held VNS tabulates the votes. When the companyís executive director, Robert Flaherty, was asked whether VNS was run for profit, he wouldnít answer. His only response was "I donít think thatís part of your story." VNS was conceived as New Election Service in 1964, in part as a cost-saving measure by the three major television networks (it was originally called Network Election Service, then the News Election Service, and only recently the brand new acronym), but largely to solidify the publicís confidence in network vote tallies and projections by insuring uniformity.

In the California Republican primary that year, television networks projected Barry Goldwater the winner on election night, while newspapers reported Nelson Rockefeller victorious in their morning editions. The networks themselves could vary widely in their return reports. "Many television executives believe the public has been both confused and skeptical over seeing different sets of running totals on the networksí screens," the New York Times reported.

The networks and print syndicates wanted the figures transmitted over their airwaves to be irrefutable. With all the networksč and later the print mediačderiving their information from a central computer bank, with no alternative source, how could they be anything but?

"The master tally boards . would probably come to be accepted as the final authority on the outcome of races," the Times declared. The "news media pool" was first tried in the 1964 general election. Most of the 130,000 vote counters were volunteers from civic groups. Twenty thousand newspaper reporters acted as coordinators. VNS central (at the time, still NES) was located at New Yorkís Edson Hotel.

When polls closed, the newly formed system shaved almost ninety minutes off the time needed to count votes in the 1960 election. News Election Service had its goal circa 1964 to report final results within a half hour of final poll closing time. Now, of course, they go much faster than that. In the 1988 election, CBS was first out of the gate, making its projection at 9:17 Eastern time, with polls still open in eleven states. ABC followed just three minutes later. All of these light-speed results are, naturally, "unofficial."

County clerks take a month or more to verify their counts and issue an official tally. Plenty of time for any necessary fudging and finagling. And there may be none needed. Discrepancies are a matter of course throughout the nationís thousands of voting precincts. The major networks rarely bother to report on such mundane matters. So whoís going to know? The idea is to get the predetermined winner announced as speedily and authoritatively as possible. VNS provides the centralized apparatus to do just that.

One rationale behind maintaining a vote-counting monopoly is to insure "accuracy," but in 1968, when Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey by a margin that could be measured in angstroms, the role of VNS became a good deal more shadowy. At one point in the tally, the VNS computer began spewing out totals that were at the time described as "erroneous." They included comedian/candidate Dick Gregory receiving one million votes when, the New York Times said, "His total was actually 18,000." The mistakes were described as something that "can happen to anyone."

VNS turned off its "erroneous" computer and switched on a backup system, which ran much slower. After much waiting, the new machine put Nixon ahead by roughly forty thousand votes, with just six percent of the votes left to be counted. Suddenly, independent news reporters found over fifty-three thousand Humphrey votes cast by a Democratic splinter party in Alabama. When the votes were added to Humphreyís total, they put him in the lead. Undaunted, the Associated Press conducted its own state-by-state survey of "the best available sources of election data" (presumably, NES also makes use of the "best available sources") and found Nixon winning again.

And thatís how it turned out. What exactly was going on inside the "master computer" at NES? The companyís director blamed software, even though the machine had run a twelve-hour test flaw lessly just the day before using the same programming. Could the software have been altered? Substituted? Or was the fiasco caused by a routine "bug," which just happened to appear at the most inconvenient possible time? With all the snafus and screwups, the real winner of the 1968 presidential election may never be known.

As of 1992, computers tabulated 54 percent of the votes cast in the United States. Sure, paper ballot elections were stolen all the time, and lever voting machines are invitations to chicanery. But thereís something sinister about computers.

Though most professionals in the field, as one would expect, insist that computers are far less vulnerable to manipulation than old ways of voting, the invisibility of their functions and the esoteric language they speak makes that assertion impossible to accept. Even executives of computer-election companies will admit that their systems are "vulnerable," although theyíre reticent to make public statements to that effect.

One executive told me, right after asserting that thereís never been a proven case of computer election fraud, "thereís probably been some we donít know about." Even if "we" do find out, thereís still little chance that the fraud will be prosecuted. A former chief assistant at torney general in California points out that without a conspirator willing to inform on his comrades or an upset so stunning as to immediately arouse suspicion, thereís little hope of ferreting out a vote fraud operation. There are very few elections that qualify as major up sets anymore.

Preelection polling tempers the climate of opinion effectively enough to take care of that. As for turncoat conspirators, if the conspiracy works there are no turncoats.

A good conspiracy is an unprovable conspiracy.

It remains a conspiracy "theory." To even talk about it is "paranoid." "If you did it right, no one would ever know," said the same state prosecutor, Steve White. "You just change a few votes in a few precincts in a few states and no one would ever know." Maybe itís already happened.

George Bush may have received a Votescam benefit in an election that was rare in that it was a significant upset. According to some researchers, the favor came courtesy of New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who had staked his political future on Bush before the then-vice president was a clear peopleís choice (if he ever was).

Bush had lost the Iowa Republican Caucus, the first round of the 1988 presidential primaries, to Senate Ma jority Leader Bob Dole. As Bush entered the New Hampshire primary, pollsters placed him behind Dole in that state, too. These were "days when things were darker," Bush said in his acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination six months later. His campaign was fizzling.

Despite his apparent deficit in public opinion, Bush won a decisive nine-point victory in the New Hampshire primary, reanimated his campaign, and more or less coasted to the nomination and presidency. The press at tributed this remarkable turnaround to the contrary nature of New Hampshire voters and Doleís allegedly "mean" public image. Either that or Sununu was later rewarded with an appointment as Bushís chief of staff, often considered the second most powerful job in the country. He is trained as a computer engineer who had been a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank believed to be linked to the CIA. The New Hampshire rigged primary scenario turned on the "Shouptronic" voting machines used in Manchester, New Hampshire, from which early returns were taken.

The Shouptronicís most advantageous feature is the speed with which it tabulates votes. Multiple machines can send results to a central computer instantly over telephone lines or even by satellite. Shouptronic is essentially an automatic teller machine for voters. All votes are recorded by button pressing. The Shouptronic leaves no physical record of votes.

Like all computer vote counters, its programming is top secret. As solid a source as Robert J. Naegle, author of the federal governmentís national standards for computerized vote counting, is alarmed by the secrecy masking computer election software. "They act like it was something handed down on stone tablets," he says. "It should be in the public domain." [As an aside, the Shouptronic is named for its companyís owner, Ransom Shoup II. In 1979, Mr. Shoup was convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice relating to a Philadelphia election urder investigation by the FBI.

That election was tabulated by old-fashioned lever machines, which also leave no "paper trail" of marked ballots. Shoup was hit with a ten thousand dollar fine and sentenced to three years in prison, suspended. Another computer voting company, Votomatic, maker of Computer Election Services (now known as Business Records Corporation Election Services), emerged unscathed from a Justice Department antitrust investigation in 1981.

The president of the company quipped, "We had to get Ronald Reagan elected to get this thing killed." The remark was supposed to be a joke. Forty percent of Amencan voters vote on CES systems. CES machines have been described as relying on "a heap of spaghetti code that is so messy and so complex that it might easily contain hidden mechanisms for being quietly reprogrammed Ďon the flyí."
A computer consultant hired by the plaintiffs in a suit against CES described the way a CES computer runs its program as "a shell game." Votomatic has one especially troubling drawback. The trick with the Votomatic is something called "hanging chad." The perforated squares on Votomatic computer ballot cards are, for some reason, called "chad." When a voter fails to punch it out completely, it hangs on the card.

To solve this problem and allow the computer to read the cards, election workers routinely remove hanging chad. The registrar of voters in Santa Clara County, Cali fornia, says that "five percent or less" of all Votomatic cards have hanging chad, and election workers donít pull it off unless it is hanging by one or two corners.

The vision of local ladies from the League of Women Voters deciding how voters have voted, putting holes in perforated ballots with tweezers, is an image both hilarious and sobering. Ė© 1991 Jonathan Vankin

Wouldnít it be worth it: to fight for an America that believes in the rights of Citizens rather than the rights of corporate interests?

Wouldnít it be worth it: to actually have a two party system again instead of a one corporate party system with two wings each funded by corporate controllers?

Would it be worth it: to quit writing checks to these so called leaders who promise action, and instead personally get involved with your neighbors to run checks and balances on a system that is critically in need of an overhaul?

Wouldnít it be worth it: just to tell these operatives who pervert the true democracy to just back off and give us a real choice?

Wouldnít it be the American way to reclaim what is ours?


Itís up to you. Are you a follower? Do you believe a lie?

Write in "None of the Above" on November 7th. Itís a way to tell them that you are tired of the lies. Clyde gratefully acknowledges the source information from
And last but certainly not least the valuable information located at Skeleton Closet

Donít forget to vote "None of the above" this November.

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