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Ground Zero has been looking into the possibility that Biological diseases that are on the ready to be used as weapons may have had their beginnings in outer-space and that a biological threat exists form space. Mankind might be signing it's own death certificate if we allow deep space probes to crash into earth with samples of dust that may contain deadly alien microbes with strange diseases.

Project Stardust, the project that NASA says will collect space dust and send it hurtling towards earth in 2006 is well underway, and it seems that people who live in the state of Utah are excited to see the project come to fruition. Because ground zero for the landing is on the Utah Test and Training Range south of Interstate 80 and west of the Dugway Proving Grounds.

Stardust is a comet sample return mission having the distinction of being the first sample return mission from beyond the Earth-Moon system. Stardust will collect interstellar dust, then encounter Comet P/Wild 2 in 2004 collecting comet dust and possibly imaging the nucleus at resolutions 10 times better than Giotto did at Halley, and return to Earth in 2006 to drop off the sample return capsule.


Stardust's 94-pound sample-return capsule is supposed to enter Earth's atmosphere in the year 2006 at 28,800 mph, slow to 1,337 mph while protected by a heat shield, then deploy a drogue parachute and a main parachute before landing.

Not all Scientists are happy with this. Some scientists are worried that an Andromeda Strain scenario could play out upon the probe's arrival and unleash a potentially deadly extra terrestrial Virus on this planet.

Realizing NASA's track record with Mars landings there might be reason for worry. There is a possibility that Stardust could pick up on its way an Extra terrestrial disease and kill off the population of earth if it is not contained. That is why Ground Zero has jokingly dubbed the Stardust mission "Project Andromeda Strain."

The Andromeda Strain is a Book by Michael Crichton that outlines this very plausible outcome.

Many worry that our first contact with ET will be an extra terrestrial disease. That is if we haven't known all along about the effectiveness of Extra terrestrial diseases.


The location of the landing of Stardust's probe is interesting when you consider that it is near the Dugway Proving grounds. The facility is a primary biochemical storage facility operated by EG&G Defense Materials Inc. for the Army. Dugway's own mission statement infers that perhaps NASA and the Military are well aware of a potential biohazard with the return of the probe. Dugway's mission is to:

Perform chemical and biological survivability testing of defense material.

Test environmental characterization and remediation technology.

Act as the Department of Defense Joint Chemical and Biological Defense Contact Point in support of war fighting Commanders in Chief.

Provide support to chemical and biological weapons conventions.

Operate and maintain an installation to support our test mission.

Ground Zero first tackled the issue of sample return risks in its article "Operation desert Swarm." The issue was brought up early so that you could make your opposition known to NASA. Apparently no one felt that there was any risks involved. NASA has also said that any spread of disease from extra terrestrial sources is remote however we have been told in recent months that extra terrestrial diseases may be able to survive in space and routinely arrive via comet or meteor.

Despite all of the assurances despite all of the Quarantine precautions can NASA be 100 per cent sure that there are no risks involved? I guess we will know when the probe crash lands on earth, in the Utah desert in 2006.


Stephen King , known horror author was once asked where he got the idea for his book The Stand, King commented that he was inspired to write the apocalyptic thriller about a contagious disease after he had heard about an accident near the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah:

In 1968, approximately 6,400 sheep died following the intentional release of a deadly nerve gas from a plane. According to a veterinarian who evaluated the sick and dying sheep, there was little doubt that the sheep had been poisoned with nerve gas. The sheep and other animals in the area had depressed cholinesterase levels, suggesting organophosphate nerve poisoning. Initially, the Department of Defense denied any responsibility for the accident, stating that the sheep died from organophosphate pesticides sprayed on a nearby alfalfa field. However, the nerve agent VX was identified when the poisoned sheep were autopsied, which made it clear that pesticides did not cause the deaths. Eventually, the Department of Defense reimbursed the ranchers for their animals.

It is unknown how many people in the surrounding vicinity were also exposed to potentially harmful agents used in open-air tests at Dugway. In 1969, concerns were expressed at a congressional hearing about the possible public health implications of the VEE virus tested at Dugway.

Due to previous problems with dangerous organisms and chemicals, Dugway has developed an active program of "simulant" testing. According to the Department of Defense, simulants are harmless organisms or chemicals which do not cause disease. However, during 45 years of open-air testing, the Army has stopped using a variety simulants when they realized they were not as safe as previously believed.


In a report filed by Maxx Damage to the Ground Zero Newsletter from a CNN report, it seems NASA has a double standard when it comes to polluting a planet with space microbes that may kill life forms. The Galileo space probe is in it's final days and the aging probe is ready to be put out of it's misery by NASA.

They have the option of waiting for the probe to run out of propellant however CNN reports that there will be a more spectacular finish for their venerable piece of property.

NASA has decided to kill the Galileo probe by deliberately crash landing it on Jupiter. It also has been discussed that when the probe gets it's marching papers that it could be crashed into the Volcanic moon Io but definitely not Europa.

The reason is incredible considering the downplaying of the danger of project Stardust by NASA.

Galileo won't be flying into Europa because Galileo could still be carrying microbes, 11 years after its launch from the space shuttle Atlantis. Duane Bindschadler, Galileo's manager for science planning and operations told CNN that "We don't want to get anywhere near Europa, simply because of the possibility of life there," and moreover Andrew Ingersoll of the California Institute of Technology says that "They don't want to crash this contaminated spacecraft into Europa".

This is a blatant double standard when you consider the ramifications of an accidental introduction of microbes from a hostile alien environment to planet earth with a project like Stardust.


Author Barry Digregorio who is the author of MARS: The Living Planet gave us a word of warning when he appeared on a past Ground Zero radio Program warning us that bringing Samples back from space especially Mars may prove deadly. DiGregorio, strongly believes Mars to be the home of bacterial life forms He claimed that NASA lied to the public when they claimed that the Viking Missions yielded no life forms from the red planet. He claims that the experiments conducted in 1976 returned positive results regarding signs of life.

The serious question is why would NASA and the military have an interest in bringing the microbes back to earth? Perhaps it is all tied to Biological warfare.

GROUND ZERO will continue it's investigation into all the avenues that seem to be presenting themselves conveniently as of late.

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All articles were written 1998 and 1999 for Disinfozero for the Ground Zero radio show.

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