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You want Gore? You are going to get it either way!
A quick update by Clyde Lewis

The latest news in the Coup de tat known as election 2000 has thrust Ground Zero into a dilemma. It has become necessary to elaborate even more about the state of the "onion" and how every time we peel away another skin the end result is tears and perhaps blood from every pore.

It was 3:00 P.M. Pacific time on Friday December 8th 2000 when the bulletin hit my desk about the latest decision in the election.

It was from a CNN report stating that Florida's highest court, by a four to three vote, intervened dramatically to derail Republican George W. Bush's presidential victory hopes, throwing the election open again and creating an unprecedented constitutional muddle.

When I originally wrote my rants and called the election from as early as January I never knew that we would end up to this point. My feelings now are feelings of horror and I am seeing several historical scenarios playing out.

I would like to at least point out that Ground Zero has been noticing this out of control trend in government and that there has never been a time more turbulent than now. Never have I felt so much fear in my heart for the future of the United States and that we as a people have the choice of either paying attention or continue to argue over who is the best candidate.

The task at hand is agreeing on what is best for the country. This is not a partisan debate although I know for some of us it is difficult to see beyond the bigotry that the elections promote.

We have divided ourselves religiously, by money, by race, and now by party affiliation.

Why is it that people cannot see that Partisan politics have become the equivalent of the crips and bloods in three-piece suits?

This must end now. Or we will face the consequences.

The unfortunate thing about Al Gore is his namesake.


The word that also has another meaning.

The way the rhetoric is flying and with the attitudes of the public, gore will rule.

In this country there are riots over football games. There are protests commemorating protests and as the country winds its way on the roller coaster ride that is the election we may see a revolt.

Bush more or less spilled the beans when he opened his big mouth acting all presidential without the crown!

George W. Bush warned international enemies not to see this period of election uncertainty as an opportunity to attack U.S. interests abroad.

After his second CIA Briefing Bush opened his mouth and said

"I have all the confidence in the world that the Clinton administration and the next administration, which I hope is the Bush administration, would do whatever it takes to send a chilling signal to terrorists that we'll protect our property and our people, The warning ought to be that, as we decide this election, people ought not to take advantage of our nation,"

What does this mean?

Does it have to be explained?

I know that on the surface it sound like he is ready for a Hussein hunt but we need to face grooming and destructive group dynamics for what they truly are.

Maybe the fuzzy candidate turned fuzzy pretend president isn’t so fuzzy.

He’s more transparent than fuzzy.

The words were pointed at any "international adversary" but there also seems to be that little indirect group that this also is pointed at –That being American people and any fringe group that feels that the constitution is hanging by a thread!

You can bet that anyone who is even thinking about having a revolt will be met with the strong arm of an elite police force.

If you think that the religious extremists, racists, cults and other groups that were waiting for Armageddon have died then you are sadly mistaken. These groups have been acquiring weapons, storing food and clothing, raising funds, procuring safe houses, preparing compounds, surveying potential targets, and recruiting converts to their cause.

All it takes is one little indication that the world at home is in turmoil and the spark will light the fuse. Not for lack of trying the Republican guard has been using trigger words to incite some sort of riot if the Democrats end up taking the election.

Words like "Constitutional Crisis" and "Activist courts" are sending the signal to well placed fringe right wing extremists that it is time to save our sinking ship.

Now if any of these groups are even entertaining the idea that this election fiasco is a sign that the United States has perhaps fallen off of it’s course we could see a problem.

The Republican spin-doctors are conveying fighting words and few people may be seeing them for what they truly are.

Bush and his attempt at sounding presidential sent a warning to me and hopefully to all of you.

The message has been sent and it has been received – The Original American Ideal is over. We are not above the possibility of a violent overthrow. We are not above the possibility of selfish bloodshed in the name of democracy for the benefit of the few.

The surprising thing is that when it all seems to be revealing itself no "conspiracy theorist" worth his weight is willing to pin this to the mat and call it for what it is.

A "Dirty little War."

The Republicans know who their true enemies are and the Democrats do too.

They surely are not found in the "international adversaries" category.

If Gore wins this race there are many Republicans that will be unforgiving and when there is contention that boils just under the surface eventually something will blow up.

It’s awfully obvious that there seems to be some tinkering going on in both camps and while it is unwise to cast any kind of accusations until we have absolute proof we ask ourselves why the Gore’s are confused and Bushs’ are acting "presidential." Is the "W" so assured of his win that he decides that he should develop his transition team, and then go to the ranch and ride a horse or two? It all seems so contrived.

Also that alphabet agency known as the CIA or the Conspirators In America have once again stood in the shadows with this election as if no one expected this to happen with the son of the "Company Man" aching to get his hands on the wheel of this runaway train.

According to a downplayed article by the Associated press one attorney has charged there was a "sinister" conspiracy to aide George W. Bush in his victory as President. A former CIA agent said he was just trying to help GOP voters.

A county elections official said she let Republican operatives correct absentee ballot applications. Democratic bystanders are once again speaking the evil "Right wing Conspiracy" tirade but Republican activists testified they did nothing wrong, saying they just were trying to correct mistakes their party made on the forms.

Hear the trigger words and keep an eye on the war. It is just beginning!

It has to be said to give everyone a fair warning to be careful about what you do and what you say in the coming weeks. It is a safe bet that all of the Y2K stuff that you bought for last year may be of good use this new year as the universe has a sick sense of humor and will show us when the Millennium really takes place.

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